Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 14


"Mmmm... a nice way indeed." Archer replied, squeezing her naked thigh. She got up and grabbed their glasses, and he was treated to the view of her nude form walking away from him. Her ass was incredible, so firm and round. He had to have that ass. With that thought she was on her way back and he stared at the silky white fur on her mound. He could barely make out the colorful lips of her wet pussy; but knew he would have to see that up close before the evening was over. He took the glass and returned her smile.

"I really do love that Jonathan." she told him. "Oral pleasure, I mean." she clarified, tipping her glass to his and taking a long swallow.

"Is that your favorite thing Mynka?" he asked her.

"Oh, I don't know that I really have a favorite thing when it comes to pleasure. I love everything." she giggled.

"Really!?" Archer queried. "Tell me what you like Mynka. I want you to enjoy something now." he told her, very unlike his normal self.

"Mmmm... Well I liked what you were doing with your fingers. And I loved sucking your cock. I do like it when a lover eats me, so I guess if you don't mind..." she responded.

Archer thought about it for a moment, then suggested she straddle his face on the couch. "I'll hold you up and eat that sweet pussy for you." he suggested. "No... wait... I'll lie down and you can straddle me that way." he changed his mind. She stood up while he positioned himself; but there really wasn't room enough for her legs on the narrow cushion of the sofa. He stopped her. "Perhaps this would be better on the bed." he suggested, jumping up and taking her hand to pull her into his bedroom. Few women had been in that room; but Archer wasn't considering any of that now. This girl was the hottest thing he'd seen in years, and his dick was doing the thinking. He threw himself on the bed and beckoned her with his hands. He'd left the lights on deliberately, and let out a long sigh as her beautiful pussy came into view. "God you have a beautiful pussy Mynka." he said hoarsely.

Mynka straddled his face, lowering her sex to his lips slowly. His tongue lapped at her sensitive labia, drawing her fragrant juices to the surface. "ahhhhhhmmmmm...." she moaned as he worked his tongue up and down her vulva. "ohgodyessss..." she mewled, letting her hips move on their own.

Archer tasted her cunt, enjoying the sweetness of her juices as she began to writhe against his mouth. His hands grasped her hips, letting her move while he held her up. His tongue found her clit and her mewls turned to moans. He expertly took her right to the edge of climax and held her there for more than a half hour, slipping his pinky into her asshole as he devoured her delicious pussy. Finally he couldn't hold her back and she bucked like a wild pony, grinding her crotch on his face as she spasmed and jerked for several minutes. She started to get up and he held her hips, suggesting she turn around to show him her bottom. She giggled and did as he asked, reaching back to spread her cheeks. He grabbed her hips and wormed his tongue into her anus, working at the snug port until he achieved a half-inch of penetration. Then he let go, allowing her to rise.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed. "Nobody has ever put their tongue up my butt before." she laughed.

"Oh?" Archer replied. "What about other things?" he pursued.

"Well of course I've had fingers in there, and even a couple of cocks." she told him. "Why?" she queried. "Do you want to fuck my ass?" she teased. "My tight little Andorian butt?" she laughed.

"I suppose the thought had come to mind." Archer replied.

"Maybe in a little while my Captain." Mynka laughed, bouncing off the bed and back into the living room. By the time she had refilled their drinks Archer had appeared. "Here you are sir." she said, handing him his glass. They relaxed for a while, Archer finding an entertaining documentary made forty years in the future. She didn't ask and he offered no explanation for that little detail. Apparently Mynka got bored, and began teasing at his genitals with her fingers, lips, and tongue. His dick responded as always, and she was eager to provide her services. Abruptly she stopped, pulling her mouth from him to look into his eyes. "Fuck me" she said. In a flash she threw her leg across his lap, planting her still juicy pussy atop his organ. She nuzzled his neck and shoved her hips down to take his manhood deep into her belly. "FUCK ME." she growled, writhing her hips as his hands took hold of them.

Archer grasped her lithe body and began screwing into her tight cunt, his hips bucking in rhythm with hers as their lips met in a passionate kiss. Her vagina was snug, tighter than any human cunt he'd been in. Tighter than some buttholes he'd fucked. And this girl knew how to please a man, her body writhing and rotating on his dick as it stroked in and out of her. She came twice while they fucked, her entire body tensing up before the spasms began. Her cunt got incredibly hot during her climax, and her juices flowed down his legs. He reached around her, cupping her firm little cheeks. She leaned toward him to whisper in his ear. "Finger my butt." she said. He found the little ring, reaching below it to gather her natural lube before slipping the tip inside her tight opening. She resumed her grinding, sliding up and down as his finger slipped deeper. "Mmm.... deeper..." she moaned, working her hips back to take his digit to the second knuckle in her snug pooper. "ahhhhhhhhhhhYESSSSS..." she grunted.

Mynka couldn't hold back, another orgasm overcoming her. Her pussy convulsed around his cock as she slammed her body down on his. The finger in her ass was buried to the hilt now, wriggling inside her rear as the spasms consumed her. She bit into his neck, her fingernails scraping the skin on his shoulders. She had hoped to get him off at the same time; but the man had more stamina than she had given him credit for. He let her remain on his lap, his cock still fully erect inside her as he slowly slipped the finger from her butthole. She pressed her lips to his in a passionate kiss, then whispered in his ear. "Do you want my ass?"

Archer didn't need a second invitation. He stood up without disengaging from her cunt, carrying her to the dining table to set her down. "Pull your knees back." he said hoarsely as he pulled out of her pussy. She did as he asked and he repositioned his dick at the tiny pucker of her rear entry. "Ready?" he asked, looking into her eyes. She nodded and gave him a weak smile that turned into a grimace as the head of his penis forced its way past her clenching ring. Her hands reached for his chest, pushing lightly as his hips continued to apply pressure. He was in charge now, and gave a quick jerk of his hips to gain an inch in her anal chute. She squealed, her hips alive with motion. "Take my cock in your tight ass, girl." he said, forcing several inches of his meat into her resisting bottom. She cried out, begging him to hold still; but it was not to be. While the sex had been good earlier, she had been in control all that time. Now, even though the buttfucking was her idea, it was Archer holding the reins.

He didn't want this to result in a visit to Phlox to patch up her hole, and every motion into her butt caused her to wince and squeal. Ten minutes into the anal session and he was only halfway into her rectum, in spite of all the lubricant on his dick from her pussy. He slowly pulled out of her, quickly flipping her over onto her belly. He slapped her bottom. "Stay put Mynka. I'm going to get something to make this easier on both of us." he told her, going to the cabinet behind the bar to retrieve a tube of Phlox' 'special' anal lube. Heading back for the table he flipped open the applicator nozzle. "Reach back and spread your ass girl." he ordered. He pushed the nozzle into her colorful little hole, squeezing the bottle two full compressions before coating first his cock then a finger. He pushed the finger deep into her ass, worming it around to coat her channel with the lube. By the time he'd spread the lube on his penis, the special formula was doing it's job.

Mynka had no idea that she was in for such a painful act when she offered her backside to him. While she'd only had anal intercourse a few times, it had always been okay. A bit uncomfortable at first; but okay. Archer's cock felt like a bulkhead being shoved up her butt, and it hurt like hell. She was grateful when he pulled out of her, then she was on her belly and he left her momentarily. She felt the tiny nozzle being pushed inside her nether opening, then the warmth of something that also felt slippery. Then a finger - going ALL the way up her bottom - and it was okay. Oh god... there was the head of his big dick again... up against her little hole... "nnnNNGHHAAAAA" she grunted as Archer pushed several inches of his meat into her behind. He held still for several seconds, pulled back an inch or so, then another push. "OOOHHHHHHHHFUCK" she growled, her rectal channel harboring seven inches of man meat now. Another brief rest, another short pullback. She held her breath. "NNNNNAAAAAHHHHH" she howled as Archer forced his full length up her ass. She was completely full, her bottom stretched wide by a human penis.

Archer looked down at the tiny little hole, distended beyond all reason by his cock. The girl was petite, her cheeks spanning barely more than one of his hands, and his good sized penis made her look even smaller. He did love that special lube, as the tight confines of the Andorian girl's asshole spasmed around his organ. He held still for a few minutes, his dick twitching in her butt as she became accustomed to the intruder. Her squeals and squirms had served to encourage his penetration, her sphincter clenching down hard on his somewhat tender penis. His hips began to move slowly, stroking out several inches and back inside. She moaned, begging him to go easy. "I'm going to fuck your tight ass and cum deep in your backside Mynka. Relax your asshole and it won't hurt so much." he whispered hoarsely. He gripped her slender hips with his hands and began to buttfuck the pretty girl. She squeaked with each inward thrust, letting out a grunting breath as he bottomed out. His cock was in control now. "Yeah baby... take it up your cute little ass..." he grunted, sliding all the way out and all the way in. "So fucking tight.." he growled. "Take it girl... You wanted it, now TAKE IT." he howled, his hips now pounding his meat into her bottom.

Mynka tried to hold her breath; but the concussion of his thrusts made that impossible. The pain wasn't too much for her; but she knew her ass was going to be sore after this. He was right, it had been her idea. She had asked him to do this. She felt the twitching of his penis as he approached what she hoped would be his climax, and thrust her hips back toward him. She consciously willed her muscles to clamp down on his organ as it moved in and out of her tender hole, and was rewarded when he grunted and began slamming into her, emptying his load into her bowels. She was thankful for the extra lubrication his semen provided as he continued to stroke in and out of her tender hole, his organ twitching the last of his climax. His body lay on her back, his breathing loud in her ear. "Good..." another spasm "Ass..." yet another "FUCK" his hips thrust hard against her. Moments later he yanked his dick from her butthole, she felt his thumbs spreading her open. "Gorgeous little flower you have, crewman." then he slapped her cheeks and walked away.

Archer watched her perfect derriere tremble as she recovered from the sodomy, pouring himself another Cognac. He walked back over to the table, dropping a hand to her buttocks to fondle and squeeze the firm flesh. Then his hand moved to cover the crevice between the cheeks, his thick middle finger pushing into her hole to feign intercourse while she writhed on her belly. "You have many talents, Miss Shana'an." he told her, his finger moving slowly in and out of her sensitized anus. "You have skills I can make use of on my bridge." he added, slipping a second digit inside her tender passage. He took a long swallow of his drink before continuing. "And if you play your cards right, I can make your life less - shall we say - uncomfortable." he laughed, yanking the fingers from her butt before he returned to the sofa.

She pushed herself up, finding it difficult to stand. She needed to clean herself up, and turned toward the bathroom. She caught Archer's eye and indicated her need without speaking. He nodded and she walked to the bathroom, feeling his eyes on her body as she walked. Her rectum burned from the rather brutal reaming he had subjected her to; but she knew the pain would pass. Her hope now was that she had done enough to prove her value to the Captain. She took a shower, letting the water flow down her body and between her legs to soothe the tender flesh. Archer managed to enter the room without her noticing, enterring the shower to join her. "S-sir?" she stammered.

"I just thought we could conserve water and shower together." he told her, taking the soap to move it over her skin. She certainly did have a wonderfully firm body, and the icey blue tint of her flesh was somehow erotic. She took the soap from him and lathered his body slowly, making sure she built up plenty of suds to clean his genitals. Doing her very best not to stimulate his organ, she washed his testicles and down between his legs as he stood there giving her a hand to keep her up. They rinsed off and grabbed towels, then Archer donned his smoker and left her to finish. He walked back out and filled both of their glasses, sitting on the sofa to await her emergence. When she appeared, having put on the skimpy outfit she wore upon arrival, he nodded and pointed to the drink. "There you go. None the worse for wear Mynka." he told her.

Mynka sat in the chair across from the Captain, squirming a bit from the tenderness in her backside. She noticed him watching, and gave him a weak smile. "It's not so bad." she told him, managing a wink. "I will freely admit I've never had anything that big up my ass before." she giggled.

Archer laughed. "If you are good - and fortunate - my cock might be the only big thing in that cute little fanny." he told her.

"Okay sir. So what do I need to do?" she asked him, getting right to the point.

"You're off to a good start crewman. I'm sure my XO will have some tests for you, and of course my current Master Helmsman will want to see you in action." he chuckled at the double entendre.

"What sort of tests and what kind of action sir?" she pursued.

Archer looked her in the eye. "If Commander Tucker agrees with my assessment of your technical expertise and you demonstrate to Ensign Mayweather that you know how to fly, then we move on to the next step." he told her.

"And what is the next step?" she kept up the pursuit.

"Oh no darlin'. We aren't there yet. On this crew we move one step at a time when it comes to the important jobs. You will have to earn your place on my bridge." he told her.

"Alright, I'm not afraid of that challenge. So what about the sex?" she asked him, staring him down.

"The sex?" he laughed, shaking his head and taking a drink. "Just know that we share in those duties on this crew. If I decide that I want a woman to myself, then that's what happens." he added.

"And do you want me to yourself sir?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"For now, yes I do." he told her, waving a finger. "BUT!" he added. "That can change." He let that sink in, then stood up to offer his hand. "Congratulations Mynka Shana'an, and welcome to my bridge officer training program." he told her. "Study up and you'll be hearing from me or Commander Tucker tomorrow."

WHEW she breathed a sigh of relief. At least he might protect her from the debauchery of the other male crew, and he seemed sincere about the bridge staff opportunity. She moved as quickly as she could manage back to her quarters, and was asleep in minutes.

Archer brought up the Andorian girl's personnel file on his terminal, marking it 'restricted' and 'Archer' before adding the notes about her consideration for the bridge. That girl is prime stock he thought, closing the file and bringing up his calendar. As he was going over his schedule for the next day, the chime sounded. "Who is it?" he asked. It was Hoshi, and he let her in. Five minutes later he was fucking her sexy lips, ten minutes after that he was asleep.

Continued in Chapter 15 - The Competition Concludes

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