tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 07

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 07


Faye Lamb relaxed in her bath, letting the hot water and soothing oils wash over her body, ridding it of the tensions of the day.

Faye had been charged with organising the Sharma's Confectionary customer day. It was full of potential pitfalls, but to here great relief, all had gone well.

She was now in her room at the luxury hotel, which hosted the event. Laying back in the soothing water, she closed her eyes and thought about the circuitous route her life had taken, to bring here to this point

Married young, to Daniel, he had just up and left one day, disappearing from the face of the earth. A few weeks later she discovered she was pregnant with her son Ryan, now in his twenties.

Not being able to trace Daniel, they had never divorced, so were still legally married. She had moments with other men, but in her heart she still loved him.

Then one day, in the dentist's surgery, she spotted a magazine article about a family of millionaires moving from London to Yorkshire, the accompanying photo's were a shock to her. The father was her husband Daniel, now resurrected as Mark Wylde, with him his wife Natasha and their three children.

Faye then tracked him down to the village of Emmerdale, where she confronted him and he declared he was still in love with her, but could not leave his family.

She and Ryan now lived in the village, where she was P.A. to the Sharma's owners of a confectionary factory.

Climbing from the bath, she dried herself and slipped into a white towelling robe. After fixing her hair and make up, she stood in front of the full length mirror and let the robe fall to the floor.

She looked at herself reflection. Her crowing glory was her magnificent flame red hair. Not a pretty face, handsome and slightly angular, her skin was like a pale alabaster, almost translucent. She wore a deep red lip gloss, to accentuate the paleness of her skin.

Her body was slim, breasts still firm, the nipples a deep shade of pink, stomach flat and at the junction of her thighs, that triangle of coppery gold hair.

"Hmm, not bad for a forty-three year old," she murmured to herself.

She had selected an emerald green bra and panty set, and was reaching for her panty hose, when she spotted a pair of hold up stockings she had picked up in an impulse a few weeks before.

Siding them on she felt really turned on and sexy.

As she entered the bar, wearing a stunning dark green dress, which set off her hair perfectly, she turned several heads,including those of her employers, Jai and Nikhil Sharma, who were with their sister Pryia.

"Wow, you look sensational," exclaimed Jai as he offered a glass of champagne.

"Thank you, you all look very nice to," replied Faye, "here's to a very successful day, cheers."

After dinner, Jai invited them back to his suite for drinks. They had enjoyed several bottle of fine wines and so were a little tipsy when they got there.

Faye was sat on the sofa with Nikhil, enjoying a glass of vintage brandy. Jai and Pryia were in easy chairs opposite, when Pryia suddenly got up walked over to her brother, sat on his lap and began to kiss him. Not a sisterly kiss, but full on.

Faye could not believe her eyes, as she saw tongues sliding in and out of mouths as the siblings became more intense. Jai was now sliding his hands over his sisters body as the kissing increased in passion.

She was memorised with what was unfolding before her eyes and at first did not feel Nikhil's hand slide around her shoulder and slip down to cup her breast. Nikhil then started to plant small kisses on the smooth white skin of her neck. His attentions plus the quantity of alcohol she had consumed had a profound effect on her as she found his mouth with hers and thrust her eager tongue into his mouth.

Her whole body felt on fire as her mouth worked feverously against his, her hands tearing at his shirt as her fingers combed through his chest hair. He found the zip of her dress and pulled it all the way down, sliding the green material over her shoulders and down to her waist.

Meanwhile Jai had Pryia's dress off and was removing his sisters bra, whist she had her hand in his boxer shorts, searching for his penis. The whole situation was bizarre.

Nikhil removed Faye's dress and was soon making his way down her body. The feel of the nylon clad legs, with their bare flesh at the top of the stockings was sending him mad with desire. He took hold of Faye's panties and pulled them aside, revealing to him the full glory of her red pubic hair. The lips already glistened with her juices as he placed his tongue along her pussy lips and gently probed with the tip.

Faye was now caught up in the whole crazy scenario and took his head and almost forced it into her wet and inviting pussy. As his tongue explored her innermost places, she glanced over to see Jai's cock being sucked sweetly by his sister. Pryia was taking him into her mouth with long strokes, whist his fingers were working their way in and out of her very hairy pussy.

The effects of this plus the amazing action she was getting between her legs triggered the most intense orgasm of Faye's life.

Next Nikhil picked her up and carried her to the bed, where he removed the rest of her clothes, just leaving the hold ups. They were joined by Jai and Pryia making a very erotic foursome.

As Jai moved to Faye, she greeted him with a very long and deep kiss, feeling his long hot tongue duelling with hers, whilst Nikhil again playing wonderful tricks with his in her pussy, brought her off again.

As she opened her eyes she saw Nikhil was beside her, perplexed she looked down and to her astonishment it was Pryia eating her pussy, whilst the two brothers exchanged knowing looks.

Faye had never entertained and lesbian thoughts in her life, but the thrills the young Indian girl was giving her, threw her inhibitions to the wind.

Pryia continued to lick and suck Faye's pussy as the two brothers each took a breast and began to cover her very sensitive nipples with, licks, kisses and very enjoyable little nips, that sent tremors of delight coursing through Faye's body.

Nikhil then positioned himself behind his sister and taking her very shapely hips in his hands, he thrust hard into her, making her mouth lose contact momentarily with Faye's pussy, but within seconds her tongue and fingers were at their erotic work again.

Faye was in a place sexually she had never been before and when she felt a presence close to her face, she opened her eyes to see Jai's cock, hard and long adjacent to her mouth. She reached out , took it in her hand and began to rub slowly.

The only time she had performed oral sex was with Daniel some twenty plus years ago, but casting all inhibitions, she eagerly took him into her mouth, licking and kissing the tip, before again swallowing the whole length, to the back of her throat.

This whole scenario was weird. Her was Faye, sucking off her boss, whilst his sister was eating and fingering her pussy, while her brother fucked her from behind.

After several minutes of this, Nikhil turned Pryia and laid her on her back and continued to fuck her in the missionary position.

Faye was anxious to sample the same treatment and lay back, spread her legs and motioned Jai to imitate his brothers actions.

Jai's cock entering her sent Faye into more sexual ecstasy, she thrilled with each stroke, as her boss and now lover, inserted his long hard cock deep into her very being.

As if by some sexual physic law, all four of them came together, the two men splattering their partners bodies and pubic hairs with hot sticky semen.

Pryia leaned over and seductively licked her brothers juice from Faye's body and pubes.

Exhausted the four fell asleep in the huge king size bed.

Faye woke suddenly, she needed the bathroom, and quickly. Climbing over the sleeping men, she noticed Pryia was not in the bed and assumed she had gone to her own room.

On reaching the bathroom, she noticed a light from under the door and on entering she saw Pryia in the bathtub.

"Got to pee, sorry," said Faye as she squatted on the toilet and let out a stream of golden urine.

Wiping herself with toilet paper, she again apologised and went towards the door.

"Why don't you join me, there's plenty of room," said Pryia, from the tub.

Faye, thought, "why not, tonight has been so crazy, this will just about seal it."

With that she climbed in beside the other girl, who an hour earlier had been eating her pussy. This time Pryia leaned over and kissed her, their mouths melting together, tongue entwining and lips momentarily parting before again meeting in gentle little kisses.

Faye had never kissed another woman, but this seemed so natural. She lay Pryia back in the tub and moved her mouth towards the Indian girls breasts, with their almost black nipples, one of which she took in her mouth whilst her fingers found Pryia's pussy and entered it.

Faye continued to kiss the other girls breasts, whilst fingering her pussy and allowing Pryia's fingers to enter her, locate her clitoris and bring her eventually to a mind blowing orgasm, which ripped through her body

Satisfied the two girls replenished the hot water and lay relaxing in each others arms, exchanging the occasional kiss.

"How long has this being going on with your brothers?" enquired Faye.

"We belong to an obscure Indian sect, that encourages sex between, siblings, something about preserving bloodlines. You can't do it until you are old enough, you know age of consent. But after that you can fuck and suck all you like." laughed Pryia.

She added "it helps if your brothers are handsome, and have large cocks of course."

Faye understood and did not press the matter, but just held her new lover in her arms, until the water cooled and they returned to the large bed, where the brothers slept on unaware of the events in the bathroom.

All four woke at the same time, without a word, they started making love, Jai with Faye, while Nikhil was being sucked off by his sister.

A satisfying end to a really, erotic and unforgettable night.

During the drive back to Emmerdale, the brothers talked of nothing but business and how well the customer day had gone and potential new lines, very boring.

In the back seat, Faye and Pryia were very quiet, they sat close together, each had her hand up the other woman's skirt, fingers working furiously in the others pussy.

"All this and a cash bonus as well, life has it moments," thought Faye as Pryia's fingering brought her another very satisfying orgasm.

Meanwhile in the King house, Nicola was in a foul mood when Carl King came in and asked what was wrong.

But that is another story.

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