Field Trip Follies Ch. 11


After a few minutes, Dana Lee could tell that Brandi's asshole was loosening ever so slightly, so she pulled her thumb out and positioned Killian's cock right over Brandi's little brown eye. "Okay, Big Blue. Go for it."

"Grrrf?" He looked down, shocked with the realization of what Dana Lee wanted him to do next. Fuck her... up the ass? Uh... shouldn't we ask permission? But Dana Lee pushed her hand deeper into his ass, forcing his pelvis forward, until the tip of his cock pressed against Brandi's asshole. It bent a bit, but didn't go in. Dana Lee scooped some more juice from Brandi's pussy and spread it on the tip of Killian's cock. She pushed him forward again, and this time the helmet popped through Brandi's anal ring.

Brandi gasped. "Oh fuck! What the fuck is that?"

Dana Lee giggled, "The Big Blue Bear if fucking you up the ass, Brandi. Stop bitching and take it."

Brandi groaned as his cock slid a little farther inside, stretching her skin to the breaking point. "Oh shit, that fucking hurts! No, don't stop! Keep going! Backdoor me, Big Blue!"

Killian smiled and began to slowly work his cock in and out of the tight hole. Every once in a while, Dana Lee would slip her fingers into Brandi's cunt, then spread the juices around his cock. This lubrication helped his cock slip in a little deeper each time. Once when he couldn't go any deeper, Dana Lee had Killian step back for a moment, then she leaned over and hawked a mouthful of spit right into Brandi's gaping asshole.

"Quick, Killi... I mean, Big Blue. Fuck her before it closes up again."

He pushed in, and this time his cock slid all the way into her incredibly tight canal, until his belly squashed Brandi's ass.

Brandi gasped, "Oh fuuuuuuuck!!! Yeah!!! My ass if full of Bear cock! Oh shit!! Oh goddess! This is so fucking evil!" Then Brandi kissed Ayako again, and gasped, "Touch my clit, Ayako-san." Soon she felt Ayako's fingers swirling her soaking wet pussy, and she started to cum. "Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Keep fucking me, Big Blue!"

Killian pulled all the way out, the crammed his cock in again. It went easier this time, but she was still as tight as shit. It was a good thing his cock was as hard as a bar of iron, thanks to the incredible sensations of Dana Lee's finger up his ass. After a few more thrusts, Brandi started loosening up, and it got easier and easier, and he picked up the pace. Then Killian felt Dana Lee working a second finger into his ass, stretching it to the limit. He growled, trying to tell her to go easy, but she didn't understand Bear talk, so she just kept going deeper and deeper, thrusting into his anus each time he pulled out of Brandi's.

Ayako couldn't see what the others were doing. Her mouth full of Brandi's left tit, and she was nibbling the nipple nice and hard, just the way Brandi liked it. Every once in a while she felt Big Blue Bear-san's balls slapping against her wrist, as she worked her hand deeper and deeper into Brandi's pussy. Ayako had small hands, so even though her friend was tight, she was eventually able to slip her entire hand all the way into Brandi's no-longer-virgin vagina, a sensation that Brandi rewarded with transcendant moans. She could feel Brandi quivering and quaking as she fisted her. Juices tinted with blood gushed out of Brandi each time Ayako pulled her hand out. They were making a mess of the carpet and bed sheets, but Ayako was simply too sleepy to care.

Killian's entire ass and cock began to glow with a hot, burning fire. And then quite suddenly he felt a sizzling explosion deep inside somewhere. The tip of his cock began to burn. It felt like he was cumming, but nothing was shooting out. This burning sensation just went on and on, and he was growling and groaning uncontrollably. He'd never felt anything like this before. Never.

He started pounding his cock into Brandi's asshole double-time, and Dana Lee's fingers matched him stroke for stroke. Holy crap! If this is what it feels like to take a cock up your ass, I'm totally gonna let Christian butt fuck me! This is awesome!! Then Dana Lee bent her fingers and started massaging something inside Killian's asshole that he didn't even know existed, and a floodgate of pleasure burst wide open.

Liquid fire shrieked through Killian's balls. It was, without doubt, the most intense orgasm of his entire life, and it took longer than any he'd ever had before. His entire body quaked like crazy, and as he filled Brandi's rectum with steaming gouts of cum, he threw his head back and roared like the Big Blue Bear he was.



"What was what?" Lindsey asked. She looked around, but there was nobody near. She shook her head. I'm hallucinating. Sounded like a... a bear.

Then a woman's voice said, "Hello?"

Lindsey looked around. What was that? I heard a woman's voice!

"Hello, Mrs. Foster? Can you hear me?"

Lindsey looked down at her hand. She was holding her phone. Oh... yeah... I dialed someone. "Hello? Who is this?"

"This is Miss Ostiago..."

Lindsey smiled, gushing with a sudden outpouring of love, "Farinella! Farinella! I love Farinella!"

There was laughter on the other side, "You know better than to get me so excited in front of the kids, Mrs. Foster."

"Oh, wait! I just remembered! Yeah! I forgot why I called you, but now I remember!"

Farinella waited for several seconds, then said, "Yes?"

"Oh! Yeah! I forgot to talk there, didn't I?" She giggled like crazy.

"Are you all right Mrs. Foster?"

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh yeah, I just wanted you to know that Denny and Bitty have been found!"

Farinella gave out a deep sigh of relief. "Grazie a vio, Dio! Where are they?"

"Mr. Dodder's bringing them down. He should be there any minute."

"Where were they?"

Lindsey began to chuckle, "Oh, just having breakfast. Eating pancakes. Looking into each other's eyes. Losing track of time. Happens all the time."

"Those silly twits!"

"Please don't tell their parents. No harm, no foul."

"Of course not!" Farinella let out another long, quivering sigh. "Oh, what a relief. What a relief. Grazie, Mrs. Foster. But what about Brant?"

"Uhhhhhhhhh... Brant?"

"You said he was on his way down two hours ago. There's still no sign of him."

Lindsey scratched her head. "But... I was sure... uh... I saw him in his room. Fuck. I guess he went to sleep again."

"Well, go wake him up, Mrs. Foster! He's probably well rested by now. And if you see Killian Kirk, the Mascot, send him down too. Honestly, I don't know what's going on today! Normally these kids are so responsible. Thank God you're here. I honestly think that without you, things would fall totally apart. Oops! Sorry, but I have to go. But I'll see you around noon. Don't forget."

Lindsey saluted the phone, "Yes sir!" Then she hung up, thinking, What the fuck Katie? Can't I trust you to do anything? You said you'd send Brant right down! But I bet you just let him go back to sleep! Damn it! You've got a soft heart, but damn it!

Lindsey charged down the hallway toward Brant's room. When she got there she searched like crazy through her massive purse for his keycard, but then she remembered, oh shit. I gave it to Katie. And now I don't know where the fuck she is! She started to look for her phone, intent on calling Katie.

"Are you locked out?"

Lindsey turned to see a very polite looking Hispanic maid. She was cleaning the room across the hall.

"Uh, yeah, as a matter of fact, I am."

"I was going to clean your room earlier, but I thought I heard someone inside."

"Nope. Nobody home. I just got back from breakfast. I guess I dropped my keycard somewhere. If you let me in, I'll just grab what I came for and get out of your hair."

The maid smiled. Lindsey smiled back. Things like this always happened to her. She had an honest face. Little does she know it's only an illusion! The maid took out her master key and slipped it in the slot. The light turned green and the lock buzzed, then Lindsey pushed the door open.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!! Yeah, just like that! Oh yeah, drummer boy! Cum for me! Fill me up!"

Lindsey and the maid stared wide-eyed at Brant's muscular ass. He was standing at the foot of the bed, slamming his huge cock in and out of her sister's tight little vagina. The maid gasped and scuttled back to her work across the hall, but Lindsey stood in the door and watched.

A crazy, insane jumble of thoughts and feelings tumbled through her head. Anger, jealousy, envy, and lust. But at who? Of who? For who? Then she realized that she felt those feelings for both of them at the same time. Anger for betraying her with each other, and jealousy they were having so much fun without her. She envied them both for getting to experience each other's bodies, and of course, her lust for Brant and Katie was rocketing right off the chart at the sight of their naked, sweaty bodies.

But it was impossible. Utterly impossible. She knew that she couldn't have either one of them. Brant was madly in love with her, so that made him dangerous. And Katie... well, Katie was her little sister. It was wrong. Evil. Forbidden. Incest.

But as Lindsey stood there, absorbing Katie's orgasmic cries and Brant's manly grunts, she burned to join them.

I'll just saunter right in there and lie on my back under my baby sister. Then I'll open my legs and pull my panties aside. If she doesn't go down on me right away, I'll grab fistfuls of her wavy hair, and pull her into my pussy. But I won't need to. She wants my pussy just as bad as I want hers. I just know it. Brant will look down at us in horror. But I'll beckon him, and he'd come to me, the love-struck puppy that he is. Then I'll take his glorious cock into my mouth, and the two people who love me the most in the world will take me to heaven... they'll take me to hell. It'll be beautifully twisted. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Lindsey was gripping the doorframe so hard that her fingers were turning white. Her inner teacher was screaming "RUN AWAY!!!", but that crazy little sorority girl who lived way down deep inside her, was gently, seductively urging her to step inside. Go ahead. Take the plunge. Give in to your every carnal desire. You know you want it. So throw everything aside... family... duty... motherhood... career... all in pursuit of this one, crazy moment of flesh rubbing against flesh.

She stood immobile in the doorway, quaking with lust and horror, her eyes glued to Brant's nine-inch cock as it slammed in and out of her baby sister's freshly shaved cunt. Brant started grunting and bucking. Then he started cumming. He pulled out for the last few shots, stroking his cock with his muscular drummer's hands, to blast copious loads of gleaming white semen all over Katie's pussy and ass. Lindsey could see his earlier shots flooding out of her sister's gaping vagina, dripping long strands of white goo all over the rumpled sheets.

Lindsey quietly reached around the doorknob and grabbed the 'Do Not Disturb' sign, then she quietly closed the door and hung the sign on the knob. It was the hardest thing she'd had to do since childbirth.

She staggered down the hall, her legs quivering with the urge to run, and the urge to collapse all at the same time. Then down at the far end of the hall she saw a fat black maid approaching the girls' room. She was relieved to have a distraction. She called out, "Oh, shit. Don't wake them up!" She ran top speed down the hall, stopping the maid just in time.

"Just a second, just a second, just a second. They're sleeping. They need sleep."

The maid looked at her suspiciously. Lindsey was sweating now and crazy eyed. This maid didn't find her nearly as innocent and honest looking as the other maid had.

"Excuse me miss, are you a guest here?"

"Wait, wait, wait. This is my room. Wait. I have the key in here somewhere. I'll prove it to you! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Lindsey dug around in her purse, which seemed even more cavernous than ever. She felt as if she might fall into it, and if that happened, she might never be heard from again. Finally she found the girls' key card and shouted triumphantly. "See! I have the key! I have the keeeeey! In your face!"

Lindsey inserted the key card in the slot and when the light turned green, the maid shrugged and turned away. Lindsey took a deep breath trying to calm her jangled nerves and racing libido. I'll just go in there and put the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door... that's all. And then I'll leave. Yeah. That's all. I am not going to go in there and fuck around with those adorable girls. No. I. Am. Not. No, no, no, I am not. I am strong. I have willpower. I am in control. I am in con-fucking-trol!

Lindsey opened the door, looked inside, and gasped. Dana Lee Pruitt was sixty-nining the school mascot.

Oh. Holy. Shiznit. Now I'm hallucinating. What the fuck was in that fucking joint!? LSD? Mushrooms? Both?

Lindsey blinked a few times, but the hallucination didn't go away. Dana Lee was totally naked and straddling the Big Blue Bear with her pussy pressed against his big smiling mouth, while she slurped his long, pink cock in and out of her wide, wonderful mouth. It was a disturbingly vivid hallucination. Lindsey covered her eyes, stepped into the room and closed the door quietly behind her. Then she took a deep breath and looked again. Nope. Still there. Dana Lee's giving the school mascot a blowjob. This can't be real. I'm tripping the fuck out. Valium... I definitely need a Valium... or two.

Lindsey rummaged around in her cavernous purse, desperately searching for her little baggie of pills to knock the edge off this insanity, but her purse was the size of the Grand Canyon now. The slurping sounds Dana Lee was making were so wonderfully distracting, that she forgot what she was looking for after a while and started watching, drooling with lustful fascination.

Then she noticed that Ayako and Brandi were snuggled sound asleep on the far bed, tucked comfortably under the covers. Brandi was snoring loudly, and Ayako was drooling onto her pillow. They looked so real that Lindsey considered for a moment that maybe the Bear was real too. No. Fuck no. Impossible! I have to be hallucinating! Oh... wait. I get it! They're dreaming. And I'm seeing their dream. Fuck. This is trippy! I'm actually seeing somebody else's wet-dream! And fuckity fuck, just look at Dana Lee suck that dream-cock!

Lindsey's pussy ached as she watched Dana Lee's head bobbing up and down, the tendons of her slender neck flexing with cat-like beauty. She'd tied her sun-bleached blonde hair into a scruffy ponytail, so Lindsey could clearly see her lush lips sliding up and down the Big Blue Bear's rosy pink penis. He wasn't completely hard, but Dana Lee didn't seem to mind. And neither did he, judging by the contented growls he was making from between her long, coppery legs.

Killian was in heaven. Not only was Dana Lee Pruitt sucking his cock, but he was staring right into her beautiful blonde vagina. She'd pressed it against the Bear's open mouth a few minutes earlier, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't quite reach it with his tongue. But he could smell it, and juices were dripping out of it onto his face. He was drooling like crazy, and growling with happy frustration. Then he saw a big white blob oozing out of the hole. Oh shit... that's my cum. He opened his mouth so when it dripped it fell onto his tongue. Then he thought of something he hadn't tried before. He ran his hands up to her silky soft butt cheeks and pulled them in tight, and to his delight, the Bear's head moved backward and her pussy sank deeper into the Bear's mouth. Now when Killian stuck out his tongue, it slipped into the gap between her velvety petals, and then his lips touched hers. He sank in deep enough to feel her blonde bush tickling his chin. Yeah! I'm eating my first pussy! This is so wicked!

He began to lick her from bottom to top as he'd watched Ayako do to Brandi earlier, lapping up her juices and his cum like a thirsty dog. She moaned and stroked his cock harder, clearly happy that he'd figured out a way to lick her. Apparently she'd forgotten about his acne, because she moaned happily as he pulled her in tighter and sank his greasy, pimply nose between her butt cheeks, and thrusted his tongue into her vagina as deep as he could go.

Lindsey casually put her purse on the floor, all thoughts of Valium forgotten. She was looking at one of the most bizarrely erotic sights she'd ever seen. I've seen a lot of crazy shit in my time, but this takes the fucking cake. It's a goddamn wet-dream... and I wanna be in it.

Dana Lee was moaning with her mouth full of cock, when she suddenly felt a presence in the room. For a split second she thought Alyson had returned. But she glanced up to see her English teacher, Mrs. Foster, standing near the door, staring at her with those big brown, doll-like eyes of her. Dana Lee gasped and pushed herself up on her hands, opened her mouth and froze, unable to think of anything to say. Oh shit. Busted! If Alyson's mother finds out about this, she'll never let me hang out with Alyson again! Fuck! I am soooo dead!

But then Mrs. Foster smiled, and a wicked little gleam twinkled in her eyes. She crawled onto the bed between Killian's legs and kissed Dana Lee right on the lips. Dana Lee felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand erect at that electric kiss. They'd made out for a few minutes the day before, and though it had been incredibly hot, this time it was hotter. Perhaps it was the wickedly unexpected situation, or maybe it was because Killian was sucking and slurping her pussy at the same time. But whatever it was, fireworks went off in Dana Lee's head as Mrs. Fosters hot little tongue invaded her mouth.

Oh god, thought Lindsey, this imaginary Dana Lee kisses just like the real Dana Lee. Mmmm... but I'm glad I didn't go farther with the real Dana Lee. I've got to stop fucking around with my students! But since this girl's just a hallucination, I can do whatever I want with her. To prove the point, she reached up and fondled her nineteen-year-old student's champagne glass titties, pulling and twisting Dana Lee's fat nipples until they were almost an inch long. Damn... her nipples are even longer than mine... they're fucking epic! Then she wrapped her hand around the Blue Bear's cock and started stroking it. It was still nicely lubed with Dana Lee's drool. He immediately started growling happily. Yeah... he feels good and meaty. And best thing of all, since he's not human, this probably doesn't even qualify as infidelity... particularly since he's only a figment of a dreaming girl's imagination.

Killian could feel Dana Lee's breathing grow faster and deeper, and her pussy began to literally weep juices all over his face. He lapped them up, drinking her, but thirsty for more.

After a couple more minutes of kissing and stroking, Lindsey pulled back and said, "Mind if I share this hallucination with you?"

Dana Lee was dizzy from Mrs. Foster's kiss. "Huh?"

Killian froze at the sound of the unknown girl's voice. What was that? Is someone else in the room? He couldn't see because Dana Lee's pussy and thighs were blocking his mouth and eye-holes, so he listened carefully. He could hear Brandi snoring in the other bed, so it wasn't her. Is that Ayako?

Lindsey giggled. "I don't know why I'm asking you, Dana Lee. You're a hallucination too."

Killian stiffened with fear at the sound of her voice. No! That's not Ayako! Who is that?!!

Dana Lee looked at Mrs. Foster quizzically, then, much to her surprise, Mrs. Foster bent over and started sucking Killian's cock. Oh shit! She's sucking his cock! Fuck! A teacher is sucking a student's cock! It was absolutely the last thing on Earth Dana Lee had ever expected to see.

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