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Estate Debt Slaves


The two new slave girls took turns mounting the Estate master's cock as he lay on a blanket in his newly constructed pleasure garden. The rules for each young woman were simple... squat over her master's rigid staff and lower herself ever-slowly onto his waiting erection while the other girl held it up for her until the slave's pussy lips encompassed no more than the first two inches of his cock. This was his way to test her tightening muscles before her training outside the garden would began in earnest. Her new master wanted to get a sense of any improvements that would occur during her training sessions with the six other new slave girls when she was returned to him next month from her training at the Estate.

Once impaled on his cock, she was instructed to cup her breasts and present them to him, squeezing gently so he could more closely inspect their attractiveness, especially at the nipples.Back straight as possible, squatting over his cock but not sinking lower than the two allotted inches, she struggled to concentrate and stay as natural as possible for the appraisal of his eyes and fingertips. After he got a sense of her slave heat and its possibilities, he gently struck her breasts with the quirt that he held in his hand during the test.

Slowly and silently, as previously instructed, the small yet stunning brunette slipped the cock out of her pussy and let it drop softly upon her master's belly, resting there, pulsing and wet with her juices. Moving to his side on her hands and knees, her novice slave collar bells jingled a bit in the breeze.

As the master held her long jet black locks away from her face, she first kissed then licked the full length of his resting cock until her juices and any of her master's pre-come were removed. Then, she looked up nervously at Leila, the long legged mulatto supplicant on her knees next to her and the process began again, three to five minutes per slave. Whichever girl received the master's load first would not be whipped that evening prior to going to sleep. The non-juiced woman would have to clean off both the victor and her master, using her lips and tongue to rim out her slave sister's anointed pussy. If her performance was below his standards, perhaps she would be tit-clamped and whipped while servicing the other's pussy upon her hands and knees, her swaying breasts a lovely target as she gently licked. Later, a trainer would lead them by their leashes out of the garden of the Estate so master could attend to other matters.

Once inside their luxurious quarters, each would be allowed to bath and rest, free from any other duties than to prepare for their next encounter with the master or any one appointed by him for each slave to serve. Cameras set discretely in various places in the rooms assured that the two would self - insert their anal dildo and ba wa balls before sleeping.

The rooms were always kept at room temperature or higher , always comfortable enough for each to sleep without sheets, giving the overseers the opportunity to observe if either expelled the ass plug or pussy eggs during the night, even by unconscious activity. A trainer's or the Estate master's tit quirt awaited either or both if the master, upon reviewing the night's tape at breakfast thought that there was an infraction. Of course, he or his staff could enter the rooms at any time for any whim or lust they may have on a 24/7 basis. Slavery trumps privacy or choice.

These new slaves were volunteer debt slaves who signed contracts freely to serve in lieu of filing bankruptcy because of too much accrued credit debt. Most females were between 25 and 40 years old, highly educated and worldly but suffering from a penchant for spending themselves into the situations they were now in. Any of them had the right to leave the master and the Estate's training program without penalty, except their huge debts would not be paid to their creditors by an Estate's sale of their contract at auction after their training was completed.

Most situations were a product of their own rampant spending habits and need to be sexually and socially noticed; unfortunately, many did not have the job or the inheritance to constantly purchase the high-end fashions, cosmetics and vacation villas needed to keep up the appearance that they were independently well off and looking for male company of equal or higher status. So, after they fell into deep debt, they heard about the Estate through another well-heeled girlfriend and decided that the contract would be a dynamic experience as well as a way to buy out their financial debt. Most enjoyed sexual adventures any way and decided to give it a shot. Usually, three months to a year is the standard contract. No credit is given to those who depart of their own will before the contract is fulfilled. The allotted time does not include the two week training at the Estate's training compound.

Chapter two

The black Escalade drove to each designated address picking up the debt slave enlistees. Each woman was given an explicit set of instructions and rules to abide by before they were picked up and brought to the training area at the Estate.

First, they were to prepare themselves by following personal hygiene to the letter...a douche and a double enema were mandatory. Once at the compound , each entry would be personally inspected by the Estate master for complete and pleasant personal cleanliness. Any woman not spotless will be asked to submit to a high enema before going on to meet the Estate master. A refusal was an automatic dismissal. Secondly, their hair and nails and bushes were to be presented for inspection in the same fashion as they were per their digital video resumes in the hope to be chosen as a contracted slave girl. Any changes would have to be approved by the Estate or a girl would receive extra punishments for her breaking the rule. Pubic hair style was up to the master and an applicant may have to cut, trim, shape or grow her bush as directed. All orders for any physical changes would be noted by the Estate via the girl's email in her room. Failure to respond or comply with the full spirit of the request would result in punishment, either by the public whipping in nightly open court at the Estate or for the private pleasure of the master and or his designated members.

Finally, the rule of silence was inviolate. The Estate considered slaves as if they were religious novitiates. Each girl is to be in her own private subspace world all the time unless asked to respond by the trainers or the master. And though they are to bed two in a bed in the compound, even whispering is considered an effrontery to her contractual agreement. During their training period, any oral communication, once observed by the cams in the rooms may result in both females being punished together, either by whip or the issuing and wearing of demotion tags on their slave collars. Five of these called for a review of the new slave's status in the pride and may lead to a dismissal or a harsh sentence of physical labor either at the Estates stables or laundry.

All these young women were aware of all the demands and restrictions about to be placed upon them once they stepped into the vehicle and were brought to their destination.

The Estate itself is nestled in a heavily- wooded area in an upscale part of the countryside about two hours drive from the last metro stop in the city. It was once a rather well-founded retreat and small convent , now sold off due to rising property taxes and the newer horse ranches of the rich that now dot the hillsides. A heavily-gated fence promised privacy and the distance from the next piece of property assured that all activities within the gates of the Estate were secure. All maintenance and the supplying of the old convent and rectory was performed either by the trainees themselves as chores...mowing, flower gathering and arrangement in the verdant pleasure gardens, ...or by the four male Estate employees who doubled as trainers or sex surrogates to advance the sexual techniques of the new, untested debt slave girls.

Occasionally, confidants who were friends of the organization would stay the weekend, both men as well as women. They also evaluated the progress of the young women as they hopefully advanced in their training. Sometimes, usually near the end of a female's training, a slave buyer or his or her rep may come to the place to inspect and photograph the perspective sale as she is put through her slave paces and showing off her measure of slave sex heat. A known buyer may stay a day or two and try the novice for him or herself to see if she is ripe and moist enough for the auction block. Any noticed or perceived displeasure on the part of the novitiate could lead to her immediate contract cancellation or a time of harsh re-programming in the Estate's well-equipped cellars, at the mercy of all, including the other sometimes-envious slave girls willing to take out their own insecurities upon another naked piece of chattel.

Sometimes the estate members pick up on these vindictive relationships and use them to further their own lusts. Slave Marika from Sao Paolo is a classic example. Her catty haughtiness became evident from the very start of the training when the eight new girls were in the old chapel space kneeling naked and with their new novitiate collars attached to each alluing neck, their hair worn up to exposed the beauty of their youthful necks.

When the master came into the room fully-dressed, all the kneeling girls were told to lift their busts up by cupping each breast from under and gently offering them to the master for inspection. When he asked for a volunteer slave to come forward and unzip his trousers, Marika quickly rose and knelt before the master, first kissing his erection through his zipper and then agilely removing his pants, shoes and socks using only one hand and her teeth. The kneeling girls were furious at her immediate and unabashed act to please without hesitation in order to gain the master's attention When each sub girl in the line leaned forward to kiss the crown of their new master's erection, they could still taste the lipstick left behind on its tip after she almost swallowed the entire cock without real permission. The master sensed the other girls' anger and made a note of it mentally. A few days later, because of a small infraction, Marika was hanging naked and upside down in the cellar with a dildo in her rectum and nipple clips tightly secured to her plump breasts.

As a reward for several of the girls' good behavior, he gave each one who wished it fifteen minutes to taunt and punish the well-tanned Brazilian. The whippings were on par with any of the trainers' ministrations. In the morning, Marika was as humble and meek as a new nun, kneeling in the corner of the silent sunlit pleasure room with a small dildo in her mouth and whip marks across her ample tits and ass.

The first few days of training always began with yoga exercises, followed by slave command positions, not unlike yoga itself. A universal litany of fully illustrated and numbered commands now exists in several languages, including Arabic and Hindi. A new slave must learn the sexual imperatives of the culture she is auctioned into when sold. A newly sold slave girl never knew where her slavery may lead her. Some of the Estates' most beautifully dark-skinned debt slave novices have landed in private manor houses in Scandinavia while some fair skinned blondes and red heads find themselves in old harem buildings in Syria or Turkey. Variations in sexual appetite and fetishes are endless.

Some girls have total submission contracts to married couples, other women or even a shared contract with men who time-share her for their pleasure, either individually or by large groups where she may specialize in cum-drenching parties or orgies with the men's wives and girlfriends.

Many times their contract consigns her to a house where a wealthy banker or businessman who may just want an on- demand submissive to discipline at whim and fuck without entanglements. The rest of the time is hers to do as she pleases, as long as her cell phone is on vibrator in her tong and her master knows where she is in case an opportunity arises for her usage, whether personally by him or his designated stand in.

Other females aren't as fortunate. They become 24/7 submissives, maybe in the isolation of a remote area, enslaved by a man with a lot time to devote to her discomfort and his obsessive fetishes. Sometimes the slave, in disgust, wants her contract cancelled, knowing full well that all her debt will go unpaid by the bank that sponsored her slavery under the condition that she complete the time stated. It was just good fortune that determined the scope and condition of the woman's time as a debt slave.

The new trainee's pussy is never touched or utilized during the first five days at the training compound. The idea is to build up what the buyers called 'slave heat', a quality that is vital to her performance level when she is in use. Although a small dildo is inserted at bedtime, the novitiate cannot touch or stimulate herself frontally.If caught by a valet or a cam, she must answer in the morning to the sound a leather pussy whip spanking her outspread thighs and pussy lips as the other submissive slaves eat their breakfast in the dayroom.

It is the slave's ass that is first on the training agenda at the Estate. Some of the new entrees have never considered their assholes and rectums as pleasure centers, either for themselves or their lovers. It was time to be informed so that their readiness was always apparent to her new master's cock or her mistress' dildo harness.

The eight nude slaves were led in by order of their heights, the petite yet full-busted Japanese-American Yoshiko leading the chained women onto the massive Persian rug in the center of the pleasure room, once the old convent's conference hall. It was almost midnight and the girls had been preparing all evening for their first public anal penetration, first by lubed rubberized dildo and then by their trainers oiled cocks, Perhaps even the master of the Estate would participate. Enemas were mandatory, and after a cleansing or two , the novitiates were given small tubes of silky lube to insert into their asses. Each woman was then told to get upon her belly, lift her pelvis and place her middle finger into her ass, up to the knuckle.

The trainer in charge, his cock also free and glistening from tongue saliva placed upon his cock by a service slave, walked up and down the line of prone female slaves, checking in see if their finger was indeed in the given position. Now and then the sound of his whip was heard upon some poor slaves ass or back. One of the younger slaves refused the command to penetrate her own asshole and was quickly pulled out the coffle of upended asses, placed on her knees and soundly face-fucked by the trainer in charge while another flogged her ass from behind. Moments later, she was again in line, this time with two of her red nail-polished fingers inside her asshole to the knuckles.

As soon as the master entered wearing a black leather cock ring around his turgid erection and nothing else, all the females took their prescribed kneeling position, tits cupped and plumped , eyes down to the carpet . He smiled as they each in turn planted one slow soft kiss on his shaft's crown as the service slave on duty pointed his cock to the lips of each kneeling novice. After kissing the head, each girl sank into a complete submission position with her arms in out front of her on the rug and her well-lubed ass high in the air. He went around to view his harem from behind, relishing the differences in texture of each girl's skin color and amount of pubic hair each displayed from the rear.

Soon those slots will be the main focus of his attention; but, tonight it was assholes, both theirs and his , that took center stage. A handsome well-endowed black trainer went down the line of prostate females and inserted a rather small butt plug into each girl's ass, some sliding in more easily than others. No ceremony was involved. Some winced and some let out a moan or groan, demonstrating future slave heat. These females were noticed and a trainer at the desk's computer listed her response for future masters who might be in the market for an exclusively anal slave. If the same girl showed promising oral skills, her auction price might double among such men who enjoy every orifice except the pussy, using a chastity belt in front on his girl to protect his valuable investment from straying in his absence.

With all the women in display position, the master chose a larger-assed fair skinned supplicant in order to test her openness to his thick, throbbing cock. He dispensed with the plug rather quickly as the service slave it took from him and then gently placed his cock head inside the ass virgin's rectal rim. He penetrated quickly, all the way to his balls, the cock ring rubbing up against the beautifully prone woman's inner lips. She immediately let out a low groan , perhaps in half in pain and half in pleasure. He pumped very hard at first, in and out to the tip. Then, suddenly he pulled out totally, his cock stem swinging up to the opened mouth of the kneeling and awaiting service slave, her tongue fluttering all over his cock, down to his swollen balls, cleaning him off with the concern and tenderness of a new mother cat.

The master, however, was not willing to relinquish his load to a mere service slave, as beautiful and trained as she was in sucking every drop from her master's member. That was not to occur this time. The master had other plans for his new harem of debt slaves. He just sat back on his long couch and watched how each girl responded to his trainers' cocks as they all penetrated the line of upturned asses one by one until their come was displayed on the back of each girl, some younger generation females with lower back tattoos were highlighted by the thick wads of cum trickling back into the opened asshole of each supplicant.

After the action subsided, the girls again took to the upright and kneeling position this time with their lovely hands behind their lower backs. The master stood and came over the first female in the line, a young Arabic looking submissive of about thirty, with long flowing black hair and an only-slightly coifed mane of pussy hair, enough perhaps for a small fist fill of down. He turned away from her, half-squatted and then he pushed his long stiff cock around between his opened thighs so that it was parallel and aligned with his ass crack. His slaved balls were also in play. Upon command from the service slave, the beauty's tongue and lips began the lick her master backside, traveling from cock tip to dangling balls, ass and asshole and crack and back again. She was a natural and no whip was used.

The Brazilian slave , Marika , however, had trouble giving herself over to service her master from crack to cock. It was noted. The master, however , had no time for discipline. He was on the verge. He summoned the Cuban long haired mulatto girl , Mira , to one side of his flank and the redhead Cori to the other. Each took a his rock-head shaft and ran her lips up and down it for all they were worth as perspective debt slaves. Meanwhile, the service slave for the evening, Gupta, picked up a trainer 's quirt and began to indiscriminately flog the fronts of all the lined up slaves whose hands were now cuffed to the sides of their slave collars a so that their tits and bellies were in full access for her swinging whip. Proudly, each female took the moderate tit and belly whipping without breaking ranks. The master, already shooting his huge load in between the lips of Mitra and Cori, looked and sensed that this crop of voluntary debt slaves might just be his best ever.

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