tagIncest/TabooEveryone Loves My Ass Ch. 04

Everyone Loves My Ass Ch. 04


Thanks go out to EldridgeinOO for his excellently critical eyes and the help they provide in spotting errors I always seem to miss when I edit my own stories.

This was especially kind of him to do so with this chapter, since he took time out from his vacation abroad to help with his one.

Then again, come to think of it, maybe he should really be thanking me?

See, our boy Eldridge is now so hard up for spank material that he was no doubt grateful for the chance to read and help edit this story. While vacationing with his family it's difficult for him to sneak away for some quality 'alone time' with his beloved fuck stories, so spot-checking this story provided him with at least a little break from his in-laws endlessly prattling on about 'footie.'

~Mrs. Eldridge catches Eldridge hiding in the guest bathroom, noodling away on his laptop .~

"Eldridge! You promised me there'd be none of your dirty stories while we were on vacation!"

"Honey, it's not what you think!"

"Oh really? I guess it's just my imagination then that you've got a computer on your knees and your cock in your fist."

"No, you've got it all wrong! I swear, I'm just editing some moron's short story for Reader's Digest! I was only jacking off 'cause of how hot your sister, err, I mean how hot you looked in your bikini down by the pool!"

Anyway, regardless of his motivations, after also re-submitting more cleanly edited versions of chapters one and two this entire series is now a much more cleanly edited affair. He's helped troubleshoot each chapter, and I would again like to thank him for his help.

Check out his "Conflicted" series. It doesn't suck, not even a little.

All characters in this story are at least 18.

~ ~ ~

I had Paul's hard cock poised at the entrance to my pussy. His large, spongy tip was spreading my lips, then it was plunging into my dripping wet sex. Leaning forward, I gasped at the feeling of his immense shaft splitting me open. Biting my arm while moaning for more, I pushed my ass against him, taking every last inch of his huge dick deep inside my tight, virgin pussy.

We were doing it. I was letting him fuck me. Making it even better, I was going to be watching Michelle, Trish and Lisa have wild sex while experiencing my first time with a boy. I was surrendering my virginity…to my baby brother. And he was giving me his.

It was perfect.

So there we were, starting to fuck. He had just driven his hungry cock all the way inside me, and my silky pussy was kissing his long, thick shaft, welcoming it in a warm embrace...

...when suddenly we heard laughter from the girls, right outside the door.

In sheer panic, we froze. We were about to be caught bare-assed naked, fucking. There was no time to get dressed. The girls were in the hallway, heading straight towards Paul's open bedroom door.

We were toast.

Just as we were pulling away from each other, certain that we were at least going to be caught naked together, with Paul sporting a huge, shining wet erection, we heard Trent Reznor sneer, "I want to fuck you like an animal…. I want to feel you from the innnnside.…"

Laughing, the girls stopped in the hallway, only a few feet from the door.

Thank god for cell phones.

Trish's favorite band is Nine Inch Nails, and Lisa and Michelle can't help but laugh every time her phone goes off with that ringtone, especially if we're somewhere quiet like a restaurant or the school library. Whenever that happens we always become totally embarrassed, while Trish just smirks.

She's simply incapable of feeling anything that even remotely resembles embarrassment, and we all love her for it.

When her crazy song went off just outside the door, Lisa laughed, "Jesus, Trish! I thought you said you were gonna change that damn thing!"

"I will, I will. I just haven't found anything I like better yet."

"You mean you haven't found anything more perfectly appropriate yet, you little slut. So who is it this time? Are we guessing a boy or a girl?" grinned Michelle.

"Why would those be the only two choices? This is Trish we're talking about here," added Lisa, and they all laughed.

"Oh, shut up. You're just jealous. Okay, let's see…" giggled Trish, pausing to check her phone. "Oooo, it's Carrie," she smiled.

Lisa and Michelle laughed again, and so did I, even as I was scrambling to throw on my baby doll top and panties. We all knew exactly why Trish smiled when she said, "Oooo, it's Carrie." That girl would only ever text Trish for one reason: "I'm horny, and my parents just left for the day, so get over here and fuck my brains out!"

Rushing to jump into his shorts while the girls were still teasing each other in the hallway, Paul dove onto his stomach atop his bed. Once I had my panties on, I dropped to the floor and leaned back against the wall, trying to look as casual as possible.

Uh-oh. Right in front of me, at the foot of the bed, lay Paul's cum-splattered boxers. I quickly tossed them into his open closet, where they landed on his golf clubs.

Folding my arms around my raised knees, I was just settling back against the wall again when the bedroom door swung open. Laughing together, the girls came stumbling into the room.

Chancing a quick glance between my legs to see how well I'd covered myself, I noticed that in my haste to throw everything on I'd left my panties slightly askew. They were sitting crookedly on my hips, leaving fully half of my wet pussy exposed. I was about to reach down and adjust them, but everyone was looking at me. I didn't want to draw their attention to my pussy, and that's exactly what would've happened had I started tugging on my panties.

"Well aren't you Mister Anti-Social? Jeez, were you ever going to come down and say hi to us?" Michelle asked Paul, as her means of greeting. Then she looked over at me. "And were you just going to ditch us and never come back? Sheesh!"

She smiled sweetly, letting me know she was only teasing.

Trish and Lisa flopped down onto the bed on either side of Paul, and Trish giggled as she gave him a huge whack on the ass. "Hi, handsome! Nice butt!"

"Hey, Trish," he said, looking up sheepishly as he rubbed his ass. "That hurt, you know."

"Oh, waaah!" she smiled.

He returned her smile. "Yeah, yeah. Anyway, why did everyone laugh just because Carrie called you?"

We all laughed again.

"What? Tell me!"

Michelle said, "Paul, I'm going to ask you something, and you have to answer honestly. I'll know if you're lying."

"Ummm…okay, what?"

"Were you watching us out your window?" she grinned, sliding down beside me against the wall.

Paul looked at her, then me, and I gave him the tiniest nod possible. Turning back to her, he nodded guiltily.

"So you saw us girls playing, right?"

Nodding again, he looked over at Lisa. Hiding her smile behind her long hair, she blushed and turned away. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"What you saw us doing out there, that's why Carrie calls Trish," said Michelle. "She wants to play. That's the only reason she ever calls Trish."

"Couldn't it be for something else? You know, maybe like cheerleading stuff, or school?"

"Sweetie," I grinned, "Michelle's the captain. If it has anything to do with cheerleading, she calls Michelle. If it's about schoolwork, she calls me."

Michelle laughed, "And if it has to do with sex, she definitely calls Trish! That's why we laughed, Paul. If it has anything to do with sex, we all call Trish."

"Not necessarily, Michelle. Our perfect little heartbreaker here usually calls you," said Trish, flashing me a knowing smile.

"That's because she knows I love her," grinned Michelle, happily hugging my thigh.

I subtly glanced up at Paul, who looked towards Lisa. When she saw him turn to her, she quickly turned to me.

The tension in the room was thick; only Trish and Michelle seemed unaffected by it. Trish seemed like she didn't even notice it, while Michelle seemed to be intentionally working it.

"Nice golf clubs," Trish said, laughing as she hopped up to grab Paul's underwear. Grinning, she showed us his boxers. After running her fingertips across the cum-smeared front, she rubbed them together, feeling his semen. "Yep, you were definitely watching us. I guess you really enjoyed the view, huh?"

Paul looked like he wanted to burrow right through the bed, all the way to China.

Trish threw the boxers at a shrieking Lisa, who tried to avoid touching them, only to have a giggling Trish pounce back on the bed and attack her with them.

While they were busy fighting over Paul's cummy underwear, Michelle whispered to me, "Baby, you know we can all see your beautiful pussy, right? Your panties aren't even covering anything. Your brother has been staring at it this whole time."

I looked at her with what I'm sure were wild eyes. She nodded, gesturing with her glance to my pussy.

Glancing down at my panties again, I could see both lips, including the slightly darker skin on either side. My entire pussy was out in the open. Somehow my panties had scrunched over into the crook of my thigh, completely exposing me.

Also, god, I was so wet that my lips and clit were literally glistening. With my knees raised to my chest, I was offering up quite the explicit display of my excited pussy.

Taking advantage of the fact that Lisa and Trish were still engaged in a furious wrestling match over Paul's boxers, Michelle said, "Lift…." When I lifted my hips, she quickly reached down with both hands to straighten my panties. After caressing my pussy with a few seconds of gentle, teasing strokes, she pulled the tiny mesh covering over my lips and primly gave them a couple of friendly finishing pats.

I responded with a "Thank you!" smile.

She shot me a sexy little grin and whispered, "Not that it matters much, since we can totally see your pussy through these panties anyway. Still, whatever you two were doing up here that made you take them off, you might want to be a little more careful next time with how you put them back on...especially when your pussy is this wet and horny."

She playfully nipped at my ear, and I couldn't prevent myself from blushing. Affectionately squeezing my thigh, she gave me a sinister smile.

Wanting to hide my face from her, I looked towards the bed. The girls were still wrestling and laughing, with Trish trying to shove the boxers in Lisa's mouth.

Having managed to slip out from beneath them, Paul stood shaking his head beside the bed.

"God, girl, your little brother has an awesome cock," grinned Michelle, leaning into me.

"Yes, he does," I said, nodding. We both just stared at the enormous tent Paul was making in his loose shorts. Apparently the addition of three more scantily dressed cheerleaders hadn't helped him to calm down any, especially with two of them wrestling over his underwear right on top of him.

Suddenly Trish blurted out, "Jeez, Dawn, does everyone in your family have to be built like porn stars?" Giggling, she tossed Paul's boxers at his jutting flagpole. He was sticking out so far that the flying underwear actually caught the middle of his massive shaft and just hung there, like a wash cloth on a towel rack.

"Sorry," he muttered. Reaching into his closet, he quickly threw on an oversized t-shirt. It was long enough to cover his bulge, and while he had his back to us I could see his hands working. He was obviously tucking his cock into the waistband of his shorts, hoping to hide everything with the t-shirt.

"Awwww, don't put it away! We want to see it!" whined Michelle, tickling my tummy as she groaned her disappointment.

Trish grinned at Lisa. "You sure are being awfully quiet, all of a sudden. It's funny, too, since I bet he got so big and hard from looking out the window at you." Turning to Paul, she adopted a more serious tone. "Okay, now we need you to tell us the truth again. Is Carrie your type? Lisa seems to think that you have a crush on Carrie. Dawn says you don't. Who's right?"

Paul came over and sat down next to me, opposite Michelle. He looked at all of us before breaking into a slow smile. "Dawn is."

"See, Lisa!" crowed Trish.

Flashing a beautiful smile, a beaming Lisa flipped back her long black hair. My god, she was so pretty. The way she did that, it was just devastating.

"Wait a second…" Michelle said with a wicked gleam in her eyes, looking first at Paul then at all of us. "Are you saying Dawn is right about Carrie not being your type, or did you actually mean Dawn is your type?"

"He meant Carrie is not his type. I already told you that," I said, jumping in.

With a smoldering fire still burning in her deep brown eyes, Michelle grinned at me. She just loved seeing me squirm.

Paul looked at all of us again. "I meant both. Carrie isn't my type. Dawn is. You are, too, Michelle. You too, Lisa…definitely." Turning to Trish, he smirked, "No offense, but you would be too, except I'm a little afraid of you."

We all cracked up, Trish included, then she gave him a huge grin. "Sweetie, there's no reason to be afraid of me. I don't bite."

"You do too!" I laughed, making a big show of rubbing my bottom.

"Hey, that's not the same thing! I can't be blamed for that! Okay, Paul, other than your sister's perfect ass, I don't bite much. Still, no offense taken. I know what you mean, and I think it's very sweet."

"It really is," said Lisa, finally saying something.

We all looked at her.

"What? I'm just saying, yes, the way he tries to compliment all of us without placing any of us above the others, it's very sweet."

"Okay, Paul, they're right, that is very sweet, and definitely well played," Michelle said. "Still, if you had to pick one of us as the girl who's most your type, who would it be?"

Wanting to cut Michelle off at the pass, I said, "Leave me out of this. He's my brother."

"Chicken," she grinned. "Fine. Okay, Paul, leaving your sister out of this, because we all know you'd pick her anyway, just like everyone else would, who would you choose?" Smirking, she playfully elbowed me in the ribs, making me laugh.

"Michelle, that isn't fair! Now you're just being mean!" Lisa said. Bolting from the bed, she ran out of the room and down the stairs.

I took off after her and caught up to her in the living room, where she stopped and turned to me. "Why does she do that? Why does she have to push so hard? Couldn't she see how embarrassed he was?" she shouted, nearly in tears.

"Baby, c'mon, it's just Michelle," I said, taking her by the hands. "That's the way she is. She's always trying to be a matchmaker, and she wants to get you two together. You know she means well."

"Dawn, it's really uncomfortable. Paul's got this huge erection in front of us, which he's obviously trying to hide. Of course we all have to tease him about it, making him even more self-conscious, after we already made a big deal about him cumming in his underwear. I'm surprised he didn't just run right out of there. If I were him, I would've died from embarrassment."

"I know, he was way embarrassed, but you and Trish had him trapped," I said, squeezing her hands. "You really care about my brother, don't you?"

She nodded shyly, her eyes welling up. "Yes, I do. I care about him a lot, and Michelle has to go and put him on the spot like that! What if he really likes her the most? How embarrassing would that be, to have to tell her under those circumstances?"

"Or what if he really likes you the most? Same thing."

"Exactly. What's he supposed to do? Is he going to say, 'Sorry, Michelle, and you too, Trish, but Lisa is my type. You're not.'"

"I think she knew that Trish wasn't going to be his first choice. I'm pretty sure she was trying to get him to admit that you are. She just wanted to see if she could get him to say something to you."

"That's not the way to do it. Maybe I'm not his type? I was right outside his window, totally naked. Why didn't he come down and talk to me, or at least perv over me, like any other guy would?"

"He's too shy. That's all it is. He couldn't go out there, not while we were naked and fooling around. He would have felt like he was intruding."

"But we all wanted him to come join us."

"He didn't know that. He thought he was catching us in a private moment, and c'mon, it freaked him out. Of course it did."

"He told you that? Is that what you guys were up there talking about that whole time?"

"Yep, pretty much."

"Is that why he came in his boxers? Was it from watching us? Did he tell you that, too?" she whispered excitedly.

"Yes, he admitted he was watching us. He said Trish and I were asleep, not doing anything. He said he only saw you and Michelle…you know.…"

I'd decided that a half-lie would be okay.

"Michelle and I fucking…" she said, finishing my thought. "God, now he must think I'm some huge lesbo. No wonder I'm not his type. He probably figures I'm nothing but a carpet muncher, right? I am such an idiot. Why did I let him see me like that?"

"He jacked off and came in his boxers, didn't he? He must not have been too put off by what he saw," I grinned.

"Did you catch him like that? You know, jerking off?" she giggled. "How did he get his underwear off in front of you, or was he already done by the time you got there?"

'Crap, this is getting messy,' I thought. I didn't want to have to keep lying. Still, what choice did I have? I had to keep telling half-truths, so I said, "He told me he'd been jerking off before I got there."

She exhaled. "So by the time you went upstairs to check on him, he'd already tossed his boxers away and put his shorts back on. Damn, he got lucky. What if you would have walked in on him like that? He would've died."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "He said he knew we'd caught him peeking, and when he saw me make a move to go into the house he quickly tried to hide what he was doing. By the time I made it up to his room, he was acting like he had just gotten home."

"So how did you pry it out of him? Seriously, what did you do to get him to admit that he'd been jerking off while spying on us?" she asked, with a big grin.

'Damn it,' I thought. Again, I had to dodge. "A sister has ways of making her brother talk," I smirked.

"Oh, c'mon! I don't have any brothers or sisters, and I wanna know!"

"Lisa, it was pretty obvious. I told him I'd heard the doors opening and closing again, along with feet running. This was all after I saw him peeking. I just told him I knew, and he admitted it."

"Was he embarrassed? I mean like insanely embarrassed, you know, that his sister caught him spying and jacking off?"

I laughed, "It's not like I actually caught him spanking his monkey! By the time I got there, he'd already put his shorts back on. Still, yeah, he was super embarrassed, but I told him it was okay, and not to worry about. In fact, I told him that you guys don't mind."

"You told him that we don't mind if he masturbates while spying on us? Wow!" she giggled, her hands going to her mouth in amazement.

"No, silly! I told him that you guys wouldn't mind him coming outside and seeing you all playing naked in the pool."

As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew I'd royally screwed up. Sure enough…

"So why didn't he come racing down to join us? You're right, we definitely wouldn't have minded."

Having backed myself into a corner, I had to lie my way out. "Ummm, he said he was too embarrassed. He told me he couldn't do it. He wanted me to stay there with him."

Lisa got a thoughtful look. "He would've seen you naked, too. He would have seen his sister fucking a girl."

"He did see me naked."

"But he didn't see you fucking anyone," she smirked.

"Nope, he didn't. At least that's what he told me."

"So, do you think he's lying? Do you think he saw you with Trish, or with all of us? God, can you imagine seeing your sister like that, especially when you're both virgins! He probably thinks you're a huge lesbo too, just like he probably thinks I am."

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