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In John Norman's series of novels about Gor, you learn about a counter-Earth where men reign supreme and women are, for the most part, slaves. While free women can be found, they run the constant risk of getting a collar. In fact, the majority of women who enter the series as free women end up collared and find it is their true nature to be a slave. It helps them to release their inhibitions and pursue the sexuality they have been holding in check as free women. Male slaves do exist: they are just not as common. One in particular, however, is the focus of three books in the series. "In Gorean mythology, it is said that there was once a war between men and women and that the women lost, and the Priest-Kings, not wishing the women to be killed, made them beautiful, but as the price of this gift decreed that they, and their daughters, to the end of time, would be the slaves of men."

Does this make women less than men? To me, the answer is no. Many find the notion of complete servitude by women distasteful but I believe it can be extremely fulfilling. In my mind, one should choose to serve the ones that they love out of the love you feel for that person. So often in today's society, you see couples fighting over such trivial things. Why? If you love a man, any man be he your Master or your Dom or your husband or your boyfriend or your lover, why would you choose NOT to serve him? One should desire to serve from love alone and, in this love, find the respect and trust one would use to build a lasting foundation for your relationship. If your man asks you to get him a beer, just get it. If you love him, you should desire to serve him and take care of him. Therefore, I believe in this basic fundamental principle of service.

As for the usage of slave girls, which is a common place occurrence in Gor and Gorean role play, I find it erotic and fulfilling. The entire existence of a Gorean slave girl revolves around pleasing her man, her Master. Is this wrong? I do not think so. If you love him, your Master or your man, why would you not wish to please him? The sensuality of the Gorean slave girl is also very liberating. She is allowed to enjoy her body as a sexual instrument. In the culture of Earth, women have become more and more masculine and made to feel that sexuality is a weakness. We have to be careful about what we wear and how we talk in case some find it too tempting. If we come across as too sexual, we are considered a tease or worse. This would never be a problem on Gor.

However, the extremities on Gor would not be possible in Earth culture due to the cataclysmic awakening of political correctness. Yet it is this very political correctness that has made so many of us fearful of even approaching an attractive stranger out of fear of rejection or worse. Then how can one go about finding their own personal fulfillment in Earth culture? I wished to find my true Master, my Earth Master, one I could serve and love without question always. But when I looked, all I got in replies were men looking for one night stands or worse. I did serve a few Masters online and one in real life. It was a learning experience, to be sure, but something was still lacking. Shockingly, I felt they were too lenient with me. I wanted a true Master, a true Dominant. Apparently they are very rare these days. If only I lived on Gor, this would not have been a problem at all. Can one find a part of Gor here on Earth?

One may merge the two cultures in a working scenario if one has patience and fortitude. It is not impossible to incorporate some Gorean philosophies into our Earth cultures. We may not wish to advertise it so keep in mind that what we do behind our own closed doors is of no one's concern but our own. Do not confuse Gor or Mastering with BDSM. You can have one without the other. Gor is just a fictional world, true, but one I find extremely interesting and a place I would enjoy visiting. Therefore, in closing, I believe that a Gorean world very well could be a better world for me.

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