tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 035

For the Whored Ch. 035


By the end of two days time, Elunara hid in a tree above the specified location. The dark form made its way into the clearing. He looked around.

"Night Elf?" He whispered.

Elunara dropped down. "Hello, lover." She called.

He turned around and searched through the darkness. Once he spotted her, he rushed over. "I wasn't certain I understood your message."

She ran a finger down the front of his chest. "I'd say you did an excellent job." She licked her lips. "I'd say you've filled out a bit since I saw you last. Gotten a promotion?" She stepped back and looked him up and down. She wandered around him, slid her hand across his ass. "Yes, I'd say you filled out nicely."

He looked around. "Where is Grogek?"

Elunara seemed to be distracted by his arms. "Huh? Oh. He's back at camp."

"You're both ok?"

She smiled at him. "Better than OK." She sighed. "I should have brought my board. I have a craving to... draw you."

He eyed her suspiciously. "I haven't seen you in quite awhile, I thought you dead."

She patted his cheek. "I'm more resourceful than that, sugar." She run her fingers across his chin, examined his face. Her fingers slowly glided down his neck. He shuddered under her touch. She traced out his shoulder and down his arm. "You always were something to look at. I've missed you." She grinned.

He grabbed her hand. "You gave yourself to Grogek. You never gave yourself to me."

"You and I had our fun, sugar."

He frowned. "Why did you summon me?'

She grinned and pulled his hand to her. She began to trace the top of his hand. "I can tell you're not going to buy anything I try to sell, so I'll be honest." She turned his hand over and traced his palm. "You were kind to me. I remember that. Grogek and I have made a life back with the Alliance." She massaged his hand and started to work up his arm. "You should know by now, that he was well aware of what I was doing with all of you back in my room. I still do it." She nibbled on his finger.

"Something tells me, that just like Grogek, you're different from the others. There's a kindness in you, that isn't allowed in the Iron Horde." She scooted in close and laid her palms on his chest. "I know you like me. I was hoping that maybe..." She stood on her toes. "That maybe I could see you again. I was serious when I said I missed you." She brought her lips whisper close to his. "It would be terrible to see that kindness hidden."

He ran his palms down her ass and cupped her close to him.

"Perhaps you could join us. Maybe..." She brushed her lips against his. "Maybe we could enjoy each other's company a little more often."

His hand reached up and pressed at the base of her skull, pressing her into his kiss.

"How is this helping?" Thrall hissed.

"Hush, my love." Aggra sighed.

"Does he not react?" Durotan shook his head and looked through the spying device again. "Grogek just stands there, while his mate seduces this orc."

Lorros shoved her backwards. "This is wrong." he growled.

She licked her tender lips. "You say one thing, but your body acts another."

"You belong to Grogek. If you were mine, no one else could have you."

She sighed and rubbed his arm. "Sweetheart, I could never be tamed." She looked through her lashes at him. "I hoped that maybe I could enjoy you one more time. The Alliance draws ever closer. You may die in the conflict." She pushed away and wrapped her arms around herself. "I had hoped to lure you away. Keep you safe." She looked over her shoulder. "The Alliance? And the Horde? They're stronger than you think. Grogek has been training their men; teaching them the secrets of the Iron Horde."

Lorros narrowed his eyes. "Has he?"

"By time they strike, it will be a competition. It won't be a war. It'll be who slays the most." She turned back to him and laid her hands on his chest. "I just wanted to keep you safe. I care for you." Reaching up, she kissed his chin. "Maybe you cannot have me like you wish, but... well, I thought that..." She sighed and looked away. "Just once." She looked up into his face. "I'd like to have you just once."

His eyes softened, and his fingers brushed her hair.

She sighed and smiled. "It would be the Alliance who wins that competition."

He froze. "What?"

She shrugged. "Grogek trains the Alliance. The Horde... well they're just children at this stage. No..." she looked away as if calculating. "Grogek will win that competition on his own. The Horde have no inside track." She shook herself. "I care not for that. I only wanted a time with you." She ran her fingertips up across his neck and chin. "We won't think of Grogek now. He will prove his superiority when that time comes."

Lorros held her hips in his hands. "What if Grogek isn't superior?" He kissed her. "What if this Alliance loses to the Horde?"

She gave a half laugh. "Wouldn't that be something?" She shook her head. "But they don't have a Grogek."

He dug his fingers into her hips. "What if I beat Grogek? What if I was superior?" He whispered.

Her eyes widened. "Wouldn't that be impressive? Do you understand what that would mean? Grogek's had all this time to work on them. How shocking would it be, for you to beat him in something he's already ahead on?" She laughed. "I would be amazed." She whispered, as she brushed her lips across his.

"How would I do that? How do I get them to trust me?" He pushed her back.

Her knees buckled. "Well...." She gasped when he went for her neck. "I might... I might know someone." She panted against him, her body clinging against his.

He knelt above her and laid her on the ground.

She laid her arms above her head, her face flushed, and her body arching against him. "We go back... he would trust what I say. Trust my judgment."

Lorros licked her neck as she began to make hand signs.

Gerald interpreted her quickly and relayed the message. Grogek nodded and sent on his own message.

"Spirits save me." Durotan muttered. "He's going to let his wife bed that orc in order to get him to aid our side."

He yanked at her clothes, bit at her neck. She gasped appropriately as he tugged her shirt up and over her hands. She wiggled free. "Let me touch you. I've wanted to so badly..." Her voice was hoarse. Wrapping her arms around his neck, their mouths mated together. He yanked her pants down and tugged himself free of his own. When he shoved himself in, she groaned. "Yes." She hissed. He clung to her hips as if they were a desperate life line, even as he ravaged her mouth. Her ass ground into the grass as he furiously pumped himself in and out.

As far as men went, Orcs were a hell of a lay. They were passionate, that's for sure. She lay beside Lorros, her fingers doing fascinating things to his chest. Her head jerked up. The sound in the bushes was no animal. Lorros sat up.

"Brother... how could you?" Jobar was standing there, a disproving look on his face. "You know Grommash forbade any contact with that harlot."

Lorros snarled. "Grommash cannot control me any longer!"

Jobar shook his head and turned to run. At once, Lorros was up and grabbing his axe. He flung it into the back of Jobar's head. He marched over and looked down. With a frown he yanked the axe out.

Elunara gasped at him, her face flushed. "I guess you can never go back."

"For you, my love. I will do anything."

She scrambled up and grabbed her clothes. "Come, we are no longer safe here."

He nodded and dressed. "Where is this friend of yours?" He led the way to his wolf. He mounted the beast and pulled her into his lap.

"We head this way." She pointed. She led him away, down into the woods and to the spot that Thrall had made a "camp".

"Thrall!" She called. "Be not alert, it's just me, Elunara."

He looked up and raised an eyebrow. "It's been awhile, Elunara."

"I've brought you a gift." She held out a hand to Lorros. "He is... special to me. I have to get back to my camp before I'm noticed."

Thrall raised an eyebrow. "Have you gotten into trouble again?"

She grinned. "You know me." She shrugged. "Listen, this is Lorros. He would like to help train your troops."

Thrall gave her a confused look. "Why ever would he be better than what I already have?"

"Because he is of Iron Horde, and...." She giggled and blushed. "I have told him of the coming competition. He would like to help the Horde win."

Thrall considered. "Fine. You've helped me out before, so I'll have to trust your judgment. And you sure he'll beat the Alliance? I hear they have a secret weapon."

"He's better." She grinned. "Much better." She ran a soft hand down his arm. Looking up, she smiled at Lorros and rubbed her cheek on his arm. "He'll prove himself. I assure you."

"Fine. You always were good at talking me into things that didn't make sense."

She giggled. "Forgive me Thrall, but the light comes soon, and I dare not be missed."

He nodded. "Stay out of trouble."

"You know I won't!" And she disappeared into the trees.

"I saw it happen and I still don't believe it happened." Aggra shook her head.

"I cannot believe you let your mate do that." Durotan frowned.

Grogek laughed. "It is not a matter of let." He bit Elunara's shoulder. "I don't think I've been as turned on by you as I am right now.

Elunara purred up at him. "We'll just have to use that later."

"I was unaware of what you said." Draka frowned.

Renwa cleared his throat. "How DID you pull that off?"

Elunara shrugged and grinned. "I maaay have led him to believe that the Alliance and the Horde are in a bloodlust competition, and since Alliance has Grogek, Grogek will prove himself superior, but if Lorros were to lead the Horde to victory, it would make him superior, which will be SO attractive..." She snorted. "Thrall is currently hauling him back to help train the Horde."

"You never cease to amaze me." Grogek licked her neck. "So, he hopes to best me? I guess I'll just have to reassert my dominance." He gave a teasing growl.

"OOO dominate me." She giggled.

"You two are weird." Draka shook her head.

"I was surprised when Jobar showed up." Grogek frowned.

"I thought he was going to blow the thing, until Lorros cleaved him in the head."

"How the hell do you inspire such loyalty?" Grogek laughed.

"Sweetheart, you've had me. You know how good I am."

"I can't take much more of this." Draka shook her head. "Come, let's leave this place, before the taint of it lingers."

"Well, I love you too, sweetcheeks." Elunara snorted.

After they left Renwa sighed. "You two give me a migraine."

"Aww," Elunara laid her hands on his shoulders. "I'll make it better." She whispered.

He laughed. "Maybe another time." Shaking his head he watched their retreating forms. "You didn't have to help them."

"Anything to be rid of the Iron Horde." Elunara snorted.

"I wasn't aware Lorros was competitive." Grogek frowned.

"He wants me all to himself. You are just in the way. Too bad for Lorros, that attitude towards me would get him killed in ordinary circumstances." She propped her hands on her hips.

"Because he cannot beat me?" Grogek raised an eyebrow.

"No, because I'd slit his throat." She snorted in disgust. "I am not a possession to be jealously guarded."

Grogek laughed. "I love my vicious little she-wolf."

The three orcs met up with Thrall and his new companion. Lorros frowned.

"Your Horde is being aided by the Frostwolves?"

"Yes. Our ties run deep."

"That was disturbing." Durotan visibly shook himself.

"What was?" Lorros narrowed his eyes.

Thrall tried to signal his father, to no avail.

Durotan cleared his throat and did not look at the new comer. "What man lets his mate be touched by other men? Revels in it." Disgusting.

"He does WHAT?" Lorros growled.

Durotan realized his mistake and snapped his mouth shut.

"You saw Grogek?" Lorros snarled.

Draka cleared her throat. "Yes, he... ahh" She glared at Durotan, who shrank under her gaze. "This Night Elf he has, other men have her and he does nothing."

Lorros tugged at the reigns of his wolf and turned the beast around. Thrall blocked his path.

"You cannot save her, he has an entire army."

Lorros growled. "Then I will raise my own army. And I will save her." He turned his wolf again and headed for Frostfire Ridge.

Thrall watched them head up and Aggra moved her own mount beside him.

"I fear we may have just created another Garrosh."

"We will undo the damage, Go'el. Somehow."

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