tagErotic CouplingsFour for the Handyman Ch. 05

Four for the Handyman Ch. 05


Technically by the terms of the amended deal, all of them were in the same boat as Marie, but I knew better than to mention that out loud. Tati would play along for a while, the perfect pet, until she got bored. Karen? No idea, but Susan would revolt. Just yesterday she couldn't even imagine having sex, to push the pet thing? No... not now, maybe not ever.

Besides, did I really want four pets? Training just the one was an epic challenge.

I put those thoughts aside as I closed up for the night, headed upstairs for what felt like the first time. The hall lights were on and I looked around. Four doors, four rooms, four sexy young women.

Every door was open, nothing hidden tonight. Tatiyana was too tired to worry about being disturbed, she lay sprawled out bonelessly on top of her elegant four-poster bed, invitingly unguarded. Next door I could see Karen, not asleep yet, lying on her stomach humping her pillow gently, my gaze swept past the empty bathroom where it had all started, past Susan's room to where my Pet lay, uncomfortable but unconscious, her arms still bound behind her back, the uncomfortably wide leather strap between her legs keeping them spread open, her ass, barely covered by the same strap lifted up invitingly by the pillow under her hips, heavy heels pointing skyward as her legs relaxed for the first time since before the lunch we'd all skipped. I imagined heading in there, unlocking her... in the fantasy the problem of the lock being under her wasn't a problem, taking her... I shook my head, gripping the tiny key in my palm on it's fine chain.

Finally, Susan, newly minted woman, waiting in her darkened room, lit by candle light, ready for her lover to come to her for the first time. I could see her, clean and freshly showered, lounging on her bed, propped up on a mound of pillows, eyes glittering in the flickering light. Our gazes met and she wet her lips. I reached over deliberately and flipped the lights of the hall off, shrouding the house in darkness, only that lone beacon of warm light inviting me.

I stepped into her room and she rose, beckoning me with her hand, the oversized steel ring glittering on the finger I'd placed it on hours ago. I leaned over her, taking her face gently in my hands, our bodies pushing together, her marshmallow pillows pressing, with their hard tips, into my chest as we kissed, I melted into her inviting flesh, letting my exhaustion claim me, the fatigue draining out of me into the bed beneath us.

I never thought of a kiss as particularly arousing before. In fact, greeting a woman with a kiss should have brought back awkward memories of the passionless romps with my ex... of the fights that provided the only moments of passion...

But when Susan kissed me, no longer little Suzy but a woman, with a woman's wants and needs, she poured her body into it. Her tongue sought mine, awkwardly, passionately, demanding attention, her fingers clawed at my back as we kissed, her body arcing up to press more fully into my falling one. I hardened against her, my shaft trapped between us, right where he needed to be.

We rolled as one, so I was on my back, she straddling me, kissing me, rubbing her body against mine, her wild red hair falling over us, brushing my face as she kissed her way down my body, exploring it for the first time, her hands exploring ever angle and plane of me, her lips following in their wake. I groaned, resting one hand on her head, twining fingers through her hair gently, giving it little tugs that sent shivers through her as she explored me.

Once she'd reached my little soldier she slowed her search, her exploration, focusing her movements ever closer, teasing me with the spiral she traced with her lips, leaving flaming kiss marks branded into my skin, cooling against the night air.

Her tongue formed a broad brush that she applied to my balls, licking a long line up my shaft, circling the faint bruising where the rings had pressed the sensitive flesh, bathing ever chafed or sore spot she could find, most of them earned in her own body just that day.

Then she rose above me, my Venus, my Goddess, one leg raised as she knelt on the bed, guiding me as she slowly, oh so slowly, lowered herself, impaled herself, fucked herself. Today I had taken her, tonight she took herself, took her time, explored her own body as she had just explored mine. Tonight I let her, the most I could do for her.

She rode me, moving her hips, her body, hands pressed to my chest, grinding against me. She tried different positions, different moves, her eyes closed, gasps and moans and faint cries her only vocalizations. For an hour, maybe two she worked for both of us, allowing me to play with her breasts, or to stroke her thighs as she fucked herself over and over again.

I came once, maybe midway through, a tepid jerking spray, a gasp, but she didn't mind, didn't slow, didn't even think that we were done, and she was right. She just smiled triumphantly and kept right on going. When she finally collapsed, sweaty and as exhausted as I was, on top of me, kissing me again and again, I was still hard inside her, but I didn't mind. It had been beautiful.

End Interlude (begin next chapter)

I woke, laying on my side, cock semi hard inside the warm folds of Susan's body, her back pressed to my chest, her tits in my hand. I lay there for a second until it repeated; a warm wet tongue stroked my ear, hot breath and the nibble of tiny white teeth against the sensitive lobe.

I turned my head, pulling free partially, but Susan barely stirred, even as my cock stiffened slightly now that I was awake. I could see a pale figure in the darkness above the bed, the lone candle that had lit our lovemaking long since burned down.

"Owner... I need to go potty." Came a familiar voice, not entirely happy sounding, the resignation that I had heard when I'd put Marie to bed was gone now that she was somewhat rested.

I led her downstairs, not missing, but ignoring, the tiny whimper of protest when we passed the bathroom at the head of the stairs. I led her down, out the back door, to her usual spot by the pool, taking the key from around my neck to unlock her belt.

"I..." she gasped as the belt came free, or at least the strap between her legs did. "I... have to crap." She looked down. I blinked, I'd already considered this, but I hadn't quite... you know... considered it. The bent waist pose I was teaching her for urination worked fine for that, but for this? I considered making her pee first, but discarded it.

"Can't I just... go inside?" she pleaded. "For this at least? This time?" bargaining now. I shook my head slowly, indicating a patch of grass near the fence and some low scrub bushes that was out of the way.

"Squat over there." I told her. Dinner sat badly with her, obviously, the smell and explosive voiding was disgusting, she cried the entire time, her legs shaking. I had her hold the pose over the mess so I could hose her off, cleaning her efficiently, washing away the worst of the smell as well. I walked her gently over to the light so I could inspect her; clean her more thoroughly with a wet rag. I was worried about irritation from the belt, but aside from a bit of chaffing from the belt and a little reddish irritation there didn't seem to be anything to worry about. I applied some oil to the prongs, and a little lotion to my pet's skin, hearing a faint sigh of pleasure at the touch. Had she not been bound I would have handed her the strap to see if she'd put it on herself, but she didn't fight as I gently pushed the tips inside her, locking her sex up once more.

I put her to back to bed without further ceremony, returning to Susan's bed, slipping behind her, slipping my air cooled shaft into her warm wet slit, hearing her sigh in her sleep, cuddling back into me like I'd never left.

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