tagLetters & TranscriptsHer Diary Pt. 02

Her Diary Pt. 02


Sir emailled me earlier to tell me He had been asked to cover a story and he was going to be late, but He really wanted to talk to me, and i really want to talk to Him. Not talking to Him unexpectedly just, like, throws me completely off balance. i've got used to the fact that we don't talk on a Wednesday night, that's just life and i know i can expect an email when i wake up that will have my tasks for the day and that's just how it works for us. But an unexpected night, even if He tells me hours and hours before we are meant to be "meeting", so to speak, i'm still thrown off balance. So i didn't want to miss Him tonight because then we wont talk again til Thursday so... Hmm. So i am waiting up for Him, and He's promised not to keep me up too late.

i just hope He's not really distracted. We can talk sometimes and we can be chatting for hours but it still feel like we've hardly said anything at all. Or am i just being clingy and expecting too much? i just don't know.

But anyways, i'm going to brush my teeth and my hair and generally get ready for bed and then hopefully Sir will be online. :)

Night night

Me x x


i've got just over an hour to kill while Sir makes some conference call or something for work, i never asked for the details really, all i know is that i got just about two hours with Sir, and now He is gone for an hour or so and i have to write in my journal, one because Sir expects it, two because He has specifically told me to do so, and three because it will keep me awake for the next hour.

1. Thursday nights are fantastic as i have no classes on a Friday, so staying up late to talk to Sir is not an issue, and after not talking to Him on a Wednesday it is really nice to not have to clock watch so i can be sure i get enough sleep. We can just catch up on things and enjoy each others' company.

My tasks this week have been pretty good fun really, Sir and i have had a good discussion about how much i like being tied. Because i would never do it without His instruction it really is Him tying me up, it is a physical representation of His control and no matter what else is going on in my life if Sir ties me up then i am back where i should be, back under His control and back where it feels safe. i miss having proper Yahoo and having my chat logs saved because then i could look back over the chat we had about it and copy and paste because it was quite good.

i like being tied, unfortunately i can't tie my own hands up and also, living in halls we can have surprise fire drills and such like so being completely tied would probably not be the best idea, but i can tie my legs together and i can also untie my legs quickly if i have to for a fire drill. And Sir seems quite content with that. :)

The task the yesterday was to tie my legs up every time i went back to my room, while i was watching TV, while i was studying, whatever i was doing. If i was back in my room i was to be tied up. i was also to get my mic and try and do a voice recording for Sir, He said if He couldn't have the video then He wanted to hear me cum, and being the good toy i am i set about finding a program on my computer that would record from my mic and trying to set my mic up for best recording levels.

Then i came across a small problem... -Sir, i know You said i needed to be tied up whenever i was in my room, but i can't get to my pussy to make myself cum and do this recording for You with my legs tied- So, i rattled off an email to Sir and waited, all tied up, for a reply before untying my legs and settling down onto my bed.

Obviously to make the sound file a recordable size it wasn't going to be prudent to record every minute of my masturbation, so i played on my own for a while and then when i knew i was close i hit record and then went back to forgetting that the mic was there. Just about panting out a request to cum, waiting a while for "Sir to give permission" theoretically... and then saying Thankyou lots and lots.

Then i attached the sound file to an email and zipped it off to Sir, tied myself back up and settled down at my desk to carry on studying.

The other task Sir set was that i was to put a clothespin on each nipple after 11pm and leave them there until i went to bed. This did mean that as i left the sound recording until late in the evening, due to the party, i had the clips on the whole time i was trying to do the recording.

i got to bed between 12:30am and 1:00am, i'm not sure exactly, but i know it hurt like hell to take those clothespins off, and i was so happy that it was warm enough to sleep naked, because putting a top on right them would have hurt.

Today Sir said He wanted me to play with my nipples for a whole hour, it didn't have to be all at once, so long as i got a whole hour of nipple play into my day. Well, i did it in four sittings, ten minutes before my first class, ten minutes between that class and my second class, twenty minutes after class and then twenty minutes after dinner.

The only problem is that my right nipple seems to be suffering and is rather sore, has been all day. And up to a point it fine, it was just a lasting reminder of last nights instructions, a real, tangible reminder of Him. But by the time Sir came online it was just getting annoying, but hey, He liked it. :)

i was going to make a list of all the tasks i've done so far, just because i'm curious to see how much i've achieved, but Sir is back and i don't have time, so i will add that to my list of things to do over the weekend.

Again, i'm feeling like this entry is lacking in substance, it's just "i did this, then i did that" whereas i really feel like i should be getting across some more emotion, some more insight into my mind, i mean, that's why i journal. i journal because it's a creative outlet for my feelings, because it's my safe space, and because Sir can read things here and question me about them as well. Like He did earlier.

But, i want to talk to my Sir, because He's far more exciting that my journal and it's horrible to know He is right there waiting to read this and i can't talk to Him until it is done so... Sir comes before a substantial journal entry.



Me x x

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