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Family Business


My name is Danny Taylor and I still don't know to this day how all this happened!

Let me start at the beginning. My wife Lynsey, along with her sister Laura, and I run a small indie film making and distribution company specialising in, what the film industry delicately refers to as, adult films. We have been doing this for five years now, ever since I met Lynsey and and her two daughters, Wendy who is now twenty and Alison who is now eighteen. We married last year, moved to a nice house in the Glasgow suburbs and everything is about as good as it gets.

Well that was up until a few weeks ago.

I should say that the main stars of our little business are Lynsey and Laura with occasional appearances by myself and a few others. We have two lines of films, one called 'Schoolgirl Sluts' and another line called 'MILFs love Teens'.

Lynsey is 37 with long chestnut hair that is styled the way those gorgeous hippie chicks used to have it. she is small busted with huge hard nipples, slim waist, beautiful ass, long legs and she loves sex, especially anal. Laura is a hot little blonde with big boobs and a very curvaceous body and she also loves sex particularly oral and toys. Both are bi and we have had some amazing threesomes both in front of and behind the camera.

We have a few other people that we can call on from time to time but it's a lot easier to get girls than it is guys. They come along full of bravado but in front of the camera they can't even raise a smile! But we have a nice little business that gives us a good life and we don't hurt anyone. No one is forced into our business and everyone is well paid. I even have a health care plan!

Back to my tale though. Lynsey was out one night with Laura and I was doing some paperwork in my study and I knew that both the girls were in watching TV in Wendy's room. I thought I would see if they fancied something to eat or drink and I popped my head round the door to ask.

Well, to say I was a bit surprised would be an understatement. There was Lynsey, Laura and me up on the screen with me fucking Lynsey in the ass while Laura fucked me in the ass with a strap-on. As my eyes adjusted I realised that the girls hadn't heard me because they were too busy watching the action on the screen while they were clearly masturbating with a couple of dildos. I stood for a minute or two aware that I was getting extremely aroused and just as I was about to make a strategic withdrawal Wendy turned round and looked at me and said "Why don't you sit and watch this with us?"

I kind of spluttered some nonsense about what do you think you girls are doing and this is something your mother and I do privately and they shouldn't be watching it etc. Wendy laughed and said " Well you shouldn't be selling this stuff on line if you don't want anyone to see it. We know what line of business you and mum and auntie Laura are in. Nice cock by the way."

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming" moaned Alison. To my amazement she took the dildo, glistening with pussy juice, from her cunt and handed it to Wendy who proceeded to lick it clean. Wendy then removed the dildo from her own cunt and handed it to Alison who looked at me with a smile and said "Maybe dad would like to taste it first?"

"That's outrageous" I said" you're sisters."

"Half sisters don't forget, different dads" said Wendy. "Don't be shy dad, you can't pretend you haven't thought about what it would be like to have the two of us. We certainly have!"

"That's just ridiculous" I said.

"Well from the bulge in your trousers I would say you are lying" and as she spoke she reached over and stroked the outline of my, by now, hard cock.

"Mum and Laura certainly can't seem to get enough of it from your exploits on film and all that cumming has made me and Wendy extremely thirsty and I would quite like to taste your cock after you have fucked the two of us."

"But you are sisters and I am sure mum would have something to say about it if she found out."

"Well, we had better make sure that she doesn't " said Wendy as she took me in her mouth. Alison stood up, pulled off her top and slipped off her extremely short skirt revealing her slim body and firm little breasts like her mums. I noticed that her pussy was clean shaven and that she had a discreet little tattoo on her left breast and one just above her slit. She walked round beside me and kissed me while she caressed my balls as Wendy's hot mouth worked on my cock. She then knelt down and proceeded to lick my balls while her fingers gently probed between my buttocks to find my asshole. She took her index finger and let it linger at my asshole before slowly inserting it.

"Oh fuck, if you keep doing that I'm going to cum" I moaned.

"Not yet" said Alison" we need fucked first."

She bent over the couch and Wendy took my cock and placed it between Alison's wet pussy lips. I looked down and to my astonishment saw that Alison had a buttplug deep in her ass. Wendy smiled at me and said " Well, we're only taking a leaf out of mum and Auntie Laura's book. Alison wants her asshole to be ready for the first time that she has your cock in it. But we'll save that for another time. Tonight we just want you to fuck our pussies really hard until we cum."

I started sliding my cock deep into Alison's soaking wet little cunt as Wendy knelt below me and administered some amazing analingus while caressing my balls.

"I need some of that soon" she groaned." Hurry up and make her cum so that I can feel your cock in me. As I'm the eldest I want you to cum in me and Alison can drink it out of my pussy and then she can kiss me so that I can taste you too. We can do it the other way some other time but tonight I want to feel you shoot deep in me."

I fucked Alison until I felt her pussy lips tighten round my cock.

"Oh god I'm cumming again, don't stop.... keep fucking me, oh fuck, yes" she moaned as I rammed my cock hard into her sopping wet pussy.

"My turn now" said Wendy as she took Alison's place and I could see that she also had a butt-plug deep in her her pretty ass. Wendy was just like her sister except she was blonde and she also was shaven. Alison lay on the couch fingering herself while I fucked her sister to orgasm. After she had cum she told me now it was my turn and Alison came and knelt beside me as I neared my climax.

"Oh Jesus, I'm going to shoot" I said.

Then I exploded into her hot wet slit with a series of shuddering climaxes. Alison pulled my cock out of Wendy's cunt and licked me and then slid her tongue into her sisters pussy licking and sucking all my hot load and then she fiercely kissed her sister as they swallowed all the sweet cum and pussy juice.

As we sat on the couch watching the rest of the film I asked Wendy how long she and Alison had been watching porn.

"Well I've been watching for years, ever since I watched you, mum and auntie Laura one night, doing some fantastic things to each other. If you remember we had been staying at Laura's and you had just met mum and we were upstairs asleep when I had to get a drink and as I walked past the lounge I heard some interesting noises. I looked in the half open door and saw mum and Laura doing sixty nine while you were fucking Laura's pussy. I did get quite aroused watching you so I tiptoed upstairs and woke Ali and we both watched you for a while. After we went back upstairs Ali was curious about what you were doing so I explained. I'd been masturbating for years too so I thought it was about time Ali knew what to do as well so I showed her. As you can see she took to it very quickly and we thought that if mum and Laura could do it we would as well. A few months later I found some toys and a DVD of you and mum and since then we have been experimenting, so to speak" said Wendy.

"Are you two going to talk all night?" said Alison." I've got school in the morning and I want to cum again before I go to bed. You can finish the story tomorrow Wendy. Dad, I want you to eat my pussy 'til I cum."

I looked at Wendy who laughed and said " Well if that's what she wants you'd better do what you're told because I want eaten too."

I knelt down in front of the couch and Alison spread her legs open wide. I gently licked the glistening pink pussy lips before thrusting my tongue into her as far as I could.

"God" I moaned "you taste amazing."

Wendy giggled and said "She does, she's almost as sweet as me. Does she taste as good as mum and auntie?"

"Absolutely" I replied " now let me get on with making Ali cum."

Alison groaned and said " When I am cumming I want you to ease the butt-plug out of me slowly."

"And give it to me to lick please" said Wendy.

I started to lick and tease Ali's clit and lips, working her clit hard with my tongue. I could feel her squirming as her climax built. Suddenly she gasped and begged me to pull the butt-plug out of her ass. As I did so she groaned and shuddered saying " Oh fuck, yes, yes, don't fucking stop."

As Wendy licked the butt-plug I slid my tongue into Ali's sweet little asshole.

"Strawberry lube I think" I said.

"Yes" replied Wendy "and now me please."

I moved across to where Wendy sat and watched as she caressed her very wet pussy. I slid my tongue between her wet lips and started to tongue her.

"She tastes good too dad, doesn't she?" said Alison.

"Oh fuck" I said "you both do. And I can't believe how wet you both get. Something else you both clearly get from your mum."

Wendy pulled my head between her legs and groaned "Hurry up and make me cum and pull out the butt-plug as I cum and do the same to me as you did to Ali."

I worked my lips and tongue in her delicious cunt and just as she started to wriggle beneath me I eased the butt-plug out of her ass and ran my tongue in to the hot sweet little hole.

"Christ girls. You are both amazing."

Alison smiled and said " Well it looks like you are ready for action again Dad. Why don't you let me masturbate you and bring you off over our faces and you can watch us cumswap."

"Oh god, I can't believe I'm letting this happen but I don't think I can help myself."

Alison took my cock in her hand and proceeded to slowly stroke me. After a minute or two Wendy knelt in front of me and urged her sister to do it quicker. Suddenly I groaned and my hot load spurted out over Wendy's face and Alison took my cock in her mouth and drained the last drop before licking my cum from her sister's face and French kissing her deeply.

" Fuck, that was amazing" I said " incidentally when did you two lose your virginities?"

They both looked at each other and laughed and Wendy replied " Tonight dad. You were our first!"

"Really" I stammered. "Shit, I'm so sorry, I just assumed from your actions that you had loads of experience."

"Well, we have " said Wendy "but only with each other and our best friends Hannah and Katie."

"Jesus, have they seen any of the DVDs?"

"Oh yes and they can't wait to meet you properly! But we'll talk again tomorrow night. We've both got school tomorrow. See you at breakfast." said Katie.

The two of them then grabbed their clothes and toys and, pausing to kiss me, they both ran off upstairs laughing.

I dressed and went back to my study in a bit of a daze. Had what just happened really happened? And what did they mean about Hannah and Katie meeting me properly. Hannah was Wendy's best friend. Brunette and so hot that it was hard to realise she was still a schoolgirl. Katie was Alison's best friend and she was a very pretty little redhead with quite large breasts and a gorgeous pout. I had often imagined that sometimes they were giving me odd looks whenever they were in the house. Well, tomorrow night could not come quick enough I thought. But what would Lynsey and Laura think if they ever found out?

I decided there was no point in fretting over something that might never happen.

The next morning I walked into the kitchen. Lynsey was finishing her coffee and the girls were finishing the last of their breakfast.

"Be a dear and run the girls to school would you" said Lynsey " Laura and I have to finish the rest of the client interviews."

"No problem" I said "Let's go girls."

We went out to the car and as we drove to school Wendy asked " What the fuck are client interviews in the porn film business?"

"Well" I said " your mum and Laura are auditioning girls for our next film. They are looking for new young talent."

"What do they do dad?" asked Alison.

"Well, we have a suite at the Holiday Inn and we audition the girls there. Your mum and Laura get them to do some stuff in front of the camera. This is a girl on girl film so they don't need me."

"Can we audition for one of your films?" said Alison.

"No fucking way. Are you serious? What the fuck would make you think I would allow you two to go into porn films?" I spluttered.

"Well for a kick off we love sex and I think we would be pretty good at it" said Alison.

"Other than the fact that it would be illegal as you're both sisters I'm pretty sure your mum wouldn't be too happy", I replied.

"Let us worry about mum" said Wendy. "Anyway, we are having a girls night on Friday with Hannah and Katie. Why don't you look in on us about half nine on Friday evening. I think you might get a pleasant little surprise."

I have to say I was more than a little intrigued at the thought of what Wendy meant and I was a little distracted over the next couple of days.

Friday soon arrived and that evening as I sat in the lounge having a glass of wine I couldn't help thinking that the rest of the evening might turn out to be quite interesting. Lynsey and Laura were still at the hotel doing auditions and wouldn't be finished until Saturday. I have to say I was turned on by the idea of Lynsey and Laura having some amazing sex with the teenagers they were auditioning for Volume 16 of MILFs and Teens and this added to the tension about what was going to happen later.

About half past nine I headed upstairs to Wendy's room. I stood at the door and listened. I could hear a sort of low moaning so I stripped and opened the door and walked in.

I was totally taken aback with the sight that I suddenly beheld.

Hannah was sitting on the couch opposite Alison and they were both rocking back and forth in a gentle rhythm while a large double ended dildo slid into their glistening wet slits. Katie was kneeling in front of Wendy fucking her pussy with a large black vibrator while she tongued her asshole. Wendy looked over to me and said "Glad you could join us dad. We have been waiting for you and Hannah and Katie couldn't wait and needed some attention. Now that you're here we can really get on with some serious fucking. Am I right girls?"

"Oh fuck, yes" said Hannah. " I need fucked and licked so much."

"Me too. I want fucked in the ass tonight" said Katie.

"Well, only after me" said Alison.

"And as I'm the oldest I'm getting ass-fucked first" said Wendy. "By the way Dad, Hannah and Katie are still virgins and we're all anal virgins so you'll be doing us all a favour."

"Oh yes Mr Taylor" said Hannah" we've been watching a few of your films and we are desperate to have you do us."

"Well, I think Danny will do rather than Mr Taylor, given what we are going to be doing. I take it you are all absolutely sure you want to go ahead with this." I said.

"Oh yes, definitely. We've been thinking about it all week and I really need to have your cock in my pussy now" said Katie.

She lay back on the couch and spread her legs open. Her gorgeous shaved cunt looked soaking wet but before I could slide my cock in Hannah knelt on one side of me and Wendy on the other and they both proceeded to run their tongues and lips up and down my shaft. Alison was behind me tonguing my asshole and as I moaned with the sheer thrill of having these hot little sluts working on me Wendy took my hard throbbing cock and slowly guided me to Katie's dripping wet cunt and inserted it while Hannah and Alison caressed my balls and fingered my asshole. I started to fuck Katie harder and harder until she groaned and said " Don't fucking stop. Harder, oh fuck I'm going to cum. Jesus Christ I'm going to cum, fuck me fuck me, oh I'm cumming."

I took my cock out of her sopping wet slit and while Alison and Hannah licked Katie's juices off it Wendy knelt between Katie's legs and ate all the rest of her sweet pussy juice.

"O.k., who's next" I said.

"Me" said Hannah" but first you lie back on the bed. We are going to do some stuff to you."

I lay down and Hannah came and stood over my head with her legs wide apart. She slid the butt-plug out of her asshole, licked it and handed it to Wendy who was kneeling between my legs. She licked it and then started to slowly slide it into my ass just as Hannah squatted above my mouth and lowered her hot wet asshole onto my lips. I licked her gently round the rim of her asshole then I plunged my tongue deep in that sweet little hole. She gasped and I switched my attention to her pussy which was dripping with juice. I licked and kissed her until she was about to cum. Meanwhile Wendy was gently masturbating my ass with the butt-plug while Alison and Katie ran their tongues along my hard throbbing cock while they caressed my balls.

"I need that cock in my cunt" said Hannah breathlessly.

She stood up and walked round and straddled me then she lowered herself down as Alison guided me into Hannah's wet slit. She eased herself down to take the full length of my cock deep into her pussy then she leaned forward so that her asshole was easily accessible and looked at Katie and said "get the black vibrator and fuck me in the ass with it while I ride Danny's cock."

Katie walked over to the couch and a few seconds later, after Wendy and Alison had taken turns tonguing Hannah's asshole, she proceeded to fuck Hannah's asshole slowly and deeply with the black vibrator. While Hannah rode me Alison and Wendy took turns at sitting on my face while I tongued and licked their assholes and slippery wet cunts.

After about five minutes I could feel Hannah tense and soon she was moaning and thrusting down hard.

"Oh my god I'm cumming, oh fuck, I can't stop, it feels amazing having both my holes filled, fuck, I'm going to cum again."

She slumped forward and kissed me.

"Christ" she laughed" I can not wait to have that cock in my ass, but first I need to taste it. I can't believe how much I came."

"Well we all do" said Wendy "but first you lie back daddy, while we audition for you."

"What do you mean audition?" I asked.

"We want to make a porn film with you" said Alison.

"No fucking way. There's no chance I'm going to do a Traci Lords and fuck up the British porn industry. You are all under age. Wendy, you and Alison are twenty and eighteen and Hannah and Katie must be much the same"

"Well, I'll be nineteen in November" giggled Katie.

"Jesus Christ, are you trying to give me a fucking stroke or worse, get me locked up. Where did you learn all the stuff that you do?"

"Your DVDs mainly" said Katie. "You and Lynsey and Laura have been quite inspirational."

"Where do you get all the toys from?"

"There's a great little shop in Argyle Street that we go to and they have got some brilliant underwear and shoes as well" said Alison.

"I give up, but there's still no way you are making a porn film."

"Who was Traci Lords?" asked Katie.

"She was an eighties porn star who made a whole bunch of films where she did ATM, anal, cumswap, lesbian, everything really. Then they discovered what age she was when she made them. It cost the American adult film companies billions to withdraw and re-edit all her films not to mention fighting court cases."

"Who cares, this is 2013 and mum said she would do the camera work and Laura would direct us" said Wendy.

"What?" I spluttered,"how does mum even know that you watch porn let alone do the stuff that you do with each other, never mind film you."

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