tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 13

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 13


Eve Jensen stepped out of the bath. Wrapping the large soft towel around her, she started to dry herself.

In her bedroom, Eve stood in front of the full length mirror and let the towel fall to her feet. She looked at her reflection and sighed, "with a body like that, surely I can get someone to fuck me."

The reflection showed a very pretty woman, not beautiful in the classic sense of the word, but very attractive. Blonde hair, a little blonder than nature intended, with the help of a bottle, but cut in a cute bob, which framed her face.

Her hands cupped her breasts, her perfect breasts. They were magnificent, twin orbs of sheer femininity.

As Eve tweaked her nipples, they sprang to life, two little nubs of pleasure, set in a deep pink aureoles. Eve loved her breasts, loved playing with them, but even more, loved someone else doing it.

Her stomach was flat, at the junction of her thighs, her pubic triangle was several shades darker than her head, but still alluring. Her legs were not her best feature, nice, shapely, but to short, she would die for longer legs.

Eve was a very sexual girl, but since her affair with Carl King had blown up, with disastrous results, the only sex she had, was with herself.

Ah Carl. The affair had been exciting, the electric tension of working in adjoining offices, the sneaky kisses when there was no one around. The clandestine meetings in hotel rooms, where they would enjoy each others bodies, kissing, licking, sucking and best of all fucking, oh god Carl was good at it all, but when it came to fucking he was an artist.

One occasion always sprang to mind. A country hotel neat Hotten. They had almost ripped each others clothes off, so anxious were they.

Eve had sucked his cock, while his fingers were embedded deep inside her, quickly bringing her to orgasm. He had then fucked her in every position possible, making her come, time after time.

When he finally sprayed her face with his cum, she was exhausted and was content to just lay in the arms of her lover. Just ten minutes later she felt a nudge on her leg as his penis was slowly engorging with blood, rising to the ridged lump of flesh she loved so much. God he was incredible.

The very thought of Carl forced Eve to lay on her bed, one hand caressing her breast, whilst the other was soon buried deep in her pussy. As her fingers worked, images of him, thrusting his large cock into her, filled her mind.

Soon she achieved orgasm and as she relaxed she uttered just one word, "bastard."

Eve stood and looked again in the mirror, she liked very much what she saw, and made a vow.

"If I can't have any man," Eve hesitated and with a sly smile continued, "or woman, in this village with a body like mine, then I will take a vow of celibacy ."

She then slipped into her pyjamas and joined her gran Edna Birch to watch TV, thinking to herself, not for much longer, then it will be sex, sex and more sex.

She had in mind her first victim.......................

Meanwhile over at Butler's farm, Holly Barton was gazing out of her bedroom window.

Holly had hit rock bottom, her drug problem almost tearing her family apart, before her parents "cold turkey" solution had started her on the long road to normality.

She was now feeling and certainly looking better, than in the past months. She was an attractive young girl, with a very nice petite body.

Now her craving for heroin was gone, her natural desire to enjoy the intimacy of sex with a man was growing daily. She remembered with disgust the last time she had sex. A blow job against a pub wall with some disgusting old man, who gave her twenty pounds, which she had immediately spent on a score of heroin.

But her social life was now non existent, so where was she to find a man?

At that moment, Andy Sugden emerged from the barn. She had never thought of Andy as a potential lover, but she saw him in a new light now.

He was tall, very dark, and the way he was throwing those bags of feed effortlessly into the trailer, very fit.

Holly had made up her mind. Today was the day she would become a complete woman again.

Her dad and brother were away for the day at a machinery sale, mum Moira was in Leeds shopping with her sister, the coast was clear.

Making her way into the yard Hollie saw Andy going back into the barn. She followed him.

"Hi Andy," she said. "how are you doing?"

Andy was startled but answered "Oh hi Hollie, not bad thanks, been better , but can't complain."

Andy sat down on a straw bale where Hollie joined him.

"You look miserable, what's the problem?" inquired Hollie.

"You know, I was married to Katie, I still love her, but she doesn't want to know."

Hollie slipped her arm around his shoulder and said "there are other girls you know," kissing him lightly on the cheek.

Andy turned his head towards her and slowly moved his lips to hers. She responded fiercely, her tongue seeking his as her lips conjured up long hidden desires within her.

Falling back into loose straw, Andy was taken aback by he attention Hollie was giving him, however it was an age since he had enjoyed female company and was determined to make the most of it.

As he struggled to get out of his overalls, Hollie was unbuttoning her checked shirt. By the time he removed his garment, Hollie was down to her bra and panties.

"Wow," exclaimed Andy, glancing at her svelte body as she began to pull his T shirt over his head.

"Wow, yourself," said Hollie as she stroked his very well muscled body, and began tugging at the belt on his pants.

They fell into a deep pile of straw, lips locked together. Hands fumbling at their remaining clothing until they were naked.

Andy on top, bent his head and took a large part of her small breast into his mouth, his tongue flicking at her nipple as she moaned softly and grabbed his hair with both hands as tremors of a pleasure she had long forgotten, coursed through her body.

These only intensified as Andy moved own her body, his stubble scratching her skin as he approached her pubic hair.

This was thick and black, Andy buried his mouth into it and then found her wetness with his tongue, lapping at her full lips Andy was in a place he had not been for an age, feeling the silky smooth skin of Hollies vagina against his tongue, the musky odour of her secretions filling his nostrils, he was going to make the most of this opportunity.

Hollie was also, in a place she had forgotten existed, Andy was very good, touching places she had only known with her own fingers, as a feeling she had not known for ages began to boil up within her as her first orgasm ripped through her body.

She screamed so loudly, Andy was glad they were so deep in the barn.

Andy stopped licking her pussy and rolled onto his back, his cock stood up, hard and long from his body as Hollie moved down and took him in her mouth. Licking from his tight balls up the entire length, before rolling her tongue around the head, poking her tongue into the small opening at the top.

She then started to perform the best blow job he had ever had.

As previous ones included Katie, Jo and Masie Wylde this was saying something.

Hollie was savouring having a hard cock half way down her throat, as she covered every square inch of Andy's with kisses, nips and above all, deep sucking movements. All of these contributed to Andy building up to erupt very soon.

He withdrew his cock from her mouth and eased Hollie onto her back in the straw. She reached up, grabbed his cock and began to rub vigorously until the white sticky fluid shot from the end, covering her eyes, nose and hair with semen.

They kissed, his face smeared with his own cum as Hollies lips covered his face, they settled back in the straw engrossed in each other, both completely satisfied, promising to do it all again, and quickly.

Meanwhile over at Home Farm, Declan Macey was having his cock sucked by Alicia Gallagher.

Alicia really looked forward to her weekly sex session with Declan. Not only was he in a class of his own at cunnilingus, bringing her to orgasm time after time, but he respected her, thought about her and she had begun to think, care about her.

Declan was laid back into what seemed a barrage of pillows, Alicia was naked, knelt between his legs, mouth working hungrily on his cock, cute backside stuck up in the air. They were both in a little world of their own.

Alicia sensed someone behind her moments before a hand started to caress the cheeks of her ass. Then a finger was inserted into the wetness of her pussy.

Pulling her mouth away from him Alicia exclaimed "What the hell," leaving Declan to stare in amazement.

Alicia spun around to see Declan's ex wife Ella standing at the foot of the bed, she was naked.

"Hello darling," said Ella coolly. "Fancy a threesome? its been a long time. When was it? Oh yes that Chinese girl in Singapore, she was amazing, wasn't she?"

"No fucking chance, you bitch." spat Alicia, getting up from the bed and starting to gather her clothes.

Ella started to walk toward the younger woman, moving her closer to the bedroom wall.

"What, you have never tasted another woman, never licked a cock that was thrusting into another vagina inches away, God love, you have never lived." said Ella

"I'm not a lezzy, get it?" said Alicia getting angrier.

Ella replied "don't knock it, unless you've tried it sweetheart."

With a rapid movement Ella grabbed Alicia and pinning her against the wall, pressed her lips onto hers.

Alicia tried to break the grip, but the slim woman was very strong and easily held the struggling girl, while continuing to provoke a response.

The response came as they continued to wrestle and their nipples came into contact with each other. While every fibre of her body told Alicia to resist, the friction of Ella's nipples against hers, while her lips were kissing her were telling her to let go, but try as she might, she could not resist, the devil in her won, she would try the experience and damn the consequences

Alicia felt a jolt of pleasure, Ella's mouth suddenly felt desirable. She opened her lips slightly and returned the kiss, finding Ella's tongue she started to suck gently on it.

Holding Alicia's head, Ella said "that's it my little barmaid, I knew you would like it, now be a good girl, come over to the bed and let me and Declan give you an afternoon you will never forget."

Obediently, Alicia walked over to the bed and climbed in. Declan laid her on her back, spread her legs and was soon enjoying what he liked best, sucking a nice wet, juicy pussy.

Meanwhile Ella was introducing Alicia to the joys of kissing another woman. Alicia had always loved kissing, but this was different, softer, smoother more sensuous.

While enjoying the kissing, Alicia was more than happy when Ella transferred her attention to her breasts. Taking an already erect nipple between her lips, Ella began to suck gently on the nub, occasionally flicking it with her tongue.

For the first time in her life, Alicia understood what being with another woman meant sexually. The sensations Ella was sending through her, just by kissing her breasts were overwhelming . Add to that, Declan performing his magic between her legs, soon brought her to orgasm.

Declan repositioned himself and knelt t the side of Alicia's head, his erect cock swaying inches from her face. She reached out and pulled him towards her waiting mouth, eagerly taking every inch of him into her.

Meanwhile down below, another first, Ella had taken her ex husbands place between her legs and Alicia was being sucked by a woman, and it felt wonderful.

The sensation of having both at the same time was new and so exciting for Alicia. She sucked and licked Declan's cock like she had never done before, to him or anyone else, she was like a woman possessed.

Soon her expertise paid off and he came deep into her mouth, his seed spilling down her throat as she gagged, trying to get as much of him into her as possible.

Meanwhile Ella still continued to suck and lick her by now streaming pussy, she was almost as good as Declan, and that was saying something.

As Declan sank back on the bed, his cock thoroughly worked out, he watched him ex wife eating Alicia's pussy, then slowly kissing and licking her way up the younger girls body, feasting on the plump breasts, nipping the nipple between her teeth, making Alicia squirm with pleasure before tracing a line with her tongue to her neck, nuzzling her ear, then transferring her lips to the other woman's, an act he found so erotic.

He watched as the two kissed. Mouths working against each other, then parting giving a glimpse of tongue seeking its mate, before crashing together again in passion.

Ella looked over to her husband and he smiled and gave her a little smile and nodded his head. This was a sign he was ready again.

Ella then gently rolled off Alicia, and lay beside her, "your turn," she said and pulled Alicia toward her, opening her legs at the same time.

Alicia was so turned on by this stage she did not hesitate, plunging straight into the moist wet crack between Ella's legs.

Her first pussy tasted sweet, she had sucked her own juices from her fingers after masturbating, but this was different, this was another woman and it was great. She started to lap at Ella's protruding outer lips and inserted a finger to add to Ella's pleasure.

She was really getting into the rhythm, when she felt hands grab her hips. Declan was behind her and lifted her into a position where he could enter her from behind.

When he did, the feeling was incredible. With her tongue and fingers playing with Ella's pussy and getting fucked doggy style, Alicia's sex life did not get any better than at that moment.

Declan had regained his erection quite quickly and was now fucking Alicia with a steady rhythm, holding her by the hips and sinking his cock deep into her pussy.

As he was fucking her, his eyes never left those of Ella, who was being deliciously eaten by the girl at the receiving end of his thrusts. Her smile told him that she was loving every minute and when she gave a little gasp or sexual sigh, he knew Alicia had hit the spot.

Alicia thought she could never experience something like this, it was beyond her wildest dreams.

Declan withdrew from her and guided her down onto the bed. His cock was still rampant and he aimed it straight at Ella's pussy.

"Now you can experience what I said earlier, you can lick him and suck his balls, while he fucks me, I can assure you it is great fun." said Ella panting furiously as Declan speared her

Alicia got down to it, alternately licking Declan's cock entering his ex wife's pussy or licking the pussy itself, either was she was giving supreme sexual pleasure.

As Declan approached his climax, Alicia took him between her lips and received the sperm, holding it, she then positioned herself over Ella's face and let the white sticky fluid slowly dribble into the other woman's eager mouth.

As the last of the fluid dripped from Alicia's tongue, she lowered her lips onto Ella's and they shared a wet. sticky, gooey kiss, tongues searching for the last drop of Declan like two bees fighting over nectar.

The three of them lay exhausted on the bed. Alicia was in the middle as Ella and Declan each softly played with her nipples with one hand, the other was an interwoven mass of fingers inside her pussy.

Meanwhile over at the Woolpack, Victoria Sugden was going to get a big surprise.

But that's another story ...................

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