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He had told her to be ready at 7pm sharp. His instructions were very clear on what she had to do to be ready for him. She was to be waiting 7 feet from the front door, on her knees, hands down at her sides, with her head bowed. She was to have no clothing on, no jewelry, her hair to be down.

At 7pm precise he walked through the door and saw her kneeling before him. He never said a word just closed and locked the door behind him before walking over to her. He reached down and grabbed a handful of hair with one hand, took his cock out and shoved it in her mouth. She started sucking and he loosened his grip up a small amount allowing her to have some movement with her head. Her hands came up and took hold of his shaft so her mouth and tongue could concentrate on the head of his cock. After a few minutes of this he pulled out of her mouth, taking her hands behind her back and tying them together.

He pushed her roughly down lower so her knees were spread but her ass was on her heels to push her all the way down would have let her pussy rub against the floor and that would not do. He grabbed her hair pushing her head back some, he placed his cock at the edge of her lips pushing her mouth open. She tried vainly to suck him, he reached down and pinched on of her nipples hard making it turn blood red and told her to just keep her mouth open. He began fucking her, he fucked her mouth like it was her pussy...fast, hard and deep, making her gag at times but he never stopped. He fucked her till his cum shot down her throat spilling out the sides of her mouth. She tried so hard to swallow it all but he kept cumming and she couldn't drink it fast enough.

He pulled her up to standing, using his fingers he wiped his cum from her face and gave them to her to suck clean for him. He led her over to the coffee table and pushed her to her knees in front of it. Her legs were the first to be bound to the legs of the table, he then streched her across it untying her hands only to tie her arms to the other side of the table. He then placed a pillow under her stomach so that her ass was up in the air...just enough to give him better access. His hand was the first thing she felt strike her ass, there was no rhyme or reason to his slaps. She tried so hard at first to not cry out, to take the pain and punishment he was giving to her with grace but then he started using his paddle. Her ass was already red and stinging before the first stroke of his paddle but when it made contact with her skin she cried out in pain.

He continued with the barrage of paddling, her cries soon became no longer just pain but a mixture of pleasure and pain. He ignored every one of her pleas for him to stop. Finally he stopped but only when she had stopped begging for it. He looked at the pillow under her and there was a wet spot right in a direct line from her pussy. Without saying a word he greedily thrust 3 fingers inside of her. She was saturated...he felt her pussy beginning to contract around his fingers. He kept fucking her with his fingers he leaned in taking his tongue he teased her ass, she tried to push up to make him go deeper his fingers, his tongue...she didn't care which she wanted both. She begged him to let her cum, she needed to cum so bad.

He stopped everything he was doing and just sat still with his fingers deep in her. She was still begging pleading with him to please fuck her...to fuck her ass, her pussy just to please give her his cock. He slowly pulled out his fingers, she began writhing and bucking from need of something to fill her up. He placed the head of his cock just at the outside of her pussy, his hand came down and slapped her red ass then he rammed himself deep inside of her in one hard deep thrust. She couldn't hold it back she felt her orgasm starting without telling her brain. Her body just responded in a pure primal state.

As her moans grew deeper and louder he fucked her harder and deeper never stopping to let her catch her breath after that orgasm. His cock driving into her pussy she knew she was going to come again if he kept up that pace. She pleaded with him to please fuck her ass. He didn't need much begging at this point. His cock slick with her cum, he pushed just the head in and held there giving her a chance to adjust to his size, his one and only act of kindness during this hard fuck. He pushed his way deep inside of her reveling in her cries of pain and pleasure. He fucked her hard and slow, rubbing and grabbing at her ass as he grinds his cock deep inside of her.

She feels him tense and his pace picks up, his hands are mauling her ass that is still burning and hurting from his paddle. She feels her orgasm starting to well up knowing that he is going to cum all inside of her, the smell of sex that has permeated the room is all she can handle...they cum simultaneously. Him filling her ass with his white hot cum, her filling her pussy up. After he pulls out of her, he takes his camera and takes a pic of her red ass with cum dripping out of both holes before untying her.

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