tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEveryone Has An Achilles Heel Ch. 02

Everyone Has An Achilles Heel Ch. 02


Ted came home and I pretended that all was right with the world. He had no idea what I had gone through or was going through. But he did learn that the law firm changed their policies to prohibit him from any access to bank accounts. Who knows what went through his head or if he gave it a second thought.

He told me that on Friday night he was going to a bachelor party for a co-worker but would be home early. The rest of the week was uneventful except for Maria stopping by during the day, a few times, with some friends to abuse my mouth and pussy.

On Friday night, I met Maria and she dressed me like a common slut but did give me permission to wear a mask. I was relieved but scared as hell thinking about the night ahead. I arrived at the Hotel Suite and was introduced to Carl and Beth (also in masks) who would be joining me for the night's entertainment. Carl was a big black man, probably 6'5" and built like a linebacker. Beth was a 5'1" white girl but had a kick ass body.

All the men were drinking, eating and were paying no attention to us yet. It was then I saw Ted speaking with John and some others. I knew he would not recognize me in the mask but was a bundle of nerves thinking about John taking it off for the ultimate humiliation. Many of these men had been to my home and I was friendly with their wives. My hope was that I would only have to perform with Carl and Beth. I had sunk so low that fucking and sucking another man and licking a woman's cunt was the lesser of two evils.

Around 9 PM the show started by Beth and I wrestling to see who could strip whom. The loser would then have to suffer at the hands of the winner and Carl. All the men gathered around us as the match began. I figured I would win because I was a bigger woman, however, she was fast and real strong. She took me down easily and while on my stomach she held me arms behind my back. The men were cheering as she removed my pantyhose and then tied my arms behind my back. She then proceeded to remove my panties and while sitting on my legs began to spank me. She then stood me up and tore the rest of my clothing off until I stood in the middle of the room of screaming men naked and helpless. I saw Ted screaming and yelling too.

Beth then asked everyone if she should make me suck Carl, have me fucked by Carl or eat her pussy. The pussy won the vote and Beth pushed me down, removed her skirt and panties and then sat on my face. As I was, licking and sucking on her clit I heard her say that if anyone wanted to touch my pussy it was ok with her. It was then I felt hands pushing my legs apart and fingers touching and entering my cunt and I had no idea who it was. Beth then got off of me and told everyone that it was time for Carl to stick his cock in my mouth. Again they cheered like it was a HS football game.

Carl approached me and when he got close he dropped his pants. Everyone in the room gasped and then the room went silent. He was enormous. I had no idea how I would get it in my mouth but I knew it was not a choice. I opened as wide as I could and it barely fit in my outstretched mouth. The men started going crazy again and I kept sucking and licking until I felt his cock begin pulsating and a stream of cum filled my mouth. It was so much that it dripped out of my lips and onto the floor. When he finished and pulled out Beth grabbed my hair and forced me to the ground. She yelled to everyone if I should be made to clean the floor with my slut mouth. The men went crazy like a feeding frenzy and it was then my head was pushed to the ground and I began licking Carl's cum from the floor. When I finished, Beth untied me and told everyone that my mouth and pussy were there for their pleasure and that I would be in the next room after taking a quick shower.

When Beth and I were alone she quickly apologized for being so mean but she was paid very well to humiliate me. I accepted her apology and quickly went to the shower to clean off. One again, Maria and John joined me and told me that I had done well, but that the night was not over. I put on the mask and readied myself for what was next.

One by one the men came to me so I could blow them. I could not believe that these men, friends of mine / ours were coming to me to have their cocks sucked. Then the biggest shock of all. Ted entered the room. He quickly removed his pants and told me to suck his cock. I almost laughed as he could not call what he had a cock. I always thought it was but his lying / stealing made me a little more experienced in sizes. I sucked him to completion for the first time ever that night and he came in my mouth. When he finished he simply pulled up his pants and left the room, leaving me to fill up and cry. Who was this man? Why was I doing this for him? He is a thief and a cheater and I had had enough.

I walked naked into the next room and said that the last man to see me won the prize. Everyone got silent so I could continue. I went on to say that without question he had the smallest cock in the room and should name it peewee. The room erupted in laughter and Ted turned beat red. He gathered himself and called me a cock sucking whore and slut.

It was then I told everyone that he had embezzled from the firm and from client accounts and turned me into this. I removed my mask to the gasps of the many friends there whose cocks were in my mouth that night. I simply looked at Ted and told him he was no longer worth my time and that I had no desire to save him. I turned to John and told him I was out of this and to do what ever he wanted to do to Ted. He was no longer my Achilles heel.

As I left the room I turned one last time to Ted and told him that his brother and father had really nice cocks and that I enjoyed sucking them and that they could cum by anytime.

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