Ergo Proxy Ch. 03


"Not quite little one" he said softly, "but you soon will be."

He leaned down and with a long sensual kiss he loosened the bonds on her wrists. Then he walked around and with a playful swat on her rump, removed the bonds on her ankles. Re-l rubbed her wrists to regain circulation as Vincent expertly massaged and kissed her ankles. The time for aggressive kinkiness and foreplay were over. Now was the time for quiet and reflective love making. She scooted her ass slightly off the center of the bed to make room for his massive frame. The moment he settled his weight on the bed, she thrust herself once more into his arms. She crushed her lips tenderly to his and whispered,

"Thank you! That was the most fun I have had in a long time. I never came so hard and you were soooo bad. Feel free to tie me up anytime. I love being your little cock slave!"

His eyes held hers with an amused sparkle. He was grinning stupidly from ear to ear. For the first time Re-l noticed the grayness had fled his eyes. The darkness of loneliness and pain was replaced by a clear calmness in his gorgeous emerald eyes. She felt her heart swell and tears come to her eyes as she realized she was the one to remove the pain from his heart. She buried her head into his chest and sobbed softly, whimpering and smiling to herself. No words needed to be said. He knew the reason for these tears; these tears were most welcome to him. His beautiful, sensitive, sexy Re-l; how he loved her.

Her tears soon were replaced by silent giggling as she kissed and caressed his stomach and chest. She kissed and caressed up to his neck where she began nuzzling and kissing his neck. She was mewling softly in his ear as she nibbled his ear lobe. He felt a small shiver run up his spine as she licked from the base of his collar bone to his ear, sticking her small tongue deep into his ear canal then moving once again to nibble on his ear lobe. Again he shivered as bolts of pleasure ran up and down his spine.

"You like that baby? You like when I tongue fuck your ear? Am I your good little girl yet? Or am I still a filthy, dirty cock tease?" She asked this last question as her tiny hand grabbed a hold of his hog and began to gently jerk him off. A small gasp escaped his lips as she continued to play with his growing fuck rod. But two can play at this game.

Re-l gasped as Vincent's lips wrapped around her pert little nipple, sucking and nibbling at the darkened little nub. She began to grind her soaked pussy against his chest as he continued to nurse at her swollen tit. Suddenly she detached herself from him and moved her weight down to center her sex above his swollen cock. She gently began easing herself down on to his massive girth. She gasped as she felt his giant cock head slip past her lips into her waiting hole. She used both her hands to slow the progression of his giant tool. God! This would tear her open one day if she wasn't careful. The thought of his cock ripping her open sent a shiver running through her loins and a wicked grin to cross her face. When she felt the head of his cock bounce against her cervix she stopped to allow her pussy to adjust to his size. Fuck! She always felt so fucking full with him in her pussy. She doubted she could ever fully adjust to his massive girth; he was just too fucking huge. She wasn't complaining of course. Every woman in Romdo, fuck the whole planet, would give her left tit to ride this massive donkey dong. And it was hers! It was hers to love, to fuck, to have it slide in and out of her sopping hole and everywhere else whenever she needed it. It was hers to suck, to fuck, to feel every massive spurt of come fill her over and over again. It was hers to impregnate her, to give her a child, the ultimate physical symbol of their love. This last thought filled her with warmth that had nothing to do with her sexual arousal. A content sigh escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and began to slide up and down his pole.

Vincent was in fucking Heaven! Every time they fucked, it was a new experience. This was however the first time he fucked her as Vincent and not as Ergo. A content feeling washed over him as this tiny nymph bounce up and down repeatedly on his cock. Her whimpers and mewls of pleasure reminded him of how many times he and Monad had made love. He knew Re-l was so much like Monad; not only physically, but emotionally as well. Monad had been a wild sexual firecracker in private keeping him constantly sated with her adventurous sexuality. She was so fragile and shy personally; but she only allowed him to see that side of her. Outside she had maintained a stoic face of determination and control to ward off any signs of weakness. A brief tinge of sadness tugged at his heart as he wished he knew what had happened to her. He had been so lonely these last few years without her. He once again was tugged away from his thoughts as he felt his Re-l begin to grind in earnest against his cock.

He continued to watch Re-l fuck him, moving her luxurious fuck box up and down his giant pole. God! Her pussy was Heaven! Her first orgasm snapped him out of his reverie as he watched her twitch on his cock, her velvet lips clutching his cock while she drenched him in her sexual juiciness. She was whimpering and swearing loudly as her orgasm continued to treat her body like an epileptic. Vincent loved how nasty and vulgar Re-l could be, it only heightened their sexual experience; it drove him mad with lust. He reached out to cup her large breasts as she finally began to slide up and down his cock once more, a low grunt escaping her small body as he hit especially deep against her womb.

He lifted his body until his face was even with hers. He watched intently as she pleasured herself on his cock. She opened her eyes and locked her vision with his. His hand searched out her clit, stroking and teasing the tiny button. This caused her eyes to widen and her mouth to screw into a tight little "oh" as another orgasm wracked her body. She threw her head back and screamed loudly as he felt himself slide deeper into her body.

"Fuck...fuck,fuck,fuck, god, my beautiful I love your massive cock. I am your slutty little whore! I am so addicted to your giant dick and your delicious cum! Won't you please come and fill me with your gigantic load. Come and plaster my insides with your spunk!" She continued with such vulgarity until she could no longer handle the sensation and slipped of his cock. She lay in a heap panting and sobbing quietly as she waited for her sensitivity to return to a semblance of normality.

Vincent rolled her over onto her back kissing and caressing her lips and neck. He carefully placed kisses on her heaving chest. She was too sensitive at the moment and any pressure would set her off again. She was whimpering constantly as he continued to move his tongue down from her breasts to her navel. He spent a moment licking and caressing her toned stomach. He wickedly began to tongue her belly button, eliciting riotous laughter from Re-l. She desperately fought against his tongue as he continued to fuck her navel. She finally convinced him to stop as she pushed his head further south, moving him to the destination of her desire.

Vincent loved cunninglus. There is something so sensual and perfect about licking a woman's pussy. Plus it always made him hard doing this. And Re-l's pussy? She was as near perfection as one could hope. Her feminine petals framed her dripping hole in perfect symmetry. She kept a small patch of black down above her lips; the hair was so soft and seemed to only accentuate her loveliness. Her feminine smell made his head swim with lust; her taste was ambrosia to his lips. He would gladly worship at her dripping trough for the rest of her days. He lived only to bring her love and happiness. The physical pleasure she returned to him was only a reflection of the desire and lust he felt for her.

Vincent continued to lap and caress Re-l's delicate petals, drawing soft cooing from her lips as her hole continued to release copious amounts of her wetness. He gingerly slipped his large thumb into her fiery hole while he continued to kiss and caress the folds of her pussy. This action caused Re-l to whimper and begin to fuck his digit in earnest as she continued down the road to ecstasy. Vincent moved his index finger to her beautiful rosebud, which was soaked in slippery cum from Re-l's drooling hole. He gingerly rimmed the outside of her nether region while he continued to feast and finger fuck her to oblivion. She was looking at him in rapture, her breathing ragged and shallow as she was driving herself to an explosive orgasm. She continued to watch him, their eyes locked together in lust when Vincent finally slipped his finger into her tiny chute. Re-l went wild with delirious abandon. She screamed and cursed as Vincent did everything to drive her over the edge. With one glorious howl she came with a shuddering climax. Her pussy and ass clenched tightly upon his fingers as she continued to fuck herself on his hand. Vincent sealed his mouth around her sensitive nub and watched with rapt amusement when her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Her reaction was fierce and almost violent. Her urethra opened as she came harder, squirting and drenching his face with her girlish goo. Vincent moved his mouth to trap the bountiful offering now spewing forth from her hole. He sucked and drank with sinful delight as she fucked his drenched face, grinding her naughty quim against the bridge of his nose.

Vincent finally allowed his fingers to slip from her holes as she collapsed on the bed whimpering and mewling wildly, her orgasm refusing to relinquish her body. She continued to shake quietly, cursing loudly her sexual satisfaction. After a few moments her eyes fluttered open and her breathing returned to a steady inhalation and exhalation. She looked down at him resting his chin on her stomach, her ejaculate dripping from his face and chin and pooling in her naval, a sadistic grin creasing the wrinkles around his emerald eyes.

She gasped, "Don't think you can give me one of the best orgasms of my life and walk away from me without letting me fuck that righteous cock of yours. I am going to make you blow no less than a gallon of that delicious cum in my baby hole. I want your seed Vincent. I want your child. I want to feel a new life growing inside of me, knowing it is yours. Please Vincent, come and bury your giant fuck stick in me and impregnate me with your fucking baby spunk!"

Vincent brought his face to hers as he proceeded to align his genitals with hers, preparing to skewer her blessed pussy. They kissed a long and sensual kiss, Re-l feasting upon her own juices, licking and tasting her essence on his face. Their tongues darted after each other, clenching and fencing in an unending battle for dominance. Without a single word between them, Vincent buried his length inside of his beloved Re-l. She allowed him to continually push inch after delicious inch, splitting her apart in blessed agony. Re-l concentrated on relaxing her muscles entirely, willing her womb to open to this massive invader. They both gasped when their pubic bones touched one another, his entire length now buried in her fiery quim.

"My God! Vincent! My handsome muscular Vincent! You're in me. You fucking buried that massive piece of meat in my tiny hole. I feel so complete, so warm and full. I can feel you twitching inside my womb. I love you! I love you with all my heart and soul! My body belongs to you and you alone from now till the end of time. Come Vincent! Fuck me and flood my baby pot with your massive load! I want your cum! I need to feel it swimming inside me, warming my body with your heat."

Vincent never broke eye contact with Re-l. Their fuck was long and luxurious. His weight supported in his massive arms, bulging and flexing as he moved his hips back and forth, grinding his loins against her own. He continually sucked and caressed her ruby lips. He licked and nuzzled her neck and collar bone, biting softly at her jugular drawing a soft gasp of painful pleasure from his beautiful lover. He lowered his head and began sucking and nibbling her gorgeous dark nipples. Every time he pulled and thrust his cock into her burning pussy, her poor battered clit was stimulated; this caused a continual whimpering and mewling from Re-l as she experienced a continual string of orgasms, one after another. By the time Vincent felt the familiar tingle in his cock and his balls begin to tighten, she was a broken mess.

Vincent headed for the home stretch. He increased his rhythm to bring them both crashing down at the same time. Re-l wrapped her slender legs around ass, driving his hips into her as hard as he could. She was enticing him to fucking break her. To tear her pussy asunder and detonate his load in her fiery fuck box. The rhythm became reckless as Vincent's hips became a blur until finally, he groaned and ground his teeth as he felt his own massive orgasm overtake him; his balls released their contents and his cock exploded inside her womb, dumping his entire load inside his perfect mate. Re-l in turn screamed so loudly, Vincent could feel his ear drums quake in open revolt. She writhed and squirmed around his cock, her body resigning itself to its own explosive orgasm. Vincent moaned as he felt her pussy clamp down on his rod, milking and massaging his cock; her cum flooding around his cock in gigantic squirts. Her pussy finally relinquished its death grip on his cock, allowing him to evacuate her lovely furnace.

Vincent could not help but chuckle. She was an absolute fucking mess. Her beautiful main of raven hair was draped around her body, soaking up the collection of their fluids. Her pussy, now red and throbbing, continued to spew forth their collective sated sexuality. She was gasping and breathing so heavily, he feared for a moment her lungs would collapse. Her entire body was covered in a heavy sheen of sweat and ejaculate. He gently picked up her bruised and broken body and carried her gently into the bathroom. He then proceeded to flip change the bedding. The mattress would never be the same. Their combined sex had thoroughly soaked into the still damp mattress. He imagined their combined sex would continue to linger in this room for quite some time.

Vincent turned his head towards the bathroom as he heard the shower turn on. He himself was covered in a heady mixture of sex and sweat. He quickly crossed the large room and walked in behind Re-l in the shower. They shared a crushing embrace as he brought his large arms from behind her to massage and caress her small body; his cock found a comfortable home, nestled between her ass cheeks. They quickly soaped each other up, caressing and massaging each other in a loving manner. There would be no more sex tonight; both were exhausted physically and mentally. The days events had altered the future together for the better. No matter what the future brought their way, they would always try to face it together.

Vincent refueled and stoked the dying embers of the fire until it was again a roaring flame. He then returned to bed next to his slumbering Re-l. He quietly lifted her head to the crook of his arm, cradling his lovely princess in a soft embrace. She opened her eyes momentarily and with a look of supreme innocence she asked him,

"Am I your good girl again Master?"

Vincent could not help himself. He broke into a smile and chuckled loudly. She never ceased to amaze him. He looked into her soft brown eyes, those doe-like eyes now accented in a soft sensual light from the fire. His emerald eyes captured and drank in her nubile form. He lowered his mouth to hers for one last kiss of the evening.

"Yes Re-l. You are my good girl. And you will remain so now and forever." He answered in a quiet voice as the gentleness of sleep tugged at their consciousnesses.

They fell asleep wrapped in each others arms. The warmth of the fire was matched only by the warmth and love they felt in their hearts. They slept soundly, slumbering in each other's embrace. In this desolate and unforgiving world, there could always be found a small measure of warmth and love. And their love was a beacon, a standard to every living creature left on this planet. Their's was a love that was timeless, unending; a love that would continue to transcend space and time for all eternity.

Outside the warmth of the fire, the shadowy figure crept silently towards the entrance as the two entwined lovers continued to slumber.


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