tagLoving WivesFantasy 1, Ch. 01

Fantasy 1, Ch. 01


My heart was beating so fast I thought I would have a heart attack. My loving, wonderful, beautiful child bride had finally sent me an email notifying me of the absolutely best birthday present ever in my whole life.

Her message read as follows: "After much thought, prayer and discussion I realize how badly you want and how important it is to you for me to totally give myself to you sexually. To do exactly what I am told when I am told wherever I'm told without question or complaint. Even though I will have a hard time I am sure with some of the things you will ask/demand/order, I really want to make you happy and be the best wife/lover/partner/slut/cunt ever in your life. I trust that you will never allow me to get hurt or in trouble. I trust you will always love me no matter what. And I have finally come to the conclusion that you will love me more the longer I am totally yours.

All that being said, My darling I am yours today, tomorrow and forever. Love me, use me and do with me what you will. I love you Debbie"

My mind began to accelerate so quickly I had to sit down and gather myself. First I had to tell myself do not move to fast, in fact, to really make this enjoyable to both of us the pace must be slow, erotic and romantic. Gradual and deliberate movement to more and more erotic and sexual adventures was the only way for it to proceed.

I responded with an email thanking you from the bottom of my heart and underwear, asking her for a date that night for dinner and dancing. She responded with a short email that said only, "Thank you and yes."

I went home and find her standing in the living room in her simple black dress, pearls and what appeared to be a new pair of heels that seemed to be a bit higher than I had ever seen her in before. Her hair and makeup were perfect her black stockings made her legs look great and it appeared there was nothing on underneath that simple black dress that is thin and clinging so beautifully.

I quickly cleaned up and dressed nicely and found Deb in the living room surrounded by cats. All three cats were moving around her with a sense of excitement about them. Moving between her ankles, climbing on her breast and shoulders (complimenting her outfit with wonderful cat hair) and purring to beat the band. As if they could feel something different in the air. She looked up and shyly smiled with a bit of uncertainty evident in her eyes.

I took her hand, pulled her to a standing position, gently took her face in my hands and lovingly kissed her lips. Knowing this was the best thing in my life. Her breath grew a little more rapid, I think from anticipation of not knowing what would happen or when or even if............

As I walked her to the car I placed my hand on her back which to my surprise did not feel any bra. With this info I stepped closer to look more closely at her breasts. Sure enough her nipples were standing out prominently. Already my level of excitement was verging on the wonderful level. I had left my Blazer in the driveway and walked her to her door which I opened politely. She smiled mischievously as she turned her body to move her beautiful ass onto the seat. As she began to sit down her right hand brushed against my cheek, down my chest and boldly fondled my cock and balls. Looking down at her hand I also saw her place her left leg on the floor board of the vehicle while her right foot remained on the concrete drive. This action pushed the flimsy material of her dress up her legs. As the dress went up I realized she had on thigh high stockings, not pantyhose thank god.

When she saw my smile she asked, "Do you like that?"

I responded, "Very much!"

She grinned said, "Well if you like that maybe you will like this even better." Then she slowly grasped the bottom of her dress and pulled it up over her lap revealing a totally naked, beautifully clean shaven cunt that appeared to already have created it's own moisture just from the anticipation of what the night might hold. Stepping back to have an even better look, the sight I beheld was maybe to most erotic thing I could remember. I leaned into the car between her spread legs and kissed her long hard and deep. Gently running my middle finger up and down her very moist and wet cunt. She moaned as the kissed lingered. I pulled away before we got so carried away dinner would be forgotten.

The drive to Morton's was made more enjoyable by the way Deb choose to sit. Leaning her back against the door and moving her left knee on to the median allowed me an unobstructed view of slit that runs from her seat to her clit. She was very aware of how turned on I was and seemed to be enjoying the control she had on me at this juncture of the evening.

Smiling I thanked her for the beautiful show. She smiled and looked up seductively and ask, "Is there something else you would have me do Kind Sir?"

I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming or hallucinating. It was all real,"Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.........."

Well, since you ask I would have you roll your nipples between your thumb and forefinger any time they are not sticking out enough to be noticeable.

Without a word your lifted your left hand and with you thumb and forefinger began to roll your right nipple. This continued until we reached the restaurant. My cock was harder than it has been in a long time. I was loving every minute of it.

As I opened you door to go into dinner you again slowly removed yourself from the Blazer by spreading your legs for any and all to see your erotic sexual beauty. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. As we walked to the front door you glanced down and pinched both your nipples so they would be at full attention when we entered the foyer. I was so proud and excited I had to stifle a loud shout. I was not sure you even knew the valet parking guys had been sitting off to the rear of the Blazer and saw your wonderful show exiting the Blazer. Their smiles and thumbs up assured me they had enjoyed you very much.

We were seated in a corner booth that was partially secluded from the most of the restaurant. The hostess looked you up and down as she lead us to the booth. When the waiter appeared he thoroughly checked you out as you slide into the booth. As you settled into the booth you leaned into the table top placing your breast on your arms which you had crossed along the table edge. This pushed your breast up and out to show the maximum cleavage for the waiter and I to enjoy. God I was loving every minute of it. The waiters smile insured he liked what he saw. I love you new attitude.

Over dinner I shared my excitement and wonder over your new attitude. You shared your fears and hopes that you would be able to continue to grow more able to keep me excited. During dinner you ask if I had any suggestions. After some thought I ask for a couple of things right off. One: A more sexual hug for any and all. When hugging or dancing with someone, me or anyone else, I would like for you to push your whole body against your huggers body. Paying particular attention to insure the first part of you body to touch the other person be your pussy mound and then your breasts. Maintaining contact throughout the hug or dance. When dancing and you are pushing your cunt against your dance partner always allow his or her leg to go between your legs. Two: For us to get back to daily exploration of sex on the internet. And share what we did with each other at the end of the day. More of this as we grow more comfortable playing and enjoying this new openness.

Before we began the process of leaving you leaned over and said in a very sexy voice, "The valet guys seeing my pussy really excited me. Did you like it?" "Of course, what a silly question, wonderful slut/cunt that you seem to be becoming". Needless to say dinner went well.

Next installment: Dancing with a new attitude.

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