tagLoving WivesGirls Just want to Have Fun Ch. 02

Girls Just want to Have Fun Ch. 02


Ch 2: When in Rome, do as the Romans do


All lives go through life changing events, and ours was no exception. The very next week, after the condom party, Poonam received word that she was eligible to be posted to Cairo for a period of two years, if she was agreeable. The offer came with a promotion, a very good overseas salary that would easily pay for a good house in Zamalek, schooling for the kids at an international school, temporary club membership and periodic trips home. We discussed it in depth, and I urged Poonam to accept the offer. It was a no brainer, I said. It would be great for her career and great for the kids.

But Poonam was worried about how I would manage. So I had a chat with my company. Since I had performed well for a number of years, I was able to convince them to restructure my salary to allow for one or two trips to Cairo and about a week off every quarter. I would be a little slower on the promotion track, but I could help out with business development in the Middle East by transiting through Dubai and spending some time at our office there. We managed to locate a good service apartment near the centre of Delhi. Finally Poonam was convinced and accepted the offer.

So within a couple of months, Poonam and the kids were gone and I was alone in Delhi. I had spent two weeks helping her to settle down in Cairo, which turned out to be easier than expected, because the local Indian embassy and community gave a lot of support. That also gave Poonam and me time to get around Cairo a little. We did the usual sightseeing of the Pyramids and the Sphinx and also spent time wandering around the markets on my last day on that trip. It was all so new and exotic and we were enjoying ourselves a lot.

"Egyptian women seem very well dressed." I commented one day.

"I know. Such expensive clothes too." responded Poonam. "Do you find them attractive?"

I knew she was teasing.

"Well, in a very exotic kind of way, I suppose." I equivocated.

"They're beautiful, Ashok" she smiled. "Just say it. I won't mind."

"And the men?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

Poonam giggled. That surprised me. She is usually not at all girlish like that.

"They're such...hunks." she said, still giggling. "And so many of them. And they have very nice smiles."

"Well, in that case" I said. " you're going to enjoy working here."

With all the relocating, we hadn't had any time for sex and had broken our own rules for almost a month. That night, Poonam made it clear she wanted to make up for lost time. Without too many preliminaries, she pushed my head down and I was soon sucking and licking at my favourite place in the universe. But there was a difference. She usually was satisfied with one orgasm from my tongue before started fucking. This time she kept my head pressed down until she had come thrice. Then she pulled me in straight into her vagina and started to pump her hips.

"Fuck me." she gasped. "Harder."

I was really pounding her, when completely out of the blue, an image flashed into my mind of an Egyptian woman we had seen in the market. Her large breasts were clearly visible under the tight shirt she was wearing, and she had a lovely ass that swayed under her tight trousers. With that image I started fucking Poonam faster and faster, and she also responded by stretching both her legs straight up in a V while pumping upwards. All of a sudden she started orgasming with her eyes tightly shut, and I followed soon after.

She didn't stop. She snaked down my body, took my still leaking penis in her mouth and started sucking on it with abandon. In less than five minutes I was up again, which surprised me. She got on top and started riding me. Faster and faster she went, the bed shaking under us. Then she arched her back and came again. I was still hard, so she ground down and rode me at a more relaxed speed for a while. Then she got off, got onto her knees, and I was happy to start fucking her doggy style. Her ass slapped against my stomach with each thrust, and each thrust buried me right up to the hilt. I stopped after some time, panting with the exertion, but she kept moving her hips and draining me with her hot, tight vagina. She came again slamming backwards into me, and it was too much to take. I erupted into her and collapsed on her back.

As we drifted off to sleep, I wondered if she had been imagining any of those Egyptian men.

I flew out of Cairo the next morning, and settled into the latest routine in my life. Time sped by faster than I had expected, and every six weeks or so I was on a flight to Cairo. I got to know every airport on the way, and I started getting greeted cordially the customs staff at Cairo airport.

Poonam and the kids had settled in beautifully and were having a great time. Poonam had started to swim as much as she could get the time to, and had also joined a gym to supplant her yoga. She explained this as having to get in shape, and if truth be told, she had become just a teeny bit plump after the second kid. Now she had started looking lithe and toned. She had also started investing in some classy new outfits from the Cairo markets.

"Besides." she told me in mock severity. " I can't have you leching at all those Egyptian girls."

"How about you leching at the men?" I countered.

"Women have certain privileges, darling." she said smugly." And we don't lech. We glance sidelong from under long eyelashes."

"And I laugh down from lazy eyes flicking a speck of dust off my impeccable Machlin lace" said I, at which she punched me on the arm.

Meanwhile, the sex had become intense because of the absence. And Poonam kept up the new pattern. Long bouts of cunnilingus, hard fucking from me with her urging me to go harder, and then taking me into her mouth, then riding me, with some variations of position a couple of times. Life was good on those days.

Poonam, ever the intellectual, was becoming fascinated by the completely different relationships between men and women she came across in the city. One day she told me, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, that Cairo's lingerie markets were supposed to be among the raciest in the world. We decided to make a visit to one in the heart of the city, and my eyes went round (and my penis somewhat more linear) at the sheer range and variety. I had never seen anything like that before. Although there were two young women to help the shoppers, behind the counter the shop owner was a burly middle aged Egyptian dressed in a galabeya, and a look in his eyes that said that nothing surprised him any more. Poonam could barely contain her giggles at my face. Then a man entered, dressed in conventional Arab costume, with two women in full burkhas, who appeared to be his wives. He was obviously a "man of power" as they say, and his face under his head dress was hawk nosed and radiated charisma and authority. Even under the burkhas, the two women clearly had shapely figures.

We were then amazed to see that the sheikh, as I now thought of him, had complete authority over his wives's selections. They would pick up a lacy item and hold it against themselves, and the sheikh would converse with the shop owner, asking for his opinion, and then give a yes or no. Occasionally, as when one of the women selected a particularly insubstantial and transparent pair of thongs and held it against herself, both the men clapped in approval. I glanced at Poonam and she was looking poleaxed. What transfixed us was that everyone seemed to treat this as perfectly normal and nothing out of the way. I wondered how many Delhi men would accept a shopkeeper's opinion of their wives' lingerie choices.

When the sheikh and his wives left, I found that Poonam had a devilish look in her eyes. She told me she was going to choose some items. She picked up a lacy camisole and held it against her.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Very nice" I replied in a weak voice, my face reddening.

"Ask him, Ashok." commanded my wife.

"Very stylish." nodded the shopkeeper, adding. "Your wife is very beautiful, very beautiful."

"He's a little shy" informed Poonam smoothly. "So I have to try harder."

Approving nods and smiles from the two shop assistants in my direction also. By now I was blushing a deep red.

For the next half an hour, Poonam tried out a significant portion of the stores' inventory. With that same devilish glint in her eye, she made certain to select the raciest items on display. For every piece she insisted on asking the man's opinion, which he gave enthusiastically. She tried out the sheerest of bodysuits and teddies, bra-panty sets that were not only completely see through but cut in ways and places I would not have dreamed possible, and nightwear products that were obvious invitations to an orgy. My response was prominent and increasingly obvious to all, try though I did to control myself, until I just gave up to enjoy the show Poonam was putting on. One diaphanous full length nightgown in particular drew the shopkeeper's loud approval.

"You will feel like a bridegroom on your wedding night." he told me seriously. She bought that item and a whole lot more.

"What was that all about?" I asked when we were on our way back in the car.

"Why darling!" she exclaimed." It's you who always says that when in Rome, do as the Roman's do."

"And what happened to the feminist?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Oh, that was feminist all right, Ashok." she responded, her eyes flashing. I had the good sense to change the topic.

The same afternoon, Poonam and I went for a swim. There were quite a few young men lounging about on the deck chairs. Poonam was dressed in a new one piece, which was cut rather more daringly than she usually wore. Normally, when Poonam goes for a swim, she tries to keep herself covered with a towel till she is almost in the pool. When she comes out, she generally tries to cover herself as soon as she can.

Today was different. She dropped the towel on a deckchair next to mine and walked slowly all the way to the other side of the pool before diving in. I looked at the others as she walked and saw that she had captured the attention of most of the men. One of them chuckled and said something to his friend next to him, who nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Poonam affected not to notice them, but her gait had a swing to the hips that was usually carefully controlled. I could tell she was enjoying the attention hugely.

That night our lovemaking had an added intensity. I attacked her as soon as were were alone in our bedroom. She responded in kind and I could see she was as worked up as I was. When my hands reached between her thighs, I made out she was absolutely soaked. For some reason, I wanted to eat her out very badly before I fucked her, and moved my mouth and tongue straight down to her steaming pussy. She came almost immediately and I continued without a break. Then she turned me onto my back, sat on my face and started working her pussy against my mouth. She rode harder and harder and my nose and open mouth and tongue were alternately scraping her clitoris and vaginal lips without any control from me. I was starting to feel almost suffocated with the weight of her hips against my face when I could feel her starting to shudder. then her thighs clamped around my head as the orgasm overcame her.

I was excited way beyond my usual point by now, and when I pushed into her and started to fuck her with fast deep strokes, I came rather quickly. But she had been so orgasmed out by the face sitting session that she didn't seem to mind, but instead went to sleep very quickly.

At the end of the first year in Cairo, it became possible to ship the kids home for a holiday at their grandparents. So Poonam was alone for a while in Cairo, since her work didn't allow to take a vacation just yet. A couple of weeks into this, when I was back in Delhi, I received a call from Poonam. She sounded very happy.

"Guess who's visiting Egypt? Erika!!"

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