Four Play Ch. 02


"Rod will pick you up." My husband said to me as he kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. He was called on an emergency business trip for the next few days. "Cheryl, don't worry. You'll be fine. Just don't fall for their on (air quotes) course rules!"

My husband played golf with Rod and his two other buddies, Dick and Peter at least once a week as members of a private golf club. Lately it seemed to be at least twice a week. To maintain the foursome, I was coerced into taking my husband's place. I'm not a bad golfer and can hold my own but certainly couldn't compete with the guys. Or could I?

I had a couple of hours to get ready. I knew the guys well as they often visited our home and drank, and drank and drank. My husband never complained when I harmlessly flirted with them all the time. Even without him here, I figured today wasn't going to be much different. I was going to wear my slightly sexy golf outfit, so I made sure to shave everything exposed smooth. The club rules dictated that skirts, dresses and shorts on course could not be shorter than mid-thigh. The pleated coral skirt I would wear barely met the minimum requirements. With the way it was cut and worn, if I bent over enough I knew my bum could be exposed. In the shower, I giggled and decided other than a trim, small soul patch over my silky smooth pussy, I'd better make sure I didn't have any strays. I felt around for non-existing stubbles but my fingers just managed to slip between my slick lips. It took seconds for me to cum... And cum... And cum.

I rinsed and dried off before going to the bedroom to dress. I loved the feeling of freedom on the course especially when it's a bit breezy. That gust of wind up my skirt would tickle my bum and make me moist. When we played together, hubbie loved it too. But he wasn't going to be there today and an evil thought crossed my mind. "I shouldn't... should I?"

I opted for "should" and picked out a white, spandex t-back rather than proper golf panty-shorts I would traditionally wear. The front was pretty modest and cover me but the thin cloth strip up my ass would leave everything behind uncovered. I put the skirt on and bent over while looking back in the mirror. I could just see some white peeking from beneath. Next I put on one of my favourite white lace bras. When I adjusted my fulsome boobs to create that perfect deep cleavage; the demi cups just covered my cherry red nipples. I pulled over a white opaque golf tee; bumps from my hard nips poked through. I inspected at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with my five foot five, luscious, curvy shaped appearance. I tied my long blond hair back into a pony tail.

I just managed to put on my white ankle sockettes and runners before the door rang. I opened it to find Rod and Dick standing there. Rod stood about five-ten, 200 pound of good looks, while Dick was at least six. When I talked with the girls at the club about Dick, we all agreed he made our pussies wet.

"Where's hubbie?" Rod asked knowing that is how I referred to him.

"Oh, didn't he tell you? He had to go out of town..." I managed to get out before Dick interrupted.

"Out of town? Why? Did someone post that gay sex video of him on-line?" Dick joked.

"What?" I responded in shock. "No. He had a company emergency. He told me to take his place. Hope you don't mind."

They looked at each other and both responded with an enthusiastic, amused... "No problem." "Great!" "Of course!"

We grabbed my stuff and made our way to the club. Rod had a big SUV and climbing in was like climbing up a mountain. Rod helped me in and I'm pretty sure he got a good glimpse under my skirt. My exaggerated bending over to get in helped. There was definitely an excited gasp and a clearing cough from his throat.

With the big seat in back, I adjusted my hem up, but still low enough to cover my panties. Or so I thought. Rod turned to make sure I was set, but his eyes were glued to my thighs. I wiggled my bum back in the plush seat to do my seatbelt and let my knees part slightly. On the way, Dick had no idea why but at every stop light, Rod would look back and ask if I was "still okay back there?" I played along and just pretended to not to notice where he was looking.

I put my stuff in my locker, changed in to my golf shoes and went outside. It was a hot, humid, sunny afternoon out as I waited. I could already feel a tiny trickle of sweat form on my back and the perspiration on my chest was making my shirt a little transparent. By the time Rod came by with the cart, most of my bra was visible and with my golf shirt buttons undone, most of it was visible anyways. I'd ride with Rod who put my clubs on the back. He told me. "Dick and Peter are waiting at the tee. Hope you don't need a warm-up."

Not having much choice and figuring this was their routine, I nodded "Okay."

We made our way out to the first. I saw the other cart already there. Dick was grabbing a club and Peter was just getting out of the cart. I looked at Peter. Peter was about the same size as Rod and slightly lighter in weight, but something else was weird. I stared at him more. His chest seemed to stick out as if... "Breast? Peter has breasts?"

Peter looked up at our approaching cart and was smiling until he realized I wasn't one of their usual playing partners. His look went from utter (pun intended) shock to horrified embarrassment. He looked at me, then at Dick, then to Rod, then to me. Peter tried to hide his massive mammaries with his arms but they were just too big. Rod and Dick were just howling in laughter.

"Wha...? Cheryl? Where's...?" As Peter tried to figure out what was going on.

I'm sure my mouth was agape as I couldn't help but stare at Peter's chest. His breasts were almost the size of my double D's. When Rod and Dick managed to stop laughing a bit, they explained to me about their modified "Texas" golf rules. So when I was picked up, both Rod and Dick decided not to inform Peter knowing he'd be "it" from the last game.

Peter was about to remove his paraphernalia, when his two so called buddies disallowed it. "You know the rules. No exceptions."

"I wonder if my husband ever... I think Rod and Dick are slightly better golfers... How often did he...? I thought.

Both Rod and Dick, unencumbered by boobs, hit perfect tee shots far down the fairway. Peter did almost as well but since he was "it" he had to maintain his extra heftiness. I was allowed to hit from the women's tee and as such, the Texas rules were slightly modified. I still needed to hit passed the forward tees as they had to as well. If one of the guys and I both topped a ball, whoever hit shorter would be "it" and have to don the extra equipment. The pressure to perform and the heat made me sweat more and now my shirt was almost totally translucent.

"Fine. If that's the way they are going to play..." I teed up my ball with my ass towards the guys. Slutty bitch that I was, with the tee box slightly elevated, I bend over deep at my waist knowing some of my ass cheeks would show. Nice wolf whistles ensued. I swung and hit it pretty well.

The cart girl came by and everyone took a couple of cans. Not usually drinking while playing and being lighter in weight, I felt the beer affect me a bit. Dick had a flask of scotch in his bag and gulping that didn't help at all either. As Rod drove down to the balls, the wind picked up and blew my skirt around exposing me. I did nothing to cover up or dissuade him from his view.

Things progressed until the sixth hole. While he played well, Peter was unable to rid himself of his additional appendices. Again, I had used my teasing tee to set up my ball. As I began my downswing, a strong gust blew up my skirt and caused me to hit a violent shank OB. My ball was the worst.

"Just like your husband!" Dick called out. "Except I think he does it on purpose."

Peter immediately started to strip off his tee shirt. I had thought it was just a padded bra. When he removed his bra, I was taken aback at his realistic looking breasts but realized they were fake when he peeled them off. Then when he dropped his shorts, my jaw dropped too. He was wearing some red crotchless lacy panties and hanging down from them was a piece of meat. Semi flaccid, it was at least eight thick inches. Involuntarily, my pussy started to leak.

"You have to put these on." Peter hand me the lingerie.

"What? I already have boobs and panties." I lifted my hem to show them and tried to protest, but they all overruled me with the "no exceptions" rule.

There was no way I could wear the fake boobs on top of my own. Trying to figure out what to do, I mounted the forms below my own and secured the bra around my body giving me two pair of boobs. They giggled. Then they watch as I held up my skirt to pull down my thong. I could see them drool as they stared at my near hairless pussy before I pulled up the red panties. The crotchless underwear left my wet pussy out in the open.

Now I really needed to get back at these guys and thought maybe distracting Rod was my best chance. So after hitting my third with much difficulty, back in the cart I put up my right foot on the dash so my skirt lifted and basically covered nothing. I allowed Rod to help himself between my parted thighs. "Fuck! His finger is almost as fat as my husband's dick!"

I managed to get onto the green in five about three feet on the low side of the pin. The guys were standing on the high side and had already putted out. It was a simple, straight shot with no break. I normally would have just walked up and knocked it in, but instead I squatted behind my ball pretending to line it up. With my knees spread, the guys were staring at my now dripping gash. I could feel my lips separate as the sticky juice failed to keep them together.

I purposely stayed there longer than I needed to. At the same time, I mindlessly stroked the fat grip on my putter. I looked up at the guys and all three of them had big smiles on their faces and big tents in their shorts. All of them appeared bigger than my husband's. Then, one stroke and I was in. I joked. "I guess you guys all got your balls in the hole."

Dick smiled back. "Not yet!"

Over the next couple of holes with more drinks (I found out much later that the guys had nursed theirs) and while still allowing Rod to finger me, in the cart, I moved closer to him and reached up his leg hole to stroke his big, solid cock. He wore no underwear. It felt so nice and heavy in my palm. I was becoming more distracted with him rather than the other way around and then I really wanted to go down on him but he wouldn't allow it. Constantly driving ahead of us, Peter and Dick were unaware of our cart antics.

So far, all my diversions did not help me get rid of my extra boobs. By the turn, I was getting used to having an extra pair of tits. I managed to hit the ball well but unfortunately so did the guys and I was stuck until the long par 5 eighteenth. I was really determined to shed my load.

Peter, then Dick had honours. As they hit, I stood behind with Rod. My hand inside his shorts, stroked him hard. Both Peter and Dick hit decent shots then stood on each side of me. As I did at the other holes, I took hold each of them in hand and gave them tents. Rod watched us as he teed up and addressed his ball. The bugle in his shorts was well defined.

Not a being guy, I'm guessing swinging a club with a boner that size wasn't the easiest thing to do. My distraction finally worked! Rod hit the ground behind the ball so fat that his shot barely dribble off the Men's tee box. It was automatic that I could beat his drive no matter how much I duffed. I stripped naked and handed Rod his wardrobe which he put on with amazing agility.

"Wow, Rod! How often have you had to wear it all?" I asked staring at his massive piece of meat that I had been stroking all game. Feeling isn't the seeing.

"We've all worn it at least a dozen times each." Dick howled. "Your husband, maybe two dozen! Frankly I think he really enjoys being it.""

I chuckled at the thought my husband had tits and wore women's underwear. I'd definitely would have to tease him when he got home. Maybe more than tease.

Free from my encumbrances, I didn't bother to get dressed. Neither did Rod. He hit his second shot far down the fairway. At the ladies box, I spread my legs and bent over to tee up my ball. When I addressed it, Rod was standing opposite of me, stroking his thick ten inch hard on.

Talk about distractions. My mouth watered; my pussy dripped. I just stood there staring and couldn't start my back swing. I felt something against my thigh. I looked down to see the rubber grip of a driver slide up my leg and collect my drippings. I remained still as the grip touched my vee and rubbed me between my parted lips. My knees quaked. I was SO close to cumming.

"Better hit before the bar closes!" I heard Dick call out behind me.

With grip that rubbed my cunt removed and my body all aquiver, I managed to strike one; not well or far but enough to reach the fairway. Rod and I decided we should dress before getting back to the clubhouse. I left off my bra and original panties (which I think Rod kept anyways).

Rod and I managed a seven while Dick got a bogie and Peter parred out. After shaking hands or exchanging hugs, we all made our way back to the bar. But for Pricilla, the bar was empty. She had seen us and had already set up shots and beers for us. I was surprised as Rod was still wearing his boobs and bra under his shirt as we sat down. Obviously the pretty barkeep was familiar with the on-goings of the group. She smiled at me and said. "Oh. I see you've got a new recruit."

"Yeah!" I chuckled back. "They gave me no exemption and I had to wear the stuff for most of the game until Rod got a fat one."

I was feeling no pain as I slouched in the big comfy chair. With my legs spread and my skirt acting more as a belt around my hips, I totally exposed myself to the guys who were openly stroking their hard-ons through their shorts. Pricilla came by and said she needed to cash out. I ordered one more shot and since no one other staff was around ordered one for her too. She double checked to make sure no one was looking before she shot it back. Then she dropped to the floor and sucked my pussy juice as a chaser. I had always thought she was a carpet muncher; in my case maybe a welcome mat muncher. I came instantly.

Rod the day's loser, paid for the bill. We walked to the locker rooms. Well, I staggered with Rod and Peter's help. I was about to enter the ladies on the left but decided (guided?) to turn into the men's on the right. The gentlemen helped me off with my clothes and into the showers. The streaming waters did wonders to get me a little more sober.

Naked, Dick and Peter joined me. Rod was still dressed with his breast forms, bra and panties. They were all sporting boners. Nice, big hard, thick boners. Rod's looked to be the biggest.

Wearing women's undies was one thing I guess, but I was flabbergasted at what I witness next. Dick pushed Rod face first towards the wall. Rod bent over slightly as Peter took a handful of liquid soap and smeared it into Rod's crack. Standing behind Rod, Peter soaped his hard-on and started to shove it into Rod's asshole. "Holy fuck! Did my husband do this too?"

"Hubbie did that even when he didn't lose." Dick was behind me and whispered in my ear. He soaped my huge tits with one hand and my pussy with the other. His sizable dick was sliding between my thighs and helps spread the suds along my slit. I needed him inside me. I mimicked Rod's position alongside of him. Dick understood what I wanted. I felt the tip of his enormous head press between my lips. My cunt slowly opened up and let him penetrate me.

"Jesus! She's way tighter than her husband is!" Dick exclaimed.

Dick and Peter exchanged places a number of times. I had cum so much, they had to hold me up to fuck me. When my body basically became jello, they laid me on the wet floor to continue. Finally, Rod got between my legs and pushed his beautiful, hard bone into me. Thicker than the other two, Rod stretched my walls wide apart.

Dick knelt in front of Rod who took him into his mouth. Peter got behind Rod and fucked him from behind. Each thrust pushed Rod into me deeper. I came three more times before each of them dumped their huge loads into me.

I managed to clean up a bit and scurried naked back into the Women's change room. As I put my grubby tee and skirt back on, I thought. "Holy fuck that was awesome!"

I met Rod and Dick outside. Peter had to take off so he left. I guess after crawling into the back of Rod's SUV, I sacked out and didn't wake until we were at my place. It was just me and Rod; he had dropped off Dick beforehand.

"It's still a bit early, want to come in for a drink?" I asked. "Besides, I'll be all alone with what's his name away for the next couple of days."

Inside, I told Rod. "There's a cold bottle of Chablis in the cooler. Can you grab some glasses and open the bottle while I change?"

With his womanly parts gone, he was all man; stylishly attired in a pair of black trouser and red golf shirt. I was going to just put some casuals on but I wanted... needed Rod's rod inside me again. The bra was a fine, black mesh demi-cup with an inter-lace rose pattern. The matching low-rise, cheekie panties only allowed the very tip of my soul patch to show. The opaque black seamed RHT stockings were attached to my six garter belt straps. I slipped on a diaphanous full length dressing gown and some red, five inch pencil thin, steel shanked, stiletto heels.

As my heels click on the floor on my way back to the living room, I watched Rod's head rise and his mouth drop. Even with the darker pants, I could easily see his big boner grow. I stood in front of him then gulped back the first glass he gave me and the second after he refilled it. After the third refill, I straddled his legs and kissed him hard on the lips as my real boobs pressed against his strong chest. Although separated by material, it was thin enough that I could feel his shaft against my pussy as I grinded into him.

I pulled off his shirt and moved so he could remove his pants before I remounted him. I pulled my panties aside to let him enter me. "Oh fuck! You feel so good inside me!"

Rod cupped my ass with his hands and amazingly stood up lifting me with him. I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to my bed. Each step drove his embedded cock into me deeper and deeper. I think I came three times before he laid me on my back.

Still between my legs, Rod rammed himself into me. "Oh fucking gawd, Cheryl! You're so tight! You're going to make me cum!"

I squeezed my walls hard and begged. "Yes! Yes Rod! Cum inside me! Fill me with your cum!"

I spiked Rod with my heels as he started to unload himself inside me. I swear it felt like a water cannon drenching me with gallons and gallons of his cum.

I lost count of how many times he made me cum or how many different positions he fucked me in. I guess I was passed out when he left, but I awoke with a smile on my face and my cunt filled with cum. In the end, there was no overruling the on-course rules, but there were no rules on the nineteenth hole which this time happened to be mine.

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