tagLoving WivesFantasy 2, Ch. 01

Fantasy 2, Ch. 01


With your new attitude and my knowledge of the number of times you require/demand orgasms when having sex (either by yourself or with a partner). I decided to expand your slut like horizons. First and foremost you had to be safe. Second you had to be some what comfortable and last by certainly not least you had to have many, many orgasms/nuts/cums. So below is what I propose.

We go shopping for a sexy sundress outfit with garter belt and thigh high hose. Maybe something that buttons up the front to allow what ever level of exposure you are comfortable with on a bright sunny Saturday afternoon in downtown San Antonio. We get a room in a convenient hotel/motel and walk to the USO or in that general direction.

Your job this day is to look good and sexy which you do without any effort and to pick out a couple of young Airmen/Trainees from Lackland AFB Training Battalion (Young, no sex in the past 90 days, and absolutely disease free.) that you find attractive. You are beginning to get the idea of what I have in mind, by becoming like a kid in a toy store. Smiling and winking at numerous prospects.

We venture down on the Riverwalk and take a sidewalk table close to Commerce street bridge. I suggest you go to the ladies' room and unbutton some buttons. You and you sly coy smile ask, "Just how many buttons did you have in mind?" I indicated that was entirely up to you. Then suggested do as many as you wish that would make you feel more sexy/slutty/easy or whatever effect you wish to feel. In other words what ever makes you nipples hard. Again you coo, "They are already hard, silly man." Then you saunter towards the café entrance to find the ladies' room. Just to the right of the entrance sit to young robust looking airmen. One white, one African-American who following you with their eyes from the time you get up until you move out of their sight into the doorway. When you enter the doorway you stop and point at them where they can't see you. Then you do a shudder, shake and smile. I get the message loud and clear. These two would be fine boy toys to play with for the rest of the afternoon. Then you turn and enter the café.

I have the waitress to take the Airmen a drink on our tab. She smiles after having seen the little charade in the doorway. The drinks are delivered and the guys think something is fishy. Seeing a fat old man sitting by himself offering to buy them a drink. The waitress sees the problem and explains that my lady friend would be coming out that entry way any minute now.

Sure enough your new attitude just keeps getting better, when you come out the door, you fake an almost tumble on the step. As you lean over to grab the table where the young men are sitting to keep from falling over, the newly opened buttons allow at wonderful view of your breasts in your new fitted half bra. You, still leaning over and allowing the view, began to tell the Airmen how sorry you are but you almost fell over. They let you know without a doubt that it is no problem. You smile, stand up and in a very slutty style, walk back to out table and ask, "Well, I think I got their attention don't you?"

I replied, "Without a doubt." Then I tell you that I had bought them a round of drinks. You smile and say how wonderful. With that knowledge you turn in your seat, raise your Dr. Pepper in the sign of a toast. Of course this process allowed your legs to part and the unbutton bottom of your sundress falls open exposing the top of your thighs over your stockings. The guys smile and return the toast sign.

You turn around and say, "I think they appreciate the drinks."

I reply, "Yes, the drinks and the view up and down your sundress.

You giggle a nervous little giggle then in a stammering, stuttering voice you ask, "Just what do you have in mind now?"

I reply that is entirely up to you. But I thought I would suggest you go to our room and wait to see what kind of company you might have. You asked, "Where are you going?"

I say I think I'll sit here and enjoy the scenery and sunlight for the next couple of hours.

With that your eyes get as big as saucers but you get up, grab your purse and walk by the Airmen's table on your way to the room. In passing you say to them, "I'll see you in a little while."

The guys confused try to respond but you are gone. They look over at me with quizzical looks all over their faces. I motion them over. They jump up and rush over to our table. Gesturing for them to sit down, they pull up chairs as close as they can get. I ask, "Are you guys a bit confused?"

They respond, "Well, yeah!"

So I ask them if they liked what they saw. "Hell yes, for sure, absolutely!", they replied.

We make chit chat for a few minutes talking about how good you looked and how hot you are. They eat up every word. They ask all sorts of questions. Are you coming back? Are you my girl friend or what? Do you always dress so sexy? They, also, talk about how they haven't touched a woman in ninety and watching you made them horny as hell! Then I pull the key card to our hotel room out of my pocket and lay in on the table. Then I ask if they know what that is and they say sure. Then I ask point bland, "Why don't you guys take that key to our hotel, go into the room and fuck, suck, lick and stick my wife for a while?"

Their mouths drop open but then they become skeptical, asking, "Who is the lady and where are you gonna be?"

I respond, "I am her husband and I will be sitting right here unless one of you or she calls me for something."

Then I followed with, "She is a lot of woman and needs more than I can give her. So I promised her an adventure and you guys are it. I figure you are horny as hell and safe from any STD's because you couldn't have gotten into the service unless you were clean and you haven't had any since you entered bootcamp. So you all four get what we want and I end up with a happy wife who will spend the rest of the evening telling me every gory detail of what you guys did. How does that sound?"

In disbelief they ask just to be sure, "You want us to take this key go to your hotel room, have sex with your old lady?"

"Yep, that is exactly what I want you to do with one exception."

"Oh, here's the catch." one of them skeptically said.

Wait till you hear what the exception is, just hold on, OK.

I want you to take this digital camera and take turns taking pictures of what the other guy is doing to her. I think the about 400 plus pics on the card so go hog wild. And when you are both fucking her at the same time take pics in the mirror so I don't miss anything. I will have her write a story about this adventure on the internet and I will forward the story and some of the pics to you. How does that sound?

The guys looked at each other, smiled and said almost at the same time, "This has got to be the best graduation present in the world." They got up and left. And for the next two hours I sat around or walked the Riverwalk the happiest man in San Antonio. My imagination was running wild, picturing oh so many lurid sex acts going on in our room.

Then my cell phone rang, it was you. Your only words were, "I love you, I thank you and I need you to come and hug me long and hard." Needless to say I made a bee line to the room. Where I found you draped across a totally disheveled bed, looking totally slutty, your nipples sticking straight out and looking almost raw from the attention they had been receiving and your pussy lips distended and so red and raw looking I knew it needed to be gently kissed to make it well. There was cum all over the spread, the sheets the head board, every where. And this was not counting all the cum in your hair, caked on your tits and bald pussy. Everywhere! Those guys must have really tried to make for lost time and had a lot of cum to spread around. The camera was sitting on the dresser with a handwritten note of thanks that included their email addresses. I smiled as I undressed climbed in bed with you, taking you in my arms, smiling, holding you close and kissing face and lips which tasted a whole lot like someone else's cum. You couldn't pull me close enough and I loved it.

I in a nonchalant manner ask, "What you been doing kid?

The rest of this story needs to be told by you.

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