tagSci-Fi & FantasyFor the Whored Ch. 042

For the Whored Ch. 042


Jerry ran up, out of breath. "El...nar...a"

She stepped outside. "Jerry, I swear I have to work on your endurance."

Jerry spotted the King and made his salutes. He turned back to Elunara. "I'm sorry, but Terrance and Mark are at it again. We tried to pull them apart, but I gave up and came for you."

She growled as she followed alongside the exhausted Jerry. "What's going on?"

"It started this morning. Mark has the hots for Jenny, and he was flirting with her, when Terrance, her bother decided to jump in. And I don't know all of it, but Terrance was saying that "Jenny couldn't date anyone who'd put their filthy dick in the whore". I'm sorry." He added rapidly.

"Well, gee, does that exclude the entire town?" She scoffed.

He flushed. "I don't know. But, Mark got mad because Terrance said bad things about you. And he said..." Jerry struggled to remember. "Well, it was something like "Terrance was just sore that Terrance's dick was too small to be of any interest to you." His color deepened. "Sorry."

"I kind of like that one." She remarked. They reached a clearing where four people on each side were holding back the two men. They were both yelling obscenities. "SHUT IT, YOU DUMBFUCKS!" She screamed. Everyone at once froze.

She marched forward and went for Mark. "You! Five seconds, convince me not to gut you."

"Terrance called you a filthy whore, I wasn't having it."

She nodded. "Next time, Filthy whore is practically a compliment to me."

He stared. "What?"

With a wave of her hand, she rocked her head back and forth. "I'll explain later. Also, Jenny thinks you're hot; came to me for advice on how to seduce you."

Varian turned to Grogek. "Aren't you going to do anything?"

Grogek snorted. "They're more afraid of her than me. I threaten them with her."

Renwa nodded. "Grogek may be raw power, but Elunara makes up for it in sheer meanness."

She marched over to Terrance. "Hey little peashit, I've been hearing fun things about you."

Terrance yanked himself free of the other men, who backed to a safe distance. "Stay away from me, whore."

She snorted. "You know, there's a little orc woman over in Frostfire Ridge, who could teach you a thing or two about creative insults. Because whore? Is the codename I picked for myself when I was running missions for SI:7."

He spat on the ground. "Am I supposed to be impressed?"

She yanked his pants down to his knees before he knew what was going on. She snorted. "Am I supposed to be impressed?" She mocked.

He bent down to grab his pants but got her knee to his face.

"Oops." She called merrily. Grabbing him by the hair, she yanked his head back. "I could slit your throat, but that would be boring." She bent him backwards, as he flailed and grabbed at her. "And messy." She kneed him in the back, then jabbed her fist in his throat. "Instead, it will be WAY more satisfying to utterly humiliate you in front of everyone. Including the King of Stormwind." She knocked his legs out as she let go of his hair.

"Say hi!" She called merrily, as she stepped on his stomach. "Oh, right, you can't." She grabbed him by the throat. "I'll make your condolences for you." She lifted him to her face. "I should tell you, I like Mark. He's a good kid. Also, your sister has made her own visit to my little practice." She giggled wildly. "You shouldn't make assumptions you little weasel." She dropped him and stepping on his crotch she started to walk off. She turned. "Oh yeah, I agree with Mark. That thing is pathetic." She walked off whistling, her arms behind her head.

She stopped in front of Varian. "Oh, right. Troops or something."

He leaned his head to the side. "I should tell you that that is not the right way to discipline a soldier."

"Aw." She patted his cheek. "You think I care."

"Do I even want to know what was said?" Grogek raised an eyebrow.

She reached up and patted his cheek as well. "Nope." She laughed. "In fact, Mark was more insulted for me, than I would have been insulted. It was adorable."

"He called you a whore?" Grogek snorted.

"FILTHY whore. Get it right."

He just laughed. "They really don't learn, do they?"

"Never. It's the best part."

Varian shook his head. "Then why punish him?"

"It was intent, darling. And circumstance. Shall we start that tour now?" She fluttered her lashes.

By the end of the day, Varian was quite impressed by the town, Grogek, and even the people's attitude towards Elunara. She led them to their barracks building. Opening the door, she let him go first.

Tulani was sitting at her desk, sewing. "Darguni is asleep."

Elunara walked over and kissed her. "Sorry I haven't been around today."

"It's alright. I hear you had a bit of fun though."

She snorted. "I haven't been able to take down a dick in ages."

"I thought you did that every day." Tulani smiled softly.

Elunara froze and then laughed. "You have me there."

"This is all your work?" Varian looked at the pictures on the wall.

"Those are more my favorites, rather than my best." She pointed to the shelves. "Everything I've ever done and kept is there."

"Fascinating goblin picture."

"He was a friend." She said quietly.

"Oh." He frowned and continued on. "Oh. Oh, wow this one..." He looked down at Tulani. "Is this you?"

She smiled at him, but kept on sewing. "I am selfish, in that I call it Elunara's finest work."

Elunara kissed her head. "It IS my finest work."

He pulled out a book and began to flip through. "Your skill has vastly improved." Varian put the book down and cleared his throat. "Elunara, is it alright for me to speak in front of Tulani?"

"We have no true secrets." Elunara shrugged.

He seriously doubted that, if the Blood Elf was any indication. "Why does Jordan act so odd around you?"

"Well, it's more me and Grogek at the same time. One or the other, he can handle." She sighed. "He just hasn't been the same since the threesome."

Varian blinked. "Excuse me?"

"So, Jordan was getting what everyone around here affectionately call the "full treatment", when Grogek walks in. Jordan of course assumes the worst and freezes. Grogek, amused by it, joins in." She shook her head back and forth. "I won't go into details, but the end result is that Jordan liked it a little more than HE thinks he should have."

Tulani giggled. "Most do."

Elunara nodded. "He almost left town. He was trying to quit when I cornered him and gave him the what for. He grew a spine about it, but only if he doesn't have to face us both."


"For once, I have no idea what to do about him, aside from chastising him about it. That usually works for a day or two."

"Jordan is a good man, worked for me for a time. It's unsettling to see him so rattled."

She snorted. "You and me both. Renwa was quite pissed off at me that I ruined his best man. He's still not happy with me on that one."

"And you and Renwa? How is that?"

"We're just friends now." She shrugged. "We had some tensions, but we worked it out. Had a few bangs, but now I think he doesn't even see me that way anymore. I'm not just another troop, but certainly not a pursuit of his affections."

Tulani giggled again. "He's a little diverted at the moment."

Elunara grinned. "Oh yeah, he is. It's painfully obvious that Zelinnia and Renwa have sexual chemistry. I'm just trying to figure out how best to foster it."

"A human and a Blood Elf?" Varian sounded skeptical.

"Dear god, what part of a Night Elf and an ORC makes sense?" Elunara threw her hands up.

"Alright, alright. I see your point." He held up his hands. "But you can make anything work for you. Including this." He gestured to Tulani.

She smiled at him. "Glad to be included."

"Oh, you know I include you whenever possible."

She giggled. "That you do."

Varian scrunched his face. "Even..."

Tulani shook her head. "Not that. Never that." She considered. "Well, I have been involved in her exploits with Grogek, but not often." She paused and turned to Elunara. "Do I even want to know about the rope?"

Elunara looked guilty. "Best not to ask."

She nodded. "As long as it was pleasurable."

"It was AMAZING."

Tulani smiled. "I'm glad."

Elunara turned back to Varian. "I'd offer to let you stay here tonight, but Tippy the innkeeper might strangle me in my sleep if I let her miss such a priceless opportunity. Tomorrow, Grogek and I are due for a demonstration."


"Oh good, I'll get Darguni and head up the hill. Everyone's been asking when you'll do one next."

"We beat the shit out of each other for everyone's amusement. If you talk to Gerald, there's a betting pool. One of the tamer ones, I should say."

"I won the last one." Tulani smiled.

Elunara froze and stared at the woman. "Which one."

"South orchard."

Elunara was completely stunned. "How?"

"Well, you had a good deal of mean built up, it was simply a matter of guessing a higher number than everyone else."

"What's south orchard?" Varian looked back and forth and was surprised to see Elunara's color rise.

"Elunara and Grogek beat the snot out of each other, except more naked, and the weapons are fleshy."

Varian's eyes were huge as he turned to Elunara, who was still staring at the Draenei in embarrassment. He raised an eyebrow and grinned. "There's something you can be embarrassed about?"

"Fuck no; I'm trying to comprehend Tulani winning the freaking betting pool. I... I thought you avoided watching?" She frowned.

"Well, when you two are being meaningful, it a beautiful thing to watch." She shrugged. "Watching you has helped me deal with what they did to me. However, I didn't actually watch it; I just gave Gerald my bet." She beamed at Elunara.

Elunara put a hand to her mouth. "I'm going to have to think on that one for awhile." She muttered.

"He did mutter something about cheating, but I didn't catch it." Tulani continued to sew.

"Oh," Elunara laughed. "I almost ripped his nuts off when I caught him cheating his bets. He doesn't bet on me anymore."

Varian shook his head and sighed. "So you're telling me that you and the Orc,"

Elunara glared at him.

He held up his hands. "Grogek, go engage in sex in a public places, so that people can bet on it?"

She shrugged. "Technically, we go to the south orchard and everyone pretends they're being sneaky and sits on the hills to get a glimpse. Gerald started the bets. It just kind of grew from there."

He shuddered. "Glad I won't be hanging around for THAT."

"The funny thing is..." Tulani smiled. "Due to the nature of how things work around here, people wind up pretty even. After a major event of any sort, someone winds up on top, but loses it the next time around." She shrugged. "It's all low wagers and fairly friendly."

"What EXACTLY did you bet?" Elunara eyed her suspiciously.

"My bet was that you and Grogek would go longer than anyone else bet." She gave a mischievous grin. "It was such a vague and farfetched bet, that it was accepted."

Elunara cackled. "How much did you win?"


"Damn, Tu. I'm impressed." Elunara shook her head.

"No ma'am." Tulani shook her head. "Seven hours is impressive."

Varian looked back and forth. "Seven hours is referring to sexcapades?"

"Yeah, but that was a few months ago." Elunara shrugged. "We haven't come close since, or wanted to for that matter. We almost killed each other."

Tulani giggled. "You were in such pain, and too stubborn to cancel extra activities."

"That's... kind of terrifying."

"Come on Varian." Elunara laughed. "Let's get you to the inn so that Tippy can die of joy." She winked. "And you can have terrible, terrible dreams of my... exploits."

The next morning, Varian stood with Renwa on a platform near the ring. Zelinnia was also beside Renwa as they watched the action.

"Do they do this often?"

"At least once a month." Renwa nodded. "It serves its purposes."

"I can see that."

"Tulani keeps the baby up there, out of harm's way. That's also where Elunara likes to sit and draw the men."

"I've seen her recent work it is impressive." Varian considered. "The men that train here have better muscle definition than men trained purely in Azeroth."

"Even veterans of our wars come here to get trained by Commander Grogek. He's the reason we're doing so well in Draenor at this time."

"I'm beginning to believe it, and quite frankly, there's a secondary reason I've come here."


Elunara dodged left and jumped her way around Grogek. He swung backwards and she deflected his hit.

"We're going to have to train more." Elunara called.

"Oh? Why's that?" Grogek asked.

"Our moves are starting to get predictable."

She jumped in the air and he grabbed her by the wrist, yanking her forward. He momentarily dropped his axe and grabbed her around the waist. He jammed his mouth to hers and assaulted. There were whistles among the crowd.

"Predict that?" He grinned.

She head butted him and then kicked off his chest. "Or that?" She teased.

He roared at her and scooped his axe back up. They tore at each other for awhile before Grogek sunk his axe in the ground. He charged at her. They grappled back and forth before she grabbed a fang and yanked his face to hers. When she was finished, she grinned.

"That was for earlier."

He licked her face. "So was that." He laughed.

She wiped the saliva off her face. "Oh, now you're in for it."

"That's enough, you two!" Renwa called out. "Better stop you both before you strip naked in town... again."

Grogek and Elunara grinned at each other.

"I have an announcement." Varian called out. Everyone got quiet, watching. "I came out to substantiate some bizarre rumors. What I found was beyond expectations. While, I can't agree to some of the practices out here, this isn't Stormwind. In fact, you live in a primal and savage world, and are doing your best to live here. The men I see today, and have seen in other Alliance towns, are stronger than the men I sent here. Most of which are in part to Commander Grogek. I wonder how much of it is due to Elunara's hand as well."

A few men snickered.

"Therefore, it is with great pride that I welcome Grogek into the Alliance, as our newest General of the Alliance."

All eyes turned to the stunned pair in the ring. Grogek stepped forward and went down on one knee.

"Rise, General Grogek." He smiled and nodded. "You shall be welcomed in Stormwind, should you ever choose to visit." He turned his attention to Elunara. "You are a different matter. I should like to let everyone know, that no matter what title I tried to give Elunara, she would refuse it, as she has in the past, and I am certain she will continue to do so. However, I'm going to give her one anyway." He grinned. "I am naming you the official Envoy to Draenor. Which..." His grinned widened. "Puts her just a smidge above General Grogek."

Everyone chuckled.

"All of that being said, this does not mean that General Renwa or Captain Jordan are leaving or have changed their roles. General Renwa and Captain Jordan will maintain their current roles in town. Nothing will truly change, as General Grogek surveys his troops, and General Renwa continues to oversee the town. Now, I will allow you to congratulate them." He stepped back.

The crowd converged on the stunned pair.

Renwa leaned to Varian. "Five gold says she protests."

"I've heard all about this town's little gambling problem. I think I'll pass."

Grogek snorted. "Envoy?"

She started laughing. "Oh Elune, that's priceless. I wonder if I get to pick my duties."

He snorted again. "They've given you more excuses, you'll be unbearable now." He grinned at her.

"Envoy is a bit of a bullshit term, isn't it?" Gerald frowned.

"You well know they tried to make me Captain years ago." Elunara rolled her eyes. "This they get to make stick, because I'm not in charge of anything. He only said that I had more power than Grogek to make a point."

"Well, I think it's awesome." Said Jerry.

"Maybe I will see this Stormwind of yours." Grogek mused.

"You'd come back though, right?" This from Louis.

Grogek laughed. "This is my home. I'd never leave it for long."

Varian put a hand on Grogek's shoulder. "You have earned the title from what I have seen. I will make my intentions known when I return." He dropped his hand and turned to Elunara. "I will not budge on this one. You'd earned title and rank time and time again. You'll just have to accept the post."

She snorted. "I'm already plotting how to make this work for me."

He turned back to Renwa. "Damn, I should have taken your bet, I would have won."

Renwa raised an eyebrow. "Elunara can surprise anyone."

Varian laughed. "Well, I must return home."

"Say hi to Anduin." Elunara grinned.

"I will consider it." He narrowed his eyes at her.

She held up her hands. "Hey, too young for my tastes. He's a good kid."

Varian nodded. "Be well."

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