Forbidden Love


"Oh, sorry. As soon as this headache goes away I'm going to try and clean out the garage like I've been promising for a month. Then I'll do a little studying."

"Sounds good. We can put some hamburgers on the grill tonight if you want."

"Great," I said enthusiastically. My enthusiasm was more about my mother's bubbly disposition then about the burgers. She seemed to have totally forgotten about last night. If she blamed me for any of it, it wasn't apparent. Then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was such a surprise that I didn't respond immediately.

"Still can't guess, huh?"

I looked at her quizzically. Then it dawned on me. "Oh, the lipstick." She must have had the same flavor on as she did yesterday. "Cherry."

"Finally, but now that you've guessed it I'll have to try another flavor," she said with a smile. "Well, got to cover up these exercise clothes or I might get arrested going into the gym." As she turned and walked out of the room I stared at her creamy thighs and ass in her tight shorts. She looked back at me but didn't say anything, just smiled. Her smile lit up the entire room. I would have given a million dollars to know what she was thinking at that moment.

I smiled back and my heart started beating faster. God, how I loved her. It was so wrong, but there was nothing I could do about it. I don't think we really have control over who we love, it just happens. I knew that it was not normal to love your mother like this. What I felt was the tingling, heart racing, butterflies in the stomach, kind of love.

Later that evening we sat close to one another on the back porch swing after eating, watching the sun go down. It was a beautiful sunset, but strangely it made me sad. The ever present thought that I would be going away to college after the summer vacation gnawed at my stomach. I was also thinking about what had happened last night. Neither of us had mentioned it and I was starting to wonder if it had just been a dream.

"What's wrong?" my mother asked.


"You had a very sad look on your face."

I didn't look at her but said, "It's just that I'll be leaving in a couple of months."

"You'll only be five hundred miles away."

"Right, 'only' five hundred miles," I responded.

"I can come and visit on special weekends and you'll come home on holidays."

"Yeah, but ... but how are you going to get ... get along without me?" I asked, my eyes tearing and my voice cracking. A better question might have been; how was I going to get along without her?

My mother didn't answer. But she reached over and took my hand, holding it gently without saying a word. I was pretty sure she was feeling the same as me.

"We'll get along somehow," she finally said without conviction. "Let's take a walk down to the old barn before it gets dark."

The "old barn" was a remnant of a previous owner who worked the property as a horse farm for years until his death. His children parceled the land and sold it in five-acre plots. The old barn was on our property so we often went to sit on bales of hay to watch the sun go down over the mountains. It was a special place for both of us and helped us both heal after Dad left.

My mother led me down the back steps toward a well-worn path that twisted through the woods to the barn. I loved the feeling of her warm hand in mine. There was a cool, gentle breeze rustling through the trees and the sky was crystal blue with a few clouds on the horizon to the west. I glanced over and saw that the breeze had made my mother's nipples hard. I quickly looked away, chastising myself for the ever-present carnal thoughts about my own mother.

When we arrived at the barn, we sat down close to one another on bails of hay. The sun was close to slipping below the mountains and some dark clouds had begun to roll in. We could see what was left of the winter's snow on the highest peaks. It was a gorgeous view and our special place where we could talk, or just sit and be together. I put my arm around her and pulled her close. She laid her head on my shoulder. Sometimes it wasn't necessary to say a word.

After we had sat silently for some time I said, "Mom, are you sorry that you never found another man?"

"I have a man," she said and squeezed my hand.

"You know what I mean. I'm not like a husband."

"But you are my best friend."

"And you're mine, but that wasn't my question."

My mother sighed as she stared out of the barn toward the mountain. "Truthfully, when you were younger, it would have been a big help to have a man around the house. I mean you were a good boy, but I didn't know much about raising a teenaged boy."

"I think you did a great job."

My mother smiled and placed her hand against my face. "I think so too. But it would have been nice to have a man around to teach you things ... to have talks about things like girls and sex," she said and blushed prettily.

"Don't worry, us kids learn all we need to know from TV and the Internet."

"That's what I was afraid of," she said with a laugh.

I paused before asking the next question. "Did you want to have more children?"

It took her a few moments to answer. Finally she said, "Yes I did, back when you were ten or eleven, but your father was dead set against it."

"It's not too late ... I mean you're only 37 so you can still have them if you found someone. I'm sure with your looks, that would be incredibly easy."

"Thanks. But I have you."

"Come on, Mom," I said.

"The truth is that I'm not sure I could have another child, even if I met someone."


"Well, we tried for several years and nothing happened, so we gave up. Then your father left us. I figured it just wasn't meant to be."

Then I remembered something. One day my father was home from work and he had a doctor's appointment. I went with him. I had asked what was wrong and he said nothing, he was there for a physical to get a vasectomy. He explained what that a vasectomy was so he and Mom wouldn't have any more children. It didn't mean much to me at that time. I couldn't quite remember how old I was then, but I think I was nine or ten.

I must have had a perplexed look on my face because she said, "What's wrong?"

I didn't want to spoil the moment, and besides, I could have been wrong about my age. If he had had a vasectomy before they were "trying" to get pregnant, me telling her now would just rub salt into the wounds of their failed marriage. "Uh nothing, I was just thinking how nice it is to be here with you right now. It's so peaceful here. I'm going to miss coming here with you when I'm gone."

My mother looked into my eyes and I saw them begin to tear. As a lone tear spilled from her eye and began to trickle down her cheek I leaned over and gently wiped it off with my thumb. My hand rose almost without conscious thought and settled behind her neck. We stared into each other's eyes for what seemed a long time. With very little urging from me her head began to move forward until our lips were just a fraction of an inch apart. Her eyes were closed as if waiting for me to kiss her.

Slowly I opened my mouth and touched hers. I heard a tiny whimper come from the back of her throat as our lips pressed together. Then it was my turn to moan when I felt my mother's tongue slowly slip into my mouth. I began to tremble as I sucked her tongue, pulling her sweet tasting saliva into my mouth.

Without a conscious effort from either of us she was suddenly on her back with me pressed to her chest. Our lips were pressed firmly, yet tenderly, together as her tongue explored my mouth. My tongue pressed against hers, circling her slippery probe before slipping into her mouth. I heard a moan as she began to suck my tongue. My hand somehow ended up resting just below one breast. I felt her tremble as my fingers moved. They crept slowly upward until my hand covered one soft breast. My cock was throbbing so much that I thought I might climax. I actually had my hand on my mother's breast! Before she could protest my fingers moved over her top and hooked under the elastic of her strapless tube top. Quickly I pulled it downward. My mother's breath hissed into my still searching mouth as I bared her breast. I paused there for a moment to allow her to stop me. When she didn't my hand covered her now bare breast.

"Mmmmm," she gasped into my mouth.

Her breast was amazing. The skin was smooth and warm to the touch and the hard nipple felt as if it was on fire, threatening to scorch the palm of my hand. I circled my palm slowly around the nipple before placing it between my index finger and thumb. When I squeezed my mother gasped again. Her back arched and a loud moan came from deep in her throat.

I pulled away from her lips and began to kiss down her neck. She closed her eyes and rested her hand on the back of my head. I moved slowly, hoping upon hope that she wouldn't stop me. I kissed down the smooth flesh of one globe and then pulled slightly back to look at the engorged nipple. With a whimper I dropped my head and took it into my mouth.

"Oh my God," my mother gasped.

The taste of her sweet flesh was amazing and my cock throbbed in my pants. My juices were already soaking though my underwear. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could before letting it slip out to grasp the nipple again.

I was sucking like a baby starved for milk when I felt my mother gently pushing my head. I thought it was over until she directed my mouth toward the other tit. I moaned as I began to suck the second tit. I worried the hard nipple before I gently bit down with my teeth. I heard her moan. The pulsing in my pants was very intense as I pushed my cock against her leg, moving my hips up and down. But before I could climax in my pants I felt her gently push my head back. I thought about resisting for a second but knew better. I released the tit and looked down at her flushed face.

She whispered, "The sun's gone down, we had better get back."

I didn't press my luck. I squeezed her breast warmly one last time and then bent over and kissed the nipple before reluctantly pulling away and letting her sit up. Her distended nipple was shiny with my saliva. She casually pulled her top over her bare breast and stood up, reaching her hand down for me. I took it and arose to face her. Looking into her eyes I opened my arms. She stepped into my embrace and we hugged for a long time. I could feel her heart still beating rapidly. The thumping matched the rhythm of my own heart. I let my arms slide slowly down her back until I had both of her jeans covered ass cheeks in my hands.

I knew that she could feel my erection, which I didn't try to hide this time. There was no indication that she minded and in fact it seemed that she was pressing her hips to me. It was almost too much for me and I had to pull away or again risk cumming in my pants.

We walked silently back to the house, hand in hand. My throbbing erection tented my pants, and there was a wet spot on my shorts, but I no longer felt embarrassed. It was a proud symbol of how I felt about my mother and I think she liked it.

Chapter 5

The rest of the week was a blur to me. I was walking on air from the realization that I had actually caressed and sucked my mother's breast and more importantly, she had not protested and she had not been drinking, so she knew what I was doing. I could still feel her hard nipple searing the palm of my hand and the soft nub between my lips. Then of course there was the kiss ... a kiss like few sons would ever know, but I knew and I felt incredibly privileged. Her lips had been soft and wet against mine and her tongue had stirred me wildly. The thought and memory of our kiss made me masturbate several times during the long week.

I was almost giddy with excitement and if I hadn't already been prepared for my finals, I would have been in big trouble. My only thought was about Friday when I hoped that we would get our typical movie and sit in the family room and watch. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I knew I wanted more. How much more would obviously be up to her. Unfortunately, I had no idea what she was thinking. Was she chastising herself for allowing me to kiss her and play with her breast? Was she going to tell me that she couldn't allow that anymore? Was she just going to cancel our Friday night movie? That scared me the most. I figured if I had her alone with some wine and a romantic movie I could surely convince her to let me take a few liberties. But if she decided not to have our Friday evening get together, all could be lost. I was worried sick by the end of the week.

When she told me on Thursday that she wouldn't be able to pick me up at school on Friday, I figured I was in trouble. She apologized and said she couldn't get off work early. Friday, I stopped at the video store after school and picked up a movie anyway. This time it was a chick flick so I was hoping I could talk her into watching.

When she came home from work, I greeted her with a big smile and a kiss on the lips. "I passed everything with flying colors," I said, beaming.

"Really? How do you know this already?"

"My chemistry teacher graded the tests right there in class and I aced it. Biology was a little tougher, but I am sure I got at least a B. Trigonometry was a breeze and World Studies wasn't much of a test. So, I made it."

"I'm so proud of you, Jerry," my mother said and hugged me tightly. Then she kissed me on the lips again, this time it lasted a bit longer. "So do you want to know where we are going on vacation?"

"Of course. You know I've tried everything, including outright bribery to get you to tell me."

She laughed. "Okay, we're going to Barbados. We leave next Saturday for two weeks."

I broke out with a big smile. "Two weeks in Barbados, cool. I knew it would be someplace sunny. That's great, Mom." I hugged her again.

When she pulled away, she said, "We can do something special tonight if you want to."

I wasn't sure what she meant by something special, but I was really looking forward to our pizza and movie, or more honestly, our cuddling on the sofa. "Uh ... I would just as soon have our standard movie and pizza, if that's all the same to you."

"No problem. I was hoping you wanted to stay home because I'm bushed anyway. We had a crazy week at work."

"Sorry to hear that. I'll order the pizza for seven or so. I already have a movie rented. Chick flick."

My mother smiled. "Good. I'll take a long soaking bath and then be down."

I had the movie in the machine, the pizza and wine on the coffee table, and was ready by seven thirty. I decided to be a little more risky and wear my white briefs instead of my normal boxers. I was sitting on the sofa when my mother came down. I was disappointed to see that she was wearing jeans instead of her typical bathrobe.

We sat and watched the movie, ate pizza and drank wine—only one bottle tonight. Mom snuggled up next to me, placing her head on my shoulder. I lifted my arm and placed it over her shoulder. It was a nice evening in spite of the fact that I had hoped for more. When the movie was about over, I noticed that my mother's head felt heavy on my chest. Her breathing was regular so I figured that she had fallen asleep. I moved back a little and felt my mother's head slip down my chest until it was resting in my lap. The pressure of her head brought the normal reaction ... an erection. As usual I lost the battle to will my cock not to get hard—of course I didn't really want to prevent my erection. The weight of her head forced my cock to throb. I was about to lose my mind when I felt my mother stir in her sleep. She slipped her hand, which had been on my thigh, under her cheek.

Suddenly her head was on the back of her hand and the palm was resting on my cock. My heart was beating wildly as I wondered what to do. Should I wake her? Of course I couldn't. Like the sex pervert that I am, I decided to move my hips gently up and down to increase the stimulation in hopes of bringing myself off without her knowing. That would be better than nothing, I thought.

Then, incredibly, I felt my mother's hand moving. It was almost imperceptible at first, but there was definite movement. Suddenly I realized what she was doing. She was searching for the opening of my underwear. My heart skipped a beat as her hand slipped inside my shorts and wrapped around my cock. Good God, my mother has my cock in her hand, I screamed in my head. I looked down, but all I could see was the back of her head. She obviously was not asleep.

Her hand began to slowly move up and down on my cock. I could now feel her warm breath on the head of my cock through the thin material of my shorts. That alone was almost more than I could stand. I began to tremble as she began working my cock out of my shorts. I sucked in my breath when I felt my cock released into the cool room air. A second later something warm and wet covered the head.

I couldn't suppress a moan ... my mother had the head of my cock in her mouth ... she was sucking my cock! My mother was sucking my cock! I wanted to scream for joy but kept my mouth shut with the exception of a few moans. Suddenly I could feel her tongue working on the swollen head, flicking at the drooling slit before twirling it around the surface. She didn't take more than just the head into her mouth. She sucked it slowly and lovingly as her hand began to pump up and down my shaft. This was like a dream. I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was really awake. I gently placed my hand on the back of her neck and felt her warm skin. I forced myself not to push her head down.

My hips, which had stopped moving with the initial shock, began to move again. I lifted them in little twitches, trying to force more of my shaft into her mouth. She resisted and continued the maddening teasing of the head. It felt like the head was growing bigger by the second. My balls were squirming in their sacks and I could feel them tightening in preparation for climax.

Should I warn her? I wondered. It was the manly thing to do; yet I was only a boy and could be excused for my impulsiveness. I threw my head back and began to moan. "Mom, Mom, Mom," I gasped. That should have been warning enough. Yet she didn't stop sucking and began to move her hand faster. With a long gasp from my lips, I lifted my hips and screamed. My cock spasmed and began to shoot it's content into my mother's sucking mouth. The first blast felt huge and was followed by several rapid and strong squirts. Incredible pleasure rushed through me and I could think of nothing but my mother's sucking mouth and my squirting cock. It seemed to last much longer then when I did it myself and it felt a heck of a lot better. When the throbbing slowed and the last dribble was sucked from the head, I relaxed back onto the sofa. My mother held my cock in her mouth until it had wilted. Then she abruptly stood up, but she didn't look at me. I figured she was having second thoughts about what she had just done. I watched with my heart still beating rapidly as she walked out of the room without saying a word.

When I looked down at my now shrunken cock, there was only a dribble of cum at the head. My mother had either swallowed my cum or left the room to spit it out. I, of course, fantasized that she had swallowed it.

Chapter 6

It was quieter than usual in the house when I arose on Saturday morning. I went downstairs and found a note on the kitchen table from my mother saying that she had to do some shopping for our vacation trip and would be back by mid-afternoon. I was actually relieved that she wasn't home. Like the previous Saturday, I had no idea what I was going to say to her and I needed time to think. What had occurred last night was not a mistake or a slip-up this time. My mother had sucked my cock and most likely swallowed my sperm (at least in my mind she had). She was probably less inebriated than the previous Friday night so it couldn't be blamed on alcohol. Yet, it was still impossible for me to fathom that my own mother had sucked my cock. Just thinking those words made me question my sanity.

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