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Hard Choices


"Coming over tonight?"

"My ass is seriously dragging."

I stopped looking at the Google research results on my laptop and turned my full attention to Jerrod's voice on my cell phone.

"Rough practice?"

"Yeah, coach had us running with full pads and taking a fucking thousand reps. Guess he didn't want another close fucking call like last Saturday."

"Poor baby," I offered with a hint of sarcasm. Jerrod liked nothing better than being on the football field with his teammates. The harder and dirtier, the better as far as he was concerned.

"I could make some mac 'n cheese and give you a backrub," I offered.

"Tempting," he said.

"But, not enough?"

"How about you throw in a couple beers, a hand job and I'll be there."

"Deal," I said not letting my irritation seep through. "But, pick up the beer on the way."

"I'm kinda tapped."

"I'll pay you for it."

"Uh, I don't have any coin."

It was so typical of Jerrod. What he had in male beauty, he lacked in sensitivity and social graces. It also got to me that he was on a full ride because of a football scholarship, yet always complained about money.

"Ok. I'll go and get some. How much?"

"Are you going to have any," he asked.

"No, I'll just watch you drink."


God, I really needed to dial back the sarcasm. It always went completely over his head.

"Actually, I might like some."

"Sure, then get a 30 pack."

"Good, maybe I can offer one to Jess."

"Uh, probably, well, ok, I guess so."

I hung up. Shaking my head I knew that Jerrod would also lug whatever remained back to his dorm. God forbid he should leave some in my apartment.

I quickly took all the notes I needed from my web search and closed Google. In the kitchen, I put together a home-made double batch of mac 'n cheese. I sometimes wondered why I bothered. Jerrod would just as happily eat a couple packages of the Kraft orange crap. Must be my own pride that drove me to make it from scratch.

I knocked on my roommate's bedroom door and announced that Jerrod would be coming over.

"Ugh, the place will smell like dirty jocks for a week," she called back.

Pushing open the door, I saw her sitting cross-legged on her bed with books scattered all about her and her laptop perched in her lap.

"You told me you got off on the scent of a man."

Jess looked at me over the rims of her black frames. "Scent I like. Stink, not so much."

"I think he showered," I said. "It should be ok. I'm making my grandma's mac, join us?"

"Only if I can fix my plate first. The last time I nearly lost a hand when he started filling his plate."

"He's a big boy."

Jess grinned, "So, I hear."

"You're naughty," I said laughing.

"Yeah, and you scream loud enough to scare the neighbors. Plus, you always seem to work in a reference on the size of his dick to our conversations the next day."

"It is rather impressive," I said recalling how it filled me.

"I think it draws too much blood supply from his brain. I detect major atrophy occurring above the neck."

"Possibly. I can assure you there is no atrophy between his legs, when it's finally up and ready."

"Ugh, you're gross."

"You're horny and jealous."

"Horny? Always. Jealous? Not of Jerrod Jerk."

"Now, you're hurting my feelings."

Jess leaned back on her elbows. She looked at me, holding my gaze.

"Honestly, Susan, would you be cutting him all this slack if he weren't six-five with unfuckingbelievable six-pack abs, and a semi-cute face. And, oh, wait for it, a purportedly huge cock."

"Since you put it that way," I said. "Not a chance."

We both laughed. Jerrod was definitely eye-candy. He was not a total asshole, but he was extremely close to being that. He tended to be self-centered. He could screw, though. Well, he could screw once I got him up. Sometimes I was dealing with a dead snake for quite a long time. But, I was resourceful and could usually breathe life into the unresponsive. Besides I kinda enjoyed playing with his dick when it was soft. It was the best toy I ever had.

For right now, sex was enough. I'm too young to get serious with anyone. And, it certainly wouldn't be with a jock who thinks that pursuing a degree in sports theory, aided by three tutors who could only get him up to a C, was the same as my physical therapy degree, which would give me my doctorate.

I straightened up the kitchen and put out bowls and silverware. I skipped the candle since the effort would be totally lost on Jerrod.

I had just enough time to run down to the corner market and pick up the beer, some ice cream and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I knew what my man wanted. I hoped he knew what I wanted tonight, but I doubted it. Sunday was our best day for sex. Lately, that was our only day for sex. There were no practices on Sunday. Once the week started, he usually put all his energy into football. Wednesdays, when he'd come over, was not a time he seemed to be interested in satisfying my needs. He never refused a hand job or even a bj, however.

Jess emerged from her room and saw me lugging the massage table into the living room.

"Dinner and a massage?' she said. "God, he will be so appreciative. He might even grunt."

"Put your claws back in, dear," I said.

"So, what am I supposed to do while you're working over the slab of meat?"

"Duh, what you do every night. Stay in your room and study. No, there's something else. Let me see. Oh, yeah, and masturbate to internet porn."

"You are such a Beee-itch!" Jess threw a pillow from the couch in mock fury. We both knew each other attended to our needs on a regular basis.

"At least, turn up the TV," she said, "So the Jerk doesn't hear my vibe."

"No problem. I'll probably be doing the same later."

"No fuckee-fuckee tonight?"

"After I feed him and massage him, he'll be ready for nighty-night. Probably just have enough strength to drag his ten point, prime A ass back to his dorm."

"Bet he has enough strength to let you jerk him off first."

"He just might," I replied with a sly smile. "Or, I might use something besides my hands."

"I'd pay to see that," she said.

"No charge necessary. Just stick your head out later and see where we are."


"Why not. It's kinda sexy thinking you'll see us."

"Kinda disgusting, if you ask me," she said and then grinned. "Lucky for me, I am totally into disgusting."

Having Jess watch me with Jerrod was a sexy thought. I did want to show her what I had been enjoying for a while. But, beyond that, having my roomie watch me have some form of sex was also getting my engine running. Letting my imagination go, I even fantasized about the both of us doing it with a guy. Wow, that thought sent a message to my pussy. Shaking my head I wondered what brought that on.

"Hell-o Planet Susan," called out Jess. I realized I must have been out of it thinking about being naked in bed with my roomie. Funny, the image of the guy was not as clear as what she looked like.

"Sorry, lost in a fog," I said.

"Yeah, probably imagining that big dick waving all around."

"Something like that, yeah," I answered and headed to my room to change. Pulling off my grungy jeans I was surprised at the dampness in my panties.

Jerrod arrived around six. I handed him a beer and he plopped down on the couch, searching for the remote.

I checked on the casserole and took out three more beers, one for me and Jess and another for Jerrod. I took them and a big bowl of chips into the living room.

"Jess," I called out. "Come on out. Beer and chips."

"Be still my heart," she called back. "I guess Romeo's here?"

"What's with her?" Jerrod said as he popped the top and drained half the can of his second beer.

"Time of the month."

"Oh." Like most guys that one little phrase effectively cut off all other comments and questions.

Jess appeared wearing her cut-off sweat pants and a hoodie. I noticed Jerrod eye her legs and butt as she bent to get her beer.

"He really is a jerk," I thought. I had to admit, though, it was a sweet sight.

"S'happenin', Jess?"

"Brushing up on the theory of cognitive dissonance," she said.

"Huh, oh, like cool," Jerrod replied.

Jess shot me a glance. I got it. He was beautiful but dumb. I also got the real message. I was holding two contradictory feelings about Jerrod. One, he is largely a self-centered jock, who could not connect on any intellectual or satisfactory emotional level. The other feeling is that he is hot and occasionally great in bed.

True to the psychological theory, I was justifying my relationship with him based mostly on the size of his cock and what he could do with it.

While Jerrod was deep into Sports Center on ESPN, I removed the mac from the oven and placed it and stewed tomatoes on the table.

"Dinner," I called.

"Just a sec," Jerrod replied staring at the screen.

Jess joined me in the kitchen area. We stood by the sink, out of view of Jerrod. She came behind me and grabbed my hips. She whispered in my ear as she rocked against my butt.

"I wanna fuck you so fucking bad it fucking hurts," she said in a dead-on imitation of Jerrod. "I wanna like fuck like you so hard you won't like fucking believe anyone could like fucking fuck like this."

I thought I'd pee my pants as I felt her crotch slam my ass.

"Stop it," I whispered over my shoulder.

Jess grabbed my boobs over my sweatshirt and said. "Oh, baby you got the best fucking tits. I wanna fuck them, too. I wanna put my big, huge, large, gigantic, enormous hunka' man-meat in between them tits and like fucking fuck them."

I think I did pee myself a little. I was trying to hold back my laughter so much that even with my legs squeezed tight, I felt my panties get damp and it was not from excitement. Actually, maybe some part of it was from excitement. The feel of her hands on my boobs was kinda nice.

"Hey, Jerrod," Jess called out as she continued to hump me and squeeze my breasts. "Are you coming? I know we are." She punctuated that statement by pinching my nipples through my clothes and bra. I squealed. I pulled her hands away and stepped aside.

"Huh? Be right there."

"You are just too bad," I said. Jess just made an orgasm face and I lost it again.

"What's so funny?" Jerrod asked as he walked in. He filled most of the space left in the tiny kitchen.

"Just stupid girl stuff," I said. "Let's eat. Jess, why don't you start?"

"Wanna grab me another beer?" he asked.

We ate and talked. Well, Jess and I talked; Jerrod mostly just ate and had another beer. The biggest contribution to our conversation was a deep belch as he tossed his empty beer can toward the wastebasket.

"Hey, Jerrod, I hear the team has matched players' uniforms numbers to their IQs scores. Is that true?"

"Where'd you hear that bullshit? Besides my number is 87."

Jess smiled like an angel and arched one eyebrow. I had to turn away or risk completely breaking up.

I served bowls of ice cream and put out a plate of cookies. Trying to engage Jerrod into our conversation, I asked, "So, practice was hard?"

"Fucking ball buster. Fucking coaches were all fucking over us. Fuck them if they think they can fuck with our fucking heads."

I could not look in Jess' direction.

"Too bad," I said. "Anything else happen?"

"Like what?" he asked as he pawed three cookies from the plate.

"Like anything. Just trying to see if something new was happening."

Jerrod wrinkled his brow. Thinking obviously was straining him more than the workouts at practice.

"Oh, yeah. Hey, do you know Ashley BoingBoing or something?"

"BoingBoing," repeated Jess.

"Yeah, tall redhead with no tits but a great ass."

"Ashley Boynton?" offered Jess.

"Yeah, that's it, I think."

"Yeah, she's in my communications class," said Jess. "Did you meet her?"

"She like came into the locker room. I guess she's some sorta reporter or some shit."

"She works for the campus radio station. She also does on-field reporting during your games," Jess explained.

"No shit?"


"Well, I guess that explains why she was wanting to talk to the guys about last Saturday's game and if we were gonna change shit around for next week. I think she just wanted to look at naked guys."

Jess and I looked at each other. "You mean she was there when you guys weren't dressed?" I asked.

"Duh. It's like a fucking locker room."

"Did she talk to you?" I asked.

"Yeah. I mean I did have like the winning TD. Wanted to know how I beat the coverage."

"And, you were not dressed?" I asked.

"Fuck no. I figure if she wants to look, go ahead. Make your day."

"So, did she?" put in Jess.


"Look at your...look at you naked."

Jerrod laughed. "Tried not to, but she peeked."

He laughed harder. "Once she got a look at it, she couldn't fucking stop checking it out. Tried to be cool, but she definitely was peeking. Shoulda let it get hard and give her something to remember. She's like all the chicks, Jess, can't believe what they're fucking seeing. You should check it out, Jess. I bet you'd like it. I bet none of them wusses you go out with have anything like what I got. Just let me know and I can show you."

"I'm sure that would be something, indeed," Jess purred and kicked me under the table. "And, I'm sure Susan would really love it."

Jerrod looked like he knew he might have stepped in dog shit. But that thought didn't linger long. He belched again, grabbed another beer and went back to ESPN.

Jess offered to clean up. When I shouted out if he was up for a massage, he grunted and I took it as a yes. God, Jess was so right about him. He watched ESPN while I set up the table and got my supplies ready.

I liked giving massages. It was good for my training and I usually had no shortage of volunteers. As part of my degree, I served as trainer for the women's volleyball team. Each of us in the program had to do something like that. I liked the volleyball players, they were funny and cool. So, I was mostly working on naked female bodies. Working on a slab of muscle like Jerrod was different.

"All ready," I said.

He called for Jess to bring him another beer. I prayed she didn't piss in it first. He stood and pulled off his sweatshirt and tee shirt in one motion.

As Jess entered the living room area, he now stood in just his boxers. She handed him the beer and as he drank, she took a second to scan his body. It's impossible not to admire Jerrod's physique. His body fat hovers around three percent. As I mentioned, his abs look like some Hollywood special effects trick sitting under his smooth, wide chest. His legs, covered with curly blond hair, are not dissimilar to tree trunks. Jess caught my eye and I nodded. "Yeah, he's a hunk," we silently communicated.

"Well, I'll be in my room," Jess said.

"Whatever," responded Jerrod. He began to push his boxers down. "You could stay and take a look at what I got."

"Thanks. Cognitive dissonance awaits," she said. As she was walking away he slid his boxers all the way off. She looked over her shoulder at his ass that was like a carved block of marble. Smiling at me she slipped her hand in her pants, mimicked masturbating and stuck her tongue out.

"Lie on your stomach, Jerrod. I'll work on your back for ten minutes and then we can concentrate on your front." I hoped Jess caught the message about when she should take another peek.

Kneading his thick muscles required a lot of hand strength. This practice definitely was different from working on girls' smaller and longer muscles. I spend enough time on his butt to both relax him and get my own motor running. He spread his legs and I managed to play with his balls a little.

After finishing his back, I told him to roll over. His dick, flowing from a thick tangle of pubic hair splayed across his thigh, looking like an anaconda sunning itself in the jungle. Spending some time on his legs, I, of course, had to reposition his dick several times and in the process might have accidently stroked it a little. I received the expected response as it began to fill with blood.

I then worked on his chest, standing to block his view of Jess's door, although he had his eyes closed. Wondering if she dared stick her head out, I almost screamed when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to see her standing behind me. She mouthed, "Oh My God!" We both stared at the appendage draped on his thigh.

"Jerrod, I'd like to do something to really relax you," I said.

"Uh, yeah. Like what? A blow job? That'd be awesome."

"No promises on that. It'll be best if you cleared your mind of any thoughts." Jess pinched my ass and I could almost hear her trying to stifle her snickering as she thought of the already great void inside his head.

"Here let me put this cloth over your eyes. That will keep light out and help you relax."

"I can relax without it," he said. "Besides I like watching when you fucking blow me."

"Indulge me, Jerrod. This time imagine what I'm doing. I wouldn't even mind if you imagined another woman doing this to you. Would you like that?"

"I guess that could work."

I placed the folded cloth over his eyes.

"Who would you like to imagine?" I asked.

"I don't know. I kinda think I shouldn't tell you, ya know. I mean after talking to your bitchy roommate about looking at my cock."

Jess pinched my butt again. I was grateful, because I thought I might lose it completely.

"Oh, it's ok. It's just fantasy. You can tell me."

By this time I was stroking his dick. It was now getting thick, but still not hard.

Jess was now standing next to me with a look of awe.

"Cmon', Jerrod. Who'd you like to suck this big cock?"

"Uh, I, uh. Shit, that feels good, Susan."

I bent and kissed the tip. Jerrod groaned.

"Tell me. I might not feel like going on if you don't."

"Shit, don't fucking stop now. Ok, ok. Let's see. Well, that girl in the locker room with no tits had a pretty face and nice lips. She might like sucking on it. I wouldn't mind sticking it up that tight ass of hers. That would be fucking awesome, my cock in that ass. Too bad she has no tits, 'cause I'd titty fuck her, too."

"Good boy," I said and took more of him in my mouth. I could feel Jess standing beside me. She grabbed my boob again and nodded her head. I recalled her imitation of Jerrod before and how he'd like to titty fuck me.

Pulling off him, I asked, "Mmm, you have a beautiful cock, Jerrod. Anyone else you think about sucking it?

"Well, there's couple of the cheerleaders. They have tight bodies and can use their mouths really good."

"I bet they can," I said. "Anyone else?"

I played with his balls as he obviously tried to think.

"Yeah, that bitch roommate of yours. She deserves to have my cock down her throat. Might stop her from saying bitchy things to me. I bet she'd like it stuffed inside her cunt, too."

I took another mouthful of his now semi-hard cock.

Pulling off, I asked, "Mmm, do you think she's sexy?"

"She's got nice legs and ass. With all those sweatshirts she wears I can't figure out if she's got nice tits or not. I guess she's not ugly, but has those nerd glasses. Yeah, I'd say she's kinda sexy in a geeky way. Sexy enough for me to have her blow me, ya know."

I was stroking him in long easy movements and his hips were rising with every upstroke. He usually took a lot of work to get him completely hard. As I stroked him, I couldn't help but be amazed at how he spoke about other women in front of me. Even though I encouraged him to talk about fantasies, you'd think he'd do some self-censoring. But, I figured his libido was stronger than his sense of propriety. Hell, I don't think he had any sense of propriety. Most of his sensitivity was centered in the large organ I was dutifully stroking.

"Can I tell you a secret?"

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