Her Trick, My Treat


The address lead to a nice but old looking neighborhood. Palm trees lined the streets which was fitting because Lilah lived on Palm avenue. I pulled into the driveway and messaged her telling I was there. I got out of the car and as I stepped onto the path that lead up to the front door I saw that the main door was open and Lilah was standing behind the screen door. She looked like one of those beautiful dancers who dance behind screens, using their figures and lithe movements to attract. I had only ever seen them used in the backgrounds of movies and had mostly laughed at them thinking of them as sexy shadows. Looking up at the silhouette of this cute girl turned young woman I now understood how the unseen could be so desirable.

When I was walking up the steps Lilah opened the screen door. I started to say hi when she rushed out the door and slammed into me with a hug. I wasn't expecting the hug so I nearly stumbled back down the steps. I hugged her back and absorbed her momentum by spinning her around like I used to do the few times we would goof around together. She couldn't have been more than 110 pounds and was easy to spin around and hold. Lilah laughed as I spun her and I laughed with her.

I set her back down in front of the door. I was a full head taller than her and she looked up at me. She was wearing make-up that was just the right amount to accentuate her natural beauty and wasn't caked on. Her eyelashes were curled and she was wearing black eyeliner. The makeup complemented her hazel eyes that had once held so many different menacing glares in it but now sparkled with happiness.

She hugged me again and while she was pressed against me said "I've missed you so much James."

I wrapped my arms around her and said, "I've missed you too." The hug lingered which I didn't mind. I leaned down and rested my head on her hair. She smelt of citrus and hibiscus flowers, a more girly then womanly scent but one that I liked. Once she ended the hug she gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and pulled me into the house.

She pulled me towards the living room which was to the right, opposite the staircase. We sat down on a large plush couch and started to talk. We filled each other in on what we hadn't gotten to last night. She recently graduated high school and had been planning on going to a local community college where her boyfriend goes to school. She stopped talking and seemed to tense up. She corrected herself and said where her ex-boyfriend goes to school.

I held her hand and asked, "What happened?"

She sniffled and a couple of tears drifted down her face. I wrapped my arm around her and she leaned her head on my shoulder. "The same thing that always does with a guy I like. He cheated on me, left me for some big breasted bimbo. Said I wasn't mature enough for him. He wasn't saying that the night we-" she stopped talking and I saw her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

I wasn't used to seeing her cry or be upset over a boy. The last time I saw her she wasn't interested in boys yet. I thought back to that tough girl and tried to think about what to say to comfort her. "Fuck him."

"I didn't fuck him. I was saying that on the night-"

"No, I mean fuck him. He is stupid for cheating on you and leaving you for someone else."

"You're just saying that," she said after a sniffle.

"No, I'm not. You are really beautiful. Honestly, you are really hot, why else do you think I would have liked so many of your pictures while I was masturbating to them."

"You masturbated to those pictures you liked before I sent you the more revealing ones?" Lilah asked as she looked up at me.

It was my turn to be embarrassed, "Yeah I did. And because of your pictures I have been horny nonstop for the last day. You are petite and there isn't anything to can really do to help that, but that doesn't mean you're not beautiful."

She sniffled and said, "You're just saying that."

"I'm not. Your body is like, like a beautiful contradiction that I can't get enough of seeing." She looked confused by this and I didn't blame her so I rushed to explain myself. "Your ass is both juicy and firm. When I first saw it in the pictures you were posting I wanted to grab it and feel it to confirm that it felt as perfect as it looked. Yes, your tits are on the small side but they look like they would be a perky perfect handful. Years from now those other girls' tits will be saggy while yours still look amazing."

She smiled at this and said, "thank you."

"I'm not done Your thighs and legs are flawless and despite being short your legs seem to go on for miles. You have the mouth of a sailor but the face of an angel. When I wasn't masturbating to your pictures and when I was, I was always thinking about how beautiful your eyes are." As if on que her eyes seemed to shimmer in happiness to match her smile, the left-over moisture from her tears added to their glow. "Your lips are so full and soft looking that when I see them all I want to do is-"

It was Lilah's turn to interrupt me as she leaned up and pressed her lips against mine. They were even softer then I imagined. From our sexting before it had seemed inevitable that this kiss was going to happen once she invited me over, I had anticipated it but I didn't know what to expect. In a weird way, the kiss reminded me of back when I was with her sister. Their lips felt similar, and the hunger in the kiss left me breathless just like my first kiss with Vivian. Lilah was the one who opened her mouth and intensified the kiss even further.

After a few minutes of making out she pulled away and looked up at me. Her makeup had smudged a little bit from crying. There was a single tear left on her check. I kissed it away for her. Lilah said, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," I said and gave her another kiss.

"We still have hours till the party starts. Want to watch a movie?"

"Sure," I said.

She leaned forward and grabbed the remote from the coffee table and started opened up Netflix. Once she found a movie she wanted she reached over and grabbed a blanket and wrapped it over us. She laid against me with her head on my chest and was barely peeking out above the blankets. She had one arm draped across me and looked both comfortable and cute.

The movie was some cheesy horror movie that was more funny then scary. Of course, early on there was a scene of a bunch of the girls taking a shower together at school. I was still hard after our make out session and from having Lilah pressed against me. I felt like a teenager again getting excited after a few seconds of tits in a movie. It turns out it was more than a few seconds as the topless scene stretched on for minutes as the girls talked and talked.

Lilah shifted to snuggle closer to me and her arm brushed across my erection. I jumped a little and did a quick intake of breath but Lilah didn't seem to notice. I was surprised when two of the girls in the movie were left alone in the shower and started to make out. When they started to play with each other's tits. After some heavy moaning the scene abruptly changed to the next. I was sad that the director hadn't decided that the girls needed to fool around more to make the audience like them more and root for their survival once the deaths started happening.

Her fingers trailed across my thigh and grazed my cock through my fabric of my pants. First, she ran her fingers up and down my cock. When the girls on the video started to suck on each other's tits she started to massage the tip of my penis. I moaned and kissed her on the head. She switched techniques and started to stroke her palm along my shaft. I moaned into her hair as the pleasure built up.

Lilah undid my pants and reached in. When her soft skin rubbed against my dick for the first time my dick jumped. She started to stroke me. There wasn't much room in my pants so her strokes were small and constricted. It felt good but after a couple of minutes the feeling stopped mounting me towards an orgasm. She seemed to sense that it wasn't feeling as good because she started to pull my pants down to give herself more room. I lifted my ass of the couch to help her pull my pants down.

Once my pants and boxers were around my ankles she started to stroke me again. Now that she had more room she did long full strokes that brought me closer to an orgasm then before. I leaned back and closed my eyes in ecstasy as she started to add a twisting motion as she jerked me off. Precum coated my head and she used it to lube up her strokes. I leaned back and closed my eyes, trying to savor the moment.

I was getting close to an orgasm when something moist and warm wrap around the head of my cock. I looked down and saw that she had pulled the blanket away and was sucking on my cook. I leaned back into the couch and could see her better as she slowly took me into her mouth. Her hair was in her face but there was a slight part in it where I could see her pink lips wrapped around my cock.

With her free hand she pulled her hair out of her face and made eye contact with me. At that exact moment, she started to twirl her tongue around my cock head and licked the underside of it. Her tongue stud felt cold on my skin, when she rubbed the metal long the bottom of my cock's head I couldn't hold back any more. I wanted to warn her I was coming but my orgasm was already hitting me and all I could say was "cumming." She locked her lips even more firmly around my cock and I started to cum. After several large bursts I was done cumming. She still had her mouth on my dick and ran her hand up my shaft while squeezing firmly. After she was done milking the last of my cum she stuck her tongue out for me. The metal stud was surrounded by and coated in my cum. I had never seen such a sexy sight before. She closed her mouth and then swallowed the whole load.

We laid back down together and watched the movie. There was plenty of room for us to lay side by side on the couch. I laid against the back of the couch and she snuggled firmly against me. Slowly one by one the teens got killed off. I started to get distracted from the movie as her plaid skirt rode up and my dick started to press against her panty clad ass. I started to get hard and Lilah took notice. She started to push back against me and grinded her soft cheeks against me.

I figured two could play this game so I ground back against. Next, I reached up and started to play with her tits on the outside of her blouse. She sighed when I pressed my palms firmly against her tits. We laid together watching the ending of the movie, each trying to get the other the most worked up without resorting to direct contact. She wrapped her hands over mine and started to press them even firmer against her chest. Once I started to rub her the way she wanted her hands drifted away from mine and slid down her body.

I couldn't see what her hand was doing but from how she had her arm angled I was pretty sure she was rubbing her pussy. She moaned and humped quickly against me. The sudden movement let my dick spring from its downward position against her checks and slid up between her thighs. We both sighed together as my dick grazed against pussy. Only a thin layer of fabric separated us. The fabric was damp and warm from her arousal and it made me want to be inside of her. I placed one hand on her hip while the other kept on playing with her tits. I used my handhold on her hip to give me leverage to thrust up against her pussy.

She moaned loudly and I took that as an encouragement to continue. I kept on thrusting up against her, my dick pushing her panties deeper between her moist folds. Extra wetness started to seep out of her panties and coated her thighs, allowing me to pull back further and slip in between her slippery skin.

She moved lithely against me, her hips more than keeping timing with my thrusts, they edged me forward and got me to continue to try and thrust through her panties. I unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and reached down into her shirt. I slid my hand down the top of her breast. I tried to slowly lead my fingers down to cup her breast but I was too eager. My hand slid right under the bra. My fingers grazed past her erect nipple and I cupped her entire breast. She let out a sharp gasp, her free hand mashed mine harder against her chest.

The feeling of her tit in my hand and her pussy sliding along my cock head with nothing but slick panties between us felt amazing. My cock was throbbing and felt like it was bigger than it had ever been before. If she hadn't already made me cum earlier, then I would have definitely cum on her panties. The thought of doing that made my cock twitch.

We continued to not so dry hump against each other, the passion and the pressure building. I started to kiss and suck in a trail along her neck. She moaned and said, "I want you so badly."

"I need you," I said and sucked even harder on her neck. She let go of my hand and the next moment I felt her fingers wrap around my cock head. She pushed my dick away for a moment and I was left longing for the contact between us again. I got my wish and more she held her panties aside for me when she returned my cock back against her pussy. Her moist soft lips wrapped along the side of my dick. The moisture and heat from up-close caused me to be the one to moan this time.

I switched my hand across to her other breast and started to rub it more roughly. I rolled her nipple along my thumb and fingers. Lilah said, "Pinch my nipple." I pulled on squeezed her hard nipple. Lilah shuddered at the contact and tilted her mouth up towards me. I leaned down and we locked lips. Our lips lingered against each other and then reconnected as our bodies pulled apart and meeting again as our bottom halves met back up. The feeling of her soft lips pressed against mine and her pussy lips sliding along my dick formed a circuit of pleasure that neither one of us could stop.

She started to grind more fiercely against me, her hips rotated, allowed for my dick to hit new places along her folds. "I'm, cumming," she said in between two sharp breaths. Her body started to shake against me, her humping pressed me against the back of the couch and I pulled her tighter against me. I was getting close to cumming when she moaned out "Oh god!" as she reached her climax. She bucked wildly against me and I sighed her name as I started to cum on her thighs and in the outside folds of her pussy. She slowed her humping and I felt her body tense up one last time before she collapsed against me.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. After resting for a few minutes, she rolled over and faced me. We lay looking at each other with our faces just inches apart. Her eyes sparkled with post orgasmic bliss. We lay there looking at each other for uncounted minutes. Finally, I broke the silence and said, "That was amazing."

Lilah smiled and she cleared the small distance between our lips and gave me several small pecks. The kiss evolved into one that was full of passion but without the sexual energy that the others had been filled with. When she pulled away my brain seemed to have short circuited and I was trying to process these budding feelings I was having. "That was exactly what I was thinking."

She turned back around and fit her body against me. I wrapped my arms around her and we watched the ending of the movie. I felt her breathing slow down and then she started to lightly snore which made me smile even more. 15 minutes later the killer was dead after a witty one liner was said by the heroine and the movie was over. I stared at the TV as the credits rolled and thought about all that had just happened. I had always thought that Lilah was like an annoying cute little sister when I was dating her sister, but now I was having to come to terms with that little girl evolving into this sexual creature. I looked down at her sleeping face and I felt the bubbling hatching of butterflies in my stomach. Thinking she was sexy was one thing, but having romantic feelings for Lilah felt like a whole other type of taboo. I decided to try and not over think things and just let things play out however they may. I snuggled even more against her, rested my eyes, and fell asleep.

I woke up to the feeling of soft lips pressed against mine. I opened my eyes and saw Lilah leaning down to kiss me. "Wake up sleepy head."

"five more minutes." I mumbled.

Lilah laughed and said, "You said that five minutes ago." I had no memory of her already trying to wake me up so I must have been sleep talking. I hoped I hadn't said anything that might have embarrassed me. "Come on, we have to finish getting ready now." I closed my eyes and she slapped her hand against my chest.


"Get up then."

I reluctantly got up from the plush couch and followed her to her room. Her bedroom was down a hallway towards the back of the first floor. Her room was filled nearly wall to wall with band posters from both modern and classic bands and other genres of artists. She seemed to have a wide variety of music tastes which I approved of. Her twin bed was in one corner of the bedroom. She had a record player on a stand with three rows of records stacked up against each other with her TV mounted on the wall beside it. There was Christmas like lights strung along where the ceiling and walls met but the lights were inside of little plastic pumpkins and gave off orange light. She sat in front of her vanity mirror and started to finish her makeup and hair.

Getting into my Michael Mayer's costume wasn't going to take more than a couple of minutes so I inspected her record collection. Like the band postures there was a wide variety of genres and eras in her collection. "Nice record collection."

"Thanks why don't you put something on?"

"Ok." I grabbed Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love" album from out of the stack. I had never used a record player before and I fumbled for a moment trying to get the record in place and the needle in the groove.

"Having trouble?" Lilah teased me.

"Honestly, a little," I admitted.

Lilah walked over and pressed against me from behind and slightly to the side. She wrapped one arm around my waist and with her free hand guided me. She showed me how to move the needle to the side and set the record in. We put the needle down together and I pressed the play button, eager to show I at least knew that much. Once the music started playing she leaned up and gave me a kiss and went back to working on her makeup. I could have figured out how to set the record without her help but I was glad that I had taken her help. My body still tingled with the aftershocks of her holding me.

I lay in her bed and watched her get ready. The music went with my developing feelings for her and I relaxed fully for the first time in weeks. I had zoned out but snapped back to the present when the record reached the end. I flipped the record over to the other side.

A couple of minutes later she said, "I'm almost ready, you should put on your costume." I grabbed my bag and started to use walk to her bathroom. "Where are you going?"

"To change."

"You can change in here." She noticed my hesitation and added "I had your dick in my mouth earlier and swallowed your cum, I think we are past the point of modesty."

"True," I laughed. I took off my shoes and pulled down my pants. I pulled my shirt over my head and when I was done I noticed that Lilah was staring at me through the reflection in the mirror. Over the last couple of years, I had made use of the university's open gym during some of the gaps between my classes and had packed on a nice layer of muscle. I was far from having a six pack but my stomach was toned and my chest and arm muscles were well defined. Lilah had a faraway look on her face while she was in the middle of putting on plum pink lipstick. I cleared my throat and she snapped out of it and went back to putting on her lipstick.

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