Field Trip Follies Ch. 11


"Yes... that sounds plausible... if the kids back the story up."

"What a good idea, Mr. Dodder! You tell them what to say. That way Miss. Ostiago will have independent verification!" Lindsey suddenly realized that Mr. Dodder was one of the wisest, most caring teachers she'd ever met. He even reminded her of Mr. Molarez, the teacher she'd loved so much that she's seduced him on her graduation day. She put her arms over Mr. Dodder's shoulders, then stood on her tippy-toes and gave him a kiss on his big, flabby lips. Soon her tongue was in his mouth, slurping and sucking.

Mr. Dodder was utterly taken aback. He'd been ogling Mrs. Foster ever since she was a trainee, but had never dreamed that she'd ever actually kiss him. But this wasn't just a kiss, she was invading his mouth with her sharp, flickering tongue! It was utterly terrifying but incredibly exciting too! His cock instantly swelled in his pants. He stumbled backward, then plopped onto his ass on one of the big chairs next to the elevator.

Lindsey was in a haze of lust. She whispered desperately into his ear, "You're so fucking sexy, Mr. Dodder. Let's go to my room. I want you to fuck me."

Good god! She wants me to have sexual intercourse with her! But I can't! I can't! Brenna would never forgive me! "No, Mrs. Foster! What are you doing?" Then Mrs. Foster hiked up her tight dress, giving him a sudden glimpse of her panties, before straddling his lap and desperately grinding her pussy against his erection. His mind went blank, and suddenly he was kissing her hard, and squeezing her little ass in his trembling hands. Moments later he felt a powerful rush in his balls, and started gushing into his underwear.

Lindsey laughed gaily with the realization that he was cumming for her, but a few seconds later his wonderful erection softened. She whimpered, "No... no, don't go away... no, please."

"Mr. Dodder?"

Mr. Dodder opened his eyes to see Denny and Bitty, dressed in their uniforms, staring open-mouthed at them. Mr. Dodder instantly pushed Mrs. Foster off of his lap gasping with embarrassment. "S...s...sorry, Mrs. Foster... No more... no more time for... uh... the special massage! We... we... we have to go!" He started pushing the elevator button again and again, willing it to come faster.

Lindsey blushed from head to toe as she looked at her grinning students. Oh shit... did I just... did I just dry hump Mr. Dodder in front of a couple of students? Oh shit... what the fuck is wrong with me? She stood there in stunned silence until the three of them got on the elevator. Mr. Dodder looked like he was going to pass out, but Bitty smiled shyly at her, and moments before the elevator door closed, Denny gave her a playful wink.


Brandi was masturbating like crazy to the sight of the Big Blue Bear's long pink cock sliding in and out of Dana Lee's mouth. It was absolute living porn. And the hottest part of it was that Dana Lee was doing it in full splits position, her long legs sticking out at 180 degrees to each other on the bed. Now, that's impressive! I guess I should start taking dance lessons too. Not that I'd ever learn to bend my legs that way. I'd rip my pussy in half if I tried to do that! Man... just look at her going to town on Big Blue... I mean, Killian! Shit. I keep doing that. Forgetting there's a guy in that mascot costume! This is so trippy.

Killian was in a strangely detached place. He was looking down at one of the most amazing sights imaginable, but he had enough presence of mind to compare Dana Lee's cock-sucking skills to the other girls'. Although she didn't have Ayako's talent, she had the edge in the visuals department. Her body was long and narrow, with flawlessly smooth copper-toned skin. Her spine was wonderfully curvaceous and her ass was to die for. And her long, slender legs were beyond compare. She also beat Brandi in the enthusiasm category. Dana Lee clearly loved sucking cock because she was putting everything she had into it. She was craning her willowy neck forward and back, as she joyfully gobbled his cock, making her long sun-bleached blonde hair swing delightfully with each movement. Also, unlike Brandi, he didn't feel a hint of teeth, and though he was certain she was taking his long cock all the way back into her throat, she wasn't gagging or choking as Brandi had done. He just felt his shaft sliding between her tight wet lips, then back across her tongue, then popping past her epiglottis, until his furry balls pressed flat into the adorable cleft in her chin. All the while she looked up at him with lust burning in her sky-blue eyes. From time to time she'd turn her head sideways, making his cock distort her cheek. It was stunning to see his own cock stretching Dana Lee Pruitt's hollow cheeks.

As he growled and groaned with pleasure, Ayako stood next to him with her hands on his shoulders. He reached up and gave her hand a squeeze and growled his thanks. She growled playfully in response. It was almost as if they now spoke the same language. He felt blessed. In love for the first time in his life, and getting his cocked sucked at the same time... and this was only the beginning.

A wonderfully simple thought entered Killian's mind. I'm going to fuck Dana Lee Pruitt. Then he looked over at Brandi. She was grinning at him with that adorable gap-toothed smile, stroking her fleshy pussy, making the dragon tattoo on her belly move as if it were alive. I'm going to fuck Brandi Osterhott too. These thoughts didn't frighten him. Rather, he felt wonderfully calm, perhaps calmer than he'd felt about anything in years. He simply knew it was going to happen, so why rush? He just looked down at Dana Lee and enjoyed what she was doing to him.

Dana Lee was in hog's heaven. I can't believe I'm sucking Killian Kirk's cock and loving it! Well, after all the shit I put him through over the years, this is the least I could do for him. Fuck, who am I kidding? I'm not doing this for him! I'm doing this cause I love cock! I love Killian Kirk's cock! How weird... but fuck! I could suck his cock all day long!

But then her legs started to go to sleep from being in the split position too long, so she pulled off of his cock and flipped onto her back again. "Okay Bear. You're plenty hard. Let's get this started."

Killian's sense of detachment disappeared, replaced by a lustful surge of confidence. Yeah! Let's do this thing! Killian gave Ayako's hand another squeeze, then he dropped forward, putting his paws on either side of Dana Lee's beautiful, slender ribcage. He looked right into her eyes, and thrusted forward, intending to slide his cock right into her waiting pussy, but it banged against her belly instead.

"Yowch! Try again, big guy."

He tried to look down in order to aim properly, but his oversized football jersey was hanging in the way. He thrust again, poking her hard in the labia, then tried again, missing again.

Dana Lee started to giggle. "Ow! Hee, hee, hee! No, a little lower. Ouch! Ha, ha, hee! No... hee, hee, to the right... Ow! Hee, hee, ha! My right! Oof! Hee, hee, heee...!"

Ayako saw the situation, so she kneeled and reached between them, grabbed Big Blue Bear-san's hot cock, and guided it into place. The next time he thrusted, his cock slid right into Dana Lee's well-lubricated pussy, squashing Ayako's hand between them.

Killian uttered a happy, "Growwwwwl!" and Dana Lee gasped, as Killian's pubes meshed with hers.

Ayako's palm was pressed flat against Dana Lee's furry pussy, but she didn't want to pull away. Oh, she's so wet. She looked at Dana Lee to make sure she didn't mind being felt up by a girl, but Dana Lee's eyes had rolled into the back of her head. Then Big Blue Bear-san pulled out and pushed in again. Ayako was amazed by the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her friend's stretchy pussy lips. In this position she found it easy to flick her thumb up and down Dana Lee's hard little clit, causing the skinny blonde to writhe and gasp.

Killian was amazed at how tight Dana Lee was. Though Ayako was a smaller girl, Dana Lee's pussy was apparently smaller, or her vaginal muscles more developed, because it felt like she was gripping him hard with her fist. He could feel the skin on his cock stretching back with each thrust, then on each pullback it felt like it was being turned inside out. But the more he fucked her, the juicier she got, and soon he was sliding in and out with just the right ammount of friction.

Dana Lee writhed and moaned as Killian picked up the pace. What the fuck is he doing to my clit? Nobody's ever done that to me with their cock before! She looked down and saw, with surprise, that Ayako's hand was on her pussy, flicking her clit with her thumb. Ayako smiled at her, glowing with happiness. Her first impulse was to swat Ayako's hand away, but then she thought, ah, why the fuck not? After all, I might want Alyson to do this to me someday, so I might as well get used to it. It feels good. It feels fucking good actually... oh, holy fuck... fuck... FUCK! "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She clenched and squealed in orgasm.

Killian was thrilled to see the crazed expression on Dana Lee's face. She looked up at him and wailed.

"Yeah... fuck me, Big Blue! Fuck me harder! HARDER!"

Killian began to thrust with all his power. He'd never been on top of a girl before, but as a gymnast, he found it incredibly easy to do, and was certain he could do it for hours, if he didn't cum first. He began to chant in his head, I'm fucking Dana Lee Pruitt. I'm fucking Dana Lee Pruitt. I'm fucking Dana Lee Pruitt...

She had another writhing orgasm, then another, then another. At some point her legs went up high, so he grabbed her ankles, spread her legs wide, and fucked her this way for another fifteen solid minutes, probably more. He was waiting for her to stop him, or to be stopped by his own orgasm, but neither one of these things occurred, so he kept fucking Dana Lee as she shrieked with orgasm after orgasm, her eyes growing wider and wider with disbelief.

Oh, holy shit! Nobody has fucked me this hard, this long! Tanner's lucky if he can keep up this kind of pace five minutes! Oh shit... here comes another orgasm! "Fuuuuuuck!!! Yes! Yes! Yeeeesssssssss!"

Killian heard Ayako moaning, so he looked to his left. She was on her back now, next to Dana Lee, her legs wide open, swirling her clit like crazy with her right hand, while fingering Dana Lee's clit with her left. He instinctively reached for her womanhood. Then he realized that his paws weren't exactly clean. He'd been doing backward handsprings in the parking lot all morning. So, even though it was a violation of rule #1, he ripped open the Velcro straps around the wrists and yanked both of the fuzzy blue gloves off, then instantly put his left hand between Ayako's legs, slipping two fingers straight into her pussy. She shrieked with joy and arched her back off the bed. He instantly felt her cum shooting out against his fingers.

Now he was holding Dana Lee's thigh with his right hand, feeling the soft, creamy perfection of her. Moments later, he heard Brandi moaning so he turned to his right just in time to see her cumming. A jet of liquid shot out of Brandi's pussy, crossed the gap between the beds, and splashed against his hand and Dana Lee's thigh. He spread Brandi's juices all over Dana Lee's thigh and ass, then reached down to palm her breasts and tweak her fat nipples. He pinched them and pulled them as she shrieked with another orgasm.

Dana Lee carelessly flopped her right hand onto Ayako's belly. Almost instantly, Ayako grabbed her hand and led it to her pussy. Dana Lee had never in her entire life touched any pussy but her own, but she instantly started swirling Ayako's clit as she did her own, only barely aware of what she was doing through the fog of orgasm.

Killian saw Dana Lee swirling Ayako's clit, as he fucked her with his fingers. Soon Ayako was squealing again, and this time when she came, it drenched Dana Lee's fingers.

Dana Lee moaned at the feeling of hot cum splashing her hand. She had her biggest, most earth shattering orgasm so far, and brought her wet hand to her mouth and bit her knuckle, only vaguely realizing that she was tasting Ayako's pussy. Her whole body was quivering uncontrollably now. The pleasure was too much. Much too much. She gasped, "Stop! Please! Too much! Can't... bear... any... more!"

Killian smiled. Not another bad 'bear' pun, I hope. He felt proud of himself as he pulled out of Dana Lee's overworked pussy. I can't believe I outlasted her! With a newfound feeling of confidence, Killian squirmed to the left and jammed his cock right into Ayako's little blue pussy. She squealed in joy, and wrapped her legs around the back of his thighs. She was tiny, compared to him, so he put his hands under her back, lifted her up in the air and fucked her like a rag-doll. He found he was able to hold her up with only his left hand, so he squeezed her silky smooth breasts with his right hand, feeling them with his bare skin for the first time. Then he touched her beautiful face, lovingly tracing the shape of her ravishing lips. She opened her mouth and began to suck his fingers like a cock until she started squealing with another powerful orgasm. She fell limp in his hands, utterly spent, and quivering with joy.

He laid her back down on the bed, and growled happily. She gasped, "Go to friend Brandi-san, Bigu Brue Bearu-san. You fuck her now. Arigatou."

Killian pulled his raging cock out of Ayako's quivering pussy with a wet pop, and hopped over Dana Lee's post-orgasmic body. As he jumped to the floor, Brandi's eyes lit up and she swiftly rotated onto her hands and knees, instantly bending over to present her pussy to him. She had an epic ass, but he didn't examine it for long. He wrapped his large hands around her narrow waist, positioned his throbbing cock between her fleshy pussy lips, and then shoved himself inside with one powerful thrust. For a fraction of an instant, he felt his cock bending against an obstruction before pushing through it with a snapping sensation.

Brandi let out a blood-curdling shriek as Big Blue's cock broke her hymen. He paused, halfway buried inside her, clearly unnerved by her scream. She moaned with the sweet, wonderful rush of pain. "Ohhhhhhhh, goddess. Thank you. Thank you."

Killian slowly pulled his cock back out of Brandi's vice-like snatch, afraid that he'd hurt her somehow. He saw blood smeared all over his pink flesh. Forgetting rule #2 for the first time all year, Killian shouted, "Brandi! You're bleeding!"

She chuckled and said, "Yeah, what do you expect? You popped my cherry, Big Blue! You took my virginity, so you might as well go ahead and fuck me! Go on. It doesn't hurt... well, it hurts, but I like it. Hurt me, Big Blue. Hurt me some more."

Killian was stunned with the realization that he wasn't the only one in the room who'd woken up this morning a virgin. Ayako joined him on Brandi's bed. Her eyes were full of happy tears, and she had a crazy huge grin on her face. "Hai, hai. Fuck my friend, Bigu Brue Bearu-san."

Dana Lee laughed. "Yeah, fuck her Big Blue. Fuck her senseless. She's your bitch now."

Killian looked down at Brandi's ass and sank his fingers deep into her ample flesh, knowing that she'd love the pain. She rewarded him with a painful moan of pleasure. Then he pushed himself inside her tight, virgin canal.

Brandi screeched, "OH FUCK! That fucking HURTS! What are you stopping for? Fuck me you big pussy!"

He pulled out and shoved himself in again, making her scream a happy scream. She was tighter than Dana Lee, but a hell of a lot wetter, so he had no trouble penetrating her to the hilt. She's as tight as a virgin... but... I guess she's not a virgin anymore!

Killian growled, and enjoyed the sensation of slamming his cock in and out of such a willing, wet hole. Each time he bottomed out, shock waves spread out across her flabby butt cheeks. Meanwhile, Ayako was gently petting Brandi's blue hair, looking up at the Big Blue Bear with love and thanks in her eyes. Wow. What a wonderful girl.

Brandi felt Ayako petting her head, so she pulled her friend down. Soon Ayako's face was under hers, looking up from inches away. They looked into each other's tear-filled eyes. Brandi grunted with pain at each thrust of Big Blue's cock, but she smiled at Ayako and said, "Don't worry. This feels soooo good." Then she started kissing her friend. She felt Big Blue's hands sliding around her sides to cup her big breasts in his bare hands. Then he started pulling and pinching her nipples nice and hard, the way she liked it, and soon the burning fire in her pussy was replaced with a radiating glow of pure pleasure. Wow... a guy's fucking me. Why did I wait so long for this? It's fucking awesome!

Killian felt incredible. Damn, I could fuck these girls all day long! Then he felt Dana Lee sidling up behind him. She started running her hands all over his furry back, then down his furry butt and between his legs, until she was fondling his hairy nut sack with her long fingers. He could feel his cock swelling harder inside Brandi's pussy at Dana Lee's touch. Then Dana Lee did something that totally surprised Killian. She slid her hand, which was now wet with Brandi's cum, between his butt cheeks and began to finger his anus.

He clenched his muscular butt cheeks instinctively, forcing her fingers away, but she whispered into his ear, "Come on, Big Blue. Trust me. You're gonna like this."

Christian Peller had tried to talk him into doing something like this, but the idea of it was just too weird at the time. But this was different. This was Dana Lee Pruitt! He had to use all his willpower to stop from clenching, and soon he felt her pushing her long, pointy finger right into his anus. He grunted at the alien sensation. She pulled it out, then pushed it in again, this time a little farther. She kept this up until he was weak in the knees. Little shocks of pleasure unlike anything he'd ever felt before, began to radiate through his entire pelvis, fighting with the sharp pain caused by her fingernails. As a result he began to fuck Brandi slower and slower.

After ten minutes of this, Dana Lee whispered into Killian's ear. "Pull out of her. I want to try something."

He didn't want to stop fucking Brandi, but Dana Lee wasn't the kind of girl you ignored. He let her pull his hips back until his cock slipped out of Brandi with a juicy pop.

Brandi moaned, "No. Don't stop!"

Dana Lee giggled, "Just hold still, Brandi. You're gonna like this." She reached between Brandi's legs, and palmed her pussy, slipping her fingers between the fleshy, wet lips in order to collect a handful of Brandi's juices. Wow... I can't believe I'm touching another girl's pussy. It doesn't feel as weird as I thought it would. That's good to know. Then Dana Lee spread those juices all over Killian's cock, then all over Brandi's little brown asshole.

Brandi gasped. "Oh shit... what are you guys up to back there?"

"Just hold still. This won't hurt a bit. Well... actually it will hurt a bit." Dana Lee giggled then pressed her thumb into Brandi's puckered asshole.


"Trust me, Brandi. Hold still."

Brandi complied, and felt the weird sensation of a finger going up her ass, she thought Killian was doing it at first, but then she realized whoever it was had long, pointy fingernails. Oh, shit! Dana Lee's sticking a finger up my ass! She moaned at the thought, and arched her back to spread her butt cheeks open. "Shit! That feels so fucking weird. Shit! Shit! Shit! Oh... shiiiiiit."

Killian watched Dana Lee working her left thumb deeper into Brandi's anus, all the while sliding her right index finger in and out of his. His cock began to throb like crazy and powerful blooms of pleasure began to radiate thorough his entire pelvis. Her finger no longer hurt at all. If she keeps this up for much longer I'm gonna paint Brandi's ass with cum.

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