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Extra Credit

byAbraxas Winterlight©

Third period, my own private heaven and hell. Its not that the kids are rowdy, or that I hate my work, its. She sits there, an innocent angel. Even her name fits, Angelica. Eighteen years old, and already turning heads. Today she is wearing what must have been her idea of a schoolgirl’s uniform. White shirt that left a small band of skin showing at the bottom. Green plaid short skirt (mid-thigh) & boots. Damn this girl/woman is beautiful! Her hair shines in the light, a chestnut color, and her eyes are a beautiful shade of brown with gold in them. Her skin is pale, not baked by the sun but a natural color, and damnit; she has just enough buttons undone to show her cleavage, enhancing already perfect breasts. Must be a little chilly, I can see her nipples poking out today. Well, I better get back to work. Good thing I don’t have to stand up, she’s had her usual effect on me & in these pants I’d be very noticeable.

About twenty minutes pass before I notice something strange. I see Angel look up at me (my heads down, but I can still see her), then she quickly looks at a piece of paper in her hand & covers it back up. The little minx is cheating! I covertly watch her until I call time, then she puts the paper in her purse.

As the students file out, I make my move. “Angelica, could I see you for a moment?”

She hesitates then comes over as the last student leaves. “Yes Mr. Bowen? What is it?”

“Empty your purse please.” She hesitated, but then sighed and dumped her purse out, where I quickly found the cheat sheet she had made.

“Young lady, you do realize that this test was 50% of your grade, and that if I fail you, as I should, you will fail this class.” She started to speak then but I stopped her. “NO, don’t try & defend yourself, you cheated, and were caught. I can’t let you get away with this, but I also don’t want to ruin your chances for a good school after you leave here. I’ll tell you what, you come back here after school, and I will let you know how you can resolve your lapse of judgment.”

She made the appropriate responses, and left in a hurry. Now I had to think of some suitable punishment, and I had just the idea.

The next 4 hours crawled by, but finally the last bell rang, and shortly thereafter a very subdued Angelica came into my class.

“Sit down Angelica. Now, I am going to do something most teachers in here would not agree with, I am going to give you a second chance.” I placed a test down in front of her.

“You have 45 minutes to take this test. It’s 100 questions long, and neither easier nor harder than the one you cheated on.” She winced as I said that. Good, it meant that she new she messed up pretty good. I handed her the test, closed the door, & let her work.

In 40 minutes she was done, & I took her test and started grading. I could see her squirming as I graded, obviously nervous about her score. It was obvious she had not studied because she usually did much better than this. In a few minutes I was done, & sat up. Immediately she was riveted on me, awaiting her fate.

“You scored a 73 on this test, much better than a zero, but it is still enough to dramatically lower your average. Now, I did say you would be punished for cheating. Now is the time for that punishment. You can accept this punishment, and what happens here never leaves this room, and I’ll replace your zero with this grade, or you can walk out that door and take the zero. It will be your call. For every question you got wrong, I will spank you bottom once. You will be lying across my lap, and your skirt will be raised exposing your buttocks. This is your punishment, so now you have a choice, a spanking, or a zero.”

She paused and thought about it for a few seconds, then stood up and walked up to me. I could see her nipples again, but this time I don’t think she was cold.

“I will take my punishment Mr. Bowen, since I have been a bad girl and cheated.” She then lay down across my lap, & raised her skirt up, showing me her white cotton panties. I had seen her ass a hundred times before, encased in tight denim or some other material, but never this close or encased this tight. I could see the lips of her sex outlined in the tight panties, and it may have been my imagination but I swear I could see where they were getting moist.

She shifted on my lap a bit, & she had to feel the hard-on I was getting. Oh well, let her know what she had been doing to me for the whole damn year!

I raised my hand up, and brought it down with some force, but not as hard as I could. She jumped & cried out, then jumped again as I followed quickly with another slap just as hard. Five more strikes followed, and by the seventh she was squirming in my lap, and breathing heavy. My eighth slap was not gentle, but a resounding smack that made her howl & jump. I put my free hand on the small of her back & held her down, then finished her spanking, alternating on each cheek, and mixing the slaps up, where some were hard, & some soft. By 27 swats, she was moaning almost constantly, and I could now definitely tell she was wet. I kept my hand on her ass, lightly stroking it as she breathed heavily. Then I helped her stand up on shaky legs. She gingerly reached around to massage her rear, but stopped quickly when she touched it. What she didn’t know was I wasn’t finished with her.

“Now that you have paid for cheating, I am going to let you have a chance to get your grade back up, so your average doesn’t fall. AS with the first time, you can refuse, and the 73 will go down as your test score. But, if you choose to accept this, I will let you raise your grade to a 99. What you will have to do is the same thing you just did, only this time, no panties.”

She looked at me with a strange look in her eyes, then slowly bent over and removed her panties. I got a fleeting glimpse of her black bush as the pulled them off, them she stood and placed them on my desk. I could smell her arousal in the air as she walked over to me, and crawled across my lap again, brushing my hard-on with her breasts as she got into position. Then she raised her skirt up, exposing to me her sweet rear, reddened by the spanking it had just taken. I just stared in awe, and slowly, lightly ran my fingers over her perfect globes, causing her to gasp and whimper.

“Ready?” I asked, and she nodded in agreement, her buttocks tensed for the first slap.

When the first blow landed, the skin on skin sound echoed across the room and she moaned. I let my hand lay there a few seconds, lightly touching her skin, and then the next blow landed on her other cheek. Another gasp and moan followed the blow, and again I let my hand explore her beautiful flesh. The rest of the spanking was a blur to me. My hand came down on her ass, and with each blow she cried out in pain/pleasure. By 26 blows, she was moaning continuously, and I could definitely smell the scent of sex in the air.

“Since you did so well, I think you should be rewarded for being so brave.” My hand moved down the crack of her ass, lightly touching her until I had moved beyond her buttocks and was lightly stroking the lips of her sex. She started to moan again, and I slowly caressed her sex. I never penetrated her, but my fingers moved between her lips, causing her to gasp. Her legs moved apart a bit more and her hands now had a death grip on my leg, but I didn’t mind that. I had found what I was looking for, and started slowly rubbing her clit. She arched her back & moaned louder, but I pushed her down with my free hand, and then moved that hand to her buttocks, very lightly slapping them as my finger massaged her clit. It didn’t take long after that for her moans to turn into screams of pleasure as her orgasm washed over her like a lightning strike. I kept stimulating her clit until finally she was twitching, trying to craw away from my hand. I stopped and let her catch her breath, then gently covered her rear with her skirt, then helped her stand.

“That will be all I require of you in this matter Angelica.” She looked at me with pure passion in her eyes, barely able to stand. I knew now that I had to see her again, had to explore the mysteries of her body, but I also knew that the choice must be hers.

I reached into my pocket and brought out a business card, and wrote down my address and phone number on it. Then I handed it to the young woman in front of me.

“Tomorrow is your last day of school, and shortly thereafter I won’t be your teacher anymore, but if you still desire to learn certain things from me, then call me, and we can see what goes from there.”

She gave me another look, then picked up her things and waked out the door, leaving her panties on my desk.

Who knows, maybe this weekend I’ll be able to return them.

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