tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 04

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 04


Ashley Thomas and his wife his wife Laurel had a quite satisfying if at times boring sex life. They made love in a rather conventional fashion, once or twice a week.

As the vicar of Emmerdale, he appeared to his parishioners as a staid, honest and straightforward man of the cloth. But every now and then he would act out a fantasy he had held since theological college.

He had told Laurel about this fantasy, one morning after a particular hectic and satisfying love making session. As Laurel lay back into the pillow she stroked Ashley's chest and said, "I love you Ashley, I worship you, I would do anything for you."

At the word, anything, Ashley finally broached a subject that had been on his mind for weeks.

"Well Laurel, there is something I have always fantasised about, doing, but never found the courage to ask."

"What is it?" asked Laurel.

When he described his fantasy, she was shocked and said "no way," but seeing the disappointment in his eyes, eventually said "OK, I'm up for it, just let me get used to the idea, then I will do it, but I still think its weird."

Ashley was overjoyed and in a rare occurrence, they made love again, Ashley seeming more relaxed, lasted for ages, giving Laurel several intense and very pleasurable orgasms.

Tonight was going to be one of Ashley's fantasy nights, he could hardly wait.

The kids were safely tucked up in bed, the sheet was in place and Ashley Thomas, vicar of Emmerdale, lay on the bed naked except for his clerical dog collar. In his hand he held four pieces of black silk cloth and was already very ready for the entrance of Laurel.

Laurel had been preparing, a main ingredient of the event, and then got ready.

She stepped into the bedroom, and as always Ashley gave out a gasp of astonishment.

She was almost naked. All she wore was a black suspender belt , pink nylon stockings and a pair of four inch, black stiletto shoes . In her hands she held the main ingredients of Ashley's fantasy, Body chocolate and aerosol cream.

Laurel, putting on a low sexy voice, said "Well hello big boy, ready for some action?"

Ashley gulped and was amazed that a vicars wife could look and sound as Laurel did, standing beside the bed.

Laurel took the black silks from him and tied his ankles to the foot of the bed. Then as the fantasy dictated, she leaned over him to tie the wrists, as she did so, her right breast rested on his mouth. He placed his lips over the nipple and began to suckle like a baby. Although Lauren enjoyed this, the script was she had to slap him lightly and pull her breast away. This was repeated on the other side.

Ashley was now fully tied to the bed. His cock was so hard, it was almost painful and although she would have loved to give it some loving, she had to keep to the fantasy.

She began by, smearing the body chocolate around his lips, then a thin trail down his neck onto his chest, along his stomach until she reached his rampant cock. She then took a great dollop of the stuff and gently massaged it into his rock hard organ. With more tenderness she massaged chocolate into his balls and the from the aerosol can, squirted the cream on top of the chocolate.

Laurel then leaned over and kissed him, deeply, hungrily her tongue searching out his and engaging in a swirling duel, all the time the chocolate and cream infiltrating their mouths, filling them with sweetness.

Finally they broke the kiss and Laurel kissed and licked the chocolate and cream from his neck and chest. As she caught his nipples with her teeth, Ashley gave out a yell of pleasure.

His excitement was reaching a peak now as Laurel approached his throbbing cock. She began by licking the mixture from his balls, these were very sensitive and the touch of her tongue on them was overwhelming.

She then began to lick up the length of his shaft. The cream was thick at this part and she was taking long sensual licks, which was driving him insane.

Finally she reached the head, planting tiny kisses around it, whilst slowly licking off the fast melting chocolate.

Laurel continued to take his cock into her mouth until every last morsel had been removed, only then did she stand up and display her body to him. Her breasts were smeared with the mixture, as was her belly. Her pubic hair was matted with the stuff.

Still tied down, Ashley just uttered one word " please" and looked imploringly at her.

Laurel straddled her legs either side of Ashley's head and gently lowered her soaking pussy towards his eager mouth. Easing forward, Laurel brought her pubes into his range and he eagerly began to suck the chocolate and cream from the coarse black hair. A slight adjustment and his tongue reached her outer lips with the same mixture. He was so expert at this that Laurel came on the spot and ground her pussy right into Ashley's eager face.

His tongue was now deep inside her and she reached behind her to grab his cock and started to masturbate him. The effects of this brought him to the point of orgasm, and as arranged Laurel let go, got up and took him in her mouth his load of semen splashing at the back of her throat.

Taking his limp cock from her mouth and kissing it sensually on the head Laurel said "More tea vicar " a private joke that always brought their lovemaking session to an end.

Both were covered in chocolate and cream, so a long soak in the bath together was required to wash it off. This led to other things and as these sessions always ended Laurel was sat astride him, his cock embedded in grateful pussy.

They removed the protective sheet from their bed and as always to Laurel's amusement, after what they had done, Ashley said his night prayers to his lord. Laurel wondered what the lord thought of his fantasy.

The next day in a remote part of Home Farm, Katie Sugden climbed down from her horse, a magnificent Chestnut gelding. Close behind Masie Wylde was dismounting from her Grey mare. The next hour would be very exciting for both the young ladies

But that's another story...

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