tagBDSMFalling into Subspace Ch. 02

Falling into Subspace Ch. 02


John went into work the next with an anxious, sinking type feeling in his stomach. He tried to keep his eyes as far from Sarah as possible but the outfit she was wearing made it next to impossible for him. She had on a red silk blouse unbuttoned just enough to show a hint of cleavage. It was complimented with a black skirt that stopped an inch above her knees and was not so loose to hide the shape of her hips and ass. Her legs were encased in lovely black stockings and were shaped well from the black high heels she wore. John's vantage point from his desk made it hard not to look and he knew Sarah was making sure he got plenty of chances to take in her lovely legs. Her hands would trace over them idly as she talked on the phone. She would let a shoe hang off her toes when she has a leg crossed over the other. Every once in a while he would catch a glimpse of her stocking tops as her skirt rode up her thighs from the crossing and uncrossing of her legs.

John knew it was all by design. It was all done to make sure his lust was constantly heating up unable to think of anything but his desire for her. He spent most of the day with half an erection and when his thoughts had nothing else to focus on he was at full mast ass he remembered the mind blowing orgasm he had the night before with her words once again echoing in his mind, telling him to cum for her. It all felt so unnatural to him but he knew he would do it again if she asked. The scary part was she knew it too and he did not know what it was she intended.

The day dragged on mercilessly for him but towards the end of the night he watched as Sarah got up from her desk and walk to the hallway. He entertained thoughts of following her, telling her that he had done exactly as she asked and how intense the sensation was. His mind moved back to the phone conversation he was having, "I understand Mr. Phillips but I can't really recommend you doing something like that at this time. From what you're telling me investing in something like that won't help you achieve your overall objectives for you future. Give me a little time and I'll be happy to develop a more practical strategy that will line you up to make your goals in the time you need to achieve them."

He gave the pause letting the client absorb what he had just told him when a soft voice fluttered into his open ear," don't move Johnny, you'll be off the phone in a minute and then I'm gonna have you tell me all about last night. You can tell me how hot it was knowing you were giving it up all for me." He half muttered out a time he would call the client back and after the client accepted quickly ended the call acutely aware of how hard his cock had just gotten causing his pants to tent.

"Oh baby, is that for me? Shhh I don't want you to turn around, I don't want you to move unless I tell you," her hands had come up to his shoulders as she whispered in his ear, her hot breath feeling so good his breathing began to get very deep and ragged.

"Oh my I am having an effect on you. Poor baby you're shaking, even though you just had a release last night. You really have a strong sex drive baby, that will make this all the easier for me to control you. Did you cum real hard for me last night Johnny?" Her hands were softly rubbing his shoulders while she waited for his response.

"Yes Sarah," his voice came out shakily as little waves of pleasure were washing over his body.

"You know Johnny I think it would be a lot more fitting when we are alone like this if you called me Miss, don't you think so?"

"Yes Miss."

"That's better. Now, I know you are soooo turned on right now and really need to cum baby. I mean how can you not be turned on after staring at me all day long? It must be maddening for you. From now on though Johnny your cum belongs to me. Your cock belongs to me and that of course means that you," her voice emphasized the word "you" as she said it," belong to me." One of her hands had been slowly moving down his chest, over his stomach towards his crotch. She very slowly unzipped his fly as her hand slid inside his pants, through the opening in the front of his boxers grabbing a hold of his rock hard member.

"Whose cock is this Johnny?" she asked as she started to slowly stroke his cock up and down.

"Yours Miss," he voice was deep and throaty as he body shook under her ministrations.

"Yours Miss Sarah," she returned sharply.

"Yours Miss Sarah," he echoed

"Now baby every time you shoot that cum for me that's what you will say over and over. Your cum is mine Johnny. Your cock is mine Johnny. You are mine baby, aren't you? Yes I've got you now. Feel it Johnny. Feel yourself falling down to me. Your spiraling down now, falling to me, your Mistress." His body shook uncontrollably from the expert hand job she was giving him. "Oh yes Johnny I've got you all worked up. Can you feel it as I'm wrapping you around my finger? That's what this is Johnny, this is me binding you to me." Her hand continued the steady slow stroke. John felt an intense pleasure coursing through his body. The more Sarah spoke to him about owning him and him falling to her the more intense the sensations he felt. They were so intense all he could think of doing was collapsing at her feet just as she had suggested.

"Oh baby I know you want to cum for me. When you do you'll be my pet, my slave Johnny. Every time you cum my hold on you will get stronger and stronger. How does that make you feel? How does it feel knowing I got a hold of you and you can't shake loose of my grip?" Moans escaped John's lips as Sarah continued her verbal assault of his servitude to her. He felt his orgasm building again and again yet every time he got close Sarah would somehow know and stop her stroking and grip the base of his cock tightly. As his body shook more and more Sarah would laugh softly each time he shuddered. "Oh Johnny I'm so wet right now. I love conquering a man like you. Tying a successful, intellectual man like you to me is deeply satisfying baby. See how good it feels? Only a strong woman like me can give you this Johnny and that's why you're all mine now," as she said the words John's body was racked with the most intense orgasm of his life. Wave after wave of orgasm ran through his body as he cried out over and over, "Yours Miss Sarah, Yours Miss Sarah, Yours Miss Sarah."

As his orgasm subsided John felt two of Sarah's fingers push up against his lips, "clean up for me sweetie," he let her fingers pass his lips and sucked on them tasting a warm salty substance he knew to be his own cum. "That's a good boy, now get down on your knees in front of me baby." John fell to his knees from his chair and turned to face his new Mistress. "Kiss my feet baby, it's the least you can do for me after what I just gave you." His lip pressed down on the top of her feet and he felt how wet his boxers and pants had become from the orgasm she had just allowed him. "From now on you only cum when I say so. It's mine and I will tell you when I want it released," saying that she turned and walked to her desk picking up her purse. "Go clean yourself up in the bathroom before you go home Johnny. Night my little pet," she said softly before turning and walking out the door knowing his eyes watched her every step.

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