tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFantasies Realised Ch. 1

Fantasies Realised Ch. 1


In all the stories I've written so far, I've been describing about my own experiences, how I discovered I loved to show myself off, and experiences I've had since then - don't worry there are more of those to come! But these stories are about how my best friend and her now ex-boyfriend discovered she really liked to show herself off. I met her during one of these, and we've had our own fun since (but that's another story, or seven!), anyway she asked me to write about this, so here we go. Dedicated, with all my love, to Anya.

* * * * *

'We have to liven up our sex life!' she said.

'Thanks, I didn't realise I was that boring,' Josh moaned as he rolled over to the other side of the bed.

'No, I mean it's nice, but in this magazine,' she waved a page in front of his face, 'it says we should play this game where we act out each others fantasies - it's like three wishes, I guess.'

He suddenly became more interested, 'oh yeah, tell me more..'

'Basically we toss a coin to see who goes first, then whoever wins gets to chose anything they want to do, organise it all - then surprise the other person - or not. You can tell them if you want.' Her nipples were become hard just thinking about this.

'And it can be anything?' Josh raised an eyebrow.

'Yes, and once we start, we can't back out, not until we have done six things.' That was her own rule.

'But like how bad can they be? What if you hate me forever?'

'Oh I wouldn't worry about that hun, yours won't be worse than mine!' This was going to be fun. 'Have you got a coin we could toss? we may as well start now.'

'Um, yeah, here it is. Heads or tails?' He tossed the coin.


'No, it's tails. That means I get to chose the first fantasy. Hmm, I'll have to put some thought into it, I mean I don't want to use my best first.' He lay back, as if concentrating.

'Oh come on, you already know exactly what you're going to do! Tell me!' She wished she'd added an extra rule - informed consent!

'Nope, it's going to be a surprise. Just make sure you're here on Friday,' he turned out the light, signalling the end of the discussion.

Friday came all too soon for Anya. She arrived at Joshes flat, near the city centre, on time and let herself in. He came up to her with a glass of some alcoholic drink, 'quick drink this, you're going to need some Dutch courage.'

Anya had always worn quite conservative clothes, suits, shirts, jumpers, jeans. Nothing out of the ordinary. The first fantasy was going to be quite hard for her to cope with....

'I've been shopping,' said Josh, handing her a paper bag with some clothes in, 'I hope they fit, don't worry as it's the beginning of the night it's all quite tame.' He had a grin on his face and she began to feel increasingly nervous.

'What, do I have to get changed later?'

'Now that would be telling!'

She slowly walked into the bedroom and pulled the clothes she was to wear out of the bag. She couldn't believe how revealing everything was! She picked up the skimpy clothes, and reluctantly realised she had no choice - she was going to have to go along with this.

She stood in front of the mirror with the outfit on. She had to give him some credit, it did fit nicely...

She was wearing a white corset top with no straps, the top pushed her huge DD breasts up like shelves, and against the white her tanned skin looked delicious. Her eyes moved down her body, her smooth brown stomach just showed beneath her top, and on her hips hung a red leather skirt admittedly shorter than she would ever have worn, but the whole effect wasn't too bad. She admired herself in the mirror and congratulated herself on having a boyfriend who had such good taste in clothes. She slipped on the 4 inch heels, simple black straps embraced her feet, she stood and walked towards the hallway.

'Um, Josh, I'm ready.' She stood in the doorway and he whistled at the sight of his gorgeous girlfriend.

'Oh my God! I'm half tempted just to forget the whole evening - and ravish you here and now!'

She could tell he wasn't lying, a little tent was forming in his trousers. 'So, what happens now?'

'We're going out for a drink.' He grabbed his coat, she reached for hers. He stopped her, 'No, I think you'll be fine like that.' He opened the door and they left for the first bar.

Walking down the street she saw many men staring at her amazing young figure. Her tits were so out of proportion with her fragile frame that she had never liked to show them off, but she had to admit she liked the looks she was getting.

As they entered the bar he got them a table in the corner. He sat down, handed her some money and asked for a drink.

'Oh, and Anya, come here a second, she leant towards him, and stood shocked as he popped open a few fasteners at the top of the corset, her nipples were now only just hidden beneath the thin material, 'your first task is to kiss another man here.'

'What?' He mouth fell open, 'you want me to kiss someone else!'

'That's what I said.'

She slowly walked to the bar, feeling her nipples edging out of her top, she lifted it back up and headed to the bar. As soon as she got there she heard a low voice to her right.

'Hi, can a get you a drink?' He was tall and dark, but not really handsome.

She moved her long blond hair behind her shoulder and turned to face him, putting on her biggest smile. 'Oh, yes please! I'm waiting for my friend, but she seems to be late.' She looked at her watch. 'Could I ask you a favour?'

'Hmmm, sure, what is it?'

'Will you kiss me? I mean, I just feel this insane attraction between us, I'm sorry, am I speaking out of line here?' Before she had chance to look back up at him he had pressed his mouth against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She felt thrills run down her spine as she realised what she was doing, but then pulled away.

'Thanks, yeah, oh look, my friends here.' She waved in the direction of the table Josh was sat at and headed back, without saying bye. She sat down next to him, 'was that ok? I mean you wouldn't like me to fuck him or anything?' she said dryly.

'That was just a test, to see if you are willing to play properly. Ok, here's the deal. We're going to four different bars, including this one, and at each one I have left some clothes for you to wear behind the bar, and a task for you to do is written in the bag. So you go to the bar and ask for the bag, go into the toilets, change, then we leave when it's completed. And if you don't do the task then this night doesn't count as one of the three. Ready?'

She nodded her head, as much as she hated to admit it she was quite enjoying it so far. 'So there's a bag behind this bar?'

He nodded his head.

She was in the toilets, locking herself in a small cubicle to inspect the contents of the bag. She first found the bit of paper, it read:

'Ok, hun, ready? Put on this gorgeous ensemble, then meet me outside, there is no more tasks to do in this bar. Just leave what you are wearing now in the toilet, we'll get it later'

She reached in and pulled put the incredibly small amount of clothing she had to put on. She first put on the suspenders, black, and a black lace G-string. Her ass was covered with a very flimsy silk skirt, which did actually cover her ass, she noticed thankfully. But you could still see the flesh above her stocking. On top she put on the tiny top provided. It was black and was like a small cardigan with one tie at he front, only it was far too small for her chest, and it only just covered her nipples, leaving the rest of her chest bare. Her heavy tits bounced as she shook them to test the top, and a nipple popped out. She replaced it behind the flimsy top and headed out through the bar. If she thought she had been stared at before that was nothing, everyone was looking at her, women too , and she felt very turned on.

As she got outside she took Joshes arm and they headed for the next bar. A gust of wind blew her little skirt up, and she reached to put it down, but he told her not too, so she just had to carry on walking showing the world her G-string after a minute or two, she wouldn't have pulled it down, even if she had been let to, she was having too much fun!

They arrived at the next bar, it was smaller than the last, but busier. Leaving Josh to find his seat she headed for the bar, ordering a drink to give her some more courage. She drank it quickly and asked for the bag behind the bar. She noticed that the barman couldn't stop staring at her chest, she thrust it out more, to give him a better view. She took the bag, heading for the toilets, looking forward to her next outfit.

In the toilets she read the note:

'Put these on, then go to the dance floor, let all the man that want to touch you, touch you, encourage them. I will already have been to the dance floor and spread a few rumours...'

She felt a thrill of excitement as she put on the third outfit. Even more revealing than the last it consisted of a red skirt that didn't even reach to cover her ass which had a split up each side, she also had a red lace bra that was just half cups - only just holding in her nipples, she put on the red high heels and inspected herself. The women in the toilets were giving her disgusted looks, but she was so turned on now she didn't even mind that she was virtually naked, she was just thankful though, that she had been given red knickers to match. She had noticed that the outfits were getting more daring and wondered what she would be wearing by the end of the night....

She headed the toilets, feeling her tits rubbing against the too small bra, they looked huge and she felt like they would escape at any minute. Once on the dance floor she began dancing provocatively, rubbing herself up and down a pole near a wall, as she was doing this she felt some hands come round and grab her breasts. The person began kneading them and she worked herself up and down the pole even quicker, she felt like she would explode. Before she knew what had happened the hands had worked under her bra, and she felt some more hands coming from the man standing in front of her rubbing her legs, working up to her ass. They slid under the flimsy skirt feeling her tight asshole.

She gasped in pleasure and tossed her head back as she felt herself coming to a climax, she felt a finger popping into her asshole and gasped in pain, she had never had that before, she began to moan loudly and shook violently with the strength of her orgasm - unbelievable considering all she had were two men rubbing her. She felt so dangerous and sexy, that when Josh came up and said it was time to go, she wanted to stay and fuck the man - but she knew the rules and left quietly.

Walking down the street wearing just a bra certainly was a new experience, and she felt like ripping it off, running down the street with her chest free to bounce up and down. But she knew there was still two more outfits to go and she knew that would be even better than this one.

Again at this bar she went to get a double vodka to make sure she didn't run out of courage. She retrieved the bag and went to the toilets. Again she read the note:

'I want a blow job you little slut. Meet me on the upstairs platform.'

She couldn't believe what he was asking, but after the scene at the last place she wasn't that surprised.

The outfit in this bag consisted of a quarter cup bra, she put it on and her breasts spilled over the edge, virtually hiding the small white lace bra, but they lifted her breasts, making them look even bigger than they were. She put on the white skirt, it was so low on her hips her trimmed pussy hair was visible, and so high on her ass that the bottom of her pussy was visible. It was more like a belt, to add to that is was literally see-through, it was made of lace matching the bra. She put on the white knee high boots an headed out to the stairs, finding her way to the top floor. Not only were people staring at her now, but they were actually touching her breasts as she walked past, and by the time she reached Josh she just wanted to fuck him there and then.

He didn't say anything, just sat, opened his fly and waited. She sank between his knees taking his long, thick cock in her mouth, licking the underside of the shaft, moving her tongue in circling motions, moving to the tip, she could feel he wasn't going to last long so took it in her mouth as far as she could go, she began working up and down, increasing the pace, until she had fitted it all in and could feel it touching the back of her throat. She felt him swell and prepared to swallow, and she did. As his hot cum shot into her mouth she gagged at first, but soon began swallowing. After what seemed like minutes he pulled out of her, a small drop of cum dribbled down her mouth and she caught it with her finger, before swallowing that too.

'Right, let's go,' he managed to say.

As she stood and turned she saw that an audience had formed, she didn't know what she was thinking, but she gave them a bow, giving them an even better view of her huge tits, she couldn't believe it but people actually started clapping, and as they headed down the steps to the exit they were all shouting at her to give them a go.

She reddened with embarrassment, she actually wanted to put on some clothes now. As the cool night air hit her naked breasts she began to feel aroused again though, and soon couldn't wait to see her last outfit.

Before they headed into the bar Josh gave me his coat, 'I think you'd better wear this.' She didn't understand but shrugged it on anyway, as they walked in she saw a poster, there was a stripper here tonight.

'Josh, why have you brought me to see s stripper?' He just chuckled as she headed over to the bar to retrieve the bag.

As she headed to the toilet again she noticed that this bag was a lot bigger than the rest. She read the note:

'Surprise, you're the stripper!'

She couldn't believe it! No way did she want to parade in front of all those men. She inspected the outfit when she had it on. She was covered in a black negligee, it came to just below her ass. Underneath she wore a black bra that was like the last, a quarter cup. She also wore crotchless panties, all had special Velcro attachments, easy to get off. The outfit was completed with black stilettos and nipple tassels. She reached for the last items in the bag, a small drink bottle, it said on it 'I thought you might need a bit of Dutch courage - let as many men fuck you as they want.' She gasped, she couldn't believe the fact that her boyfriend was like this, and she couldn't believe that she was looking forward to it. There was also a small tube, 'you may as well lube up now,' it said. She drank the alcohol then lubed her tight asshole, loving the feeling she was getting from it.

As she headed for the small circular stage surrounded by men, they all turned to see her and cheered. The music began and she started erotically dancing on the stage. There was a pole, and she began rubbing up and down, giving them occasionally glimpses of her panties. They all began to demand her to strip, so she ripped of the negligee revealing her breasts underneath, she shook her chest, and headed for a nearby man, sticking her breasts in his face, she moved away and began to pole dance again, hooking her leg around it and caressing her breasts.

She stood and in one swift movement removed her bra, a huge cheer went up in the crowd as she shook her tassels. As she moved around people began to reach out and touch her huge tits, she was being mauled by at least five different men at once. Still with her shoes on she whipped her crotchless panties off and began to massage her clit, sticking two fingers inside her drenched hole. She began to hump her own hand, and wasn't surprised when she saw that most men at the front had got their cocks out, all hard, all getting themselves off. She chose a random man and began to suck him off, before she knew what was happening she felt someone massaging her butt, easing two fingers into her tight hole, once they had briefly loosened her up she felt a cock working its way into her hole, easing gently in, until they pushed hard and she felt a surge of pain as her virgin ass was pierced.

Another few men were surrounding her, one sticking his fingers up her slippery hole, others kneading her breasts. She felt herself quickly come to orgasm, and as she did the man in front of her spurted his hot cum down her throat, she swallowed as quickly as she could but it all spilled over, dripping down her face to her chest. She felt the man in her ass blast his hot cum up her hole, and as he pulled out of her she collapsed on the floor, only to look up and see at least ten cocks being ferociously pumped, all shooting cum on her body, covering her pussy, her breasts, her hair, her face. After everyone had shot her load she lay there. The crowd cleared and she saw Josh standing above her.

'Josh,' she managed a hoarse whisper, 'If that wasn't your best idea, I can't wait for your next ones.'

He laughed as he reached a hand out for me and I pulled myself up. 'You were amazing babe, but you're right, how are we going to top that?' He pulled her close and gave her a long, tender kiss.

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