tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaerians: Meeting Fiona

Faerians: Meeting Fiona


(author's note: this story was written with the help of KinkyJohn [please check the other stories he and I have experimented with])


Fiona left Rich with a smile on her face. The shower made her feel like a new woman and she was still horny. She decided to go see whom else she could screw while daddy and mommy were gone. She headed towards the docking bay to she what she could find.

Tek'vrel held the hand of his lovely Captain as they walked from the docking platform into D9. He had read that this place was great for couples to visit. He looked down to Shandrena, whom he dwarfed over.

Shandrena fanned the air with her wings and smiled up at her mate and second-in-command. "Do you think we will find a third here or at least one willing to play?" she asked him.

"From what I hear about this place, we will find as many willing playmates we want," replied Tek'vrel. He saw Fiona looking around, "How about her, she looks like she's looking for someone?"

Shandrena eyed the very voluptuous young woman and smiled. She gently tested her mind and smiled broadly. "She has telepathic ability. She will be perfect," Shandrena told Tek'vrel. "Shall we see if she is interested?" she asked him.

"Sure, why not?" Tek'vrel grinned at his lovely captain and mate.

Fiona spotted the odd couple right away and smiled. They looked like they wanted to play. She started to go towards them when she felt a mind brush hers. She didn't fight it but it did intrigue her a great deal. She smiled and waited for the winged female and hirogen to approach her.

"Greetings, we are Lt. Cmdr. Tek'vrel and Captain Shandrena of the Dragonship Windwave. From the Faerian Alliance," Tek'vrel introduced himself and his mate. Then he continued, "We hear that here we can find people who would like to play with us. Are you interested?"

Fiona eyed them both eagerly. "Yes, I'm very interested," she purred and brushed her mind against the female's.

~Like what you see?~ Shandrena asked calmly.

Fiona's eyes opened in delighted surprise and she nodded yes. "Here. Meet me in my quarters in thirty minutes. I'll be waiting," she told them as she handed them a card with her address before hurrying away to get ready.

"See, that was easy enough," said Tek'vrel with a grin.

"Come let us go get something to eat. We are going to need energy to keep up with her," Shandrena said with a chuckle.

"Agreed," Tek'vrel chuckled. Then he added, "I just hope I can fit in her."

Shandrena chuckled. "Something tells me it won't be a problem. Come sexy man of mine. Let us go," she said as she kissed his fingers and tugged him in the direction of Muark's bar.

Tek'vrel followed her in. He wondered what was on the menu.

* * *

Fiona had made it back to her quarters and read the message from Survic. She wasn't very surprised or upset and that made her question if she'd really been happy with her "family." Oh well it was time to move on to greener pastures. She went to take a shower so that she would be ready for her guests.

Gollam was outside Fiona's quarters, hacking into her security lock to her door. He heard on the grapevine that Survic no longer acknowledged her into his family. He'd been waiting to take that cunt. He'd never try it to a girl under the Survic's protection. He feared the Captain's wrath. But now she was fair game.

Fiona emerged from the shower and began toweling off. She hummed to herself and wondered how big the hirogen was. They were rumored to be well endowed and that she was looking forward to. She began blow-drying her hair.

Gollam cracked into her code and the door hissed open. He quickly ran against the wall, just out of her bedroom, keeping out of sight range from the viewpoint of inside her room.

Fiona stood and stretched enjoying her nudity and went over to her closet to pick out something to wear.

Gollam quickly and quietly slipped in behind her, grabbed her and tossed her on the bed. He jumped on top of her, holding her down.

Fiona let out a shriek and tried to buck whatever was on her back but she couldn't quite get in a position to do so. "What the hell! Who are you?" she yelled as she struggled.

Gollam struggled to get his pants off as he held her down. Whipping out his cock and shoved it into Fiona's tight cunt.

Fiona let out an indignant shriek and tried to squeeze his cock out of her. No way was she going to get fucked without her permission!

Gollam fucked Fiona in and out. He pumped deep and rough into her pussy.

Fiona bucked but she couldn't dislodge the man. So she decided to mind blast him.

Gollam felt a tingling sensation around his brain, but it didn't seem to be affecting him as he thrusted in her faster and wilder.

He had a semi-shield but that she would tear down with ease. This bastard was going to pay for fucking her without her consent.

Gollam took his fist and pounded her in the face as he fucked her. "Stop trying to fight me and let it happen, bitch."

"NO!" she screamed and scratched him hard before biting his nearest hand.

Gollam beat her wildly as he pulled out and started fucking her ass, he hit her back, torso and head as he fucked her.

~SOMEBODY HELP ME!~ Fiona managed to get out the telepathic scream despite the dizziness in her head and the pain from her body as the creature continued to rape and beat her.

Tek'vrel and Shandrena approached Fiona's quarters eager about the threesome they'd soon be having with her. As they got near they heard a scream and ran towards it, they noticed Fiona's door was open and heard her noises. They rushed inside. Tek'vrel picked up the little freak that was raping Fiona's ass. He tossed the rapist into the corridor. Tek'vrel yelled, "Get the hell out of here."

He hit a button for the door to close and lock again. Tek'vrel returned to the bedroom where both the women were, "Are you OK?"

Fiona was sobbing in anger and pain. "I will be," she said but she was all black and blue and one eye was swollen shut.

"Shall we take you to sickbay?" asked Tek'vrel.

"No way," Fiona said.

"No, need love. I can heal her. I may not have Genesis' power but I can heal these injuries," Shandrena assured Tek'vrel.

"Yes Captain," replied Tek'vrel. Then he added, "If you're no longer in the mood to play, we will understand."

"If she can heal me I can play," Fiona replied.

Shandrena held her hands in front of her and a golden light poured from them and encased Fiona. After five minutes the light died and Fiona sat on the bed whole.

"She looks as good as new, Shandrena," said Tek'vrel.

Shandrena grinned and so did Fiona. "Neat trick," Fiona said.

"Yes it can be. I do believe we should let your hero choose what we get to do first," Shandrena suggested as she shed her clothes and stood nude before them.

Tek'vrel then removed his uniform, to join the dress of the room, naked. His huge hard dick poked out two feet long and six inches thick. He laid on Fiona's bed, "You two ladies want to share my cock, give me a blowjob together?"

"Sure why not?" Fiona said her eyes glowing with the prospect of all that cock fucking her.

Shandrena smirked at the younger woman's thoughts. "Yes love," she said before licking his balls. Fiona eagerly took the tip of his cock and she started sucking.

Tek'vrel petted both women on the head, one with each hand, "Mmmm, gods yes this is great!"

Shandrena moved from his balls to the base of his cock and began sucking and licking. Fiona was taking as much of him into her mouth as possible.

~How's that love?~ Shandrena asked as she replaced her mouth with her hands and began stroking him.

~Lovely hun,~ Tek'vrel sent as he moaned loudly. He petted both their heads harder.

Fiona replaced her mouth with her hands and stroked in time with Shandrena. She couldn't wait for his cum to be all over her, in her mouth and inside her.

Tek'vrel placed his hands on each of the girl's pussies, rubbing both of them as they worked on his cock.

Fiona let out a pleased gasp and shifted so he could rub her g-spot.

Shandrena moaned happily and increased her stroking of his cock.

Tek'vrel rubbed their pussies firmer.

Fiona's moans joined Shandrena's as they continued stroking his cock adding in licks and sucks for good measure. They could feel the wetness between their legs and loved it.

"Mmmm, yes. I'm going to cum soon, who wants it and where?" asked Tek'vrel rubbing his two lovers' pussies.

"Fiona may go first," Shandrena said graciously.

Fiona looked at her with a smile. 'How did you know my name?" she asked as she took Tek'vrel back in her mouth.

~I read minds~ Shandrena chuckled. ~Tek'vrel she wants to swallow it~ she told her husband.

~Aye, lover~, sent Tek'vrel. He moaned in pleasure as he released loads and loads of cum in her mouth.

Fiona had never had so much cum before and it excited her. She drank like she was dying of thirst.

Shandrena grinned in amusement.

~Now shall we show her what she'd be accepting in herself constantly if she becomes our third, my wife?~ asked Tek'vrel.

"Yes by all means let us show her," Shandrena said. "You are the master today Tek'vrel. Move us as you please," Shandrena encouraged.

Tek'vrel moved around to let both women lay down next to each other as he eased his very big cock inside Fiona's pussy. Moving it in deeper and deeper. Tek'vrel kissed his wife as he fucked the new woman.

Fiona let out a cry of pleasure and pain. He was big but then again she liked him that way.

Shandrena hungrily kissed her man. Her very sexy handsome man.

Tek'vrel's arms went around both women as his arms held him up. Compared to his size they looked like two little girls under him. He fucked Fiona harder and deeper.

Fiona was moaning and whimpering and saying his name over and over again. God he was unbelivably awesome! He made her ex-daddy look like an amateur.

Tek'vrel shoved himself as deep as he could, fitting two feet of his cock inside Fiona's body. He was suprised he wasn't ripping her body in two.

He nursed from his wife's breast as he fucked Fiona harder and deeper.

Shandrena moaned and ran her fingernails over his scalp, knowing it was turning him on even more.

Fiona was writhing beneath him. Her orgasm was about to hit her hard.

Tek'vrel kissed Shandrena harder.

He fucked Fiona rough, fast and deep. Her pussy could take a pounding.

Fiona was digging her nails into the bed and then she screamed and bucked when her orgasm slammed her so hard it set all her nerves on fire.

Tek'vrel pounded Fiona even more when she screamed. She was nice and tight. He thought she was an excellent choice as a third.

Fiona couldn't wait much longer. She caressed him mentally to push him over the edge just as her own orgasm hit.

Tek'vrel shot gallons and gallons of cum deep in Fiona's womb, "Mmmmmmmmm, yesss!"

"Yes she is good," Shandrena purred as she nipped Tek'vrel's fingers.

"MMmmmmmm, my wife, you have no idea," replied Tek'vrel.

Shandrena swatted him with a wing and then grinned. "I felt what she did. Not many know that trick," she told him teasingly.

Tek'vrel pulled out of Fiona and slid his dick into his wife's pussy, "Take that, Captain."

"Engage number one," she giggled and then moaned happily. He filled her like no other.

Fiona was watching the two of them lazily. She was thoroughly spent and happy as could be.

Tek'vrel kissed Fiona deeply as he fucked his wife/captain harder & deeper.

Shandrena used her wings to keep her balance as Tek'vrel's cock filled her pussy and made her moan his name in delight.

Tek'vrel pounded Shandrena's cunt rougher, faster and very deep, filling her with his huge, long cock.

Shandrena loved him going so deep that he touched her womb. He was a very active lover and she enjoyed every moment of it. She dug her nails into his back urging him to go faster.

Tek'vrel arched his back in response to his wife's demands and increased his pace again.

Fiona wanted to please them both so she stroked their minds and their passion. They would probably have a mind-blowing orgasm together and that would be alright with her.

Tek'vrel came in his wife, ten times the usual amount, filling her pussy thoroughly.

Shandrena was thrilled. If he kept this up he would honor her with a child and that would elevate her status even more among her own people.

Tek'vrel fucked his cum deeper into his wife's womb.

Her orgasms kept coming and she screamed out his name her nails leaving marks down his hide.

Tek'vrel kept pounding Shandrena as he moaned and grunted as he rode his wife.

Finally the orgasms stopped and Shandrena's wings went limp behind her, She was breathing hard and was sweaty but she didn't care. She turned her head and kissed Fiona. ~Thank you~ she said.

Tek'vrel smiled down at the girls and joined the kiss, making it a three-way kiss. He was thinking life was going to be very thrilling after this.

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