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Halloween Fun


I flipped through the mail as I walked up the driveway and into the house. Most of it was bills, what else is new, and a magazine. As I tossed the mail on the countertop I saw an envelope fall from the pile onto the floor. I picked it up. The envelope was a deep crimson color and had a black ribbon tying it shut, and there was no return address on it. I ripped open the red card and sat down. It was an invitation.

You are cordially invited to a masquerade
To be held on Halloween Night 7:00pm
At the Hyde Manor
A fun night for singles

I read the invitation again. There were directions to the manor on the back, but everyone who lived in town knew where it was. There was so much controversy that surrounded that house plus the town was small. I didn't realize anyone had moved into the house recently, but the party sounded fun, a little creepy but fun. I called up my friend Jen to see if she scored an invite and to ask what she thought about it.

"I did get one! It sounds so exciting. A masked ball. Ohhh! It just screams enchantment and a night full of fun. So do you have a dress?"

"I didn't even agree."I pouted.

"Come on. You have no life. This would be a good thing for you. Plus lots of hot single guys."

I sighed, there was no fighting her, she always got me to go to events whether I wanted to or not.

"Fine. But I need an outfit."

"Yeah!" She squealed. "I love shopping."

The next day we went shopping for dresses, Halloween was in a day.

"How about this one," Jen said holding up a slinky blue dress.

"For you?" I asked as I sifted through the sale rack.

"No stupid. For you." She rolled her eyes around.

I turned around and raised my eyebrows. There was no back to the dress and barely a front.

"So what am I going as, a winter slut?"

"Fine. I'll try it," And she bounded into the dressing room.

I grabbed my finds and choose the dressing room next to Jen.

"I like it," She said to a simple black dress I had on. "It screams 'I'm dull and haven't been laid in forever'."

"Jen!" I yelped grinning.

"What. You haven't."

I rolled my eyes and looked in the mirror again, checking my body from different angles. It was dull and I hadn't had any action for a long time.

"So?" Jen said as she held her arms in the air and spun around.

"I like it. You look like you ooze sex appeal."

"Darling I know. You don't think it makes me look trashy."

I choose my words carefully.

"Only if you want it to."

"I don't know yet." She wrinkled her nose and watched herself in the mirror.

I always admired Jen's boldness and unique way of dressing. She had chosen a tightly fitting leopard print dress that hugged her breasts and hips and landed mid thigh. But the thing was she looked great. Her gorgeous tanned body was molded into the dress and her light brown hair swayed as she pranced around. She looked like a true feline on the prowl for some hot man meat.

"Ok," She said. "Now to find your dress." She scrunched her face, "That one isn't it either."

"I liked this one," I muttered.

"How about this?" She held up a dress. My eyes widened.

"On me?"

She pushed me into the dressing room.


I slipped into the dress and she zipped it up for me. I saw her eyes sparkle in the mirror.

"This is it." She said and clasped her hands over her mouth.

I looked myself over in the mirror. I looked pretty damn good.

"Ok. I'll do it. Now we need masks."

"Oh poo," She waved her hand. "Those are just to make you feel invisible; everyone will notice you in this."

I glanced again at the mirror. The dress had a large v-neck cut in the front and back. It showed pretty much all the goodies I was carrying. The rest of it was plain but clung to my body like Jen's dress and hit around mid thigh. I felt powerful in the dress and maybe the color being red helped me feel sexier too.

After we purchased our dresses we went over to about the only chain store in town, Joann's fabrics. We bought their pre-made sequined masks that covered our faces.

"I feel like the Phantom of the opera." I told her.

"He was sexy," Jen replied, "Well at least in the movie."

I just looked at her and hit the gas.

Work the next day was almost too much to bear. I was actually getting excited over the party on Halloween. I listened to the gossip around the office to see if anyone else had received the mysterious invitation.

"I think it's a prank. I bet a bunch of horny high school boys are doing it so they can get laid." Miranda sat back in her chair and filed her nails. "I don't think I'm going."

"Good," I thought.

"Why would you say that," Brenda asked.

"Haven't you noticed no guys were asked? It will be a bunch of girls. That's no fun, unless you're a lesbian." Her eyes met mine.

"Grow up Miranda." I sneered.

"You haven't been on a date in forever." She said matter-of-factly.

"I don't share my personal life with everyone because it's just that, personal!" She was irritating me. "There will be guys there," I turned my attention to Brenda. "I heard Brad is coming." Brenda blushed.

"He said he wasn't" Miranda pouted.

"He doesn't like you," I said and resumed working as she stormed off.

Saturday came and the hours flew by. Jen came to my house to get ready and we would walk down to the manor since it was the end of my street. Sliding into my dress I ran my hands over my body and felt an electrical charge. I peered out the window and saw the glow of the full moon. Night always did come early in the fall.

"Ready?" I asked as I applied my lipstick.

"Yup." She looked at me, "Wow. You look fantastic!!"

I smiled, "Got to make a good impression." My wavy brown hair flowed past my shoulders and shimmered in the light. My lips were a luscious red and my eyes smoky and sultry.

"Let's get going cat woman." I purred as I slid my mask over my face.

Grabbing her arm, I yanked her out the door and down the street.

"Girl. You are feisty tonight." She said.

"It's the moon. It does things to people"

"Like make them sluts," she laughed and we strolled down toward the manor.

As we approached the manor I got goose bumps. The outside of the manor was old and gothic, dark and eerie. It was surrounded by a gate that stood tall and proud to all who came near it. The entrance was open so that the guests could file in. As we approached the door, a masked man in a cape greeted us.

"Hello ladies. Welcome to the party. Enjoy." He turned and guided us into the house. I heard Jen squeal.

"He pinched my butt," She exclaimed.

"Lucky you."

People crowded the room, some clothed in fancy attire, while others were dressed in costumes. The music wove itself in and out of the crowd, people dancing to its hypnotic rhythm. Candelabras dressed the room to give it a warm and sensual glow. The chandelier that hung above the room glowed with candlelight. I could even see the wax melting down and hanging, just waiting to drop on an unexpected guest.

Looking up the stairs I noticed a masked stranger. He stared back from behind his mask. I winked and went off to dance. Tonight I felt alive.

Jen and I danced with anyone and everyone who wanted to. Bodies around us rubbed, bumped and grinded into each other to the beat of the music.

"Lexus. I need a break," Jen said clutching my arm. "Punch."

We walked over to the punch bowl and poured our drinks. Sweet with a little kick to it, I thought as I downed it.

"I think there's alcohol in it," I said nonchalant.

"No kidding." Jen said sarcastically and nudged me. "He's staring at you."

"Who?" I asked.

"The man in the red mask." She whispered.

"Jen. There are lots of red masks. Be more specific."

"The one with the long brown hair, dark eyes, luscious lips, fine body..."

"Jen! I get it. The one on the staircase watching everyone."

"You. Watching you."

"Let's dance." I grabbed her arm and dragged her into the throng of people. I heard her laughing, "I love this side of you Lexus!"

"Me too!" I yelled over my shoulder.

I moved my body to the enticing rhythm. Waving my arms above my head like a belly dancer, my body moved in seductive, rhythmic waves. I let go of all my inhibitions. I caught the eye of the masked man. I never broke eye contact as I moved my body along the guy I was dancing with. I pressed my body into him and nibbled at his ear, but while watching the man on the staircase. I grabbed my dancers face and kissed him hard. As I looked at the staircase I saw the man was gone. I turned around and came face to face with him, his dark eyes staring into mine.

He pulled me close and backed me up into a corner. We grinded into each other to the music never taking our eyes of each other. His rough hands caressed my body and I threw my head back in pleasure. His mouth attacked my neck, kissing and sucking it. I could fell the bottom of my dress ride up. I wasn't wearing any underwear and he knew it, he was counting on it. My body was on fire from my fingers to my toes. An electric energy flowed through my veins and I could feel his passion radiating off his body. Parting my legs he slide his fingers smoothly between my thighs, we pushed even closer. I felt his hard cock rub against me. He replaced his fingers with his cock. I wrapped my arms around his neck, we moved up and down fucking each other while dancing in a mass of unknowing guests. Coming hard I let out a loud moan not caring if it was heard over the music. He came too and muffled his own moan as he buried his head in my neck. His eyes sparkled as he gazed at me.

"Alexandra. Or should I say Lexus. It's been awhile." He smiled.

"Darius. It has been. Nice party." I said pushing my dress down as we stood watching the crowd.

"How have you been?" He asked



"Great." He hummed. "I saw you dancing with that man. Did you know him?"

"No. Were you jealous?" I gave him a wicked smile.

He grinned and ran his thumb along my jaw. "No." He kissed the side of my neck softly.

"Lexus." Jen came running up out of breath.

"Thought I lost you there for a minute. I ... Oh hi," She said to Darius and looked at me grinning.

"You looked like you were having a great time out there," She said.


"Yeah I could hear you moaning." Miranda waltzed over, giving Darius the once over,

"Kind of like the moaning I would hear from this house at night a while ago. The retched sound finally stopped. Thank god or I would have had to come over and kill whatever pathetic animal it was."

Darius grinned, "So you've heard us before then?"

"Us?" Miranda inquired.

"Us." I said.

She looked like a deer caught in headlights "You two. Oh god I'm going to die." She rolled her eyes around.

"Yeah you are," He said flashing an evil smile.

"Excuse me?"

"I said you're going to die." He looked at me. "Want to do the honors?"

"Sure," I said. "It's been awhile and I need some fresh blood."

I grabbed Miranda and kissed her on the lips drawing blood as I bit them. She tried to fight as I pushed her up against the wall. I licked the side of her face as she sobbed.

"Miranda, what's the matter? Scared?"

She cried as I tore into her neck with vengeance and sucked hard causing blood to spurt out. I love it when that happens. I drained her body and tossed her to the side like a rag doll.

"She was worthless anyway." I turned to Jen who was held by Darius.

"I will be gentle on you honey." I saw the fear in her eyes. "You always were my best friend. You can join us, feast with us, be like us." She slumped to the ground. "Start your feast," I said to Darius, "You must be hungry. You haven't thrown a party in a long time."

He clapped his hands. A wind tore through the house blowing out some candles and slamming doors shut trapping everyone. The music stopped and people stood still stunned by the trick. Darius rose above the crowd and looked down upon their fearful faces.

"My guests. I thank you for coming. I am very sorry to cut your party short, but my friends and I are hungry, so we will feast." More people rose up to join Darius. "On you!"

Darius and others flew down pouncing on people and sinking their teeth into their necks. Screams erupted and people were running everywhere trying to get out and escape. They clawed like trapped animals at the doors and threw themselves against windows in hopes of breaking them.

Their efforts were useless but I did enjoy watching the spectacle, it always did turn me on. I didn't want to miss any of the action so I turned to Jen, "Get up." She scrambled and stumbled but managed to get on her feet.

"It will only hurt for a minute. I won't kill you, you'll be like me. Ok?" Tears streamed down her face and I could see her mascara was ruined.

"It's ok honey." I gently moved her head to the side and sank me teeth into her neck. My body warmed as I sucked her blood. The taste was like heaven, liquid bliss on my tongue. I stopped and leaned her against a wall. I cupped her face. "You will thank me later."

I went off in search of more blood. I drank and drank until there were no more to feed on. I felt satisfied as I wiped the remains of blood of my face.

"What a surprise." I said as I licked blood off of Darius's face. He bit down on my tongue and sucked it.

"I'm glad you liked it. I missed you."

"Well I'm back and I'm yours." I said as he rubbed his hands along my body.

"Not right now." I went over and got Jen. Her eyes shinned like she had figured a juicy secret. She licked her lips and looked around.

"I feel different. I feel needy." She looked ready to burst out of her dress.

"We're going to have some fun." I told him, giving one last passionate kiss.

Looking at Jen I said, "Darling the night is still young, I'm hungry and there's a town for the taking." I motioned to the door. "After you."

We skipped out the door and into the light of the full moon, ready for some fun.

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