tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 043

For the Whored Ch. 043


Tulani closed the door and nodded to the man across the street. She just had to catch up on her missed work. Thankfully, Elunara had Darguni today. She hummed to herself as she cut across the way.

Hands came out of the dark and grabbed her. She froze in terror as she was slammed against a wall, a hand covered her mouth and the other clamped on her throat. She struggled, still clinging to her basket. He slammed her against the wall again.

"Stop it." He growled, as he knocked the basket to the ground.

Tears streamed down her face. "Why are you doing this?" She whispered.

He slammed her again. "Your stupid whore ruined my life, ruined my family! I will take everything from her, starting with you."

"Please, no." Tulani whispered.

He struck her. "You will keep quiet!" He looked around. "I don't really want to sully myself with your nasty body, but I think it'll serve just the right message."

Her eyes widened as his threat sank in. She began to struggle against him, kicking out wildly. Her hoof gouged his knee and tore his pants. He released her as he grabbed for his leg. She tried to run past, but he grabbed a fist full of her dress and knocked her to the ground. He climbed on top of her and pinned her to the ground. She flailed her head and a horn caught him in the mouth. He backhanded her. She flailed her hands for anything, and grabbing the handle of her basket, clobbered him on the side of the head. She tried to work her way free, but a jab to her ribs had her crying out.

"You stupid bitch!" He growled as he tore at her dress.

Zelinnia could have sworn she'd heard Tulani nearby. She knew the Draenei was in distress, but how or why escaped her. She frantically looked around. Zelinnia debated getting Elunara when she rounded the corner. A man had pinned Tulani to the ground, their clothes were torn and Tulani struggling against him.

"YOU BASTARD!" Zelinnia screamed, as she fire blasted him in the face. She hit him with a fireball and then kicked him in the face for good measure.

Tulani scrambled backwards as Zelinnia's screaming brought the attention of others. Zelinnia had pinned the man to the ground, was sitting on his chest and holding a fireball in his face. "Move. I dare you." She hissed.

"Stupid whore." He spit.

"What is going on?" Jordan frowned down at Tulani.

Someone had found a blanket and wrapped it around the tear streaked woman.

Elunara marched down the way. Mrs. Finister had shown up at her door and said Tulani and Zelinnia were in trouble. She arrived to find a man in chains, while Tulani was crying on Zelinnia. Someone had gathered Tulani's basket and she was clinging to it like a life line.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" She growled.

Renwa intercepted her. "From what we get from Tulani, Terrance attacked her and Zelinnia saved her."

"He wanted..." Tulani hiccupped. "He wanted to punish you."

Elunara turned her attention to Terrance and growled.

Renwa put his hands on her shoulders. "We will handle this with some civility." He looked back. "Jordan, take him to the training ring, have him sat there." He looked back to Elunara. "I know how angry you are, but you will calm down. Now." He added firmly. "Handle Tulani. She needs you to take her home."

Elunara dismissed the bastard for now, and stooped down beside Tulani. "Come on my sweetness, let's get you cleaned up."

Grogek looked around and frowned. Renwa and Jordan were marching a man in chains. A villager was holding a chair.

"I want this area cleared off for now." Renwa ordered.

The chair was sat in the middle of the training ring and the man chained to the chair. The tatters of his clothes were removed. Renwa went to Grogek and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I hate to tell you this, but..." He looked back at the naked man. "Tulani was attacked." Renwa tightened his grip. "We will handle this with some civility."

Renwa looked around and motioned to the men who stepped away. "This man is to be left alone." He addressed the yard. "No food, water, or shelter until we have chosen how best to deal with him."

"Don't worry." Grogek growled. "None of MY men will go near the bastard."

The three women were in the large bath. Elunara ran a soapy rag on the back of Tulani's neck. Zelinnia was washing Tulani's arms.

"There's my girl, we'll get you all cleaned up." Elunara smiled and kissed Tulani's cheek.

"I'm sorry." She whimpered.

"For what?" Elunara put soap in Tulani's hair and began to scrub.

"That I'm not strong enough."

"You were plenty strong." Zelinnia smiled. "You were giving him all you got."

Tulani frowned. "It wasn't enough... he wanted..." He started hiccupping again.

"Hey, hey, stop." Elunara wrapped her arms around Tulani. "You did good work. I saw some of the mess he had."

"I want to be stronger." Tulani sniffled.

"Well, I can teach you. Teach you the best ways to fight back."

Tulani turned her head toward Elunara. "I don't want you to think me weak."

"Sweetheart, you're stronger than you think you are."

Tulani turned and wrapped her arms around Elunara's neck. "I don't want you to stop."

Elunara blinked. "Stop what?"

"Loving me." Tulani sobbed.

"I couldn't possibly." Elunara gasped; hurt that Tulani could think such a thing. She pushed Tulani back and put her hands on Tulani's cheeks. "You light my life. I could never stop loving you."

"That's..." Tulani sniffled. "Not what I mean."

"Then what?"

"When... When Lorros took you, you didn't stop. Not once, even though he hurt you." She wiped her cheek. "I know what you said. But, I knew... I knew what was true." She shook her head. "But still, you never stopped."

"Oh." Elunara blinked. "Oh!"

Tulani launched forward, her mouth on Elunara's. Zelinnia blushed and scooted backward, feeling awkward.

Elunara ran her hands down Tulani's backside. "I'll give you whatever you need." She murmured.

"I want you." Tulani whispered. "I want you more than anything I have ever wanted in my life." She pressed her lips to Elunara's and pressed in.

Elunara pulled on Tulani's hips and moved her over her leg. She pressed her leg up into Tulani's crotch.

Zelinnia watched in fascination as the two women devoured each other, hands moving everywhere on soapy skin. She tried to look away, but found herself inexplicably drawn to the action. The heat rose in her face. "Maybe I should go." She whispered, embarrassed.

Tulani turned her head back. "I'm so sorry." She frowned. "You saved me, and I forgot you." Tulani wiggled free of Elunara and wrapped her arms around Zelinnia. "Thank you so much."

Zelinnia's face felt like it was on fire. "No, really. It's... ah, it's ok. I swear." She slipped her hands between them, but found her hands on Tulani's breasts. "Ah. Um, I..." She was having difficulty removing herself.

Elunara scooted over. "I think..." She whispered. "Someone is a little more intrigued than she wants to be." She grinned and dislodged Zelinnia's hands. "But, we wouldn't want you trapped in a situation you don't want to be in."

"Well, I just..." Zelinnia swallowed the rock in her throat. Holding the rag to her chest, she bit her lip. "I am very confused." She admitted weakly.

Elunara chuckled. "Sweetie, take it from me. Just because you prefer men, doesn't mean you can't find a... situation a turn on. I'm not saying you'll ever want your own girlfriend, but I didn't even consider women until I found my Tulani." She kissed Tulani's cheek. "Besides, it just means we appealed to you on a physical level. That part of you that wants to experience the same treatment."

"Maybe." Zelinnia shrunk backwards. If she could blush any harder, she surely accomplished it. "I didn't mean to... um..."

Elunara laughed. "It's a little hard for you to have done anything wrong here." She put her hand on the ledge behind Zelinnia's head. "But, if you ever want some... instruction, I'm always available." She whispered.

Tulani laid her head on Zelinnia's shoulder, sliding an arm behind her. "I would help too." She smiled.

Elunara raised an eyebrow. "Why Tulani, I've never heard you talk like that."

"But, I like her. She saved me. I like when people save me." She blushed.

Elunara laughed. "You got me there."

Zelinnia looked back and forth. "You two are so confusing." She mumbled. She felt her hand come up behind Tulani's back. She stroked the Draenei's back. "I couldn't let him hurt you."

Elunara shook her head and smiled, sliding in beside Zelinnia. "Tulani has that effect on people."

"Yeah, I guess." Zelinnia stared in fascination at the two women on either side of her. Both had linked their arms behind her back. Tulani's head rest on her shoulder, her other hand harmlessly on Zelinnia's thigh. Elunara was much more imposing. Her hand was also on Zelinnia's thigh, but a lot closer to a private area, and if Zelinnia gave any indication, she knew that the hand would keep going.

Zelinnia looked into Elunara's curious face. "I..." Slowly, she slid her arm behind Elunara, placing her hand on the woman's hip.

"You know, little flower..." Elunara brushed her fingers against Zelinnia's wet hair. "You tread on dangerous waters."

She jolted at the touch. "I am aware." She whispered.

Elunara slid her fingers up and down Zelinnia's soft flesh. She leaned forward and lightly brushed her lips against Zelinnia's. Tulani grinned and pressed kisses against Zelinnia's neck. Elunara explored Zelinnia's mouth with her tongue, and slipped a finger inside.

Zelinnia wiggled and moaned against Elunara's mouth.

Tulani cupped one hand on Zelinnia's breast and the other on her ass. Tulani pressed her lips to Zelinnia's neck and shoulder, moving down to her collarbone.

Zelinnia arched back against the ledge.

Elunara played with the soft folds using her fingers, and kept Zelinnia's mouth occupied.

Zelinnia broke contact and gasped.

"Oh, we don't want to kill her on her first go." Elunara grinned and lightly licked Zelinnia's unoccupied shoulder.

Zelinnia clenched her legs together, her hands clamping down on the two women.

"There we go." Elunara whispered. When she could, she freed her hand from Zelinnia's crotch.

Zelinnia laid her head on the ledge and stared at the ceiling. "Oh Gods, is it always like that?"

Elunara grinned. "When done right."

Tulani laughed. "With Elunara, it's always good." She dipped her hand down and brushed her own fingers across Zelinnia's hair. "Perhaps next time, I could try."

Zelinnia twitched. "May... maybe." She whispered.

"You know..." Elunara grinned at Tulani. "We never finished you."

Tulani bowed her head and grinned. "I guess we got a little distracted."

Elunara shifted toward Tulani, wrapping her arms around her lover. She captured her mouth and ran her hands up and down Tulani's back. With one hand, she pulled Tulani into her lap and the other, slipped her fingers inside. Elunara worked her mouth down Tulani's throat and to her shoulders and across her collar bone. She pushed Tulani against the wall of the bath and cupped her breast in on hand, the other hand working Tulani's folds. She sucked on the nipple, and teased the breast with her hand.

Watching with complete fascination, Zelinnia surprised herself when she cupped Tulani's other breast. The Draenei opened her eyes and smiled at Zelinnia before leaning her head back completely and arching against Elunara's hand. Curiosity drove her to gently lick the nipple. Tulani's hand came up and rubbed Zelinnia's own tender nipples. She tried to mimic Elunara with some success.

"Come up." Elunara murmured. She helped Tulani up on to the ledge. Tulani spread her legs, and leaned back against the wall.

"What is that?" Zelinnia whispered, despite herself.

"Slaver tattoo." Elunara murmured, before placing her lips on the ugly marks. She kissed her way to Tulani's center. She used a rag to wash the insides of Tulani's legs, and rubbed her thoroughly with the rag. Tulani moaned and arched. With a grin, Elunara leaned forward and began to work on Tulani's center with her mouth and tongue.

Fascinated, but having to idea what else to do, Zelinnia began to wash the rest of Tulani with her rag. She climbed up on the ledge and made a good job of it. Moving the soapy rag over slick skin, washing arms. Legs and torso, playing with Tulani's breasts as she worked. Tulani rocked and arched, grabbing at Zelinnia's leg. Slipping, Zelinnia fell into the giant bathing basin with a splash. She struggled to return to air, but Elunara grabbed her by the shoulder and hauled her up.

She laughed. "Well, that was fun."

Tulani put a hand to her cheek. "I'll never look at bathing the same again." She looked in the water. "I'm sorry I made you fall."

"That's not exactly the strangest thing that's happened today." Zelinnia shook her head.

Elunara laughed.

The door burst open and Ina walked in. "I heard a scream."

"Zel slipped and fell." Elunara grinned.

"I had help." Zelinnia sunk in the water.

Ina grabbed her chest. "After earlier, you had me worried. Watch your step, girl!" Ina pointed. She stomped out.

Elunara laughed. "That was Ina speak for "I'm glad you're ok."

Zelinnia blushed. "Still wasn't my fault."

She grinned. "Don't worry, we won't tell. Come on, let's get rinsed off."

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