tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 033

For the Whored Ch. 033


The next day, Elunara fought the urge to run to the south orchard. Instead she and Grogek walked hand in hand to the center of their favorite spot. Grogek sat next to the tree and leaned back. She cuddled up next to him. He laid a hand on her hip and rubbed.

"How long do you plan on waiting?"

"Not much longer. Mostly I'm trying to calm myself down."


"I'm so excited with anticipation; I might wear myself out early. I plan on beating past records."

"What is our longest record?"

"Five hours."



Vivi snuck up behind the three guys making their way to the hill. Using her Night Elf abilities she was able to reach the hill first. She heard Grogek ask about a goal, and Elunara's answer of six. She wondered what that could mean. The three men reached the hill and lay on their bellies.

"Good, we haven't missed anything." Gerald nodded.

"Missed what?" Asked Vivi.

He was good, but she saw the shocked look, as much as he tried to hide it. "Night elves will be the death of me." Gerald whispered.

"What are you three doing here?"

"SHH. She many like an audience, but she prefers to not hear them killing the mood."

Two more guys headed up the hill and one pointed at the box of drinks he'd brought up.

"You're drinking?"

"Well, yeah." Gerald looked sheepish. "Look, unless you're here to watch, leave. I barely made it out with my balls intact the last time I made her mad."

"You make a spectacle of this?" She was appalled.

"Vivi!" Elunara called. "Shut up already."

Vivi stuck her head over the hill. Elunara waved. "You're killing my buzz, so go away or shut up."

"I told you." Gerald muttered.

"Wait." Steve stared. "She knows we're up here?"

"I am so dead." Gerald whimpered.

"The next person to interrupt" called Grogek. "Gets Latrine duty for a month."

"HE knows we're up here?" Steve squeaked, before running away.

Gerald groaned and Vivi snapped her mouth shut.

Elunara sighed. "I am totally going to have to make her pay for that."

"That will be fascinating to see."

She laughed. "You know..." She tugged his shirt off. "The first time I saw you, I wanted to eat you up." She ran her fingers down his chest. "My mission was to seduce Grommash, but damn you were better." She raked her teeth on a nipple. "I wanted to get you in my room, but I knew a prize as fine as this one required a lot more work. So, I had to wait." She gently licked the same rock hard nipple. "I don't like waiting." She licked his chest. "All those beautifully sculpted muscles." She dragged her nails down his arms. "That chest, that back..." She dragged her teeth against his shoulder. "I love me a good set of shoulders." She rocked on his crotch, knowing he would be hard as a rock and ready when she wanted him.

"I just wanted to taste you so badly." She dragged her teeth on that sensitive spot in his neck

"Is that so?" He growled.

She licked his neck.

He grabbed her hips and shoved her downwards. She rubbed her crotch against his pantsed erection. "Well, I thought you were a witch." He raked his teeth down her throat. "I saw you had eyes on Grommash, but I knew you looked elsewhere." He ran his tongue up her throat. "You looked right at me, as a predator to her prey. I'd seen your kind before. I'd slain your kind before... but you I feared." He yanked off her top and ravaged her breasts with his teeth and tongue.

"Even when Grommash tried to rip me apart, I knew you were out there, trying to save me."

"I knew you'd set it up, knew you wanted it. But still I feared." He pulled her face down and ravaged her mouth. They tore at each other. "Torn apart, limp as a ragdoll and still you were the most terrifying thing I'd seen. No use of your limbs, and still you had fight."

"Oh, I will always have fight." She growled. She sunk her teeth into his shoulder.

"That's for damned sure." He growled back. "You are a vicious little she-wolf, and I am honored you have chosen me as your life mate." He seized her mouth with his own, his hands coming up her back. One hand slid down into her pants, the other around her neck. He pressed his mouth to hers, their tongues danced and mated in their mouths. He pressed a finger into her ass and rubbed her crotch against his own.

She dragged her nails down his back and dove into his mouth. She nipped at his mouth, her teeth and tongue wrapping around his fangs. She moved her head and worked her way down his chin and to his neck. She feasted on the beads of sweat that worked their way down. She moved further down, scooting back. Her belly rubbed against his cock as she ran her teeth and tongue across his chest and nipples. She slurped her way down his belly. She yanked open his pants and let his dick pop free. She licked from the base to the tip.

She heard the sound of gold changing hands. Her ear twitched as she realized they had a pair of visitors off from the soldiers.

She licked the length of him, over and over. Working her way around with her tongue. She teased him with her lips, but held back from anything more. She enjoyed the taste of him, the feel of his dick on her tongue. She cupped his balls, and teased him with little flicks of her tongue on his balls. She scooted down and slipped her lips over the side of his balls. He groaned and dug his nails into her back. She licked and teased him for quite awhile. He was so crazy with it; she got tears out of him. She purred her way around him, even biting his thighs

"If you don't release me now, I may go insane." He growled.

"I was waiting to see how long it took you." She giggled.

"I have seen evil, and it is you." He snarled.

With a laugh, she slipped her mouth over him. She sucked him quick and hard and He grabbed her shoulder, digging his nails into flesh. She slurped him down in greedy sucks, her butt doing an involuntary happy wiggle.

She stood up and slid her pants down. He grabbed them and tossed them away. She laughed. He grabbed her by the hips and picked her up. She wrapped her legs over his shoulder and behind his back and leaned her arms against the tree.

He licked her wetness. Using his fangs, he teased the inside of her thighs which sent her into little shrieks.

"Mmmm" he purred against her crotch. "Two can play at this game." He pressed his finger back into her ass and held on to one of her legs with his other hand. He began to tease and taunt using his mouth and tongue. Giving her small licks and shifting back and forth with his fangs. She giggled and struggled as she gripped his shoulders. He adjusted his hand so that he had two fingers buried in her front and one in the back. She arched against him, but still he was slow and deliberate. When she was slick and desperate, and he could feel himself hardening again, did he pick up speed. She dripped down his hand.

She bent backwards, her hands on his legs, she pulled herself off and stood on her hands, grinning at him.

"Oh, now you're just showing off."

"Sweetheart, displaying your massive dick for all to see, that's showing off."

"You know what I'd rather be doing with this massive dick."

She bent her elbows and slipped her mouth over him, sucking as she straightened her elbows. He raised an eyebrow.

"Now that is talent." He laughed.

She dropped down and sat between his legs. "I'm starting to drip on myself. That just feels weird."

"And I haven't even filled you yet." He grinned. He reached out and tugged her towards him.

"Nah, I want it like this." She turned around, gave him a look and then slid down on his dick.

"Mmm" He shifted her a little, knowing what angle she wanted. He was sorely tempted to call out, let them know that they better be paying attention, but he knew it was unnecessary. He cupped her breast with one hand and moved the other to her crotch. He rubbed her as she slid up and down the length of him. Grogek helped her slide up and down using his fingers on her pussy. He knew she enjoyed the pressure, and the sensation wasn't bad on his end either. He buried his face in her neck and hair, scraping his teeth and tongue on her neck and back.

She picked up speed and her nails dug into his legs. When she pressed down and clamped, he exploded inside. It was a fascinating bit of acrobatics to watch her lift one leg and spin so she was facing him. He groaned at the motion.

"You are such a show off." He muttered.

"You get a moment's reprieve, while I work up my next act."

"Oh, and what do you plan?"

"You'll see." She propped her arms on his chest and leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his mouth. "You're just so damned pretty."

He barked a laugh. "Oh, the humiliation, should anyone hear you say such a thing."

She giggled. She continued to stare and examine his face. "It's true though. That nice brown skin, those gorgeous eyes that I like to lose myself in. Who else looks like you?"

"Probably half of Warsong."

She shook her head. "There's nobody like you. The Warsong are known for their brutality. Sure, you've got that, but there's a kindness in you. A gentleness. It's fascinating. I scored myself Quite the prize."

He responded in orcish.

You've got that nice, huge body, those rippling muscles, strong hands," She grinned. "And massive dick. Can't forget that one."

"As if you'd let me."

She threw one leg over his shoulder and leaned back. "Now we party."

Her next move left him in complete shock. She was able to kick the ground and the tree simulataneously, causing him to tumble forward. She skidded in the grass, him still buried in her. She shifted sideways, looping a leg down behind one of his. His hands stopped him from going too far. He looked around in shock and began to laugh.

"NOW who is showing off?" He laughed. "I see what my little she wolf wants." He wrapped an arm around the leg on his shoulder and buried himself deeper in her.

Elunara was pleased to discover that no one called that move. Her fingers dug into the earth as Grogek began to pump himself in and out of her. He dropped one hand down and grabbed her wrist. He pounded himself in and out while she writhed in pleasure. She gripped his leg with hers. Her shoulder bit into the ground, but she loved how deep he could bury himself in her. When she finally clamped down, he gave up and released with her.

He pulled out and let her leg go. She lay there in the grass, her legs splayed out beautifully. Unable to help himself, he buried his face in her crotch. Using his fangs he tormented and teased the inside of her thighs. She shrieked and giggled. He slipped one finger in and rocked it in and out. He went for the second and propped himself up on his elbow. She purred and grabbed him by the fang. She devoured his mouth and their juices. He continued to work his fingers and she snuggled up against him.

"I always love the feel of you." She ran her fingers down his chest.

"I can't get enough of you, even when I can't keep up with you."

"Oh, no one can keep up with me, Sugarbear. That's why I like my toys."

He leaned down and licked her nipple. "I love when you have your toys. You always maul me after."

"Mmm you know, I wonder if we could bring a few toys in on other days."

"What do you mean?" He slid his fingers around her parts, just playing with whatever he felt.

"Well, you know I quite enjoyed having two men at once. That was lovely."

He examined his slick fingers. "However are you going to pull that off again?"

She reached up and took his hand and sucked the wetness off his fingers. "I'll think of something."

He grinned. "You always think of something."

"Maybe I should get a sign."

He laughed. "Well, Renwa might not like that."

"Well, he liked the other thing."

"The sign."

She stood up and stretched. "I should get a sign." She looked back at him. "Not like advertisement, but a privacy sign. Cause if I got certain people in, I don't want them worrying about unwanted visitors."

"Would be a good idea then." He rolled on his back and just watched her. "What are you up to?"

"I dunno, just thinking." She tapped a finger on her chin. She stooped down between his legs. Just when he thought she'd lick him, she slid her breasts around his dick and began to move up and down. He groaned. "I don't really have large ones, but a sensation is a sensation." She grinned.

"Some days I wonder how you haven't broken my dick yet."

She straightened up. "Hey, I'm always careful. I need that thing." In one swift movement she was above him and then sliding down. He groaned and grabbed her hips.

"You're going to make me sore."

"I went MONTHS without this. I'm going until you cry for mercy."

He narrowed his eyes. "I do not seek mercy."

She gave him a grin that made him shrink back. "Well, you are the one who calls me a vicious she-wolf."

"Oh, shit."

By time she finished with him, he was bruised, battered and exhausted. He was also certain he would have several painful scrapes to deal with tomorrow during training. Seven. They had given a solid seven hours of sexcapades. They had destroyed each other, and had limped along back to the barracks room. Tulani was in bed, and they collapsed into their own bed in a tangle.

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