His Kiss


Breathless and scared, I slammed the huge decrepit door close, shutting out the howling wolves that had pursued me relentlessly. My dress torn and stained with mud, I closed my eyes relieved to be alive as I leaned back against the wood door. Taking a few long breaths I slowly open my eyes. Rushed, I had never noticed my surrounding, an old mansion hidden deep within the forest. Cobwebs and dust layered thickly across lavish furnishings and a grand staircase. Stone floors looked cold and bare and as I stepped away from the door I heard an echo of it dancing off the naked walls. I rubbed my arms feeling a cold wind whip around my body. My thin cape was no match for the cruel chill.

"Hello?" I questioned loudly, searching for a stir of life. There was no respond but my own voice in reply. I took another step hearing it echo. "Hello?" I yelled a little louder. Still nothing. In the dim hallway I saw a shadow quickly dart pass catching my curiosity. I followed, "Hello?" I repeated a little softer. "Anyone there?" Still only silence.

Stepping into the shadows, around the bend of the hallway, hidden from the view of the door, was a light flickering from an entryway toward the end of the hall. I walked the length of the hall clenching my dirty brown cape tightly around me. Soft luscious dark brown curls brushed my face as it started to come undone. I paid it no mind as I followed the light.

"Hello?" I asked one last time as I stepped into the doorway. Much to my surprise a crackling fire danced in an extremely large fireplace. Two chairs sat facing the fire with a small round table between them. Between the chairs and fireplace was a large white lush rug, which looked warm and clean.

I found myself undoing my cape with one pull of the string. The room was warm and I felt for a moment that I knew this place, that it felt familiar to me. Alas, it could not be true, for I was a stranger in a strange land.

Spying a book on the table I stepped forward, wanting to know which book was being read. Oddly enough I did not hear my steps, but I took no heed to the uncanny silence as my thoughts were on the book. The brown leather cover creaked when I opened it. I laid the cape on the back of an empty chair so I could easily flip through the pages. Much to my dismay, all the pages were blank; thinking it odd I laid the book down.

"Good evening." Came a richly accented voice behind me. Startled, I gasp as I twirled around to see a handsome tall man standing at the doorway. My heart started to flutter as I felt myself blush by his mere presence.

"Hello." I replied softly. A small smile crossed his crimson red lips.

"May I help you?" He asked. His voice hinted of a man who expected answers, a man of authority.

"I'm lost, my lord." Were the only words I could breath out, intoxicated by his comeliness. He started to walk toward me, gracefully and as he grew near I could feel a power surround me, weaving around my body urging me closer to him. I swallowed hard, staring deep into his eyes, not daring to take a step. I clenched my fist tightly at my sides trying to find the courage to stand still. With each step he took I became more enchanted by his being, finding him hard to resist. I felt myself start to tremble as he grew nearer and nearer. He came so close to me I could hear him breathe and smell his body. He reached up slowly toward my head to pull the loose curl back away from my face. I gasped excited at his touch, which brought a small sweet smile to his face. He looked pleased with my reaction and I found myself blushing.

"Oh, my love, don't shy away from me." He said softly. "I've been waiting for you."

Catching me by surprise I instantly looked up at him.

"What?" I asked softly. My voice trembled.

He started to caress my head softly. His touch was ever so delicate and kind. I felt myself wanting to melt into his hand. I had never felt so weak as I did in that moment, but to my surprise he leaned down and whispered. "You are the woman of my dreams." I closed my eyes as he kissed me tenderly on the lips. I quivered at the touch and could him feel him smile, as if satisfied with me once again.

"Come." He said pulling me by the hand toward the fire. "Warm yourself."

I felt dazed for a moment, still enchanted by a tender meeting of our lips that I forgotten who I was. He lead me to the white rug where we stood facing one another and that sweet smile appeared on his face. "Nice and warm over here."

"Too warm." I said. Ashamed of my disapproval, I looked away from his warm gaze.

"I agree." He said slipping his hands around my neck to the back of my dress. I heard him unzip it and slip his hands onto my bare shoulders as he reached down to kiss me long and hard. Finding I could not refuse this mysterious stranger I let him shed my torn dress from my body, to reveal my bare milky white skin. I found myself being lowered down to the soft white rug, feeling his hot body pressing against mine. I never realized that he was undressed, but I gave it no thought as I lost myself in his kiss and touch. His hard penis rubbed against the inside of my leg, making me yearn for it more. My body twitched with excitement as I anticipated him slipping it, but no satisfaction came so soon. He kissed me hard and passionately, finding his way to my neck, sucking softly but traveling even further down to my firm breasts. He toyed with one nipple with his fingers and teased the other with his tongue. Licking it, blowing on it, sending a desire rushing through me, he sucked it in hard when he felt my body respond to his taunting. For an instant I felt a pain rush through me, as if my life was being drained, but I was aroused by it and yearned for me not fearing for my life. He released my nipple with red blood dripping from his the corner of his mouth, I found myself drawn to it, to him. I reached up holding his head with both of my hands and kissed him, tasting the sweet blood in my mouth I sucked it from his tongue enjoying its taste. He ever so gently slipped his penis into me. I gasped a little surprised by the action. But the gentleness soon faded as he thrust hard. I arched my back enjoying the thrill and he thrust again.

Over and over he thrust, harder and harder... and then slowed... and started to nibble on my ear and then made his way to my mouth. His sharp teeth bit my lip and I licked away the blood staring into his eyes. He smiled at me as he body moved with mine. He slowed and reached down and rubbed my clit. My body tensed and started to shudder at his touch and I found my back arch again, enjoying the sensation. He licked my nipple again, and blew sending that rush of excitement through my body, I gasped loud as I started to tremble. He sucked it harder this time, and I gasped fighting back a small scream. The pain returned, and again I felt my life starting drain. I started to breath heavily, aroused by the thrill. He pulled up on my nipple, hard; my body quaked as I watched him. He released and I felt myself do so too... He thrust one more time, long and hard, making me climax even longer. My head flew back at the overwhelming feeling and I felt draw near to me, kissing my neck and then he started to suck softly, still holding his thrust deep inside. I twitched as he bit... and he sucked... I felt my life starting to drain but I couldn't pull away from him. I reached up and held his head holding him close to me, not wanting him to stop. I gasped over and over climaxing again as the room started to spin and grow dark. He pulled away sharply, blood dripping from his teeth. I looked at him confused and bewildered.

"Don't stop." I whispered.

"If I continue you will die. If I stop I will love you forever." He said softly. "Which do you want?"

"Your love." I responded. Instantly I felt him cum deep within me. It filled me with warmth. I now felt alive and aware. He slipped on hand on my back and laid me down gently.

"And together we shall be, forever." He said with a gentle kiss.

©Alia 2005

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