tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 06

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 06


Jamie Hope was nobodies idea of a stud. His small stature, boyish face and an irritating high pitched voice, were hardly likely to set the ladies pulses racing. So what was it that on this Wednesday morning he would have sex with two of the village ladies, and then another in the afternoon?

Well it could have something to do with fact that he had a tongue a lizard would envy, and between his legs had a cock completely out of proportion to his slender frame.

His job as village postman started early, so by 9 o'clock he had most of his round completed as he approached the Pollard residence.

He knew that Wednesday was a day that Eric Pollard went in Leeds on business leaving his wife Val alone.

He knocked on the door, Val answered, "hello Mr. Postman, got a special delivery for me?" said Val, pulling him into the lounge.

As usual on these morning encounters, Val was wearing a silk robe, which she dropped to the floor, she was naked underneath.

Val was in her early fifties, her figure was full, without being fat, her breasts had started to sag, but were still extremely attractive. The thing that Jamie loved about her was her untrimmed pussy hair, he loved burrowing into it and finding her slit with his tongue.

Val fell back onto the sofa and opened her legs, "Ok Jamie, you know what I like, make me come with that weapon you keep in your mouth."

Jamie did not need asking twice. Dropping to his knees he applied his tongue to the soft flesh between her knees and thighs. Val gave a little shudder at this and ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue sought out her innermost parts.

His tongue found her lips, already glistening with juice, lapping at her outer lips, before inserting the tip on the inside. A slight vibration of his tongue sent shivers of delight through her body. As Jamie slowly inserted more and more of his long tongue into her, Val in a little world of her own, thought of how this unlikely lover had come into her life.

It was New Year's eve in The Woolpack. After midnight everyone was kissing each other, when Jamie came along, "Happy new year, pet," said Val with her soft Geordie ascent. She kissed Jamie, sliding her tongue into his mouth, only to be amazed when he responded. She could not believe it was so long, almost touching the back of her throat. She kissed him again to make sure she was not dreaming.

"Anything else that size" she purred.

"Come outside and see," whispered Jamie into her ear.

Five minutes later in the shadows outside the pub, Val had Jamie's cock in her mouth, sucking eagerly on his huge piece of hard flesh.

It had carried on from there, bringing them to this morning.

The routine was always the same, pussy licking to orgasm was followed by Val, taking his cock from his pants and gorging on the rock hard penis.

Jamie loved this, it reminded him of Louise his ex fiancée, a busty Australian some years his senior, who was insatiable once she had found the goodies he carried.

She had gone back to Australia, found someone else and broken the engagement. She had however left him with a penchant for older women.

As Val removed the cock from her mouth, she smiled at him and inserted the huge member into her now soaking wet pussy.

Jamie, took up the rhythm and began sliding in and out of the older woman. To increase the depth he could reach inside her, Val placed her legs around his waist and the pair matched each other, thrust for thrust until Jamie could feel his climax approaching, so he withdrew and his hot sticky sperm splashed out over her belly and pubic hair.

"Suck it all off," he ordered, as Val eagerly took him into her mouth and her tongue took every last drop from the now flaccid cock.

Hitching up his trousers, Jamie said " See you next Wednesday Mrs Pollard," and making his way to the door, left Val naked and spread-eagled on the sofa, sperm covering her pubic region, but with a big smile on her face.

Jamie made the rest of his deliveries, before making his way to the village pub at 11o'clock.

The landlady Diane, Val's sister had retired to the back room, leaving chef Marlon & bar maid Moira to start preparing for the lunchtime trade.

Jamie gave the coded knock on the hidden door. Diane opened the door and without saying a word, grabbed the young man and kissed him with a passion.

Two months before, Diane had wondered why her sister Val was so happy, a few gins had loosened her tongue and Diane's panties had become wet just with Val describing Jamie's large equipment. A few days later Jamie was in Diane's lounge fucking the older woman.

Now Diane, a widow was stripping him naked, she liked to see his puny body with that great cock sticking out.

She slowly got naked and Jamie mentally compared her body to Val's, very similar, especially the pubes.

Diane varied their lovemaking, this time she wanted to kiss first their tongues duelling, whilst her hand circled his penis and began to gently rub as his fingers found her pussy.

They only had half an hour and Diane suggested a "69" to which Jamie eagerly agreed.

He could feel Diane's mouth circle the head of his cock, before she took him in slowly, until the head was touching the back of her throat. She continued to slide the monster in and out of her eager mouth.

Jamie looked into Diane's pussy, parting the lips with his fingers, before inserting his tongue deep inside her. He felt her shudder slightly at this as he continued to circle his tongue inside the silky smoothness of her vagina.

Both were experiencing the height of sexual ecstasy as they mutually climaxed his sperm shooting deep into her mouth, whilst her pussy juice flowed into his.

They collapsed onto each other, before Jamie reluctantly started to rise from her body. She pulled him back and kissed him deeply.

After letting Jamie out, Diane greeted the first of the customers with a cheery "hello, welcome to the Woolpack."

"You look wonderful Diane," said the female customer, "you must tell me your secret," Diane smiled at her and said "you would not believe me if I told you."

After finishing his round, Jamie sometimes helped out in the village shop and café, his dad Bob, ran with his wife Viv. However on Wednesday afternoon's, Bob worked a shift at the Woolpack and Viv took a long leisurely soak in the bath.

Jamie knew this and locking the shop, made his way up the stairs to the bathroom. He opened the door and there she was.

Now Viv might be in her fifties, but she was still an attractive woman. Jamie could not take his eyes from her breasts, as the floated just above the water line. They were magnificent, nice and firm with nipples he dreamed of taking between his lips and sucking for hours.

"Jamie, get out," shrieked Viv

"Now come on Viv, I only want a bath, room for one more in there?" he said almost casually.

As an astonished Viv looked on, Jamie casually stripped of his clothes and strode over to the side of the bath. He took his semi erect penis in his hand and offered it to Viv.

"Now suck my cock, bitch, " he ordered.

Viv took the cock in her hand and leaned over the edge of the bath and started to suck him. As she did so, Jamie reached down and took her plump breast in his hand. Squeezing he nipple, he made Viv wince and bite down on his cock. This bolt of mild pain shot through him, intensifying the pleasure he was receiving.

Viv took him from her mouth and invited him to join her in the water. As he climbed in he slithered his body against hers and their mouths collided in a frenzy of lip smacking, tongue lashing kisses.

They altered positions to allow Viv to again take her stepson's cock into her mouth. Jamie was loving the attention and could gaze forever at her head bobbing up and down as she swallowed every last morsel of his rock hard cock.

Viv withdrew the cock from her mouth and with a twinkle in her eye said "OK you've had your fun, now its my turn, fuck me, fuck me hard."

With that she turned her back to him and kneeling raised her arse to the air, giving him a perfect view of her pussy, ready, waiting and very , very wet.

He position himself behind her and with a mighty push, embedded his cock into the far reaches of her vagina. "Yes, yes you bastard, give me that fucking thing, fuck me until I can't stand, Oh I love your cock."

Hearing Viv talk like this really turned him on and intensified his efforts. He plunged harder and deeper into her, his balls slapping on her thighs as they came to an abrupt halt at her entrance.

Finally Jamie came, he came big and he came long, shooting his sperm deep inside her. They collapsed in the cooling water at tangle of arms and legs spent passion drawing them together.

After adding hot water, the pair relaxed. Jamie had his head nestled between Viv's breasts as she stoked his hair she said

"Now don't be telling your dad how I pay you for helping in the shop will you?" Jamie laughed, it was better than the minimum wage and a little fantasy and roll playing only helped to create the atmosphere. He loved bath nights with his step mum.

Not only bath nights, he loved Wednesday's.

Meanwhile in another part of the village, Faye Lamb was phoning her boss to confirm the details of the company's promotion day were now finalised.

Little did she know that at the end of that day she would participate in the most sexual experience of her life.

But that's another story.

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