tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 38

Family Affairs Ch. 38

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter thirty-eight

Mary, totally nude, sat at her dressing table, combing and blow-drying her hair after her delightful shower with Matt. Her young lover, also nude, was wandering around the bedroom behind her. He paused in front of her open lingerie drawer.

"The stuff in this drawer is really neat!" he commented. He reached in and touched the dainty under things. "You have some really sexy stuff."

Mary felt herself blushing. "I...I bought those things years ago, but I never wear them," she murmured. "I was saving them for, you know, special occasions."

Matt held up a sheer, very short, lacy teddy. "I love this," he said. "It's really pretty."

"Would you like me to wear it for you?" Mary asked.

Matt nodded and said, "Uh-huh."

"Give it to me," Mary said. "You're certainly special enough to wear it for."

Matt blushed, handed Mary the teddy, then he glanced down at the remaining lingerie. It looked as if there was something hidden under the neatly folded items, causing them to bulge. He reached under the silky things. Whatever it was felt rubbery, almost fleshy. He grasped it and took it out. It was a fake penis! A dildo! Mary had a dildo?

"Mary, what's this?" he asked.

Mary looked at him, saw what he had in his hand, then she felt herself flush. "It's...ah...I...um..." she stammered.

"Did you ever use this?" Matt asked. He started toward her, the fake cock in his hand.

"Ah...I...um..." Mary struggled to come up with words. She felt so ashamed. What must he think of her? Why hadn't she thrown that thing away?

Matt examined the device, found the switch, and turned it on. The dildo began to vibrate and began to get warm. "Oh, wow! This is wild!" he said, gripping the penis replica. "What's it feel like to use it?"

Mary was mortified. He had to be disgusted with her, she was sure of that. She was afraid he'd be so disgusted that she'd lose him.

Matt moved closer. The device had piqued his interest in how it worked, how it was used. Holding it by its base, he reached out and placed the buzzing tip against Mary's breast, on the nipple.

Mary gasped as erotic thrills burst alive in her. She hadn't expected this, but found it delightful. A moan escaped her lips and she leaned back against Matt's warm flesh. She began to feel mushy inside as the young man moved the device from one breast to the other.

"Let's...let's go over to...to the bed," Mary said. She found it more than a little hard to talk. It was even harder to stand, she discovered quickly but Matt helped her and soon she was lying on the big bed, with Matt kneeling next to her.

The young man continued to tease her rigid nipples with the device until she was almost breathless, then he moved the insistently whirring machine down across her softly rounded belly and into her pubic hair.

"Oh!" Mary groaned, parting her legs. This felt wonderful! She didn't need to worry, he seemed to love using the dildo on her. Instead of turning him off, it seemed to have turned him on!

Ever so slowly, Matt swept the dildo over Mary's vagina, parting lips slick with the juices of excitement, then up again, bringing cries of elation from his woman as the vibrating teaser hit her erect clit.

"Ah!" she cried, "Oh, God, Matt, that feels so good!"

Matt returned the head of the ersatz penis to Mary's quivering opening and began to press it slowly into her. More thrills raced though her. The buzzing device was driving her wild and the fact Matt was wielding it made the whole thing even more thrilling.

Matt was enjoying it, too. Mary's moans and excited writhing had given him a raging hard-on. He was tempted to toss the dildo aside and plunge himself into her, but he didn't. Slowly, he moved the sex toy in and out of her body, watching with delight as her channel swallowed it, her hips rising and falling. There was something tremendously stimulating about seeing the fake penis probing into her.

"Oh! Matt!" Mary moaned, arching off the bed. "I'm going to come! I'm going to come! Oh, God! I'm coming!"

Matt dropped across Mary's body and buried his head in her crotch. His tongue began lashing her clit while he continued to shove the dildo in and out.

"Oh! Oh!" Mary screamed, "Too good! Oh, God, Matt, too good! Yes! Yes!"

When Mary began to quiet, Matt pulled the fake organ out of her, tossed it on the bed, then he climbed between her legs and plunged his painfully erect penis into her. He was so turned on that after a few strokes he was pumping his hot juices into her.

Mary felt Matt's hot cream splattering her insides, then she shuddered as another orgasm exploded through her. "Matt! Matt! Oh, God! Oh, God! Matt!" she cried, clutching at him.

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