Gwen's Journey Ch. 04


She was very well lubricated on her own, and he was adding to it as he worked gently inside her. He would stretch her with a half inch and then probe and work that inch inside her while she cried out her pleasure, and then he'd introduce another half inch and do the same. By the time he'd reached a solid six inch stroke, Gwen was squealing and crying out, having another thundering orgasm.

She ran her fingers through the thick black hair on his chest, smearing the sweat there, and she looked up into his blazing eyes. His face was calm but held a determined set, leaving little doubt that while he might be making her feel ecstasy, it was only an incidental side effect of him taking his own pleasure.

Gwen's pussy ached, not from want, though she did want, but from the repeated stretching and seemingly constant state of orgasm he'd kept her in. She was normally a vocal lover, crying out her desires, instructing him like she'd heard Ronnie do, but Sergei had reduced her to crying and moaning like an animal, and a small hurt one at that. She'd lost all sense of time, but it seemed to her that they'd been coupled for only a few minutes and for days, at the same time.

Sergei kissed her mouth deeply, leaving her moaning when their lips parted, and he gasped, "Are you strong, little one? I'm going to take you more roughly, but I will try not to hurt you." Beyond widening her eyes fearfully, Gwen didn't have time to respond before Sergei slid his cock deeply into her, and she felt his balls come to rest low on her ass. Gwen couldn't breathe, and she felt so full that she feared he would come directly into her womb, though she rationally knew that was impossible.

"Ahhh," Sergei groaned, smiling broadly, "That is good, my pet. Now we shall have fun." And with that, Sergei began to fuck Gwen with long, powerful strokes that caused her to shout with each piercing thrust, her feet twisting on her ankles even as her legs rose up and clasped behind his hips. He would pull himself almost completely out of her, and then slide his entire cock into her quickly, before pummeling her with short, rapid, stabbing thrusts that made her scream as his heavy balls bounced on her ass.

"Shit!" Gwen gasped, "Stop, please!"

Not stopping, Sergei let out a raspy whisper, "Why would I do this, Pet?"

"You need a condom," Gwen whined, feeling yet another orgasm cresting.

"No," Sergei said simply, "That is alright, but thank you for asking."

"Stop it!" Gwen shouted, her voice coming out in a high squeak, "I mean it! I don't want-"

"Next time!" Sergei roared, and Gwen lost the argument as he sent her crashing, tumbling through an orgasm that took her senses. She heard him as though he was far away, his liquid deep voice calling to her, "Da! Yes! This is good!" and she felt his large cock driving deeply into her, fueling her orgasm, building the impressive wave still higher even as it crashed onto her, over her.

Gwen had known when her lovers had come before, by a change in their breathing, the tensing of their bodies, even the sudden increase of her wetness without the accompanying excitement or orgasm, but she'd never actually felt a man come inside her. Until then. She felt Sergei's cum shooting inside her, filling her deeply, so deeply, even as her own orgasm sucked and grabbed at him, and she imagined her pussy grabbing every ounce of his thick jism and greedily hiding it all away within her womb.

And then the electric shock of the orgasmic lightning bolt struck her, sending her into convulsive shaking, everything at once ecstasy and agony, and then she knew only peace.

* * * * *

Gabrielle sat at her station, her headphones off. She kept an eye on the sound levels indicators on the display so she would know if anything started up again. She'd clipped the sound into a file and had created a separate file for the evidence directory. Gabby really hoped she had misinterpreted something, but she hadn't. She couldn't have.

Steve bounced down the stairs and stopped at the bottom. He was dressed casually but nicely, and Gabrielle smiled and wished again that he'd take that kind of interest in her. 'Maybe he will now,' she thought darkly.

"Hey, what's going on?" Steve had known Gabby long enough to recognize that something was wrong.

"You look nice, Steve," Gabrielle said softly, trying to smile.

"Is there something going on? His face fell and he looked worried, "Something that's going to make me cancel my date?"

Gabrielle cleared her throat and spoke in a monotone, keeping her eyes on the floor. "Subject spent the afternoon watching Russian television. Shortly after sixteen hundred hours, the doorbell rang and Subject admitted one Gwendolyn Marie Salsbury, twenty-three. Miss Salsbury is the next door neighbor of Subject.

"Subject and guest exchanged brief pleasantries before retiring to Subject's bedroom, where audio evidence strongly suggests repeated intimate sexual contact between Subject and Miss Salsbury between sixteen twenty-eight hours, and eighteen thirty-two hours.

"Current status suggests Subject and Miss Salsbury went to sleep at eighteen thirty-two hours, and have remained silent since then," Gabby looked at her watch and added, "twenty-one minutes ago."

She looked up at Steve then, and while his face and his overall demeanor didn't seem at all tense or even bothered by the news, Gabby saw a deep pain in his eyes. "Steve?"

"I can't confront them," he said softly, "or even indicate that I know anything. To do so would blow the operation." He fell back and sat down hard on the stairs. "Was there any sign of force, or coercion?" Gabby shook her head, no.

"Steve, there's more." Gabby brought the national database up on her screen and keyed up the file she'd pulled while listening to Sergei and Gwen.

Steve buried his face in his hands, and Gabby heard his muffled voice say, "Just tell me. I don't want to see."

"Gwendolyn Marie Salsbury, graduate of West Hills High School and occasional student at Easton Community College, has been employed at Vistatech Manufacturing for three and a half years. Prior to that she was briefly employed at Sutter Financial, as a junior secretary."

"Kevin James Salsbury, father of Subject, died in an automobile accident when Subject would have been three years of age. Alcohol was involved. Marie Joanne Salsbury, mother of Subject, died of a stroke while giving birth to Subject."

Steve stared at Gabrielle, not comprehending.

"Subject died in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Theresa's three days after being born. Steve, she's not Gwen Salsbury. She's using a false identity."


If there is any interest in seeing me continue this story, please let me know. In fact, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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