tagFirst TimeHer 29th Year

Her 29th Year


At twenty-nine years old most people start frantically setting goals of all the things they want to accomplish before turning thirty. Being a good girl most my life my list of goals was rather long. I had never...on too many things. Determined to run through my list of must dos, the last few months of my twenty-ninth year turned out fairly spectacular.

I have always been a girly girl, loving to curl my hair and paint my nails and wear makeup or dresses. I am 5'4" with silky brown hair and brown eyes and although I am not an ideal weight I always felt I was well proportioned. My one issue has always been that my boobs were large and I always have to buy tops that never show off my curves properly. I decided on New Year's of my twenty-ninth year I wouldn't let this get me down and started loving all my attributes equally.

There have been many firsts that I have never experienced. I was a sweet sixteen who had never been kissed. Apart from a crush in sixth grade I had never had a true boyfriend either. With all that being said I was not entirely naïve of the world of sex. I had pleasured myself on occasion (actually more often as my sex drive grew with age), and I knew much in the way of men and relationships. I personally had never experienced the embrace of a man, but that didn't keep me from flirting with hot guys I met. I was nervous, however, in the arena of dating because I knew that the older I got, the harder it would be for me to experience my list of firsts. I expected I would meet overly experienced guys and they would cringe at the thought of being my first. I knew it would be a lot of pressure.

About August of that year I met Steve. He was a sweet romantic man with beautiful eyes and a sweet smile. At the time we were in college in our senior year trying to earn our bachelor's degree late in life. Throughout the whole first month we flirted and spoke to each other across the classroom and I knew that he was someone special. We had a museum project that required that we attend a museum in town and I asked if he wanted to with me. What an amazing date we had! I was surprised at the chemistry we felt together.

A few weeks later we went out to dinner. Although we saw each other in class each week we lived fairly far apart so going out on a date was a big thing for us. That night I wanted to see how far along we were in our flirtation. I made the simple mistake of telling him that I had never kissed a guy. Previously he had been kissing me on either cheek as the French do, but as he apprehensively stared at me I reached over and pecked him on the lips. That being done we kissed more frequently. I loved the jolt of energy I felt as our lips met.

The question of sex was always on our minds. He knew that I had never slept with a guy and yet I knew that he was more experienced than I could imagine. I didn't want to scare Steve into thinking I was too innocent and dropped hints about some of the experiences I had on my own. One night Steve mindlessly caressed my breasts and I couldn't help but shudder at the beautiful feeling it gave me. He wanted me to tickle his back and from the way he sat I knew he had a huge hard on he was trying to hide from me. I smiled at the thought that I could garner such a response at a mere touch.

Embracing several times before, I knew that I needed to take the initiative if I was to get to my goal. He was nervous about sex with a virgin, but I tried every effort to make him understand it wasn't as scary as it sounded. One night we had the conversation I knew was in the front of our minds. We had been seeing each other for four months and it was the holidays. As the semester was winding down our feelings for our future were only getting more complicated. Can one have a wonderful encounter without talking or even thinking about marriage or babies? At twenty-nine it seems near impossible. I refused to let the conversation go in that direction and innocently decided that he was going to be my first sexual experience no matter what!

The nights were getting chilly and dark earlier. As we left our night class and he walked me to my car he placed his arm around my shoulder. I shivered a little as the sexy tank I was wearing to enhance my figure barely supplied enough warmth even with the outer sweater I had around my shoulders. I knew my nipples were getting hard being out in the cold. Under the yellowish glow of the parking lamps I looked at Steve when we got to my car. I could see he didn't want the day to end and I too didn't want to leave his side. I held his face close to mine as we kissed. I wanted tongue and gently opened my lips slightly. I could see that he knew what I was indicating and gently he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I caressed his tongue with mine and we were soon locked in an embrace.

I was still cold and I knew that we couldn't stay outside forever. Gently whispering in his ear I suggested we move into the backseat of my car. I was nervous, but I knew that there would be space to cuddle. We were still in a long embrace and in the backseat of his car we kept up the passionate kissing. I knew he was getting hard and I slowly massaged his back. Knowing that I was going to have to take initiative I grabbed his hand and placed it on my breast. Looking at me with confusion I nodded that I wanted to go there. Somehow the nod let go the flood gates and his inhibition let loose. He cupped my breast and slowly inched my top and bra from my shoulders. First kissing my neck he made his way down as he finally had my breast in his mouth. I leaned my head back and shuddered at the feel. He knew his way around my nipples and sucked on them until they were very hard. I couldn't help getting wet and as he took my other breast into his hands I inched my hands onto his thigh.

I knew Steve was surprised at my boldness, but I knew what I wanted. I slid my hand up to his pants and felt him getting hard underneath the fabric. I started rubbing slowly with my hands and he groaned. Now it was my turn to take charge as I unzipped his pants and exposed his large penis. I cradled it at first in my hands since this had been the first time I had held one and started slowly stroking it. I inched my body into a better position and first kissed the tip. I was surprised at the feel of it. It was so soft and yet very firm. He was huge and thick and I kept thinking I would never be able to fit my whole mouth around it. I flicked my tongue all around the tip and slowly slid my mouth down. He couldn't say a word as I slowly sucked and licked his penis. I cupped my hands around his balls and sat there pleasuring him until I could tell he couldn't take it anymore and was about to come.

I lifted my head and kissed him again on his mouth and thrust my tongue into him. As I caressed his hair and kissed his neck I whispered into his ear that I wanted him to make me come. He didn't need another invitation and slid down to my pants. I was sopping wet, but I knew this only added to the ambiance. As I helped him unzip me I slid my pants down until there was nothing but my silk panties. At first he gently traced his finger around the outside of my mound and I shivered at the touch. He moved to my inner thighs and licked gently as he slowly pulled down my underwear. I must have surprised him because my pussy was completely shaved. I had gotten into the habit of not liking hair down there and he was amazed to see me trimmed. As he slowly licked my outer labia I grasped my breast and groaned in angst. I wanted him to go further and pushed his head down on me.

Steve, I could tell had done this many times before and he teased my clit as he flicked his tongue back and forth. I couldn't talk because it felt so good and all I could do was groan and lean back at the pleasure of it. Steve sucked and sucked until I almost came and then stopped short. He let his tongue wander to my wet hole and pushed his tongue in as far as it could go. There he licked and traced the inner lips until I wanted him to stop teasing me and make me really come. After trembling and groaning he finally returned to my enlarged clit. It was so swollen that as he barely flicked it with his tongue I knew I could come at any moment. He went to town and sucked at it. Suddenly I felt two fingers inside of my vagina and he was probing at my G-spot. I didn't even know I could feel so much pleasure. It was unlike any pleasure I had given myself. My clit was so tender that one more lick and I was convulsing around the fingers inside of me. I was screaming with pleasure and didn't want it to stop. I laid back in peace as the orgasm slowly dissipated. I looked at Steve and knew that it wasn't over yet.

As Steve pulled close to give my mouth a passionate kiss I could feel our warm naked body parts embracing. I wrapped my legs around Steve and slowly tickled his bare arms. He kissed my neck and then my breast and reached over for his pants. He pulled out a condom and I waited as he rolled it over his very thick penis. Then he slowly opened my legs wide and slid his hard dick inside me. At first I was surprised at the size. I had never had anything so big inside me and was glad that he paused for a moment as he shoved it all the way in. I was very wet and it slid in nicely. As Steve started the first thrust he reached for my breast and caressed my nipple. I groaned from the intensity. He was so large and I could feel every part of him against my clit and inner thigh. I reached down and grabbed at his butt to push him deeper inside of me. This time he groaned.

As Steve's rhythm increased he grabbed one of my legs and drew it close to my stomach. I nearly screamed for the new sensation it brought to our love making. I started coming very hard because I couldn't hold it in and yet Steve kept thrusting. I was breathing very hard and knew I had to let it sweep over me several times yet. Steve's mouth was now on my stomach and he was sucking and caressing as I convulsed around his penis. I heard him breath a lot harder and as he thrust into me wildly I knew he was about to come. I allowed myself to come again and as his semen squirted into the protective condom barrier I allowed the warm sensation of him inside me fill the moment.

We were exhausted from our first time and for a few minutes he stayed inside me. My back was hurting from the position I sat against the door, but I couldn't move. It was still cold inside the car and my exposed breasts were still perky. I held Steve's head close to my chest as he sighed deeply at his exhaustion. I felt warm in his embrace and didn't want to let him go. For my first time I felt very satisfied and I couldn't wait for my second time!

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