tagBDSMFall of the Bitch Ch. 01

Fall of the Bitch Ch. 01


I was slowly working my cock, inch by glorious inch, into her warm, sticky rectum. With a final thrust my entire cock is lodged securely inside her arsehole.

She is the Head of Languages at the public school (private school if you're from America. I am a teaching assistant). She is bent over the desk in her office. Her black knee high skirt is bunched up around her waist. The black lace thong that she was wearing is now in her mouth. I now begin to slowly pull my cock back until only the head remains lodged in her anal cavity. I then forcefully thrust myself back inside . The thrust draws a muffled whimper from her. I then repeat this motion over and over again, the slow draw back and the quick thrust back inside.

Throughout all of this she tries to remain silent. Her whimpers and moans are muffled by the lacey thong that is now in her mouth. The smell of anal sex is now in the air. I know she can smell it and she knows I can smell it. It seems she hasn't cleaned her slutty arse properly. She knows what the consequences of a dirty rectum is. Indeed as I look down I see her swollen and distended shithole around my cock. And my dick, well my dick is covered by a sheen, of what I can only surmise, is shit and lube. Surprisingly that sight, instead of causing feelings of disgust, only seems to inflame my lust.

I remove both my hands off of her hips. I place one between her legs and begin tweaking her clit. The other I use to hold her to me so that I can begin my final assault on her arse. I rapidly thrust in and out, sweat dripping from my brow. Her backside meeting my hips with each thrust, The now relentless hammering of her arsehole loosens her once tight sphincter causing every thrust to be punctuated by her farts. Her big round bubble butt jiggles with every impact between my hips and her bum.

The combination of me pounding her rectum and the constant diddling of her clit has brought her to the edge. The thong falls out of her mouth. I tweak her clit her one last time, viciously twisting the small hard jutting lump of flesh. This finally pushes her over the edge. She screams and goes limp over the desk, her feet can no longer able to support her own weight. She loses control over her bladder , the urine making a mess of the floor. Her orgasm causes her anal cavity to tense and relax along the length of my shaft. I cannot take the incredible sensations any longer. I finally bury myself one last time into her now slack anus and cum deep into her bowels. My orgasm just does not seem to stop, spurt after spurt of semen flooding her rectum. I feel as though I have ejaculated a gallon of semen inside of her. Finally I too collapse. For a while all is quiet except for our laboured breathing.

I fall back into the chair. She remains collapsed over the desk. Her gaping anus now steadily leaking a mixture of cum, lube and shit.


She knows what that statement means. She drops down on to her knees and takes my cock, now covered in the semen shit and lube mixture in her mouth. She carefully licks the head and then the entire shaft. Every now again she gags as she has to swallow some of the vile mixture. Her careful oral attentions have brought my wilting cock back to my raging erection. Then she swallows my entire shaft and then slowly works her way up the shaft until only the head is in her mouth. She then begins to work her tongue all around the head, even working the tip of her tongue into my pisshole. She does this several times, deepthoating me, then washing the head of my cock with her tongue. I look down at her as she is deepthroating me. Her lips are touching the base of my cock. Her nose is nestled in my pubes. Her chocolate coloured eyes are boring into my own eyes, they still show a bit of fight but mostly they show a resignation of hope. Her olive cheeks are now bulging as she works my shaft with her throat, her throat massaging every inch of my cock. . Her carefully styled dark brown hair is now a mess. She quickly pulls all the way out and then just as quickly forces the entire length of my cock back down her throat. She really picks up the pace. Her ample breasts now heaving from the effort. Her tears from the savage buttfucking and from deepthroating my shaft has ruined the little mascara that she had on and is now making a mess of smart white blouse. Her face is covered with saliva, mucus and the juices of my shaft. Finally with my cock buried deep in her throat I explode in orgasm. There is no word of warning, but she just keeps on swallowing load after load that I pump into her warm wet mouth.

She finally stops sucking after she has swallowed every drop. With a few last licks, she carefully tucks my rapidly wilting penis back into my boxers and zips my trousers back up. She is still kneeling in her own urine. I get up from the chair.

I whisper "I'll be back again whore" and with that I pace out of her office.

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