Filipina Bargirl Wife


Meanwhile she had gone down on the other man. He was fucking my wife's mouth with his huge cock. She was sucking it desperately like a whore while she thrust her hips at her others lover cock. The man fucking her face had grabbed her head and pulled it hard against his crotch. He was well hung all right! He too was pushing forward, sending his glistening black snake deep into her throat while she licked the stem and musky black balls. He pulled the cock-sucking whore's mouth onto him as he filled her mouth and throat. He began to move faster. He was using my wife as a whore. The lovely mouth and sweet lips that had kissed me lovingly had become a simple instrument for his pleasure. He was using my wife's mouth like a cunt. She groaned. She was being filled by two black cocks, one in her mouth and one in her cunt!

She fucked and sucked at those cocks. The black man between her thighs was humming something as his cock stretched her small pussy lips with each stroke. She was in total bliss. She was groaning with passion, meeting his every thrust with one of her own. I've never seen her fuck like that! She was acting like a real pro, like this was something she did all the time as he slammed time after time into her steamy cunt. I saw her rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy while he fucked her for what seemed like forever.

"What a hot nasty hoe!" He muttered.

Then the man in her mouth suddenly groaned, thrust deep into my wife's mouth and came. She sucked hard, her lips puffed then hollow as she swallowed his load in her stomach. She did not seem to want to release his cock as he jerked and came but my wife's mouth could not hold all his cum without choking and I saw some leak from her mouth and drip down her chin. This triggered his friend to ejaculate inside my whore wife's welcoming loins.

"I'm gonna fill you with my nigger seed, you little fucking whore!" He moaned.

I saw his hips bang into her fast and then stop suddenly as he came hard and deep in her well fucked pussy. One of the men was unprotected I realized with a sinking feeling as I saw sperm leak out from her cunt.

I felt such a hard on watching those dark black guys fucking my lovely slut of a wife. I had been masturbating as I watched them and as they came I nearly ejaculated too in my pants. They filled her slut cunt and mouth with sperm and I had enjoyed watching her taking pleasure with these two studs. There was no doubt in my mind that she too had experienced one or several orgasms with them as they had filled her slut cunt with their black meat.

As I vanished into the darkness I felt both angry and exhilarated. I was happy for her and horny, but at the same time I was jealous and disappointed with her for defiling her body and acting like a promiscuous slut. I was confused and I decided I needed time to think about what I had just witnessed before confronting her.

Gloria helps Jinky back into Whoring

A couple of week ago, when Gloria learned Jinky was quite short of money she kindly loaned her £200 to 'help her out'. But as the weeks went by and she realized that Jinky had difficulty paying back even this small sum, she told my wife that she would help her. She opened up about herself being an escort and told her how she earned money turning tricks. At first Jinky acted shocked by this revelation. Gloria told her how easy it was to do in London and what good money she made as a part time hooker.

"If you knew how much I made... I cleared an average of about £2000 a month doing weekend work alone." Gloria was a very successful high priced, independent, whore.

"Do you like the work?" She asked, not sure what to say at this astonishing revelation.

"You mean being a hooker? Sure, I love the sex and money comes in handy too," Gloria replied. They both laughed together.

"No seriously," Goria said. "You could really make some good money doing this. You too could earn £150 an hour for having sex with a guy."

Jinky was shocked but her curiosity was aroused. Gloria assured her it was for real. A whore certainly seemed to make very good money here she thought. The idea of working as a prostitute made both annoyed her and aroused her. She thought she had left that all behind her, buried her past in Philippine and come to the UK to start a new life. Instead here she was about to do something she enjoyed and despised. It felt like a step back but she so needed the money, now more than ever as her debts were mounting up. She felt frustrated and yet she was desperate for money and all the things she could get with it. Her friend suggested was unwelcome, yet it made good sense to her. She could make good money, she knew it, and she needed and deserved it. Anyway, she would not be doing anything she had not been doing before. After all, she really enjoyed sex and the work was well paid and it was pleasant enough cumming on cocks.

Jinky reluctantly revealed that before she had married me she too had been working as a bargirl, fucking and sucking men part time - but she had decided to marry a foreigner. Even after she had met me and we started courting, she could not stop herself from fucking other guys as she needed the money for her family. It was not until we had married and she had come to the UK that she had stopped .The two girls were delighted by the shared mutual secret.

"Have you not thought about escorting here?" She asked. "In London?"

"But I'm married! And I do not have the confidence." Replied Jinky reluctantly.

"I know many other Filipina girls who are married and doing it." She responded. "And I know many men who would pay to fuck a married girl like you."

"Really... that's not surprising. I bet most of them are married." She answered and giggled.

Jinky would be able to chose her own clients and turn down any jobs she did not want, Gloria said. Gloria would show her the ropes locally and guide her into escorting here, show her the ropes. She would help her to post her profile on the web and sign up with an oriental escorting agency. She could be taking her first booking within a week if she wanted, Gloria declared. Jinky felt excited and worried at the prospect. She sat there listening, horrified at her own lack of reaction. She should of turned her down flat, stopped listening, walked away. Instead she sat there silently, nodding he head and even thinking through the process required – starting to consider the proposition seriously. She licked her lips nervously. She could sure do with the cash right now. She never seemed to have enough. She felt angry. It was her husband's fault if he had left her without money after all. He was responsible for forcing her to do start fucking other men again. And anyway, there was nothing wrong with it really. Just a working woman earning some money turning ticks. It was nothing she had not done before anyway. So what would a few more cocks in her pussy matter? Her husband would not notice and she would be still his after work. There were lots of men who wanted to fuck her pussy, even here in UK. She would have no problem finding paying customers.

The desire and need for money were the same as the lust for sex with her. Her body trembled as her body relived her experiences as a bargirl. She had started as a street prostitute and had been forced to go and accost johns in the street, flirting, provoking, arousing then convincing them to spend money on her and not on other girls competing for the same man.

Once a whore, always a whore. Always the temptation was there to turn a trick and earn some quick cash. Prostitution was like a drug: Easy to get into and impossible to give up completely. It was fantastic, addictive and destructive of the soul at the same time. Once a girl had tried it there was no turning back ever. Even married or retired, a girl who had once sold her body for sex would always be open to restarting hooking or swapping sexual favors for money.

"But what if he finds out, he'll kill me..." She managed, trying to talk herself out of a decision she had already so easily taken. "I mean it will end our marriage."

Gloria laughed and replied that far from it, he would probably encourage it. Modern men wanted to see their wife fucking strangers, she declared. That was a husband's favorite fantasy. The overwhelming majority of men don't really want their wives to become a real whore and to actually sell their bodies on the street for money in alleys, cars and sleazy hotel. What they really want is for their wives to perform sexually as if they really were whores and do the kinds of things to them that any real whore would do.

"And anyway," Gloria added, "there's no need for him to find out. The agency would never set you up with anyone who would know that you were married to him. That way no one could tell."

She could certainly use the extra sex and cash, Jinky thought. Jinky had always enjoyed sex especially with generous well-built man, she reminded herself. Now with abstinence she remembered only the good parts of the job and the money of course. She was not convinced her husband would want to share her, especially with a virile well-hung stud who would fuck her hard for money, using her body then cum inside her.

She remembered the repetitive routine of seduction, undressing, spreading her legs, and having a nice hard cock in her and greedily taking the rewards of sexual gratification and the instant wealth and independence it gave her. An endless succession of young adoring cocks in her. She licked her lips nervously. She was wet thinking about it. The more she thought about it the more she realized that she had enjoyed and missed being used like a whore. She liked seeing other men wanting her for sex and cumming inside her, filling her pussy with their adoring cum. She had taken pleasure in being bargirl. Some girls were just born female bitches and sluts, she thought. And she had always enjoyed degrading herself. If only she could put herself in a better financial shape. Did she have much choice?

"I can't escort, that's too difficult." She protested. "Perhaps if I could start up on the street..."

"You don't want to do that, girl." Said Gloria. "That's too much work. Besides I have all the contact at the agency."

Jinky shook her head stubbornly.

"No, I can't. I don't know how to do that." She said. "Perhaps you know a good place for me too start?" She asked.

Gloria shook her head disapprovingly but replied:

"I know a pimp, his name is Johnny. He's a fair man. I'll see what I can do..."

Jinky waited nervously at the appointed street corner in a rundown part of town for Johnny to appear. Gloria had set up the meeting as promised. That evening my wife had dressed up for her new job. She was wearing her tightest, micro black leather miniskirt and skimpy white tube top without bra so that nipples could easily be seen through. Fishnet stockings and five inch black heels and no panties completed her outfit. That evening she had put on my makeup extra thick. Heavy black eye-shadow and bright red lipstick made her look like a real cheap slut.

She paced uneasily the corner. Seeing that she would soon be fucking and sucking some stranger's cock gave her the courage to stay and wait. She knew she was capable of doing anything with anybody, however much degrading or bad. She knew how to prostitute herself, walk up and down the street, wiggling her tight ass wiggling or bouncy tits to attract her trick as the cars cruised by. She was provocative, aggressive and very feminine in her manners. She was ready to start her hooking career and she knew the extra cash and sex would come in handy and help put her in better financial shape

Johnny had finally pulled up in his limousine and invited her in. He was skinny but handsome in a perverted sort of way.

"So you're Jinky." He said giving her his hand. He continued as she shook it. "My sista Gloria tells me your married but looking for some action. That you need a pimp on the street to help you get some action."

She nodded. Johnny explained that he would give her 50% of the earnings but that he was going to fuck her daily for nothing as his toll. She felt uneasy about this but she knew she had no other choice.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long thin cock. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head down on his lap.

"Suck it, bitch. Show me how you can make a man cum." He grunted.

He stuck his cock in her mouth and her lips began to slide up and down the hard cock, her tongue licking furiously as he fucked her mouth. She opened her lips as much as possible but when pushed his penis into her throat she found herself gagging and swallowing as fast as she could. Luckily, after a few moments he began to groan and cum all over her face. This was definitely a quick fuck... But she was in a real mess.

"Come here," he said to her, pulling her onto his lap.

He sent his hand up her skirt and parted her panties. With his other hand he pushed the crown of his gooey cock past her panties and into her wet slit. She tried to protest at his unsheathed cock entering her pussy without a condom but he shut her up saying:

"Ride me, bitch!" He commanded.

Straddling him on the back seat, she began to ride his hard sticky cock, shaking her bottom as she slid up and down his greased pole. He groaned as she picked up the pace, fucking her pimp like a dutiful whore. He grabbed her by the buttocks and parted her thighs as he pumped harder to meet her thrust. It was over again quickly ending with the pimp pumping his spunk into her married snatch.

"You like that, bitch, don't you? Cumming like a ho on my manhood."

She slipped off of him, smiling contently and giving him a quick peck on the nose.

"Yes Johnny, but I prefer to get my ass out and earn some hard cash." She retorted.

He laughed and told her to leave now and start to make some money for him and forget about her cuckold husband waiting at home for her. She would be working for him from now on. From now on he told her that he would expect her at the same time here. When she arrived she would call in before starting to work and he would pick her up to collect her takings and fuck her in her ass or pussy and sometimes both.

He left her out on the street where the other girls were. She had met Johnny and so had her face and pussy. He had made her suck his cock then he had fucked her without a condom shooting his seed deep into her pussy and then left her there on the street her pussy seeping his cum.

First Customer

It wasn't long before he picked up her first customer for the night. He had been eyeing her and looked Jinky up and down appreciating her brown beauty before approaching her. She had smiled at him and they had soon come to an agreement. He took her back to a cheap motel room.

In the motel room she felt the man's gaze undress her. It sent a tingle down her spine. Before she could protest or react, the man had put his arms on her shoulders and was firmly guiding her head down towards his crotch. Forced down, she dropped to her knees.

Old habits took over. As she felt her pussy wet with fear and anticipation, she unzipped his pants and took out a large piece of cock. Closing her eyes, she took his cock into her mouth. She began sucking and licking him. He held her head firmly and moved his cock in and out of her receptive mouth. The long cock disappeared fully between her red lips. His cock grow firmer and harder until he began to moan. He moved his hips, swaying to and fro, fucking her face. She sucked hard, her lips tightly gripping the slippery cock between her lips. Suddenly he gripped her head, ground his crotch against her face and came in her throat in one violent burst. She felt his hot seed pour into and flood her mouth, running quickly down her throat as she swallowed automatically as she had been taught many years before.

Her pussy was soaked now. She needed his cock inside her right now. She needed him to use her like a whore and fuck her with his long cock. Smiling at him sluttishly, she lay back on the sofa and spread open her legs, offering her gaping pussy to this man. She was not wearing any panties. She found that easier and faster for getting a cock in her.

The punter took hold of both of her ankles and spread her thighs apart, pushing his hard naked cock right into her welcoming loins. She bit her lower lip and thrust her hips hard against his cock, wanting to take him up to the root in her and feel him deep against her ovary tubes. He pinched her nipples as he worked his cock vigorously in and out of, kissing and biting her neck. She ground her pussy against his crotch as he thrust faster and faster at her. She clung onto him, pulling him as deep into her belly as she could. She felt she was going to die with bliss.

"Oh yes!" She cried out. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Cum! Cum deep in my pussy!"

"You are a fucking whore now. My fucking whore...." He grunted.

She was loving every second of it. She felt more aroused than she had been for a long time she realized. The john pulled her knees further apart and began to fuck her faster and harder. He moved in and out of her like a madman. He had never fucked a woman so hard and he could not believe how wet her pussy was.

"Oh God! I'm cumming in your pussy..." He groaned.

She shuddered and experienced a climactic orgasm, flooding her pussy ready to receive his homage to her womanhood. He bucked wildly at her, grunted, jerked and let his load spurt into her wanton loins, filling her cunt to the brim with his seed. She held onto him for a few moments, relishing the feeling of a stranger's new cock emptying its filthy spunk deep into her married pussy for the first time. It felt so good being a whore for other men again, she thought. She had cum. She felt the hard cock deep inside her belly and milked it with her inner muscles, enjoying being fucked once more by a new cock.

Jinky slowly dressed and suddenly realized that she was indeed a prostitute now since she had fucked a man for money again. She smiled to herself smugly thinking how she had just been paid to have the best fuck she had experienced in a long time. She knew she would want more of that! She would certainly be fucking as many men as my as she could handle. She thanked him and left, making her way by cab back to her street corner again.

Jinky Reveals her Secret

By the time I had discovered the truth about my wife's whoring, she had already had a few hundred men fuck her married pussy and cum in her mouth. Fourteen of which she had allowed to ride her bareback and fill her cunt and ass with their hot sperm. When she came home that evening I just sat there staring at her, still trying to come to terms with the fact my wife was a prostitute and wondering if I could possibly bring myself to forgive her for doing what she was doing for moeny. She obviously liked the excitement of the forbidden and the variety as well as the money. I felt crushed at the thought of my wife fucking all those men. I started to wonder whether Jinky had been fucking other men through our engagement and the day after we had married on my return to the UK. She had probably fucked other Filipinos just hours after we were married. I wondered whose sperm had been in her cunt at the altar when we had been married and whether the evidence had been buried deep in her cunt all the time just waiting to run down her thighs. She seemed to love sex and men and I wondered if she was able to separate love from sex. The idea of sharing her turned me on immensely and disgusted and humiliated me at the same time.

As she stood there in front of me, ravaged, she blushed and turned away trying to mask her guilt. I noticed that some of the guy's spunk was running down her legs from her used cunt. I took her arm and made her look at me in anger, jealousy and arousal. I confronted her and told her exactly what had happened. I told her how I had witnessed her selling her body for sex. That she was not the woman I had married, just a fucking whore.

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