tagBDSMFinding the Line

Finding the Line


My mind swam in circles. I looked at her now, closely looked. Sasha had her eyes down, her hands crossed so meekly behind her. I did not bind her, not this time. She knew her position, on her heels, sitting on that small heart shaped ass. What games today? What to play with so willing a toy. The freedom to use her, bend her, make her my own thrilled and intimidated me. I wanted to push her this time, see what she could take. I went to my chair, the belt hanging limply now, waiting for a chance to sing again. I held it in front of Sasha; she never looked up, waiting, as she knew too.

" Kiss it Sasha, show me you love this, that you deserve my attention"

She pursed her lips, so red, wet. Sasha kissed the leather, then waited for the kiss it would bestow on her. She had her hair back, in the ponytail I liked. It both made her face beautiful, accessible, but served as a handle to turn her, control her. I pulled it now, hard enough to bring tears to her eyes, forcing her face down to the floor. With my boot I lifted on her legs, wanting her ass up. I waited a few agonizing seconds, wanting her anticipation to build, to know what I was going to do. I brought it down hard, no buildup this time. Sasha tried to remain silent, but this time the first blow caught her, her yelp! like music. As she knew she should, she apologized for crying out.

" Please, please...I'm sorry, I know I am a slut, that I deserve to be punished and used. Thank you Sir, please teach me again." She hoarsely gasped out.

Satisfied I started again, the blows hard still, Sasha's ass turning crimson. Each whistling smack! made her flesh jump, but I could see her cream running down her legs, knew that with no pressure on her clit, no fingers in her nasty cunt, that Sasha was cumming. She loved this feeling, of subjugation to another, of being used for HIS amusements, a toy to tease, fuck, hit, piss in, on. She wanted to be warm holes that he used to feel better with, her disappearance complete in his total attention to finding ways to use her. I hit her again and again; my arm tired now, no longer counting. I knew it was more than thirty, more that she had ever taken till now. Her face was wet with the silent tears that spilled down her face, her careful makeup now a mess. She looked up as I stopped, reminding me of a raccoon, the rims dark with mascara. She pleaded with her gaze for no more, and for more all the same. I hit her once more then, only with my hand now. I wanted to feel that flesh that had pleased me so often. Sasha was smooth, pink, like cotton candy in a flesh circus. I tilted her head up then, wanting her to look in my eyes. She stared back, pleading for me to say something to her, anything.

I placed my thumb and first finger on her chin, pulling her mouth open wide, my thumb grazing her teeth. I knelt down at her level then. I spit in her mouth, the white glob like the semen that she had greedily sucked from me, ate off the plates I placed on the ground for her, drank from the glasses filled with my sperm and golden piss. She wiggled her ass as it slid down her throat, happy to receive my gift. I stood then, my boot kissed by her, her tongue licking it lewdly, trying to draw me into her charms. I pushed her head down, down, down. Her face pressed into my foot. As quickly as I started I stopped. I loved the contrast this set up in her mind. She could never be sure if the next move was a caress that drew her orgasm closer or a blow that might send her mind black with tension and pain. The tension this played in her imagination kept her close to me, wanting me to guide her feeling every second. I had dreamed of a pet like this, but only one in a hundred lifetimes gets an acolyte like Sasha. When she was with me she existed to serve, nothing more. My wants, my needs only. If that was to give pleasure, she took it. If I wanted to give pain or discomfort, she took the same. My God, you cannot imagine the freedom, the bliss her body could give, her beautiful face distended in orgasm or a scream. I would never permanently harm her, but I would find the boundaries there, bring her to them, and hold her over the edge for a while.

I pulled my shaft out, opening her ass cheeks. Her hands flew back, to assist me as she had learned. I spit on her hole again, not to lube her, but to further let her know that I wanted to be in her again, that she was here as a fucktoy and nothing more. Here she was not a lawyer, the rules that she had to crawl through in the outside did not exist. I held the head against the dry hole, pushing in. I knew it hurt, the pain part of the game she wanted. I slapped her ass again, the still red globes so hot under my touch. I pumped my cock in deep inside, Sasha's ass sucking on me. I could feel the little bitch trying to milk me, her muscles gulping me, kissing the whole of my cock. I pumped a few seconds more, then pulled out.

"Suck" I said quietly. I knew that yelling was one stimulus, but the quiet command that will not be disobeyed another.

Sasha looked at the flesh that had just been in her most intimate of holes. She kissed the head, then opening her mouth as wide as she could, Sasha pushed me all the way to her throat. Her hands gripped my ass, wanting me. She only started to close her mouth and suck when she felt it slip into her gullet. The deep moan I heard was sweet, her desire for me so real, palpable. I could smell her cunt. She always wet herself as she sucked me, whether I had just fucked her slimy cunt or her asshole, Sasha loved to feel the shaft in her mouth, to clean, to worship and show her self as a real whore for me. I pulled out, alternating the pumps in her ass with the sucking of her mouth.

I could feel the pressure in my bladder, the need to release painful. I held her hips then, telling her to finger her cunt. As Sasha began to tremble, and cry out, I released inside her. I could feel the piss hitting in her, backing up to my cock. It squirted down her legs, her bowels unable to hold it all in. Sasha came at the first sizzle, came without stopping as she fisted herself now, crying out every name she knew to degrade herself, every name she craved to be with me. It was hard, so hard, but I pinched the muscle off, holding back the last if my urine. Like a puppy now, happy at last she spun around, thinking I was going to give her my sperm at last. I bent the still hard cock as best I could, my hands pulling that ponytail up to get her mouth in line. She was still buried deep in her own cunt as I drained the last of the piss in her mouth, her eyes going wide at the surprise, her smile as she drank it down genuine. I was yelling now, unable to hold back, the sight of this angel, on her knees, her ass still gaping from being fucked, my piss going down her throat? I came, completely.... it poured from me. Sasha moaned again, her final treat the stuff she wanted now, craved. What man could resist her? I was finally done; lines of semen and piss running down her face, hitting her dark small nipples, the saliva mixing into make a gooey, stringy mess. I knelt down again, one last thing. I scooped the remains up with my fingers, feeding her the last of it to her like dessert.

I pulled Sasha back to her hands and knees again. I fit her cunt plug in, wedging it deep, the straps holding it in circling her waist, the anal plug the largest that she could take, as large as a coke can at its widest, the taper surrounded by her sphincter. Her mask was next, then her headphones, the wide size and padding cutting off all sounds but those I fed to her. Without thought Sasha opened her mouth, waiting her gag, the wide short plastic cock filling her slut mouth as she mewled contentedly. I attached her leash then, making her rise, the overwhelming fullness in her ass and cunt making her unsteady. She walked with me as best she could. I teased her, pulling her nipples out, pinching them. I pulled the earpiece back, whispered that now I was going to bind her, take her out. I said I was going to leave her in a men's restroom of the nastiest bar I could find, inviting all to come and sample her, that I would tape it, that all she knew would be shown the video. Each whispered lie thrilled her, never sure if I was telling the truth or not. I pondered the bar...hmmmm. That might actually be fun. Maybe later. I had taped her with me so often, kissing her as I slipped the tape to her as she left. She often brought one back to watch with me, the rest safe with her.

I led her to the chair, pushing her down, spreading her legs. I tied her ankles wide, her wrists bound with them. Sasha was open again, waiting. The candles had been providing a glow, now they gave her a new sensation on her nipples as I painted them with the burning wax. Each drop burned out so quickly, hot enough to make you jump, cool enough to leave no mark, except in your psyche. I dripped it till both breasts looked as if a hundred men had shot their semen on her, her cheeks and neck the same. Her thighs, caked with sticky wax, shiny in the firelight. I traced the clean areas of her skin with ice, the contrast causing her to fight to move. Her vision cut off, her hearing denied; Sasha could not tell how long this new game was lasting. It seemed to be seconds drifting to hours. I plugged the headphones in, the recording of her own cries and grunts, her spasms of orgasm ringing loud in her head. I watched fascinated as she began trembling, her stomach muscled rippling with no touch from me. But now each touch of the ice caused an orgasmic shudder, her head whipping around, wanting no more but unable to say anything. I pushed her again, then again, the whip hitting each creamy leg a stripe as she came, heaving with cries I could hear around the gag now, her pleading clear.

Now,... now...finally I had gotten to her, found that new mark as Sasha fell back, lapsing into the unconscious fugue that I had seen before. She relented, gave in, accepted the blows, no longer feeling anything but her own breathing, her own, painful pleasure as I came again, no hands touching me now, her feet white as I shot on her painted toes. I kissed them, sucking up my own essence, only stopping to pull her gag off, spitting my still warm cum in her mouth again. Sasha took it, her head lolling as she broke again. The tears she cried were no longer pain, but the release of her self again, floating as she knew that this had to end at some point, and that her hunger for the next time would come so swift, like the bite of teeth on her ear.

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