tagIncest/TabooFamily Love Ch. 03

Family Love Ch. 03


Chapter 3: David

David sat at his desk, his mind in a whirl. Images of Sue's cunt being filled with Tom's prick and the look of lust on his wife's face as she listened to Sue and Tom's account of their sexual exhibition, flashed through his mind. Then the image of his daughter's naked cunt intruded more and more, he realised that he was not only thinking of his daughter's body but was also imagining fucking her, she was so like her mother at the same age. This made him remember how he had lost his virginity in an incestuous relationship.

When he had first started dating Christine, David had tried to make her go all the way but she had refused, she had allowed him to finger her cunt and had masturbated him, she had even allowed him to fuck her breasts. He remembered that day, the way his prick slid between her tits; she had pushed them together to provide a deeper substitute vagina. When he had come, his spunk had shot up onto her tits and face and he saw that she had licked it off her lips and after that she had often sucked his cock as an alternative to fucking.

To this day David knew that Christine thought that he was a virgin, like herself, on their wedding day. It was not true though, to his shame, he had been seduced by another girl, shortly before he had wed Christine.

He began to recall that occasion; being the youngest of 3 children David was the uncle of a couple of nephews and 1 niece. The niece, Megan was the daughter of his older brother and was celebrating her 18th birthday. Both David and Christine had been invited but Chris had called off due to her mother being rushed to hospital after being involved in a car accident. David had taken a room in the hotel complex where the celebration was to take place and on arrival phoned his brother's home to let him know that he was on his own. He had found himself talking to Megan and she expressed her disappointment at not meeting Christine.

At the party the following night David had quite a few drinks and was really enjoying himself. He had been surprised at how beautiful his niece was, the last time he had seen her she was a scrawny adolescent, now she was a full bodied stunning blonde, the dress she was wearing emphasised her curves and though floor length the side split was high enough to allow tantalising glimpses of her long legs. When she had sat next to him and crossed her legs, David had seen that she was wearing nylons; he had caught a flash of naked flesh above her stocking tops.

She had asked him to dance with her and on the floor she surprised him by moving close into his body. His body had responded as any red blooded man's would have and he tried to avoid allowing her to realise that he had an erection. The lights had dimmed and Megan pressed her thigh against his throbbing prick, she had looked into his eyes and smiled as she ran her tongue over her lips. David had been saved further embarrassment by the music ending. He had escorted Megan back to her seat and as he had turned to leave he had heard her whisper that she wanted another dance later on.

David had decided that to avoid further temptation he had better leave the party, he had excused himself to his brother and sister-in law, Megan was dancing at the time so he had waved to her and left for his room.

He had phoned Chris and had been pleased to hear that her mother was stable and no permanent injury had occurred. He had showered and was lying on the bed with just a towelling bathrobe on when the door had opened. He had looked up and to his surprise had seen his niece standing there.

He asked her how she had managed to get the key and was surprised when she had told him that she had told the night porter that she was his wife and that she had forgotten her key. He then had asked her what she was doing in his room. Megan explained that he had left the party before he had the second dance with her and that she wanted to dance with him. David had first thought that she was drunk but had remembered that she was a teetollaler. He had tried to persuade her to leave but she had insisted on him dancing with her, she had even put some music on and had stood there pirouetting in her long dress with her arms held out for him. He had decided to humour her before making her leave the room and got up from the bed. She had immediately moved into his arms and had clasped her arms around his neck pulling her into his body.

This had had 2 effects, the first had been to remind him of what a terrific figure she had and the second had been to cause the loose tie in the belt of his robe to part, in turn his robe parted at the front and his naked prick was in contact with her dress.

David remembered that he had been thunderstruck, what would Megan think? How could he move away without revealing his nudity to his young niece? Megan had appeared not to have noticed and had begun to sway to the music; the friction of her silk clad body against his nude flesh had caused David's manhood to stiffen and once again Megan had noticed it and had moved her thigh so that his prick had been trapped between her legs. She had then completely dumfounded him by dropping one hand to his pulsating member and saying;

"Uncle David, your cock seems to be happier to meet me than you do and I think that I will thank it properly," she had then dropped to her knees and before he had realised it her mouth was wrapped around it, she had begun to suck and lick the top of his cock and had even put her tongue into the slit at the top. David pulled away and had tried to remind her that it was wrong. Megan had just stood up, reached behind her and suddenly the dress was on the floor. His niece was revealed, naked apart from a garter belt and black stockings; her vagina was completely hairless with her labia pouting out and glistening with the juices of arousal.

David had stood as if in a trance as she had moved toward him, she had taken his hand and placed it on her pink tipped breasts.

"Don't you like me," she had said, " I have imagined this scene ever since you last visited us, I have dreamt of you fucking me and taking my virginity after I saw you and Christine in the woods, when she sucked you off, am I as good as she was?"

David had completely lost control and he had put his hands onto her shoulders and pushed her to her knees, he had thrust his prick into her mouth and had said to her;

Let's see how good you are, take my cock as deep into your throat as you can." Megan was eager to please and she had slowly sucked on her uncle's penis, letting it slide further and further into her mouth and throat until her lips had met his pelvis, she had moved her head back and forth, licking all around the purple head as soon as it had neared her lips.

David had realised that he was close to coming and pulled his knob from her mouth. He lifted her up, placed her on the bed and plunged his head between her young thighs. He had thrust his tongue into her eager juicy cunt and started to lap up the juices flowing freely from it, his tongue landed on the little nub of her clitoris, he flicked at it with the tip of his tongue then nibbled at it gently with his teeth, he had then pushed one finger into her vagina and had found that she was indeed a virgin, he combined the assault on her clit with the thrusting on his finger, as her cunt had opened with his attentions, he had slid another finger in, he moved his mouth up her body to her breasts, he had used his thumb to keep on stimulating her clitoris. He had felt the trembling start in her belly and her pelvis matching the trusting of his fingers as she climaxed Megan had screamed out;

"I'm coming oh I'm coming." She had arched her back at the same time and had clutched her uncle's head to her breasts.

David had given her no respite; he pulled her to the edge of the bed, wiped his prick into her slit to lubricate it and pushed the tip between the lips of her small opening. He had known that he was going to cause some pain but had gone beyond any thoughts of caring about his young relative, once his bulbous tip had made the initial penetration, he had thrust hard, knowing that her come juice would ease the passage of his enlarged cock into the velvet cavern of her cunt. It was so tight, he felt her warmth through the full length of his prick, and he knew that he was going to come very quickly.

Megan had gasped as her maidenhead was ravaged by what she had thought was a monstrous pole being rammed into her but had quickly moved into David's rhythm and met his hips with her own. She had locked her legs around his back and began to encourage him by saying;

"Yes uncle fuck me, fuck my virgin cunt stick your prick in deeper, deeper. Yes I'm coming again harder uncle harder, aagh I'm coming"

David had pulled himself away, he flipped her onto her stomach and once again rammed his cock into her gaping, bleeding cunt, and he resumed the hard vicious thrusting, he had lifted Megan onto her knees and had instructed her to finger her clit as he was fucking her. Megan had eagerly complied with his orders and even managed to time yet another orgasm as David had shot his semen deep into her womb.

David had rolled off his niece and they had moved up onto the bed David had looked at the young minx who had given hers and taken his virginity;

"Why did you start that he asked, was a virgin as well and was waiting for my wedding night?"

Megan had smiled and had said;

"The damage has been done now, why don't we make a night of it?"

David remembered that, at those words, all thoughts of Christine were banished from his head

He had turned to his niece and kissed her lips, soon his tongue was ravaging her mouth as lustily as his prick had taken her maidenhood. His hands had moved over her body caressing her hardened nipples, pinching them causing Megan to groan. He had moved his mouth down to her throat, onto her breasts and had suckled her like a baby. His tongue had snaked down her belly onto he shaven cunt, Megan had moved so that she could take his prick into her mouth as she sucked on it she put a finger into her own pussy and then moved it to his anus, slowly she pushed her finger deep into his body.

David had gasped and realised that her ass was only millimetres away from his mouth, he moved his tongue over the brown crinkled hole and started rim her ass, he put his finger into her and then a second. Her ministrations to his arse and prick had driven him to fever pitch, he pulled away from her, placed her on her knees and thrust his cock deep into her cunt, after a few thrusts he pulled out, to her dismay as she had cried for him to continue fucking her. His answer was to place the tip of his engorged penis at the entrance to her rear passage and his fingers began to tease her clit. Slowly he pressed forward, slowly the bulbous head forced its way past the sphincter, once he had the first 2 inches of his prick into her he plunged deep in until his balls banged against her cunt. His fingers had been pinching and stroking her clitoris.

Megan began to mewl, sounds not words emanating from her mouth, David paused;

"No, No," she cried; "Fuck my arse harder, harder." He continued to her cries of encouragement, she began to shudder screaming that she was cumming, he felt the pressure build up in his balls and his prick exploded into her arse.

David came to from his reverie and realised that he was in his office and that he had a raging hard on. He also realised to his dismay that he had superimposed his daughter Hazel's face into the scene and not Megan's.

He rang home and Chris, who had just returned from Sue and Tom's answered. David told her that he was on the way home and that she had better be ready for a good fucking when he got there. He was a little surprised when she replied that she would be more than ready.

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