tagBDSMFrom Easy Street to a Hard Road Ch. 03

From Easy Street to a Hard Road Ch. 03

bybelted and teased©

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I was mowing the lawn, wearing only a pair of loose shorts. Beneath them, my poor cock, encased in plastic and locked beyond my reach, throbbed continuously. The cage contributed to its weight, and it swayed ponderously back and forth as I walked, reminding me of its presence and its tortured state of frustration.


I pondered that word. An hour ago I had been crying into my beautiful wife's bosom, sobbing uncontrollably. I am not prone to emotion, certainly to crying. Prior to that event, it had been years. And that was borne from emotion. It was borne from frustration.

I have been engaged in sexual activity of one sort or another almost constantly for a couple of weeks now. Every type of sexual activity save one. I have not had an orgasm. Frustration. My crying fit had been caused by a long overdue breakdown of my body, long, wracking sobs and uncontrollable shaking of my body from head to foot because of frustration. I loved it. I practically begged my loving wife not to have mercy on me.

She does love me. I do love her. So moments later I had been pushed down onto my back onto the kitchen floor. My wife's friend Susan and my best friend Terry had sat at the kitchen table and watched with awe as my wife straddled my face. My face was flushed with embarrassment, knowing that they were watching as Terry's recently deposited cum flowed out of Donna's satiny sex into my mouth. I had no alternative but to swallow all of it and to clean her passionately until she came on my face, slathering it with her hot cum.

Can you be in Heaven and in Hell at the same time?

Donna wanted me to get into better shape. So now here I am precum dripping down my legs as I mow the lawn. Donna, Terry and Susan watch from the deck as they bask after a morning of intense sexual release, sated for now. They are enjoying the beer I had served them a few minutes before while they watch me toil, laughing and chatting amongst themselves. After a few minutes Terry stands and walks back to my workshop, to finish a "project" that Donna has him working on.

When I finish the yard and put up the tools, I go to the deck and stand in silence until Donna acknowledges me. "What would you like me to do now, ma'am?"

Donna instructs me to go and take a shower, as we will be going out later. I enjoy the shower. The jets of water sooth my sore muscles. They also provide the closest thing to stimulation "Mr. Happy" has felt of quite sometime, as the water pulses into the ventilation holes on my CB 3000.

When I get out of the shower I notice that Terry's project has been completed. What appears to be a chair is sitting in the middle of the floor in our bedroom. I can't tell any details about it though, because it has been covered with a blanket.

Without getting dressed (I had learned that lesson this morning) I went and found Miss Donna. She and the others were sitting in the living room, drinking another beer and watching television. Seeing me walk in, Donna regarded me momentarily before speaking, "Hey lover. Be a dear and keep Suzie company while Terry and I take a shower now."

A twinge of jealously heated my body. Not of Terry per se. We had all shared a bed before. I wanted to be the one to wash Donna's back and caress her full breasts with soap. My cock throbbed as much as it could at the thought.

"Yes, ma'am."

I watched as Donna and Terry went upstairs. She has such a beautiful ass, and it looked so good in the tight blue jeans she was wearing. It swung invitingly as she made her way up the stairs; Terry walked behind her, watching the same thing I was. Damn, I was jealous.

Once they had disappeared into our bedroom, Susan addressed me, "Go and get Miss Donna's strap-on, and hurry". I made my way upstairs and knocked at the door to our bedroom. "Come in." I entered and explained that I was to get the strap-on for Miss Susan. My poor cock strained even harder against its bondage when I got inside. Miss Donna and Terry were now nude. Her nipples looked like little erasers as she stroked his erection and kissed him passionately. They ignored me as I completed my task and left.

By the time I returned to the living room Miss Susan had removed her clothes as well. She ordered me to strap on the 12" dildo and lay on the floor. She lubed it up and slowly lowered herself onto it until it was buried to the hilt in her sweet sex. She sat there for a moment, and my imprisoned cock, just below my much longer; thicker fake one, bumped against her firm buttocks. She laughed.

She waited for a few moments longer. I soon realized why. She wanted to make certain that I wasn't distracted. Miss Donna had turned on the intercom in our bathroom, and soon I could hear her giggling and Terry laughing. It was maddening to have hungry pussy sitting just out of reach of my cock as listened to my wife directing her lover as to where she wanted to be touched. It wasn't long before Donna was moaning with pleasure and I could hear the noises of their lovemaking even over the water of the shower. From my own experience with her I recognized the sounds she made when she had a stiff one sliding in and out of her slowly. My mind's eye saw her leaning against the shower wall, her pendulous breasts swaying as Terry's hard cock, which is about the same size as mine, slid easily in and out of heavenly canal.

When I heard Donna softly groan, "Oh, God yes, baby; oh, fuck me, yes..." it was if Susan was waiting for that as a cue. Susan began to slowly grind herself against the huge cock jutting up from my waist, then to slide herself up and down it gently while resting her hands on my chest. She pinched and pulled on my nipples as she fucked herself, "uummmmmmoooohhhhyeeeaaahhhhhh".

Soon Susan found a rhythm that she liked, increasing her pace, practically slamming herself down onto my waist over and over again. My breathing was ragged as my cock bounced back and forth, ravaged by Susan's thrashing about on the huge dildo above it. I could almost feel something, but not nearly enough to get me any satisfaction. My world was filled with the ecstasy of those around me. If the sensations and raw arousal from Susan's fervent pounding above me wasn't enough, if the scent of her flowing juices wasn't enough to drive me crazy, the sounds were.

It all became a symphony of orgasmic cries, Susan began to whimper in joyous pleasure, "Uuuuggghhhnnn, Oooohhhhhhhh, fuuuucck, fuck, God, yesssss, mmmmmmgghhhhhhh...." At the same time I could hear my wife crying out over the intercom as Terry's cock slammed into her, "Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God, YYYYyyyyeeeeessssssss, yeesssss, I'm cuuummmmiinnnnggggg!!!! Don't stop, don't stop, don'tstopdon'tstopdon'tstop!, AAAAAAuuuuuugggggghhhhh!"

This seemed to drive Susan over the edge, and it almost sounded as if she was crying for joy as she froze on the cock she was using and began to shudder violently. She leaned forward, resting on my chest and I felt a sudden jet of warm fluid soaking my abdomen, my balls and the small parts of my purple cock that her ejaculation could reach. Damn it felt good! She began to bite my chest, screaming into it as she came over and over.

I could still hear Donna screaming out "Yes, Yes, Yes!" over and over again, then heard Terry let out a long, drawn out growl as he filled her insides with cum. I could see his cock in my mind, buried deep inside my wife, pulsing repeatedly as jet after jet of semen shot into her, then dripped slowly out of her velvety cunt and down her leg.

I lost track of what was happening or where as Susan began moaning and gently rotating her hips, grinding against her cock again; building herself up again. I had closed my eyes some time ago, just taking in the sensations and sounds. I was startled when I felt Donna's sweet ass lowering down onto my face. The musky aroma of her and Terry's combined juices filled my nostrils. The smooth, cum covered velvet of her nether lips slid across my mouth and I instinctively began massaging her with my lips, dancing my tongue about her clit. She sighed, sliding her pussy back and forth over my mouth as Susan leaned up and they began to kiss. It seemed that they found a rhythm together, Susan on the rubber cock, Donna on my mouth. Soon they were both fucking their respective pleasure points hard, and eventually they came hard, pushing down frantically on my mouth and on the cock I couldn't feel. I again felt Susan cumming across my useless cock, and when Donna came violently, she ejaculated. I got a mouthful of not just her cum, but of Terry's hot semen, now pushed out of her by her spasms of release.

After they had both calmed down, they slowly removed themselves from my writhing body. I needed to cum so bad I could taste it! Come to find out, that was just Terry, who Donna had directed to use me for a cleaning. He pushed his flaccid cock into my mouth and I had little choice but to lick his spent cock clean. To my surprise it began to grow in my mouth. Soon he was rock hard. He began to pull out and approach Donna again, but she stopped him, "I'm spent for now, darlin'." Susan looked at him and just shook her head as she relaxed nearby.

Terry looked back at me and I too shook my head in the negative. But Donna looked at me as she laughed, "Sorry, lover. You don't get to say no to anyone this weekend." With that Terry walked over to me and unceremoniously pushed his hard cock into my mouth, gently fucking my face until he shot his cum down my throat. When he was finished he let go of my hair and let me drop, then walked over to my wife and lay in her arms.

Donna beckoned me to her. She had her head lying on Terry's chest, Susan had hers laying on his other side. Donna silently directed me between her legs, indicating that I should lay my head on her tender sex.

As I inhaled her familiar aroma we all drifted off for a much-needed nap. Donna, Susan and Terry's bodies were completely spent and relaxed. Mine was relaxed save for my uncontrollably throbbing cock.

What would be next? This filled my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep.

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