tagHumor & SatireFrench Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven

byAri Fleming©

I found the lamp at the Goodwill store behind Radio Shack on Emerson Drive. It was buried under a pile of brass junk. The lamp was tarnished and had a green spout, but I thought it was worth the fifty cents.

That afternoon, when I sat down on the sofa with a polishing cloth, the first vigorous rub across the lamp's belly produced a thin vapor. I swatted at the mist with my free hand, thinking the cleaning fluid had reacted to the metal. The more I rubbed, the more the room filled with the vapor.

"He who releases me receives three wishes," boomed an unexpected voice.

I leaped to my feet, the lamp tumbling to the floor. I lived in an apartment and was accustomed to sounds bleeding through the walls, but not like this.

"He who releases me receives three wishes," the voice boomed again. The vapor had taken form, pulling together into a middleweight genie dressed in green satin pajamas and a red turban, tapering to an ethereal wisp still caught in the lamp's spout.

"Holy hell," I gasped.

"My name is Zelik, the genie of the lamp. The last time I was freed, I gave Gettysburg to General Grant because of a little girl's wish to have her father return safely from the war. Now it is your turn to have three wishes. What does the great Oliver Watson wish for?"

"Wow!" A thousand unanswered prayers, wild daydreams, paths not taken, and mistakes that could be righted crowded my head. So many things, so many possibilities. Did I want Rome, or the moon, or a million dollars?

Suddenly, I heard female laughter come from inside the lamp. Zelik discreetly made a movement that might've been him tapping his foot, if he had a foot to tap. And I knew he was covering up something. Something down in that lamp. Something he didn't want me to know about. Something I imagined to be juicy and fun and naughty and delicious. I was jealous. It'd been a long time since I'd been in the romantic company of a woman. I'd been too busy with work, college, and saving for a house.

Then I heard the unmistakable tinkle of the woman's laughter again, quickly followed by another woman's smothered laugh.

"And what does Oliver Watson wish for? Perhaps a shiny red car?" Zelik spoke loudly as if to cover up the lighthearted sound coming from the lamp between my feet.

I made up my mind in that instant. "I wish to go down inside your genie lamp." The words barely left my tongue when poof! I was the size of a french fry and knee deep in various colors and sizes of velvet, satin, silk and leather pillows. I was in a rounded room with red satin material draping the walls. Electric lanterns hung from the curved ceiling, and cast rust colored shadows across the room.

Two girls, one a bosomy brunette with a wide mouth, and the other a willowy blonde with almond eyes lay naked on a leopard-patterned settee. They had apparently been wrestling and were surprised by my entrance. They lay in each others arms, the brunette on the bottom, her hands on the blonde's hips and shoulder. The blonde had her legs and arms wrapped around the brunette. For a moment, we all froze, except for the lengthening of my cock and the tightening of my balls in my already tight jeans.

"I am coming down. Make room for one more," Zelik boomed.

"I wish you wouldn't come down," I yelled up the chimney-looking spout. I wasn't about to share my sudden treasure with a potbellied genie in a turban. Besides, he had been experiencing their treasure for the past eon.

The brunette giggled and pulled her blonde playmate aside and made room on the settee. That's all the invitation I needed. I jerked my shirt over my head and yanked off my sneakers in record time.

"You have one more wish." The genie's voice reverberated off the brass walls.

"I know! I know!" I cried, suddenly feeling the pressure of the moment. My cock surged anxiously. I wanted those two beauties and I was afraid the genie would take it all away.

The brunette climbed out from under the willowy blond and dropped to her knees in front of me. Her rounded breasts jutted against my jeaned thigh. She lifted her face, her eyes glinting with excitement.

I almost lost my load right there like a teenager's first time. She yanked my belt loose and eased down my jeans. I buried my hands in her silky hair and dragged her pretty face against my cock. Her chin grazed my balls and I groaned.

College, work, bills and all my worries melted away.

The blonde pulled me onto the settee and into her bosom. I fell on her left nipple. It puckered in my mouth and I ran my tongue around the tightened flesh. Her warm, wet mouth nibbled my neck and shoulder.

"You have one more wish!" Zelik roared again. The lamp shuddered so that the shadows cast by the lanterns danced like demons.

The brunette came up behind me like a burrowing tick and latched onto my balls.

I groaned and gasped, not sure if the ministrations were meant to be pleasure or pain. The blonde aggressively licked and bit the tender spot between my neck and shoulder.

"One more wish! One more wish!" Zelik screamed. The lamp tossed back and forth like he was shaking it. The three of us tumbled off the settee and into a jumbled pile of legs and arms. My cock was hard and throbbing and needing release.

The brunette was on all fours, her round ass pointing at me. Her cleft was shaved and pretty pink lips winked at me. "Oh, baby!" I grabbed her hips and drove my cock into her pussy. She was tight and hot. Just the way I imagined her to be. I rode her hard, watching her tits slinging back and forth, her head thrown back.

The blonde crawled behind me and somehow caught my balls as they slapped the brunette's ass. She knocked them together like pool balls inside her mouth. The pain in my balls only added to the intensity of the brunette's tight hole. I couldn't remember a woman feeling so good. The last girl I'd poked had been loose and slippery and the girl before that had been a two-bagger. But these girls, they were fresh smelling, good feeling, and good looking.

"I want your wish! Now!" Again, the lamp shuddered from side to side. This time the movement only accentuated the motion the three of us made.

"I'll tell you what I want," I panted. "I'll tell you! I want you to leave me alone! I want to fuck in here forever!" I felt the rush just before the cum.

The lamp jiggled side to side. "What! What!" Zelik screamed.

"I wish you'd leave me alone and quit rushing me! I wish I was the genie in the lamp! I wish I could screw these girls forever!" I said it as the rush of the moment overcame me. What a magnificent wish. How true it was. How I wanted this moment to last forever.

I held onto the brunette's hips until my head cleared. The blonde had stopped nibbling. I looked about me and saw I was still in the lamp.

I felt a bloom of excitement. No more bills, no more college, no more worries. This lamp, these girls, they were all I'd ever need or want. This was the perfect idyll.

I playfully swatted the brunette's ass as my cock slid out, followed by a gob of cum. My hand stung like I'd swatted a hunk of wood. "Ow." I looked more carefully and saw joints at the brunette's shoulders and screws in her knees and a tousled wig. The brunette had become a mannequin with painted eyes and a mocking smile. Behind me, the blonde was frozen on her back, legs and arms in the air like she'd been on all fours, then upturned. She was a mannequin, too.

Reality sunk in. I was inside the lamp, the size of a french fry, and without a wish to my name.

Outside the brass walls, I heard a woman's tinkling laughter.

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