tagTransgender & CrossdressersFamily Issues Ch. 06

Family Issues Ch. 06


Again, I have to apologise for the time it takes to produce each chapter. It's a hobby and it takes time which I sometimes lack. Plus, for my editing, I rely on the goodwill and the free time of generous people like Madison (ThanatopicFolds). Sometimes it accumulates.

Anyway, here we go.

Note: All characters in this story are of legal age. All of the characters are well over eighteen years of age.


Megan Frost had a sweet dream about a beautiful guy with purple eyes who was giving her head. His soft mouth was wrapped gently around her shaft, and his skillful tongue did magic tricks on her glans. She opened a single eye, opened its partner, yawned happily, lifted her blanket, and discovered that a beautiful guy with purple eyes had his lips around her cock. Kevin blinked like an owl when exposed to the light, then his big purple eyes smiled.

"Hmmm...good morning," Megan said.

He let go of her cock, but not before he gave it a loving kiss. "It's almost noon."

She shrugged. "It's Sunday. I have practice in an hour but fuck it. Don't let me disturb you, by the way."

"God forbid." He licked his lips, then grabbed her hard member and inserted it into his mouth. His tongue circled the glans, slowly. He then dipped his tongue into her cock slit and started fucking it with his tongue, using short strokes.

"Oh, fuck!"

On the opposite bed, Ashley stirred. She stretched and yawned, then stretched some more, then kicked her blanket off. "Oh, for fuck's sake," she groaned. Her nightdress looked like a teepee, the fabric stretched.

"Had some nice dreams, little sister?" Megan said.

"The best," Ashley groaned. "Fuck! I dreamed you had amazing sex with a super-hot guy. Must have been a dream, because ugly dogs like you don't get to party with guys like him."

"We're identical tweens."

"Speaking of which, where is Melvin?" Ashley yawned.


"The little cutie who was here last night."

"Kevin? He's goooonnnnnne!" Megan shrieked because Kevin took a gently bite out of her erect cock.

"He's there under the blanket, isn't he?" Ashley said.


"I can see his head bobbing."

"Oh, yeah..." Megan folded her hands under her head, and her smile brightened the room. It could have brightened the entire northern hemisphere had anyone bothered to plug her into the electricity grid.

"I hate you," Ashley said.

"Ashley, there's sixty percent less blood in my brain right now, because it's all going elsewhere. So, I see your mouth moving, but all I hear is 'Blah, blah, blah, blah...'"

"I fucking hate you." Ashley jumped out of bed. "I'm going to take a shower and take care of this." She pointed at the tent in her nightdress. "Alone! I hope you're happy."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah."

Ashley lifted the hem of her dress, farted loudly in her sister's direction, and ran outside the room.

"Oh, fuck you Ashley! Ugh!" Megan opened the room's window and dived under the covers.

"What happened?" Kevin said.

"My sister stopped her mental development when she was six is what happened. Don't go outside just yet if you don't want your nose to melt."

"Wasn't planning to." Kevin licked her shaft all the way to her balls. He kissed both orbs and then swallowed them.

"Oh!" Megan grabbed the sheets and closed her eyes. "I'm...be tender, lover boy."

Kevin started humming as he played with the fleshy orbs in his mouth. His vocal cords sent vibrations that tingled from her testicles, all the way to the tip of her cock. He used his tongue to massage her balls and to roll them gently in his mouth. In his right hand, he held the fleshy rod and played with the tip and the slit, dragging his thumb in circles around the saliva-lubed head.

He dug the fingers of his free hand in her muscled thigh, kneading, and trailed them along the crevice of her toned ass. He lightly touched her starfish, rubbing the elastic ring of her opening, and Megan jumped.

"Jesus, Kevin, you're..."

"Whaa?" He said with his mouth full.

"Fucking amazing!"

The tip of his tongue stabbed her delicate flesh, and Megan gasped.

"I think the danger of getting gas poisoning is reduced." She pulled the covers and tasted the air. "Yep."

Kevin swirled his tongue around her testicles, and she moaned. He let them plop out of his mouth, then pursed his lips and swallowed her cock.

Megan lifted the covers, causing Kevin to blink again in the light.

"Hey, beautiful."

Kevin lips smiled around her cock. 'Eye contact' was Diana's number one rule. 'Always keep eye contact when you swallow my Big Bird. I want to see those purple eyes adoring me.' He stared at her intensely, and Megan smiled.

She had never seen anything so obscene, yet so lovely. Kevin's lips, darkened by saliva, stretched around her cock, and those mesmerizing purple orbs were looking at her lovingly. Kevin made her feel that she was doing him a favor, as if sucking on her cock was some pinnacle of his. He made her feel wanted and lusted for, whereas Megan Foster was used to guys treating her like a second choice, or a fifth.

"Hey." She caressed his cheek. "You're amazing."

Kevin gave her a wink and took a deep dive. She was the same length as Diana, but slimmer in girth, so he had no problem taking her into his throat.


He engulfed her cock in wet heat. His throat muscles contracted around her. Down he went, and still, his beautiful eyes kept hypnotizing her.

She blinked and bit her lips.

Kevin pulled all the way up, making an obscene slurping sound. Her cock left his lips, only for Kevin to immediately gobble it again. His lips scraped the tender skin, and the pressure sleeve of his throat sent her deep into the tunnel of joy.

He dove deeper this time. His upper lip brushed against Megan's blonde pubes, while his lower lip teased her balls. Every millimeter of her cock was snuggled lovingly into his throat. Still, it wasn't enough. Kevin kept going. Using his fingers, he gently pulled while his lips swallowed her ball sack. He looked like a pelican who consumed a fish two sizes too big.

"Oh, my, God." Megan began nudging him away.

He stared at her, questioning, his mouth still glued to her shaft.

"Take it out...I wanna..." she huffed.

Reluctantly, he let her slide out of his mouth. "Too much?"

"I...I want...I just want to return the favor." She crawled under the covers and grabbed his naked cock. It was rock hard. Kevin was having the time of his life, giving her pleasure. She was taller, and needed to flex a little. Imitating him, she gave his cock a loving kiss, then licked the underside.

She'd never sucked a cock before. She'd never been face to face with another person's dick before. But Kevin's cock looked just as beautiful as the rest of him. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking the tip. Kevin's body shuddered.

"It's salty," she said, and Kevin laughed.

Kevin pressed his lips against the tip before him, kissing it. Megan kissed his tip. Kevin licked a circle around her glans. Megan licked a ring around his. He kissed her cock like you might kiss a lover, lips pressed hard against the slit. Megan was fast to follow.


He kissed through the entire length from the tip to the balls. It became a competition of cock kissing, both trying to outdo each other until Kevin burst out laughing.

"I won," she said.

"You're very competitive."

"You think?"

Megan opened wider, and slid his cock into her waiting mouth. It was a powerful feeling, making another person shudder with lust. He was hot, and she could feel his pulse as his cock came to life in her mouth. She bathed Kevin's dick with her tongue. Kevin gobbled her cock, mewing his content.

Their heads started bobbing in synch. Megan's cock was sliding in and out of his mouth, and his cock was sliding in and out of hers. The room filled with the scent of their arousal and the sounds of slurping. The wave of ecstasy swelled to the tunes of a lust symphony. Beethoven couldn't have composed it better.

Kevin was the first to burst. His spurt landed on her tongue, surprising her. She pulled out, and allowed it to spill freely on the bed. She then shuddered, moaned, and came deep in his throat. Her body convulsed as she squirted time and time again deep inside him, moaning with lust. He kept her in his mouth long after she stopped pulsing inside him. He let the soft member plop out of his mouth, but even then, he kissed it fondly and licked it clean. Megan gave satisfied mewls, and shivered a little each time his tongue brushed her spent cock. When he was finally done, she pulled him over and hugged him tightly, kissing his forehead.

"You won that round," she said.

"Not everything is a competition."

"I've never given head before. You just surprised me when you started...you know. It's warm."

"Because you ejaculate Pepsi on ice?"

Megan laughed. "You like futanari cock, don't you?"

"I like the person attached to it."


Most memories are blurred. We forget names, faces, and most details of our childhood as we grow, and new events replace the old. It's a blessing of sorts to some people. However, some defining moments stay fresh even fifteen years later.

Helen was thirteen.

Her mother was out on a date. She believed the guy her mom was out with, a redheaded navy officer, was Diana's father, but she wasn't sure. Her mother never told her daughters who their real dads were, and never demanded any of the numerous lovers she took to her bed to take responsibility for the girls.

Helen sat alone in the kitchen, partially watching TV, partially solving a math problem. Her teacher, Mrs. Rodriguez, promised she'd buy special chocolate for the student who could solve an intricate math riddle about kids and houses, and which kid lives in which house. Helen excelled in math and loved Mrs. Rodriguez. She could almost taste the rich chocolate on her taste buds, and her stomach made a funny sound. Her mom ordered a pizza before she left, but it came cold, and something red and sticky was spilled on it. Helen was too shy to say anything to the delivery guy, so eight slices lay orphaned on the kitchen table like shamed futanari kids that no one wants to play with.

She heard a sound from her mother's bedroom.



Maybe a thief?

Heart racing, Helen tiptoed to the bedroom, careful not to step on the lines between the tiles, because it was bad luck.

The room was dark. Helen turned around and then heard the sound again. Like a little kitten that was stuck in a deep hole, crying for its mom.

"Hey, why aren't you asleep, Didi?"

Diana's slim form was hunched to a tight ball under their mother's feather comforter. Her small palms covered her eyes, and she was sobbing.

"What happened, Didi?" She sat down and hugged her sister from behind.

"Robert King." There was a heart-breaking sob, one that only a ten-year-old can make. "Robert King punched me today."

"He's in middle school."

"He picks on his stupid brother every day, so they let him in. And he's always mean." Diana wiped her tears on Helen's sleeve. "He always bullies me. He calls me a 'hand-me-downs' girl, and 'ugly', and 'futa-freak'. I don't know why. I don't know why. Why is he so mean to innocent kids? I never did anything to him."

"Some people are like that. Some people feel bad about themselves, so they pick on someone weaker."


"It makes them feel good, I guess."

"Are we poor, Helen?"

"Kind of."

"One day, I'm gonna be rich. Then I won't have to force my daughter to wear her older sister's clothes, and the other kids won't make fun of her."

"Don't you worry about Robert King, Didi, I'll go talk to him tomorrow."

Diana turned and stared at her wide-eyed. "He's a bully."

"I ain't afraid of him. If he tries anything funny..." Helen winked and kissed Diana's nose. Her little sister gave her a look that was borderline worshiping. It was almost worth all the heartache that would follow.

Some memories just latch.

Helen stared into Diana's dark eyes, trying to find remnants of that stare from fifteen years ago, and shuddered. When did the chasm between them become so deep?

"You look like shit," Diana said.

"Thanks. I feel like shit. I have a fever, and my stomach is killing me." She tried to eat the omelette she just made, and bile came up. It tasted nothing like the Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelettes Kevin used to make, and she wasn't hungry anyway. "I think I might call in sick tomorrow."

"Cool." Diana picked the rest of the omelette from the pan and swallowed it in one go. She wore a blue strappy mini dress. It was the first time Helen saw her dress up since Kevin left almost two weeks ago.

"Going out?" Helen said.



"What's so good?" Diana squinted her eyes.

"You've been depressed since he left. It's good to change the atmosphere."

"You didn't talk to him today." Diana didn't ask; she stated a fact.

"With Kevin? What do you mean?"

"You talk with him every day. Today you didn't."

"How can you tell?"

"Because you're transparent, Helen."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that all you care about is your selfish self."

Maybe she needs to see a doctor? The last time she was ill was four years ago. She didn't see a doctor then; she hated doctors. "Did I do anything to you, Diana?"

"He still owes you a shitload of money. You could have forced him to come back. Easily."

"By threatening him again? Diana, that thing I did that night, giving him an ultimatum so he would be with you until he caved because he didn't have another choice? That was the ugliest thing that I ever did in my life, and I've been to a nasty war. I'll never do anything like that to him or anyone else again; not even if you'll say I'm selfish."

Diana shrugged. "Doesn't matter. He's coming back."


"Can I borrow two hundred bucks?"

"I have maybe fifty. Take my credit card. What do you mean coming back? Are you sure?"

Diana shrugged. "He's my boyfriend, and he's coming back." She rummaged through Helen's purse, found the wallet and took out the credit card. "Go see a doctor; you look like shit, Helen." She turned to leave.

"Wait, Diana, sit down."

"I'm already late."

"This will only take a minute."

"Another time."

"Sit down, Diana, now!" Helen projected her voice like she learned in her officer training.

Diana turned and stared at her. She wasn't used to being ordered around, especially by her bigger sister.

"Sit! There is something that needs to be said. We should have had this conversation a long time ago, but...sit down!"

Diana took a seat across the table from her. Her eyes were so cold that Helen wished she could just slap her out of her indifference.

Helen closed her eye, fighting a tear that was coming up. "I'm going to say something to you, and you need to take it seriously."


"I've seen you grow up, and I've seen you treat people like shit; me included. I don't know why you are like this but believe me when I say that I've never stopped loving you. You're my little sister, and the only person I've got in this world."

Diana smirked.

"Maybe Kevin is coming back. I hope he does."

"He's coming back."

"If you ever raise your hand to him again-"

"I didn't."

Helen shook her head. "Just this once, be a grownup and take responsibility for your actions. I beg you."

"I don't have to listen to this." Diana rose.

"Sit!" Helen barked. "I'm not done."

Diana's face contorted into a snarl, but she sat down.

"If you ever raise your hand to him again, then you and I are through. There won't be any excuses. You won't be able to hide behind your drinking issues. The day you do that again, you'll pack your bags and move out of here. It breaks my heart to say this, don't think for a moment that it doesn't. It also breaks a promise that I gave mom when she was on the last stages of her disease, to always take care of you." Helen paused, and drank some water.

Diana looked stunned.

"Do whatever it takes, Diana. Anger Management. Go to rehab again. Whatever it takes. I'll pay. But you'll never raise your hand to him in my house again."


From outside the window came sounds of laughter, some sorority girls playing soccer on the grass. Kevin wanted to go down and join the fun. He jerked his head, trying to extract water from his ear. Megan snuck him into the sorority house's bathroom earlier and was now taking a shower herself. On her bed, Ashley devoured his athletic body with her eyes, not even trying to be inconspicuous about it.

"What's long and thick, goes into your mouth and has cum in it?" She suddenly said.

"A cucumber." Kevin rubbed his ass. "Sometimes cock. By the way, some kids from the fifth grade called earlier; they want their jokes back."

"Yeah? Some people called from the stupid shop earlier, they want...they want...damn it!"

"Bummers, you had a great punchline coming there before it died, I could feel it. We should bow our heads in respect for a minute."

"Don't be a jerk."

"You started it."

"I'm ending it." She sat down on the bed and stuck out her tongue at him, but then she frowned and started unpacking her bag aggressively.

"Hey, what's wrong?" His voice lost its edge.


"What's eating you?"


"Yeah, right."

"It's just..." she looked at the door.

"I won't tell Megan."

"It's just...never mind."

"I'm a good listener."

"Okay, let me tell you a story, and you'll make of it whatever you want."

Kevin nodded and sat down on the bed beside her.

Ashley stared at him, surprised for a moment. "Um..."

"A story?"

"Yeah, yeah, you got me confused with too much purple. Well, once upon a time, there was this beautiful sweet girl named Ashlin."


"Don't interrupt! Ashlin," Ashley nodded. "And the beautiful girl had an ugly identical twin sister named Segan."

"Ashlin and Segan. Sounds Danish. Interesting."

"And even though Segan was only ten minutes older, she was always the big sister, the adult sister, the responsible sister, the one who gets the highest marks at school, sister. Their dad would always say to Ashlin, why can't you be more like Megan?"


"Yeah. And even though Ashlin was a successful basketball player, it was always, 'wow, look at all the gold medals Segan has.' And when one day, Segan brought to their room a guy that was way, way out of Segan's and Ashlin's league, little Ashlin was a little, well, a lot, jealous. So she acted like a jerk. But she'll get over it. And stop doing it. I hope."

"Nice story." He kissed her cheek. "And Ashlin is not a jerk; you're sweet and funny when you drop the little girl act."

"She can't drop the little girl act." Megan entered the room, wrapped in a large blue towel. "Because it's not an act."

"Hey, don't be mean," Kevin said.

Megan jumped onto her bed, then reached across the room and pulled Kevin's towel with a sudden jerk.

Kevin shrieked, butt naked, and dived into Megan's bed, covering himself. Megan cuddled him in her arms.

"Oh, for fuck's sake," Ashley said. "You're not starting again, are you?"

"Why the hell not?" Megan nibbled on Kevin's ear. "And you can be a good sister for once and give us some privacy."

"You can be an even better sister for once, Segan, and not kick her out," Kevin said.

"Are you on her side now?" Megan stopped kissing him.

"I'm hungry now." Kevin pulled his shorts up. "How about instead of you two fighting like cats, even though it's super sexy, I make us all something to eat? There's a kitchen downstairs, and probably a lot of stuff that remained from the party."


The young Asian man in the sexy French maid outfit wiped the dining table and jiggled his buns. He wore garters today, and when he leaned over the table, his mini-skirt rose, and his bubbly butt winked at Diana.

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