As Anise strolled down the dark wet street, she felt a breeze across her thighs, as if from a ghostly hand. Her silken black skirt was adorned with a very high slit to the right hip. The though of a hand creeping up that slit to her bare hip made a shiver climb up her spine. As the mist of rain started to fall, her white satin blouse began to cling to her bare breast like soft hands. The farther she walked the more she felt the ghostly hands against her skin. She began to feel uneasy at the thought that something was following her, and touching her in soft sensual places as she moved.

She began to pick up the pace as the rain started to fall in larger drops. She splashed through puddles as a child would. Her black leather boots hugged her legs up to her knees as the water ran down her thighs and legs. Her apartment was only a few blocks away, but seemed a long way to go when one's mind is racing as Anise's was.

She climbed the stairs to the studio apartment that she adored so much, feeling a little safer now that she was home. She had put her heart and soul into decorating her space with all her own taste. Anise had in the past invited friends and lovers into her space, just to find that they did not appreciate her for Gothic Art. She had since decided that her choice of men would have to change. It had been a long time since she had felt the touch of erotic pleasure of any kind. It seemed for the moment she had imagined the ghostly touches, almost wishing that they were real.

Anise slid her boots off at the door, then slipped her skirt down and hung it on the coat rack. She plopped down on the leather sofa, exhausted yet exhilarated from the sprint home in the rain. Too bad she had no one at home waiting for her that she she could share the mood with.

Suddenly, a noise came from the other room. A hissing noise, like a snake, but there weren't any snakes in the city. Anise froze on the black sofa and perked her ears to listen. Whatever it was, it was coming closer. Her heart pounded in her chest and throat. Who, or what, could it possibly be? She couldn't move, frozen with fear. then the same ghostly hands touched her ankle, making her shiver with both fear and pleasure at the the same time. But almost immediately realized that she wasn't afraid, and in fact her pussy was wet from the touch. The presence in the room was overpowering, but gentle. It began to climb up her calves, then her thighs. There were two hands that felt soft, yet strong. Was she imagining this, or was it real? She began to squirm, but no matter where she went, the ghostly hands followed, with erotic intentions. At this point, Anise didn't care if it was real or imagination. She could feel her panties sliding from her hips, as if pulled by an unseen force had ordered them off. Anise lifted her body to give the force cooperation.

The buttons on Anise's blouse began to pop off and fly across the sofa. Anise let out a sharp gasp when she realized that this wasn't her imagination, and was incredibly aroused by the thought of a ghostly lover. She yearned for it to touch her breasts. Still damp from the rain, her nipples erect, now very hard. The hands moved to her inner thighs, and softly touched her clit, like a warm wet tongue. It stroked her pussy softly, but oh so correctly, hitting every spot perfectly. She moaned with satisfaction, and spread her legs, putting her feet on the edges of her glass coffee table. Her hands raised up and clutched the leather on the back of the couch. Her hips moved in small, slow circles. The pleasure was unbelievable. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She couldn't breathe, and gasped for air; she pulled away and slid herself across the sofa. The invisible force caressed her skin, making its way to her breasts. She could feel a cool mist surrounding her. Anise could not contain herself as she placed her hand on her pussy and began to rub it for pleasure. The mist rose all over the room as the force slid on top of her. Anise closed her eyes as she felt something large and warm shove into her, as she yelled and moaned with pure animal pleasure. In and out many times, but always hitting her clit in the most wet and perfect way. She could no longer contain herself and began to climax almost immediately, and she knew it would be no ordinary orgasm. It came strong and hard. Anise lost her breath, screaming out in unearthly pleasure. The room spun as she began to die. Afterwards, while Anise lay quivering on her sofa, she began to come to terms with what had just happened. Anise was a realistic person, but could not deny that an extraordinary thing had happened to her. She wasn't even sure of the gender of the apparition. Anise also wasn't sure that she care.

As she rose from the sofa, still quivering, knees shaking, and wet to the knees, Anise realized that the temperature in the apartment had risen. It was gone.

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