tagNovels and NovellasHaving Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 02

Having Fun with Dycke and Payne Ch. 02


6. Senior Payne's

The Northwood Academy debate team went to Southeast Regional Debate Championships at the end of the fall semester of her Payne's senior year. Payne and her partner Agnes were to present the rebuttals for their four-member team. Agnes was not beautiful, but she was far from being ugly. They had been through many debates together. Each added to the other's strengths and shored up the others weaknesses. At their own school, they were referred to as, "Uglier and ugliest, or simply 'The Ugly Sister'." However, when it came to debating, they were among the very best.

Many teams were eliminated from the competition as the weekend went on. The two finalists for the southeast region debate championship were Northwood Academy and Geese Creek High Schools.

During a break in the competition and before the final rebuttal arguments, Payne and Agnes overheard the four Geese Creek team members talking about them. "They are so ugly," one said," Shit comes out of their mouths when they speak." The other three members laughed and continued throwing vile epithets at both Agnes and Payne. Filthy words coming out of the mouths of people, who should know better and be better than that.

Payne had to grab Agnes by the mouth to keep her quiet. She took her hand and found the proctor of the Geese Creek team. They told him what they had overheard and they asked him that no matter what he decided to do, he not do it until after the competition had been decided. Win or lose, it was Agnes and her right to face them down, on their own. The proctor agreed.

Forty-five minutes later, after the judges had tallied their scores, they announced that Northwood Academy was the tournament winner and called the team up to present them with their trophy.

After the polite applause had died down, the judges called for the Geese Creek team to come up and get the second place trophy. As the Team stood up and approached the dais, their proctor stood up and told the judges that his team was disqualified. They were going to be suspended from school, for a minimum of five days due to immoral conduct and other disciplinary action may be taken, later. He asked that the trophy be given to the third place team or be withheld completely.

After the short Christmas break, Payne knew the remainder of her senior year was going to be hell. Agnes had moved to Fresno, California, because her father, a naval aviator, and he had been transferred to the new Naval Advanced Training and Weapons Base there. Lemoore Naval Air Station was the Navy's new "Top Gun" training base and Agnes' dad was chosen to be as an instructor. He would relocate there for three years, so his family had to relocate with him.

Payne lost Agnes, the only person who would openly talk with her. She was the only female remaining on the debate team and she decided that it was too much maladjustment and too much testosterone for her to deal with on her own, so she resigned. She had not heard from Cynthia since the day she left her house. She had not seen her at school, either. However, that was not unusual because of their schedules and different classes. She decided to give her a call and see what was going on.

As Payne looked around her high school campus, it looked like everyone had been bitten by the "Love Bug!" It appeared that everyone "Gay or straight" was paired up now. Steve, was always paired up, "But, boy was he paired up now," Payne thought. Julie was not only the head cheerleader but also, the homecoming queen." Payne grinned when she thought at how many hearts she must have broken when she picked Steve. As far as Payne knew, this was the first time she had seen Julie, openly holding onto a boy, in public. Her brother must be something else, entirely!

The more Payne looked and walked around the campus, the lonelier and more isolated she felt. She was still the butt of everyone's insults and jokes, not that she had not heard them thousands of times before, but now they came as pairs walked by her. Payne decided on a course of action that was radical for her. She was going to try to raise her grade point average high enough to be class valedictorian. She was ranked fifth in the school now, so she would really have to put in some hours on the books to get to the top. She would have to change some classes to college level courses also, to pick up some extra points, but that would be no problem. Payne was determined to stand at the podium, make her speech, and end it all by saying to her classmates "For what you have done to me, during my high school years, Fuck All You Lowly Bastards!"

7. Dycke's Party

In his community, when a teenager was invited to an 18th birthday party, the parents were invited also. It has been this way ever since he could remember and tonight was no exception. There were rules that worked to the benefit: both the teenagers and the parents.

Rule #1: No teenagers allowed inside the house unless escorted by a parent.

Rule #2: No parents allowed in the backyard unless escorted by a teenager.

Rule #3: Teenagers are not allowed to leave the lighted areas of the backyard at any time!

As long as these rules were obeyed, a limited amount of beer and wine would be supplied, along with the non-alcoholic beverages, food, and desserts to the teens.

"Happy Birthday" was sung for Dycke and the age defined groups headed to their individual parties. Dycke had twenty-three people at the outside party and as he looked around, he saw that there were more girls than boys at his party. He felt that should work in his favor. There was a dance floor set up and Dycke had his Bose Sound System blasting the music they all loved.

His neighbors Wesley and Grover were doing what they best "Eating" and anyone would think they had not eaten in a week; by the way, they were going at it. Roger was dancing with his girlfriend, Seneca. Donald and his steady, Paloma, were making out. Several other people were trying to hook up with some other girls from the neighborhood and Dycke was standing alone, as usual.

Steve Temple walked over to Dycke, shook his hand, wished him a happy birthday, and asked, "What college Dycke was going to attend."

Dycke told his running rival that he had not committed yet, and why did Steve want to know.

Steve told him that he wanted to make sure not to go to the same college as Dycke, just so he could race against him again and beat him into the dust!

Dycke asked Steve if he was going to remember to look over his right shoulder the next time they raced against each other.

Steve flinched and said, "Did you have to bring that up?"

"It's my birthday I can do or say anything that will make me happy!"

Steve said, "Remember Dycke, you only beat me in the mile by 1.4 seconds. I can pick that up in a heartbeat."

Dycke said, "I hate to burst your bubble Steve, but I started coasting at the three quarter mile point!" As soon as Dycke said this, he started to run for cover.

Steve playfully yelled "You son of a bitch!" and sprinted after him. Dycke tried to avoid a girl seated at a table by far side of the pool but when Steve grabbed him, they both fell right over her and took her with them directly into the pool. There was screaming and yelling all over the backyard.

The girl yelled "Steve, you idiot, look what you've done to my dress and shoes! I'm going to kill you for this."

Dycke was trying to get over to the girl to help her out of the pool but she wanted no part of him.

Steve started helping her up the wall of the pool but both of them slipped back into it. Two large hands grabbed her from above and pulled her to safety. After she was safe, Dycke's dad grabbed him by his arm and pulled him out. Some person grabbed Steve and pulled him out of the pool.

Dycke looked down and this poor girl, who was still covering her face. He wanted to say that he was sorry but his dad held him back, as both his and her mother took the soaked girl into the house.

Mr. Schneider told the kids, in the backyard, to continue to have a good time and that his son 'might' be back, later. The two culprits were then ushered into the house, for interrogation.

After a quick change of clothing, Steve gave a detailed explanation of what had happened to both fathers.

Dycke corroborated Steve's story and said that it was as much his fault as Steve's.

Mr. Temple asked Steve "What are you going to do about your sister? We basically had to drag her here."

Dycke looked at Steve. "That was your sister? Boy you are up the Creek!"

Steve looked right back and asked, "What's wrong with my sister?"

Dycke looked at Steve questioningly. He then said "If he ran over either one of his sisters, he would still be running."

Steve laughed at that, then he became serious and told Dycke about the accident, and why his sister, who Dycke discovered was named Payne, was covering her face as she was led away from the scene of the pool mischief.

Dycke uttered "Oh Shit!"

His dad slapped him on the back of his head.

"Sorry!" Dycke said.

"Forgiven!" his dad said.

They sat there for a long time and Dycke asked Mr. Temple if he could go up to apologize to Payne for his behavior.

Piker Temple looked at him for a second and said he did not think that it would be a very good idea.

From the corner of the room, a woman's voice said, "I think it is a great idea!"

Mr. Temple looked around and said "Alletta, are you sure? She will probably rip his head off. I know if Steve went in there right now, his head would be the first thing that would come out!"

Alletta Temple laughed and said, "That's why we are sending Dycke in first!"

Dycke's eyes rolled back in his head. His parents were laughing and he now suspected his college days might no longer be ahead of him.

Dycke's dad stood him up, clapped him on the back and said "Its' been fun son" and pushed him towards the stairs. He walked towards the stairway and up towards his parent's room to meet his fate.

Alletta Temple told everyone to stay seated. She said that in about a minute or so, there was going to be a very loud scream and she would take care of things before anyone got hurt. With that, she slowly went to the stairs and watched as Dycke entered his parents' bedroom.

His parent's bedroom door was slightly open, so Dycke just put his head down, walked in, and closed the door behind him. As he turned around, Payne walked out of the bathroom "totally naked." Dycke's eyes sprang open and his mouth said, "My god you are beautiful!"

Payne screamed and put the towel in front of her. She screamed at him, again and said "What the fuck are you doing here."

Dycke replied, "I came up to apologize for my behavior and for knocking you into the pool."

She asked him "Did you have to do that while I was naked?"

Dycke said "I did not know you were going to be naked but you are truly beautiful, naked or not."

Payne asked him if he was blind. He said "No."

She asked him if he was sure.

He replied "Yes."

"Have you looked at my face?" Payne asked.

"I am looking at it right now," Dycke said.

Alletta opened the bedroom door and said, "This has worked out well!"

Payne looked at her mother and said, "What?"

"Dycke's mom and I had tried to figure out a way for you two to meet. It was supposed to happen tonight but it was not supposed to be like this. However, now you two are talking and that is the hardest part for both of you. I am going to leave you two alone to get acquainted." I'll be back later." Payne's mother closed the door quietly as she left the room.

Payne stood there and asked Dycke, "How was it that I wound up in the water?

"It was entirely your brother's fault. Steve can't take a joke," Dycke said.

Payne asked him to explain how it was "All Steve's Fault!"

Dycke said "Steve came over to me and told me that he did not want to go to the same college as I did, because he wanted to beat me in another competition. He said to me 'Dycke, you only beat me in the mile by one point four seconds.' I said to your brother, the only reason it was one point four seconds is I coasted from the three quarter mark!' Then, I started to run away because I knew what Steve's reaction was going to be.

When I saw you sitting by the corner of the pool, I slowed down to avoid running into you. Steve did not slow down. You going into the swimming pool is the direct result of Steve wanting revenge."

Payne laughed and said to Dycke "You didn't fight fair."

Dycke said, "I always fight fair and I fight to win."

"Oh, by the way, you do realize you are still naked, not that I mind?"

She looked down at herself and realized that after her mother left the room, she had been holding he towel leisurely by her side.

Dycke thought she was stunning and wanted to jump across the room and kiss, touch and lick every part of her body. He wanted to do things with Payne Temple he had only dreamed about so far in his life, but he stayed still. He waited for the second realization of her nakedness to hit her and the scream that would follow but it never came. He waited a while longer and the room was still silent. He kept looking at Payne: She was about 5"8' tall and about 130 to140 pounds, he guessed. He was happy she was not one of those stick figure he saw at school every day, who ate grass-like substances for lunch. Her breasts where perfect half grapefruits, standing high on her chest with gumdrop like nipples eagerly waiting to be sucked upon. She had very little hair near her vagina and it was perfectly trimmed for any bikini she might like to wear. Her legs were long lean runners' legs, with long thigh and calf muscles instead of body-builder bulk. Payne, also, had big feet and long toes. "There was absolutely nothing dainty about Payne Temple." Dycke was very aware of the effect she was having on him and was having a hard time concealing it.

One of them had to make the first move and Dycke decided that it was going to be him. He moved slowly around his parents' bed and as he reached her, he heard a squeak, like a little birds first sound. He realized it could have come from either of them because it did not seem like either of them was breathing. As he reached her, he took the towel from her hand and draped it around her shoulders and across her breasts. He needed her to feel comfortable. She looked into his eyes as he looked into hers. Soft hazel into sky blue, eyes that bonded two souls together in an instant of time. They smiled at each other and Dycke kissed Payne, softly.

Payne kissed Dycke back, leaned into him, and held onto him for dear life. He whispered into her ear "Payne, you are the first girl I have ever kissed." Payne thought he was just being nice and said so. Dycke said to her "Payne, I have never gone out on a date. I have never had a girlfriend and until this moment, I had never kissed a girl."

Payne was about to ask "Why" when there was a knock on the bedroom door and she took the towel that was around her shoulders and wrapped it around her body and yelled, "Come in, mother."

Mrs. Temple walked into the room and said "Oh good! I see you two are getting to know each other."

"Yes we are mother." Payne said. "Are my clothes dry, yet?"

"Yes they are. I will bring them right up. If that is what you want?"

"Yes, mother, now please!" Alletta Temple left to get her daughters' clothes immediately.

"Dycke, why have you never dated or had a girlfriend or anything?" Payne asked.

Dycke said to her "Look at me. I am 5'10" and on a good day, I weigh one hundred and seventy pounds. Girls want to be seen at the beach with the big muscled guys with the bronze tans. They do not want to be seen with a guy that is pale as a ghost and looks like a wimp. Besides my outward appearance, I am also a nerd. I love math and science big time. I am a member of the chess, math and science clubs, so most of my free time is spent studying or running."

Payne said, "That's dumb of the girls but great for me she said."

Dycke said "For me, too!"

Mrs. Temple walked back into the room with Payne's clothes and asked "Dycke are you coming over for lunch tomorrow?"

He replied, "I'd love to, if it's alright with my folks."

"It is." She said, quickly. Payne just looked at him and smiled.

Dycke asked Payne what she would like to do tomorrow night. The Junior Dance Club at his school was open or a movie was another choice, if she wanted.

She told him she had never learned how to dance to the first dances.

He said to her "Do you mean you would punish me all night long by putting your body against mine as we slowly dance together?"

She punched him hard on his left arm. As he was grabbing that arm and saying ouch, Mrs. Temple said that he should leave while Payne dressed.

Dycke said he thought it might be a better idea is he stayed.

Mrs. Temple exclaimed "Why?"

Dycke replied with a sly grin, "I might not recognize Payne with her clothes on!"

Two shoes flew at him as he tried to escape from his parent's bedroom, but both hit their target with great force and accuracy.

When he got to the dining room, he was still holding the back of his head and his left arm was still aching. Dycke's mother asked him what was wrong.

Dycke tried to escape without an answer but his dad told him to answer his mother. Therefore, he told her only about the parting remark and the results of what had happened in her bedroom.

His mother came over to him and smacked him on the back of his head adding insult to injury. Both dads', who were in the room and Steve, laughed at Dycke's expense, again.

When Mrs. Temple walked into the room, with Payne, she asked, "What was so funny?" Bacillica Schneider turned to her and just said "Men!"

Alletta Temple simply replied "Oh."

Dycke looked around the room pretending not to see Payne and asked Mrs. Temple when Payne was coming down. With that remark, 130 pounds of female fury hit him like a Mack truck. It was not a fair fight and he said so. He was sitting down and she had all the advantage. She beat the crap out of him while all Dycke was doing was laughing and trying to protect him.

Steve stood up, shook his head, and went out to rejoin the teenage party. Dycke's and Payne's parents and 46 other friends and guests continued to mingle and eat and enjoy the festivities.

Mr. and Mrs. Temple thought that Payne's attempt at beating Dycke's brains in was a wonderful way for her to work off her frustrations and for him to learn not to take her for granted.

After about three minutes, Dycke sensed that Payne was tiring, so he cheated. He kissed her. This threw her off guard and while she was confused, Dycke grabbed her, put her face down on the floor and he started to tickle her. She screamed as she had upstairs but this time no one came to her rescue. Payne wiggled like a wet worm, which was very unfair to Dycke because her ass was aligned perfectly with his cock. The invectives started and she yelled that he did not fight fair, all the while screaming from his tickling attack.

Dycke asked Payne, "Do you give!"

"Never!" she said.

"Great!" Dycke replied.

Dycke started moving his right hand lower and along her rib cage, still tickling her.

She yelled, "You wouldn't dare!"

He said, "I will if you do not give in." His right hand continued to move closer to the side of her right breast.

"You don't fight fair!" Payne screamed.

He said, "You already said that. I always fight fair and I fight to win!" His fingers moved to within a millimeter of her right breast and he could feel her body tense.

Payne yelled, "I give up."

Dycke asked, "What had happened to Never."

She rolled over still between his knees and looked up at him with stream in those wonderful eyes and he said to her "I know, I know, I don't fight fair" and he laughed.

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