tagLetters & TranscriptsEveryday I Write The Book Ch. 03

Everyday I Write The Book Ch. 03


Friday, 9:16 a.m.

Hi, Diary! Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday but I worked so hard all day yesterday and I was so tired that I came back to the hotel and went right to bed. I was so tired that I didn't even shower until this morning and I never do that!

Well, let me fill you in. After the meeting with Susan, we went straight to a conference room and we spent most of the rest of the day going over legalities, reading over paperwork and just shooting the breeze about the tour. She explained that this first tour was just to get my feet wet and to allow me to get comfortable with handling fans. I laughed because I never thought that I would need to get 'comfortable' with fans but Susan just shook her head.

"You've never met a fanatic fan yet, Lyndie. Those people are ... I don't even have a word to describe them."

"They're crazy!" Bethany supplied and Susan shot her a mean look.

"Not crazy, Beth. That's not something we ever want to call our customers." Susan turned back to me with a smile. "But Beth is essentially correct. They are crazy. And do you know that men are a significant part of the romantic novel fan base?"

"No, I didn't."

"Well, they are. Gay ones, straight ones, you name it, they love it and they are sometimes the most fervent of them all."

"I'll keep that in mind."

So after tons of advice and a couple of cocktails, Bethany and I headed over to the Barnes and Noble store on Fifth Avenue for my very first fan meeting. Needless to say, I was astounded to see that a line had formed around the building and that a huge banner with my name on it was hung out front. Lyndie Masterson, author of April's Promise. I thought I was going to have a heart attack on the spot!

Bethany escorted me in past the screaming fans and introduced me to the Director of Fiction Acquisitions, Harmony Merle, so that I could endure what she called 'obligatory ass-kissing' and allowed her to escort me to the table that they'd prepared for me. And it was on. For the next three hours, I signed purchased copies of my novel and smiled so much that at the end, my smile became a winsome twitch. And they kept coming. Grandmothers, aspiring novelists, married men ... I never would have thought that my book would appeal to such a wide swath of humankind.

One gentleman approached the table and Bethany immediately extended her hand. "Hi, Paul! I didn't know you were a fan."

"How could I not be? This is a nicely-written book." He turned to me, blue-green eyes twinkling and took my hand softly. "I'm Paul Thorson, Miss Masterson."

"Nice to meet you, Paul." I took the book and opened the cover. "To whom would you like this dedicated?"

"To me, of course." His smile sent my cheeks flaming.

I signed the book and he gave my hand a kiss. "Nice to have met you, Paul."

"The pleasure's mine, Miss Masterson."

"My name is Lyndie."

Paul smiled and Bethany suddenly piped up. "Hey, Paul! Are you busy in about forty-five minutes?"


"Great! Then why don't you come to the cocktail party?"

Bethany left me to the next fan as she pulled Paul aside to discuss the party and I tried to keep focusing on the customers but he was just too gorgeous. When the last fan left, I turned and was dismayed to find that Bethany and Paul were gone. Great! What the hell do I do now? Harmony answered that question for me by escorting me back to her office and sharing a magnum of champagne with me. I appreciated the gesture more than she knew; my hand was killing me, my facial muscles were sore and wanted to strangle Bethany for ditching me.

I felt much better after the champagne, Diary, and I felt even better when Harmony walked me out to the limo and Paul was inside, waiting for me. Maybe it was the champagne or his smile, but I knew something was in store for me.

"Well, hello, Lyndie."

As soon as I got in, he rolled the partition up between the driver and us and poured me another glass of champagne. I smiled and took the glass, knowing that I didn't need any more but not caring because fuck it, Diary! This is my night! And Paul Thorson was certainly tasty. I don't know what came over me but I threw myself on him. He was a halfway decent kisser and knew how to suck a nipple but he excelled in something I'd missed out on as a teenager. She pushed me down on my back and lay on top of me, grinding his obviously large (and hard) package against my crotch.

Once again, I had died and gone to heaven. Paul's mouth covered mine and our tongues gently danced as he flexed his hips. It didn't take long before I came and moments later, he was moaning as his body jerked in release. He gave me a kiss, then sat up, unzipping his pants and showing me that he was wearing a condom. He pulled it off, fixed his pants back up and disposed of the rubber.

"Did you cum, Lyndie?"

"You should feel my panties." I whispered. We kissed again and he turned away to open another bottle of champagne as we pulled up outside the hotel. When he offered me a freshly refilled glass, I pressed a wet wad of cotton and lace into his hand, smiling when the driver opened the door. "Thanks for the ride, Paul. See you inside."

Bethany later told me that she saw him inside the party, sniffing something in his hand and she thought that it was a handkerchief. She nearly busted a gut when she found out what it really was.

I'm heading out to New Jersey today. I just can't believe what's happened to me since this tour started. Am I sending out pheromones or something? In the last three days, I've gotten head from my sister, fingered by a model and now dry-ridden by a TV executive. Hell, if I'd have known that it took a book to jump start my sex life, I would have written one a long time ago.

Oh, that's Bethany knocking! See you later!

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