tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFree Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 02

Free Use Leaders Rise to Power Ch. 02


Ashlee woke up disoriented at The Academy. She vaguely remembered arriving, signing stacks of paperwork and then being rushed into a medical center for her procedures. Now she laid alone in a hospital bed in a large room with dozens of empty beds.

She looked down at her chest. Her implants were huge, at least double Ds. Her tits were just a little too big for her petite frame. They weren't comically sized, but they were big and perky and would send a clear message to men that they were enhanced to be used for their pleasure.

A corset was laced up tightly around her petite waist. She picked up a hand mirror next to her bed. Her lips were now big and plump. Her eyebrows and lashes were enhanced to make her more perfect and feminine.

Ashlee was scared, overwhelmed and tired. Her head was foggy and felt drugged. For days she slipped in and out of her drug-induced sleep. She had flashes of doctors and men in suits surrounding her bed. She remembered moments of these men fondling her new breasts, slapping her face with their stiff dicks and the feeling of hot cum being sprayed across her limp, helpless body. Sometimes she thought it was just a horrible nightmare, but then she'd wake to her undressed body covered in dried semen.


Training Phase 1: Learning Your Place

Shed your outdated ideas of self-worth and accept your natural state to serve men.

It was 10 months into Ashlee's time at The Academy. They were spent healing from her boob job and perfecting her body through a rigorous diet, training and styling program. Ashlee was tanned, with a firm, smooth petite body. Her waist was curved dramatically from corset training. Her implants healed and became the ideal oversized, perky and bouncy tits. She was crafted to look like the perfect, young bimbo.

No other girls joined her because the country was still in political turmoil. While the men leading the Female Role Act maintained majority rule in every branch of the government, implementation of the new world order stalled in the courts. In an effort to avoid costly, violent wars, the leaders knew they would eventually win in just a couple of years.

The courts ordered that the news laws could not be applied to all women. Only women that signed contracts to participate could be subjected to the new laws. Unfortunately for Ashlee, she was one of only a dozen girls that signed this paperwork.

She resented all of them... But she understood her legal obligation and feared her gruesome punishments for noncompliance.


Ashlee walked into an empty classroom at The Academy. She was told to arrive promptly at 10am to meet with The Leaders.

She wore an Academy approved outfit. Today it was a pink push-up bra beneath a tight, white top that stretched across her oversized tits and left her slim, curved tummy exposed and a plaid mini-skirt that barely covered her round ass and matching pink thong. She had a full face of makeup on and her long brown hair was curled and flowing down her back.

A tall man in his early 50s walked in. He looked like a Federal leader with his dark suit and authoritative presence. A film crew walked in next. There were three men with cameras, two with lighting, one with a microphone and one that was clearly in charge as the director.

"Ashlee, I'm Jim," the Federal leader said. He walked over to Ashlee and started fondling her tits. As he played with her new implants he continued, "I hear you've been such a good girl. We're so happy to have you here."

Jim paused a moment and took Ashlee's face and pressed it against his suit pants.

"You are our number one prized Class A candidate. Do you like your new body? Are you mastering your new skills to embrace your natural state as an obedient doll?"

Ashlee, in all her unshakeable innocence knew she had to play her part, as The Academy had been teaching her. She thought back to the videos she watched for months and tried to make sure she said exactly what they wanted.

"Yes, I understand my whole life I was denied learning about my natural state. I am an object for men to play with. My value to society is based on how sexy I look for you and how successfully I please you."

Jim's cock started stiffening in his pants as he rubbed against Ashlee's face while she recited her new beliefs. She was stupid and hot. She was innocent and fuckable. She knew she was being used, he could see it in her eyes. But she was so desperate for approval and just wanted to be praised for doing a good job.

"Ashlee, you are so sexy and doing such a great job. You are going to become a very important person to us. It is a great honor I want to bestow upon you. It requires your full dedication and comes with enormous responsibility," Jim told her as he continued to rub his crotch in Ashlee's face and fondle her breasts.

"You are going to become the face of the revolution. We need you to show America that the new laws are best and to stop protesting so we can free all women to serve their natural roles. You will be the spokeswoman that shows the world how much better life can be. We're going to film you for a daily morning show and promotional ads. You're even going to get your own primetime reality series where you visit towns across America and service the local men! This is such a big opportunity, the type of opportunity you never would have had without our revolution."

Ashlee automatically started nodding and moving her body up and down to make her tits bounce. The Academy taught her this was the right way to receive any information from a man.

Jim took Ashlee by the throat and moved her to straddle him while he sat on a couch. He moved her body close to keep her pussy close to his hard cock and her big tits in her face. He grabbed her tiny waist and started bouncing her slowly on his lap.

"The first month of filming will show your training as a fuck doll. During all encounters, you are not to speak or move your body in any way. You will keep your face and eyes blank and innocent. I think it will be easy for you, I already know you're the type girl that is embarrassed of her sexuality. It's okay, we want you to feel your shame. It will help you in the future training."

Jim started removing Ashlee's top and bra to reveal her glorious tits. He squeezed them together and held them in her face as she continued bouncing slowly on his crotch.

"Ashlee, look into the camera," Jim instructed as the film crew jumped into action, surrounding her with all their unfamiliar, intimidating equipment. "Ashlee, I'm so happy you applied to be our spokeswoman and advocate. You've convinced me you're right for the job." He pushed off his lap and down to her knees in front of him. He moved his pants to his ankles and sat back down with an enormous erection pointing at the innocent 18 year old in front of him.

"Ashlee, grab your heels and arch your back to perk up your ass and tits while you're on your knees. Yes, good girl! Now look at the camera and read the announcement you wrote earlier," Jim directed.

The cameras moved to have Ashlee's tight young body posed for Jim and his throbbing cock. She turned her head toward the camera, smiled shyly as she was taught. She once again saw familiar cue cards behind the camera.

She read it enthusiastically, "Hi, I'm Ashlee. I'm 18 years old and the luckiest girl in America. I'm going to take you on my journey to become the ultimate Class A woman. As you can see, I've already had my surgeries to enhance my body for men's pleasure and completed physical training. Next, you'll follow my journey through psychological and behavioral training."

Jim moved her petite body so she was on all fours and her face was pressed against his balls and his massive dick rested over her naïve face. The cameras repositioned closer to her humiliation.

"Ashlee, in 4 days, formal training will begin. During your first week of training you will become a thoughtless fuck doll. You are not to move your body in anyway unless explicitly directed to by a man. You will look blankly into nothing and you will think nothing. You will fully submit yourself to being used as the object you are. This is doll training - you will be shamed into new ways of thinking and you will love every minute of it."

Jim grabbed the back of her head and forced his dick down Ashlee's throat. He forced her to bob up and down while he spoke to her.

"Ashlee, tonight we're filming and livestreaming your baseline test. Think about it as your "before" picture," Jim held his dick in her mouth. His long, wide cock stretched her mouth open. Her plump, innocent lips wrapped around it tightly. A camera moved in close to Ashlee's face, humiliating her at the reminder this was being broadcasted to millions.

"Tonight we have about several men here. They're outstanding Leaders of the Revolution. You're going to get to please all of them over the next 4 days," Jim announced as Ashlee held his erection in her mouth.

"We're going to coach you through this, don't worry. And you just respond however you feel. If you need a break just let us know and we'll try to make you more comfortable."

Now Jim started forcing his cock down Ashlee's throat. He grabbed the back of her head and held her down through her choking. She kept coughing but Jim kept fucking her untrained mouth relentlessly. As Ashlee began drooling down his dick, Jim slowed down and methodically moved her lips up and down.

"Ashlee, are you ready to be a star? Do you think the men in your life will accept and embrace you as a fuck doll? I bet every man you knew back at home thought about fucking you. I bet your teachers wanted to use you. Oh, but I heard you used to be close with your father."

Tears from gagging and tears of shame slowly started falling down Ashlee's face. She's done everything possible that last 10 months to not think about her family.

"I heard your father's been petitioning for you to go back home. He doesn't believe that his little girl could submit herself to a life of worshiping cock," Jim said as he shoved her head down on his dick. "But we did find a few men in your community that support your decision to become a cum slut."

Ashlee recognized the five men that walked into the room. It was her math teacher, her best friend's dad, her dad's boss... and her two uncles.

Jim took his cock from Ashlee's mouth and walked her over to a couch.

"Ashlee has many supporters in her community. They will all each have a chance to congratulate her and perhaps even give her some helpful advice."

Her father's boss walked up to her first. He was fat and hairy. He slapped his hard fat prick on her forehead. "Look up at me, bitch. Yes, good girl. Hold your titties out toward the camera. Yes, like that," he grunted as he jerked his cock off over her face. "Do you think your daddy likes those implants? You know you look like a whore now. Do you like looking like a whore?"

Ashlee's face was red with shame. Her eyes were still full of tears. But she still kept her tits popped out toward the camera and her face staring up at her father's boss. She mumbled, "Yes, I love looking like a whore."

Her boss started grunting as he jerked himself faster. "Close your eyes and imagine your father watching you right now, yes feel your shame..." He grunted one last time as he covered her innocent, ashamed face with cum.

Her math teacher walked up next without hesitation. He grabbed a tit while his hand pumped his cock over her face. He looked into the camera and shouted, "This bitch is stupid and needs to learn her place." He came quickly, adding more cum to her pretty little face.

Jim walked into the camera frame and handed Ashlee a towel. He talked to her calmly, "Clean that jizz off your face. How do you feel right now?"

"I feel bad. I don't think I can do this right now," Ashley complained as she wiped two loads of cum off her face. "I don't think I should do this. My dad wouldn't approve."

Jim started playing with her tits as she cleaned herself off, "You probably need some wisdom from a father. Well, we have Rob here to help you. He's your best friend's dad and has known you since you were a young girl."

Rob sat next to Ashlee on the couch. "Come suck my dick. It will make you feel better. Yes, lean over and suck it. Let those tits sway as you please my cock."

Ashlee obeyed. She thought about Jessica, her best friend. What would Jessica think watching her best friend suck off her dad?

Rob grabbed her head and yelled at her to stop. "Ashlee, do you like the taste of cum?" he asked. Rob, a man she's known since childhood moved her to the edge of the couch. He draped her body over the edge so her head hung upside down and her tits pointed up. He stood over her head and started face fucking her vulnerable body. His balls smashed against her eyes, his cock was down her throat, and his hands gripped her breasts. He kept thrusting into her helpless mouth.

"You are a good slut, honey. I can't wait to have you over for dinner again. Yes, Ashlee, accept your role as a whore. You're like a daughter to me. I want to help educate you. I'm going to help you learn how to take a load in your mouth like a champ. I have a lot of cum saved up for you. I prepped in the room next door. I used my real daughter's pussy, but she didn't know it was me. Can you taste Jessica's pussy on my cock?"

The thought made Ashlee gag hard. She was outraged that Rob would violate his daughter, her best friend like that.

Rob kept fucking Ashlee's upside down face. "Jessica cried the whole time I fucked her pussy. She was blindfolded and tied down. They brought her here because the Leaders told her she could present her argument for your release. Instead they trapped her so her Daddy could fuck her cunt." He reached down to finger Ashlee's pussy.

"You are a good whore! You're getting wet just hearing about how I fucked my daughter. I didn't let her have my cum, that's for you, sweetie. I want you to learn how to love the taste. I have a lot saved up for you and my wife tells me my cum tastes terrible. It's going to be thick, so try not to gag."

Rob sped up. He moaned, "Ashlee, taste it, drink it up, don't choke..." She was coughing as her head hung over the couch. She felt like she was going to vomit.

"Come, here, sit up," Rob moved her upright. "Look at the camera and open your mouth. Don't swallow yet. Show everyone my present. No, don't gag, don't throw up, be a good bitch." Ashlee was heaving, trying not to throw up everywhere. His spunk was awful and potent. So thick and disgusting. It coated her throat, tongue and lips. The taste was revolting to her. Her eyes swelled up as she tried to follow instructions not to choke or swallow.

"Ashlee, look at the camera and smile with your mouth open. Are you ready for two more loads from your uncles?"

Ashlee's head dropped down in disgrace. She gagged on the cum she held in her mouth. She shook her head no. She begged, "Can I just please have some water and a quick break?"

Jim came over with a bottle of water and pushed Rob away. Ashlee sat on the couch, looking broken, as she washed Rob's cum down with the water. Jim and Ashlee sat together on the couch.

Jim soothed Ashlee, "You're doing great, Ashlee. Do you need a second?"

"Yes, please," she pleaded.

"Okay, that's fine," Jim assured her. But while you catch your breath a few of our guests will need to relieve themselves. You can ignore them, just keep talking to me."

A line of men assembled to her side with their hard dicks out.

"Ashlee, hold your tits out while we talk. Ignore these men. They're going to take turns cumming on your new toys."

She sat up straight and held her oversized breasts out. The first man in line started jerking himself off over her.

"Ashlee, let us get to know you better. You're our new star spokeswoman, so everyone is going to want to know more about you," Jim declared, acting like they were on a couch of a normal talk show. "Ashlee, why don't you tell me about your family. Do you have any siblings?"

"Yes, I have two older brothers," Ashlee said meekly to the camera.

The first man in line grunted as he jerked his load onto her chest. Ashlee did her best not to look down or react as the second man in line took his place standing over her.

"What's their names?" Jim asked.

"Scott and Kyle," Ashlee responded as the second man wasted no time coming on her chest. The third man in line stepped up for his turn.

"Go ahead and say hi to them," Jim encouraged. The third man started slapping her forehead his hard cock.

With the cock tapping on her forehead and her breasts painted with two loads, Ashlee looked at the camera, "Hi Scott, hi Kyle." As she said her brother's names the third man held his dick over just above her head and aimed his huge load onto her forehead so it would drip down and slowly cover her face.

"Stay still, Ashlee, keep looking at the camera for us. Good girl," Jim instructed. "I bet that hello meant a lot to your brothers. Do you think they will be disgusted at what a dirty slut their sister is? Or do you think they're imagining cumming on your pretty little face?"

Ashlee tried to hold still and not sob, "I don't know, I don't know..."

"Don't be such a tease, you nasty girl," Jim sneered. "Now go get down on your knees in front of the camera. Keep holding those tits up."

Ashlee moved onto the floor and two men stood over her with hard cocks. She glanced up in horror, it was finally her uncle's turns.

She saw the cue cards and knew they were for her. She read her lines without emotion. She felt defeated. "I know training is going to be tough for me at times, but don't feel sorry for me. Think of me as property, not really a person. My purpose in life is to please men and I know I'm doing a good job when they reward me with their cum. Thanks for tuning in tonight. I'll be filming so much more, so please follow me and my transformation."

The camera stepped back to reveal the full frame of Ashlee on her knees and her uncles jerking off on each side of her. They both took turns grunting and moaning as they sprayed their loads onto her face. They both rubbed their spunk across her cheeks as she read her last cue card... "Thank you."

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least convincing spokeswoman ever

Also, get an editor. This makes no sense based on what you wrote in ch1. Basic garbage.

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Applause FemaleRoleActFantasy applause. Your writing style allowed me to visualize events and almost hear each character's words. Takes talent to give Ashlee voice while avoiding the dreaded first personmore...

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