tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 036

For the Whored Ch. 036


Grogek was up already, and Elunara held a finger to her lips as she climbed in Tulani's bed. He chuckled and went back to his routine. Elunara snuggled in behind Tulani. The Draenei was still sound asleep, but reacted to the embrace and murmured in her sleep. Grogek gave a little wave as he left for the day.

Tulani had a rough night; that much Elunara knew. The poor woman needed her extra sleep. So Elunara contented herself just wrapping her arms around the woman's waist and watching her sleep. She nuzzled her nose just behind Tulani's ear. Being very careful, she was able to slip the night gown over Tulani's head and toss it to the ground. She tugged the blankets close so Tulani wouldn't chill.

She ran her hands up Tulani's body and cupped her breasts. She began to lick her neck as she gently brushed against her nipples. Tulani moaned and shifted. Elunara held Tulani's tail between her legs and wrapped one leg up around Tulani's.

"Wha?" Tulani mumbled.

Elunara slipped her hand down and slid her fingers across Tulani's wetness. Slowly, she slipped on finger in.

Tulani's eyes flew open. She grabbed at Elunara's hands.

"Hello my lovely." Elunara purred into her neck. "I owe you that day of enjoyment."

"Ah, you are mean. You startled me." Tulani leaned back against Elunara.

She slid her finger in and out, her other fingers rubbing the inside of Tulani's thigh.

Tulani shifted her leg up, her hoof pressed against the bed.

"That's my good girl." Elunara purred. She licked the curve of Tulani's neck, and shifted a second finger in. "I'm going to make you feel wonderful."

"You already do." Tulani shifted her hand back and grabbed Elunara's ass. The other hand gripped the sheets.

Elunara nibbled at her neck and licked the tender spots. She drove her fingers in and out, teasing Tulani's inner thigh. She was gentle as a whisper on Tulani's sensitive breasts. When at last Tulani began to writhe, Elunara buried her fingers and held on to the bucking woman. When it subsided and Tulani was panting, Elunara gave her a soft lick on the shoulder. Tulani shuddered.

"Hmmm now, what else can I do to you?" Elunara purred.

"There's more?" Tulani asked weakly.

"Oh, Sweetie, I plan on playing with you ..." She pressed her lips against Tulani's skin. "All day."

Tulani shivered. "We've never..." She swallowed.

She rubbed her nose against Tulani's shoulder. "I hope to help you enjoy your body all the more." She kissed the shoulder.

Both froze as the baby began to cry. Elunara got up and went for him. Tulani had gotten comfortable on the bed, and Elunara handed her Darguni. As Tulani nursed, Elunara curled up beside her.

"Damn, lost out to an infant." Elunara giggled.

Tulani grinned. "Soon he will be satisfied and he'll go back to sleep. Then we can continue our fascinating discussion."

Elunara's eyes glinted. "I knew you'd see it my way."

Once Elunara returned him to his bed, she returned to Tulani, who was sitting on the bed looking serene.

"You know..." Tulani began. "I have not liked being naked since... Well, you know." She shrugged awkwardly. "Yet, here I sit, in anticipation of what you have in store for me."

Elunara pulled Tulani forward so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Elunara knelt in front of her. Pushing Tulani's legs apart, she ran her hands and fingers on the inside of her thighs. Carefully, she ran her fingers over the nasty tattoo on the inside of Tulani's thigh. She traced out the symbols and shapes. Tulani shivered. Softly, Elunara began to kiss the tattoo.

"I hate this thing." Elunara whispered. "I hate that they marked you." She traced kisses on the symbols. "I know how much it bothers you. I know how you wear long dresses just to hide this." She continued her journey along it. "You're much more than this. I want you to know that." She brushed the back of her hand against it. "We should treat it differently. It is no longer what they did to you. It's what I..." she kissed it. "can do for you."

She licked the length of the tattoo and Tulani gasped. Using a combination of her fingers and mouth, Elunara began to work on the tattoo, using the sensations in Tulani's thighs to bring her much deserved pleasure. She made her way to the center and spread it apart with her fingers. She licked one side and then the other. Playing with the lips she gently slid her finger in the hole. She worked on the little areas, exploring the slick wetness of Tulani's folds.

Tulani grabbed the bed and tried to hang on. She gasped and moaned, shivered and shuddered. She was panting and sweating by time Elunara shoved her tongue in. Tulani gasped and grabbed Elunara's head. Elunara grinned as she continued to slip her tongue in and out, using her lips to slurp at Tulani. Once again the woman began to shake and Elunara held on. Tulani finally let out a strangled gasp as Elunara moved her head back. She grinned up at Tulani.

"You know..." Elunara began. "I never considered women before you."

"Well, you do an amazing job." Tulani marveled.

"Lay on your belly."

"What?" Tulani blinked.

"Lay on your belly." Elunara stood up and pushed Tulani over.

With some trepidation, Tulani complied with Elunara's request. Elunara shook her head and began to reposition Tulani. She scooped her arms up under her chin, and spread her legs out a little. Elunara climbed up on the bed and, after putting her knees on either side of Tulani's hips began to rub Tulani's shoulders. She worked on Tulani's shoulders and neck for a little while before adjusting her again. Once in a better position, Elunara continued massaging her way around Tulani's neck.

Tulani groaned.

Elunara laughed. "When have you done this last? Never probably, you've got so many muscle cramps it's ridiculous. She worked on Tulani's shoulders for quite awhile before making her way down her back. Tulani propped up on her arms.

"You are amazing at this."

"With the efforts I put in, it was easier for me to learn the body than to have to run to a healer all the time. Plus, it helps get some people off." She worked on Tulani's back, before moving down to her ass and hips. Elunara grinned, but continued on to Tulani's legs. Once she was Satisfied with her work, she placed her hands on the small of Tulani's back.

"But, since I got you here." She purred. "I am ever so curious about this tail of yours." Elunara worked her way back to Tulani's butt and hips. Her knees between Tulani's legs, Elunara pushed her weight on Tulani's ass. She gently ran her hands toward the tail. With one finger she ran it along Tulani's tail. Tulani wiggled.

"It is sensitive, yes. In the right... handling?" She shrugged.

Elunara grinned and ran her hand up and down the tail. Tulani flushed and wiggled. "So now I have to find the interesting spots, huh?" She began her inspection, rubbing little circles around. The tail flinched under her touch. The underside was quite sensitive to touch and manipulation. Still working her way around the tail, she dragged her thumb down to Tulani's ass. Tulani was panting by this point.

Tulani looked back at Elunara, panting and drooling. Elunara applied a little bit of pressure and Tulani gasped. Tulani's tail curled under itself. With grin, Elunara pushed in just a little bit, teasing the rim. Tulani pushed her face against the bed sheet and her hooves shifted up and down. With one hand, she slipped a couple of fingers inside Tulani's front, as she pressed against her ass with the other.

Tulani trashed and moaned, her tail flexing up and down. Elunara grabbed the tail and pushed the tip into Tulani's ass. Tulani gasped and thrashed, her tail working its own way in. Elunara grabbed the tail, preventing it from going too much too soon. Tulani rocked against Elunara's fingers, as Elunara held on to the tail. Tulani finally called out, arching her back, before she fell face forward into the bed. Elunara could not suppress her laughter, as the tail went limp and slipped back out.

"What was THAT?" Tulani gasped.

"Oh my dear, that tail is a fascinating thing." Elunara moved off of her.

"That was my tail?" Tulani whimpered.

"Not all of it."

Tulani scooted up and sat at an angle and looked at her tail. She rubbed it a little and winced at the sensitivity.

"How do you not know what your tail does?"

Tulani blushed. "When I was home in my old village, I did not like the males. There was no female that shared my affection, so I was mostly alone. My brother knew what I wanted, but it was a strange thing to others. When the slavers came..." She shuddered. "They...hurt me. A lot. There was no pleasure, only pain."

Elunara climbed in bed with her and pulled Tulani into her lap. "No one will ever hurt you again. I'll make sure of it."

Tulani smiled and wrapped her arms around Elunara. "I know." She laid her head on Elunara's shoulder. Gently, she kissed Elunara's neck. "Umm, I don't know how to do this." She blushed.

"Do what?" Elunara grinned.

"You always bring me such pleasure, and I am unaware of how to do it in return."

Elunara laughed. "Sweetheart, it's all about feel. What do you want to feel, what might feel good for you." She ran her hand over Tulani's breasts. "You just go with what you feel."

"Alright. I will try."

Putting her hand on Tulani's cheek, she pulled her close and kissed her softly. "Just feel." She whispered.

Timidly, Tulani kissed Elunara's lips and then placed gentle kisses along her jaw and down her neck. Mimicking what Tulani had seen, she gently licked Elunara's neck. Elunara moaned quietly and leaned her head back. Encouraged, Tulani continued to lick at her neck. One hand came up and she ran it softly on the opposite shoulder, down the chest and cupped Elunara's breasts. She moved her fingers around, exploring. She trailed timid kisses down to the other breast. She inspected and explored Elunara's breasts with her hands. Elunara leaned back against the wall and moaned.

Tulani stuck out her tongue and licked the nipple. When Elunara shivered, Tulani did it again until she began to suckle. Moving her hand down, she rubbed Elunara's belly before sliding her fingers into Elunara's hair. Elunara grinned at Tulani. Tulani blushed and looked away as she ran her fingers in Elunara's crotch hair. Finally, she slowly slipped in a finger.

Then she got interested. She knelt down and looked at Elunara's crotch. Elunara shifted so that she could lie back on the bed. Tulani explored the soft wetness in between Elunara's legs. She slipped a couple of fingers in and out, just playing with the sensations. Elunara groaned and shifted in Tulani's hands. Tulani licked her fingers and giggled. Timidly, she stuck out her tongue and flicked. Elunara shook her head and laughed.

"You're going to have to really get in there."

It took some effort and a little bit of coaching, but Tulani began to enjoy fingering and licking Elunara's soft wetness. Tulani found she quite enjoyed the taste of her lover and the sensations involved in the process.

They spent the rest of the day working on each other. They paused for Darguni, but when Grogek came in for the day, he had to smile at Elunara curled up asleep, wrapped up with Tulani in her bed.

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i have to admit, i really like this story... yes it is short but having so many chapters written makes it seem like it is one long story. love your writing style and love the plot, really like how youmore...

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