tagNonHumanGhostStory Ch. 2

GhostStory Ch. 2


She ran into the bedroom dripping wet from the shower, "Hello?"

"Hey there."

"Oh, hi Steve."

"Well, don't sound so excited to hear from me."

She smiled at herself, "Sorry, just thought you might be someone else." She was growing aware of standing in her air conditioned bedroom dripping wet. The cool air was causing her nipples to harden into small pebbles.

"Oh, replaced so soon?" It was a long standing joke. Steve was an ex-boyfriend, current long term friend. He'd stood in as an usher at her wedding, as he only passingly got along with Doug, who didn't want him as best man. Actually, Doug came close to saying how he didn't want Steve at the wedding altogether. Her ex-husband had seen their long-term friendship, and the fact that they were ex-lovers, as a threat. Of course, for the four years they'd been married, she'd never once considered an affair with Steve. They got along just fine, they simply both wanted something different from their long term relationships.

"Of course not," she answered, while thinking to herself that there was no way she could tell Steve about a one night stand. He was the swinger, she was the conservative one. While they enjoyed each others company, there was no way she wanted him to think she wanted that in her life. Did she?

"Well," continued Steve, "you still want some help on that monster of a house you got?"

"Hell yeah, you don't expect me to move a baby grand piano all on my own do you?" She was shivering now, and cut him off before he could ask about a non-existent piano, "Look, Steve, I jumped out of the shower to answer the phone, mind if I call you back?"

"Heck, I'll be over in twenty minutes, unless you were serious about a piano. In which case, forget it!"

"Just kidding, just kidding, no piano."

"Alright, see you in twenty."

"Great, see you then," she hung up the phone and dashed back for a towel. She was dried, clothed, and unpacking the kitchen forty minutes later when Steve finally rang the bell. The house was a monster, a large comfortable monster that left her feeling warm and vitalized since her first visit. The Victorian had gone up for sheriff sale on back taxes. A grateful client, enjoying their newly designed restaurant, knew someone who worked in real estate. It ended up being just this side of legal, and a chance she was happy to jump at. As it was, it took her a minute to walk to the front door, during which Steve rang the bell a couple more times. As she came down the hall she found herself reciting a limerick in the back of her mind;

There was a young man with a hard on he could make the doorbell ring ding-dong and when answered that day the housewife he'd lay and they'd screw each other for real long

Having no idea where it came from she was smiling at her train of thoughts as she opened the door.

"Hey there," Steve paused, seeing the smile on her face, "What?"

"Oh, it's nothing, come in," she waved him in and tried to wipe the smile off her face. She found it hard as she noticed the tight jeans Steve had worn over that day. "No shorts? It's nearly ninety degrees out there."

"Yeah, and the last time I moved furniture in shorts I nearly took off my knee caps. I'll pass on that, thanks." He wandered into the living room, staring around. "Helluva place you got here."

"Yep, it's a monster all right. But I have a thing for monsters."

Steve gave her a look, but kept his mouth shut. The last thing he wanted to do was bring up Doug. And seeing Diane in her t-shirt and shorts gave Steve's active imagination more than enough motivation to keep things nice. "How about a tour of the monster then?"

"Sure," closing the door she joined led him into the living room, "Living room!"

"How can you tell?" Steve looked over the boxes, over which a number of random objects, papers and mail lay scattered. He almost apologized for making her feel self conscious when she started picking up some loose things from the floor. He didn't though, instead admiring her the lines her shorts made across her rear as she bent over.

"It needs a little work," she said as she shifted some books. She could hear Steve's non-committal agreement. She knew that sound, and suddenly realized she had her ass pointed right at him. Not rushing as fast as she might, she pretended not to notice his response. "Well, let's show off my stuff," she added, as innocently as possible. Leading the way, they went into the dining room, then across to the den. The whole time considered teasing him some more, enjoying the thought of playing with him as he worked. It wasn't until they'd circled the center stairwell, back to the entrance and across from the living room where the library would be, that she considered what she was thinking. What had gotten into her?


She nearly jumped, "Oh, just bedrooms there," she turned to the back of the house, "this way to the kitchen." He followed along.

"So, what exactly did you want help with?"

"Um, some of the light fixtures and a fan need to be put in, and the last time I tried to wire in a new fixture I blew through two fuses."

"Yeah, I remember that," but he cut off his comment on Doug's failure to help out around the house. Steve might count himself a player, but he was also open minded enough to help out somewhat around the house. At the very least doing the standard male jobs of fixing faulty light fixtures. "So, where's these fixtures, and which goes where, and so on?"

"Right here," she pointed to the kitchen table, littered with a series of ceiling fixtures and a couple of ceiling fans, currently dismantled. She directed him to on which lights and fans went where and sent him to work. The whole time she tried to figure out why she couldn't keep her eyes off the growing bulge in Steve's jeans. Once alone in the kitchen she breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. This wasn't like her. Oh my God, she thought for the hundredth time that day, I'm even getting hot all over again.

Running a hand under her t-shirt she was happy it was ninety degrees, at least that gave her a reason to be sweating. She didn't want a relationship with Steve. Then again, she reasoned as her hand slid down her stomach, Steve wasn't really looking for a relationship either. And it wasn't like he was a total stranger. Maybe if she told him it was just this once, she thought as her fingers slipped under her shorts. She stopped, here she was, ready to start masturbating in her own kitchen fantasizing about a guy who was working in her living room with a hard on of his own.

She got up and headed for down the hallway. Steve was just stepping up a ladder in the library. He paused as she stood in the doorway. Slowly she crossed the room, well aware that from his vantage point he could see the swell of her breasts down the from of her worn t-shirt. "So," he asked, "what's up?"

Her gaze shifted from her eyes down to the bulge of his jeans that now stood at eye level to her, "Looks like you are." She smiled up at him, "And I think you deserve some special treatment for helping me out."

"You sure about this Diane? It's not like," he didn't finish as she started pulling down the fly to his tight jeans.

"Yeah, I'm sure," she answered as she pulled unbuttoned his fly. She pulled down his briefs enough to free his erection. Once free it was right there for her to kiss, which she planted right on his full head. She could see Steve's hands gripping the top step of the ladder as she wrapped her lips around him and sucked lightly. Once she'd tasted him though she didn't wait. She licked the length of his shaft, down as far as she could, before closing her mouth over him. She started sucking in earnest then, working her hands along with her mouth up and down him. Knowing what he liked she ran her tongue across the underside of his head as she sucked. His hips started working in time with her sucking, his one hand on the ladder the other on her shoulder. Steve was so turned on by Diane's sudden change of character that he felt himself ready to climax far sooner than he would have wanted. Diane tasted his pre-cum, and was suddenly eager to swallow his every drop. Sucking harder she let her one hand fondle him as he continued to thrust into her mouth.

With a gasp from him, and a hum of satisfaction from her, he began to cum while she swallowed what she could. She tried to get every drop, but found herself wiping her mouth afterwards.

"Wow." He didn't move, he wasn't too sure what had come over Diane, but he certainly didn't mind it so far.

She smiled up at him, "Don't get any ideas here, I just figured we might christen the house a little."

"Sure," he examined her face, she certainly looked happy, and very hot.

"But don't think this means you get out of work," she headed out of the room, "finish up in here and meet me in the den next."

Steve watched her go, suddenly wondering if he could manage not to electrocute himself before the day was out.

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