tagNovels and NovellasGigolo Ch. 06

Gigolo Ch. 06


It was back to old school solicitation for me; just standing on the side of the road looking hot and looking to pick up some cash, at least until my first booking arrived. Hannah, Mickie and Matt went off with a client at least each, and then Claire's bloke turned up, got out of the car, checked her out and asked if they could just do it right here.

"Afraid not," she replied coyly. "Gotta be somewhere more private..."

"Why?" I asked from a slight distance. "Go ahead, fuck her on the bonnet, it'll be hot."

In less than a minute, Claire was starting to earn her ten grand by sitting on the bonnet, hoisting her skirt up and pulling her thong down so the guy could expose himself, put a rubber on and begin to screw her. Other cars drove past as Claire exposed her breasts and came to one of three orgasms she would have during their two-hour romp on the bonnet of his BMW; one more hour than the guy had agreed to pay for, but Claire liked it so much, she made it buy-one-hour-get-another-free. Then that turned into buy-one-hour-get-the-whole-night-and-as-many-blowjobs-as-you-can-shake-my-titties at for free.

In the end, it became a roadside porno that clients wanted to stay and watch whilst they got their money's worth; including the old man that was my third client and gave me fifty grand like the first two female clients for me to suck his shrivelled but still quite attractive dick in tandem with Claire sucking the guy and a fat chick sucking Matt off; something he seemed to be enjoying a surprising amount.

But by early the next morning, around two o'clock, my last male booking of the night left after fucking me senseless, cumming on my pubes and giving me sixty-five thousand, and Claire and the guy had gone, apparently to an alleyway where they could have some voluntarily privacy.

"She enjoys it really," observed Hannah, standing next to me and behind Mickie; arms wrapped around her.

"I know," I grinned in reply, touching Hannah's ass. A Lamborghini, clearly a Gallardo, then pulled up and Mickie's eyes lit up. But I knew this one wasn't for her. "Here's my final pussy, see you girls tomorrow." I snogged them both and just got straight in the car to find myself sat next to a stunning, short-haired Kenyan girl called Elizabeth. "Hey there."

"Hello," she replied very shyly, moving her head slightly away as I went to kiss her. I still managed to, though; a soft one on the cheek. "I don't speak much English, so... give me what you want for that money." She gestured over her shoulder to a small area behind the two seats; three suitcases. I grabbed one, opened it and found a hundred thousand pounds in fifties. "What will that get me in sex?"

"A lot," I replied.

I directed her to my house, knowing it was late and I really couldn't have as much time with her as I wanted because the usual hours ran out at seven... or did they?

Fuck it, I thought; it was three hundred grand, a hot and probably virgin late-twenties African pussy and free sexual creative licence. Oh, and minimal English to avoid the problem of conversations that had been an issue with one female client tonight who bought me for an hour, and spent fifty minutes of that 'getting to know me'. Thank fuck I could shag her brains off for the last ten, else that would have been the most boring fifty grand I'd ever made.

I got Elizabeth in the door, and she was clearly very tense. I took her to the bedroom, undressed to my boxers and told her to pour some champagne whilst I went to run the Jacuzzi.

Five minutes later, as she hadn't joined me and I saw none of her clothes on the floor, I thought this was getting hopeless and I'd have to send her home with all her cash bar five grand for 'my time'.

However, she was a very shy girl, and plucked up the courage to suddenly appear in the sexiest lingerie I'd seen on a client since Vera. And the Jacuzzi went totally to waste as she laid me on the bed, gave me a striptease, and then shagged me until I couldn't take it anymore, spunked all over her wonderful C cup boobs, and watched her grab them to lick some of it off.

Both of us wanted to continue, as Elizabeth showed by re-mounting me immediately, but both of us were knackered, as she also showed me by yawning as she moved in for a snog.

"I'm sorry," she apologised, going to dismount.

I grabbed her, and hauled her back into the bed. "It's cool, you can stay; and then we can just pick up in the morning, yeah."

"How for long?" she asked with bad grammar and even worse pronunciation.

I giggled and lightly spanked her ass. "As long as I want, you're really fucking sexy for one thing. Come on, try and get some sleep... then we'll continue."

Elizabeth didn't seem to understand, so I cuddled her, snogged her and then went to fall asleep. When I woke up briefly at eight, she was still naked in my arms, and sleeping soundly. I woke her up at ten to lick her pussy, bang her tits off, then to feel her suck my dick.

During a difficult and ten-minute long conversation, I managed to find out why she hadn't slept with a man before, but didn't have a hymen. Her answer was astonishing; her only sexual partner had been a lady in Nairobi with a strap-on she was keeping good contact with.

Elizabeth ended up staying only until lunchtime; enough time for us to have a little breakfast, shag in the shower and then for me to introduce her to anal. Oh, and I agreed a little 'store credit' scheme, meaning the three hundred grand she left with me in cash would cover any future sexual intercourse we had. I agreed to have her over later on today at six for a few quickies, just before seeing her off with a shag and tit fondle and agreeing by text to see Emma again at seven.

All in all, it had been a successful night's work, and I had five hundred and fifteen thousand pounds more to deal with; only the sixty-five coming by wire transfer.

Claire met me for lunch, telling me a little more about the guy and the thirty grand she'd just earned, and said that would be it again for a while, unless that guy came along with more money. And speaking of money, I seemed to have about six million quid now, and the last major thing I'd bought was the house I had brought Elizabeth back too last night, and that was only less than two hundred grand. I wanted to buy things; I had to buy things, and I found my perfect shopping companion.

Last night, Mickie had raked in a phenomenal amount of clients; shagging nine men and five women and earning about six hundred odd thousand, and was now in the market for a nice big house to live in.

"Thanks for doing this," she said as I showed her towards an estate agent in Central that sold million pound apartments near the Docklands; Matt had come here to get his place before.

"No problem, babe, don't forget to blow the bank on this one, a mortgage is easily done on what you're bringing in."

Thankfully, she showed herself to be as intelligent as needs be when we entered. An attractive guy came to meet us. "Hello there, what can I do for you?"

"I need an apartment, a really stylish one too. I'm a young professional, and I need digs to really look the part," she added in a surprising amount of clarity and, well, intelligence.

"Got a budget?"

"Two million," she replied. Good girl, I thought.

After about fifteen times more showing up her lack of intelligence, asking about really stupid things, I managed to salvage it to a point where I could advise her about making an offer. She went away with the estate agent to get a viewing, met the vendors -- an attractive pair of City Workers in their late twenties looking to move up north and commute -- and returned to me after signing a cheque for a million pound and agreeing to pay the next million in a week's time, avoiding the need for a mortgage.

What she'd also done, whilst telling the agent she was a whore, was fuck him on the settee, then fuck the male vendor whilst the agent did the female vendor. She then told me she'd secured the female vendor as a client for tonight as she was too shy to get it on with Mickie whilst her husband and agent were around and eyeing her up, although Mickie had got a topless snog and fondle behind a wall.

I'd managed to entertain myself in a private basement office of a female agent, and a really rather lovely one at that. When Mickie returned, she'd left the male agent upstairs and come to see me. She was now sat on the edge of the desk, skirt hitched up and blouse undone as she rubbed her crotch. The agent, called Mel, was sat on my lap with her blouse undone and skirt on the floor as I stroked her boobs and thighs, and kissed her neck.

"Her boobs were so nice," Mickie groaned, putting a hand inside her own bra to have a feel. "Can't wait to get a hold of them tonight."

Mel, a hottie with D cup breasts, blonde hair and that naughty look in her eye, had chosen to at least have a quickie with me because she thought I was hot, and I was certainly not going to charge her because she was gorgeous. I was, however, a little surprised when she leaned forward and put her head between Mickie's legs; pulling her pants down to her knees and beginning to lick her. "Threesome it is, then," I said, and made my move.

Firstly, I removed Mel's blouse altogether, and then unclipped her bra whilst helping Mickie do the same. Mel responded by standing to hungrily snog a girl four years her junior; grabbing her face and then moving to lick her young breasts.

I unzipped myself to take my hard knob out between Mel's legs and grab a condom from the desk next to where Mickie groaned at Mel's pussy licking technique. I grabbed at Mel's knicker straps, and managed to manoeuvre her so I could slide the blue lacy material to her knees, stroke her cunt, put the condom on, and slide inside her.

As Mel began moving on top of me, she began to finger Mickie and they continued to snog and lick each other's breasts. After they both came, they stood up, crouched down before me and began sharing my cock between their mouths. My climax came with me spunking over their faces and them licking it off each other before sharing a passionate naked snog on the floor.

"Sorry guys, I've got an appointment to go to," Mel apologised, standing up and moving for her knickers. Mickie reluctantly stood too.

"That's cool, come say hi tonight, yeah?" Mickie said, hopefully, aiding her new lesbian lover to dress.

"Definitely, I'd love to have you lick me back, how much will you cost?"

"Oh, I'm free for you baby," she grinned, and got a snog for being so fucking hot and nude.

Mel smiled back and turned to me, dressing quicker than Mel and certainly quicker than Mickie, who only then began to pull up her pants. "And that was an awesome shag, babe, best one I've ever had from a guy. What are the chances of some one-on-one private fucking tuition?" she asked as Mickie put her bra on for her.

"I'll leave you my card, that should guarantee us some alone time," I replied. "Come on Mickie, get dressed, girl's got work to do."

I went back to the house with Mickie, and she just sat downstairs watching TV until Elizabeth arrived, which was when she just left. I was surprised she didn't build on Elizabeth's lesbian desires, but just snogged me and left.

After being previously torn between making Beth (as she had decided she wanted to be known sometimes) a cup of tea and 'getting to know her better', and just taking her upstairs, she told me time was of the essence (they weren't her exact words, her English was still awful, but I got the gist), sat me down on the sofa, put porn on and gave me an incredible striptease; culminating in her removing sexy lingerie and giving me a masterfully sensual blowjob before riding me on the living room floor as I groped her boobs and snogged her absolute fucking brains out.

Reminding me I had other lovers, Emma arrived and let herself in on my instructions to find Elizabeth and I in the heights of climax, naked bodies wrapped in each others. I saw her as I lay on top of Elizabeth, but she smiled, blew me a kiss and silently went upstairs.

"Baby, do I have to wait for more of you?" she asked.

No, I thought, if Emma decides she's bi, but in the interim... "I'm afraid so." I stood up off her, and helped her up to meet me. I bent down to hand her a thong. "Same time tomorrow?"

"Okay, but what do I do during day?"

I thought carefully, then remembered something I'd done inbetween getting back here and Elizabeth arriving. I put on my boxers only and retrieved a piece of paper from the dining table. "There's this woman that does English lessons; loads of other students from around Kenya and surrounding countries turn up and learn the language. It's already been booked provisionally, and paid for. Just turn up, and it's almost every day until you're fluent."

I wasn't sure if she understood what I said, especially with words like 'provisionally' thrown in there, but she saw a map, heard 'English lessons', saw a time and cost, and worked it out. She put her thong on, then her bra -- stuffing the paper in her designer handbag (she'd obviously spent her days so far shopping in Central) as she went -- then snogged me again before leaving fully dressed.

Fuck me, she was so fucking hot, and at least now we had each other's numbers so we could exchange naked pictures of one another. Mind you, I only had enough time to check my bookings and accept them all before rushing upstairs to see Emma sitting on the edge of the bed in her underwear.

"Hi Grant, bet you wish you'd seen me like this when you lived with me, don't you?" she grinned. Oh shit, I thought, and my surprise showed. "Come on, you don't think I'd recognise my own ex-housemate? It's a good thing Martin didn't, he wouldn't have liked me riding you like I did in front of him."

"I enjoyed it," I replied, moving to her and kneeling before her.

"I know," she giggled. "I think those sounds were real. Anyway, you want to shag me for free now?"

"Not just shagging, Emski," I said, using her old pet name. "Licking, sucking... everything. You want me, I want you, who needs to involve cash in this?"

She giggled, reached behind herself and soon her bra was being tossed across the room, and her beautiful big breasts were bouncing before me. "Not me."

I lent up, snogged her and began sliding my hand inside the crotch of her sexy thong. By the time I was sucking on her boobs, I had slipped a finger inside her pussy and was fingering her to the first of a few orgasms I brought her to; the rest by licking and then shagging, as in one hour, I made her cum four times and spunked once inside her cunt.

"Shouldn't I be pleasing you more?" she asked, lying on her front as I spruced myself up in the bathroom. I saw her naked body and that fine, firm, tiny, pert ass, and was immediately nursing a semi in my tight boxers, which was all I wore.

"No, what makes you say that?" I replied, after putting on my shaving foam and reaching for a razor.

"I dunno, I came four times and you only came once I suppose," she replied.

"I was very pleased, trust me Em," I giggled. "Hearing those cute screams of yours four times was awesome."

"You'll be hearing them more, trust me. Got clients tonight?"

"Uhuh, quite a few, including one late-night one, else I'd let you stay."

"It's cool. Martin will want to see me back, I promised him a poledance tonight."

"Shit, I'd love to see that," I smiled at her, making a few more strokes with my razor blade as my light one-day stubble came off easily.

"I've got cameras all around the house, I can beam pictures to you."

"Go for it." I finished my last stroke and washed my face dry before seeing Matt enter the room.

"Erm... sorry dude, door was open."

"It's cool, feel free to introduce yourself," Emma flirted as I made my way to my wardrobe. After dressing, I turned back to the bed to see Matt semi-naked on top of Emma, who was still on her front, and his knob was between her legs and up her cunt as he shagged her really quite hard.

"How's this for an introduction?" he asked, reaching underneath her to fondle those lovely tits of hers. I really couldn't blame him, but couldn't join him.

"Oh fuck, so fucking good," she moaned as I went to the door. "Leaving, babe?" she asked.

"Yep, got a client in fifteen minutes. You guys finish off, I'll need this place empty again in an hour. Matt, I'll see you later. Emma, I'll call you tomorrow."

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